samantha vega @samanthanicolevega
samantha vega @samanthanicolevega
el paso
no regrets. live it up. good vibes.
Make a gift
who cares
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Los vi juntos.
Amm no se de que hablas :p
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Quiero hablarte pero me vas a ignorar porque estoy feo:/
Que asco, yo hablo con puro guapo.
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Who do you like?
Hahaha, not you.
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Are you a lesbian
No lol
What do you look for in guys ?
Im a sucker for guys with nice eyes:p
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Do looks matter to you?:p
Lol yes d:
Like= tbh?
Sure. :p
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Tbh we don't talk as much as we should but when we do talk it's always fun :) we should hangout sometime!  Nick Barreiro
Text me! and yea yea, ill let you know :)
Cuantos años tienes?
10 likes=10 likes???  Adel B
One alone please:)..
Nope heres one with brit ;*
One alone please:)..
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Take a selfie for me:)
How about a picture with a friend hahah
well I just thought you guys did.. because I thought you guys would still hangout
Why the questions about him? Lol
And we havent hung out in like a month!
because you guys still probably like each other!
why do you say that?
do u still have a thing with Jorge g?
Why would we have a thing?:p
Hola hermosa:)
Turn ons?
You bby
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I miss you bebz
Wish i could say the same!
How many guys have you hooked up with your freshman year?
3 lol
Me gustaría mucho conocerte :') tienes whatsapp? Soy de Juarez y no puedo mandar mensajes
Si eres de Juarez como me encontraste?
Quien te gusta?
Tu me gustas ;)
You'd be okay having a friend with benefits?
Yes! No strings attached, but someone i can go to when im upset and viceversa.
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What's the best dating advice you have?
Fuck dating.
I'd rather party and have fun with my friends while im young!
Or have someone who doesnt want a relationship but is my bestfriend and kinda like a friend with benefits ya feel me
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Deja que llegue mi primo de mexico para que arme algo!!  Rigo Perez
Arre arre :)
Shiiii nigga you tell me im down anyday!!!  Rigo Perez
Cuando quieras!