Inspired by @Neo_gs ! -- Have you ever been into a popular and/or overrated food/drink establishment and felt a "cult-like" vibe while there? Like you don't fit in with the regulars? Please explain. Sometimes, I feel this way when I go specific coffee houses. I feel like they're all judging me. Thomas

They usual beat me so fuckin silly then ask me if I would try the cauliflower with delicate and delicious butter sauce.

Flashback Friday!!( by request @Neo_gs ) Pac-Man Fever List as many ghosts as you can (there are 4). BQ: Did you ever play the original upright arcade version? Thomas


inspired by neo's question: is there some sort of social faux pas with guys using a bathroom stall if he just has to to go #1? BQ: if you're male, how do you fee about using a urinal? if you're female, how would you feel about something similar that exposes you during a private matter? scabs

No. Yes. No. No. Yes. Correct. No.

How much influence do online Social Justice Warriors have on youth and young adults? BQ: Have you ever been influenced by radical SJW's online or in real life? If so, please explain. Thomas

OMFG JUSTICE lol justice

Favorite car? Year, make and model? If possible or if you want to, please post a photo! Thanks! :) Thomas

1984 Yugo

Do you want to rule the world? If so, how would you rule? Iron fist? Democracy? Something else? Please explain. Thomas


HMMMMMMMMM??? Butt plug


How long do you think you should wait to get another, if your pet dies? Would rescuing a pet at the local shelter help in the grieving process, or is it disrespectful to your pet who died? Glinda

Tough question. Cats find me. So it just happens.

On a scale of sandpaper to a baby's skin, how smooth are you? #whereismyshortbreadcookie


FYI, if you ask me a question, please be fully aware I may answer you with pictures of my vacation to the UK. Yes, I know it's boring to look at other people's vacation pics. Sorry. Not sorry. :) Glinda

I'm real proud of you!

What's your take on his trend of people linking their amazon wish list on their social media bios? Would you ever make one and link it in the hopes of having people gift you things? Does it show random people your address? o.O On a scale of one to ten, how paranoid are you? Ƥαη∂oяαρoρ


What is currently in the trunk of your car? BQ: Which band wrote a song wondering what you're going to do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk? Glinda

I like you in a very tender and precious way, Good Witch of the South. Okay, here's mine if you want to take it! Glinda

You smell like flowers =D

how weirded out/annoyed/amused would you be if someone you were dating always sent you every text message as a video of them verbalizing their text message? scabs

As long as there's boobies, we're good, sugar pants.

What are your top 5 movie monsters? (⌐■_■) Quang (⌐■_■)


If your pet had cancer, and the options were to 1. amputate a leg + chemo 2. Surgery to remove mass +chemo+radiation or 3. Do nothing but control pain, in which he has 6 months to live, what would you do? (Note that there is no cure, only a prolonging of life maybe another year.) =^..^= :( Glinda

Hi, Honey Smacks™!!

Prince (musician), dead at 57. BQ: what is your fav song of his? #whereismyshortbreadcookie

All of them. He was a mythical unicorn come to life.

Why does love have to be harsh sometimes? Why? Does anyone know? Thomas

Boobies are evil.

Why do you think that video games, even very successful and well-made ones, have been so difficult to translate into good movies? I'm Going To Hell


Do you still have a CRT (non-flatscreen) TV or monitor in your home? (⌐■_■) Quang (⌐■_■)

No ma'am.

(GS Flashback) Is it true that oligarchy is what really oppresses people? Patriarchy? Matriarchy? Homoarchy? Or none of the above? Please explain. Thomas


Growing up, we were all influenced by and have adopted some of the things our parents liked. What's something that they were introduced to by you that they ended up liking? And for those with children, what are some things you like thanks to them? Ƥαη∂oяαρoρ

Crying and sadness.

It's only audio. cf

Video killed the radio star.

What is the most prevalent first name (male/female) in your phone list? Mine: Steve, Julie. #whereismyshortbreadcookie

Mine is Friend.

Besides sending nude selfies and trolling lesbian chat rooms, what else do you do on the internet? #whereismyshortbreadcookie



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