samantha vega @samanthanicolevega
samantha vega @samanthanicolevega
el paso
no regrets. live it up. good vibes.
who cares
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Lol people like you need alcohol to have fun. God bless YOU.
Dont need it, but life is always a little better with a beer at hand.😌 I am blesseddddd
"Drinking isn't attractive" tf nigga ain't nobody trying look cute I'm tryin get drunk bitch
Story of my life #godbless
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Are you talking to anybody?
i dont even know dude💁
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how does sex feel?
find out yourself
Are you still in Franklin?
Are you talking to anyone?
nope, im chillen
You dress so slutty(x
aw shucks
Pap of snapcnat convos
i always clear them so u wouldnt see much lol
What that mouth do;)
well i use it to eat food😁
Tbh & Rate?
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Can i have your number?
ur anon sooo that would be weird
Whats your worst experience?
too many
Do you and Chris have a thing
chris? who dat who dat
Do you like that guy from franklin?
the guy im interested in doesnt even go to fhs.
Did you hook up with jerry?
nope lol
Damn you cutie
tks :p
Why not?
Bc its a hassle to have someone
Where do you live
Are you talking to anyone
No sir
Lets go on a date then
Describe your perfect date?
Well, I love going to eat like I dont expect anything fancy Im a pizza and wings kinda girl
I like you... Seriously
you flatter me
Drinking a lot isnt attractive
Aw shucks I dont give a rats ass❤️
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Lets get drunk and fuck
Definitely not buddy:*
Do you regret doing that?
I probably sound like a total bitch but no lol
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