Into every fan, some poop must fly? Butt plug

Yes. It's best when it's like chocolate pudding with raw meat in it.

What is a food that is meant to serve a few to a lot of people, that you can eat all by yourself in one sitting? Because watermelon for me. HBU? Glinda

Potted meat food product.

Hello. Have you ever volunteered somewhere? I have done at salvation army but that's it. Videla

I volunteer at crying festivals.

how much do you laugh in social situations? i notice a lot of things people laugh at are not really that funny to me. i will smile politely, but fake laughs don't seem to come easily. as an introvert should you feign amusement so as to put the speaker at ease? scabs

You are a cool-dealin' cat, daddio.

I was finally falling asleep when not one, but three, earthquakes hit. In your opinion, WHY DOES THE EARTH HATE ME?! Sincerely, Sleepless in Cali 😤 Also, happy Friday all, and have a great weekend! Ƥαη∂oяαρoρ

I like friends :)

I need help naming my new adopted shelter kitty. He is tabby and white, very sweet, and sort of dignified. Any suggestions? I usually pick people names rather than "Fluffy" and such, but I'm open to any suggestion at this point. Got anything? BQ: What are your pets names, if applicable? Glinda

If it's not too late, Mephistopheles. Mephi for short.

Has there ever been a moment in your life where you said to yourself, "right here, right now, I am 100% perfectly happy?" And just savored the special moment as something you would always remember? If so, where were you and what were you doing? Glinda

I like crayons and pictures of elephants with boobies.

If you could pick one TV show from the past that they don't make anymore, and have another season of it, which would it be, and why? Glinda

I like that 70s era show "Heaving Bosoms".

You're given financial absolute power (e.g. an infinite bank account), but only for a weekend. Once that weekend is up, the power is gone, and so are its effects: no investing, no saving, no gifting, no paying off debt, everything is back to normal after the weekend. What do you do? CAustin


What was your most recent moral dilemma? Glinda

Your boobies.

What do you think would happen in a club, if a guy asked a girl if he could buy her a $7 drink, and she said she'd rather have the $7 nachos than a drink? Would he still buy it for her? Why or why not? #beenreadingstuff #suspiciousnow #noroofiesinfood Glinda

I would. Then I'd tell her I have more nachos at my house.

j/k im married nachos lol

Any Independence Day plans, everyone? BBQs? Parties? Fireworks? Parades? BQ: If you're not from the USA, I hope you have a great Monday! :p BQ2: What does Independence Day mean to you? Why do we celebrate it? Thank you! :) Thomas


lol spam

GSers, friends and other friends that have been randomly pulled into the craziness of the GS Community, I want to thank all of you for asking me questions and answering mine. All of you make the world a better place. Stay cool! *blows fairy dust on all of you* :p Thomas


So it looks like the web series Don't Hug Me I'm Scared has ended. If you've seen it, do you have a favorite episode? If you haven't, it's a 6 episode British puppet show that teaches important life lessons. Here's my favorite on time Happy Independence Day! Ƥαη∂oяαρoρ


Just out of sheer curiosity on your part, have you ever put on a dress and high heels? Mabel Bloggs

No ma'am. You're saucy.

1. Have you ever cat called anyone? 2. Why do women get cat called on the street when they are just walking to work and minding their own business? 3. What sort of end are the cat callers hoping they get, and has anyone ever succeeded that you know of? 4. Tell your cat calling story! :) Glinda

1. No.
2. Boobies.
3. Boobies. Yes with boobies +10
4. "Hey, baby! What's up with them juggs???"

has anyone ever thought you were no sober when you actually were? feel free to include as much or as little detail as you'd like. scabs

What's up, honey cakes WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

Flashback Friday!! How important is freedom to you? BQ: Does the strength of a strong leader inspire you? Thomas

Freedom. Inspire.

Why are GMOs becoming so controversial in America? BQ: Is it true that Monsanto uses aggressive practices in foreign countries forcing farmers to use their GMO seeds? Please explain. Thomas


Why is patchouli oil so overpowering? BQ: Did or does the Catholic church use patchouli oil when cleaning the pews(or whatever they are called)? BQ2: Is patchouli oil still popular among the granolas? Thomas

Hippy chicks with thick beavers lol wut

Why was Alexander the Great so great? BQ: Do you think if he was reincarnated to his former self in 2016, that he could put this world back in order? BQ2: Have you ever fantasized about dating a powerful world leader(from the past or present)? Thomas


Flashback Friday 2!! (requested by anonymous) I don't normally post songs/videos that are not at least 2 years old. I like the song, so will make an exception this time. BQ: What "current" song makes you want to hit the dance floor and never stop? Thomas

I enjoy crying.

Did you take any philosophy courses in High School and/or college? (⌐■_■) Quang (⌐■_■)

Nope. I'm dumb. Readin' Rainbow™!

how do you feel about spending time outdoors? scabs


Inspired by @Neo_gs ! -- Have you ever been into a popular and/or overrated food/drink establishment and felt a "cult-like" vibe while there? Like you don't fit in with the regulars? Please explain. Sometimes, I feel this way when I go specific coffee houses. I feel like they're all judging me. Thomas

They usual beat me so fuckin silly then ask me if I would try the cauliflower with delicate and delicious butter sauce.


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