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Footnote to previous question about etiquette test- my score was a 3, not 30. The test doesn't even go up that high. #blondemoment


I got 6 somehow. I'm ashamed. I thought I ain't got no etiquette.

So I got a score of 30 on this British etiquette test. Hbu? *scarfs lunch off paper plate and uses sleeve for napkin*


Hi Glinda!

I have complete mastery over my menstrual cycle. I menstruate at will

Butt plug

Who's Will?

How does someone maintain a long term relationship?


It takes a lot of work, humility, and candy =D

Are you in love with Mordin Solus

Butt plug


Do you agree or disagree that the media intentionally uses the least photogenic and dramatic photos of presidential candidates? BQ: Do you think the liberal media is promoting social misogyny by using photos of an angry looking Clinton? Please explain.


Maybe. It's funny. Especially Trump. What a dork.

Be honest, have you ever stolen anything from a store using the self-checkout aisle?


Never stolen anything, except tears and crying spells.

Why do some heterosexual men use "no homo" when communicating with each other? Why do they feel the need to put that out in the open? BQ: Is it easier for gays to say "no homo" to heterosexuals to avoid miscommunication? BQ2: Why do some straight men think gays want them all the time?


Because they are so sad with themselves =D

Q3: PAP of your favorite mug to drink out of, that has a picture or a saying on it. Was it a gift? How did you come upon this magical mug of yours?


I'm going to ask PAP questions *sip*....please feel free to not answer if you are uncomfortable with them. But I'll answer them! Q1: Please PAP of a favorite souvenir tee shirt of yours. (You do not have to be actually *in* the tee shirt.) Tell the story of how/when/why the tee shirt.


If you knew that your grandchild would be the next Hitler or Charles Manson or Jack the Ripper, would it change how you felt about having children or not?


Do you like Popeye's chicken? It gives me a bad case of the shits =D

Inspired by @GlindaBells ! Have you ever had to ask guests to leave your home? If so, did you slam the door or did they on the way out?


No, nobody likes me, so no one visits =D

Why do *some* men have this compulsion to tell women to "smile"?? "HEY! SMILE! Yeah I'm talking to YOU! Arrange your facial expression to my liking!!" Tweeted it at Hillary during DNC speech.



PAP of your shopping! Let's see what's in your cart! *offer does not include online shopping :)


Q4: PAP of whatever you are currently eating or drinking. Please describe in loving detail so we can drool over the deliciousness. :)


I knew my rent was gonna be late about ten years ago!! Still can't pay it though

Butt plug

I learned to read some.

have you ever unintentionally given someone a complex about something about themselves? BQ: has anyone ever done that to you, by mistake or intentionally?


No, I no hurty people. But people bash my head in with sticks and call me crinkle fingers and lovey juice.

Article asks (using Trump as example): "Why do men want to marry Melanias but raise Ivankas?" In the polls, the men answered they wanted wives who were intelligent/attractive/sweet, but for their daughters, they also wanted independence, strength, and principled. Why the difference? (will send link)


Because they don't want to date their daughters. Except Trump.

Flashback Friday!! Do you think a remake of this song could make it in the top 10 in 2016? Or do you think it would be considered too anti-feminist? Please explain. BQ: Where is the line when standing by a spouse?


I think it would make a great dubstep song.

Would you rather get free food wherever you go for the rest of your life or have an iphone that never ages or gets damaged and automatically upgrades to the latest model?


I like potted meat lips n peckers mmm hmm.

Is it possible to feel nostalgia for an era you’ve never experienced? Stranger Things and It (minus child-eating, alien clown) make me feel nostalgic for the early 80s and 50s, though I wasn’t even alive then.

Tear Up The Dance Floor

Sure. I feel nostalgic about 1110-1120 AD.

How do you feel about extended family members from out of state, who invite themselves to stay (you offer a weekend for a family BBQ) and they book a week at your house...and they do multitudes of rude things and trash yo house? I can give examples. lol BQ: Put up w/ it quietly? Speak up about it?


omg that's turrible!

Would you rather be a lawyer, an accountant, or a doctor? and why?


1. Lawyers are roaches in suits - they're all over the place. No.
2. Accountant. Been there,
3. Doctor? I vomit when watching medical reality shows.

What one thing would you grab if your house were on fire? I'd probably grab the toddler if that counts, or otherwise I'd grab my big green folder with vital records, sentimental stuff, diplomas/certificates, and other junk.




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