samantha vega @samanthanicolevega
samantha vega @samanthanicolevega
el paso
no regrets. live it up. good vibes.
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who cares
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Trashy hoe
Oh dear. Im so offended. Just kidding, im more of a classy motherfucker ;)
What are you doing tonight?
Get drunk as fuck cause my birthdays at 12 duhhhhhh that's an obvi :*
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Lets get naked to the very last thought in our minds.
Whats your opinion on the term "you hit like a girl" does it affect or offend you in anyway? And what does it mean to you when you hear it/someone say it?
I dont understand.
Do you and your ex talk? Hes really cute:)
Na bro
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Whats been your most meaningful experience?
Um idk lol .
Are you talking to anyone right now? :)
Why do you care :)
What's your favorite song?
Uhh idk lmao probably 6AM.
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So do you accept my proposal? Answer in yes or no.
Im actually better off not having a boyfriend:s
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Same girl<3  Alex Ramirez
You are very beautiful and cute. I love you very much, will you like to my girlfriend? I will always take care of you and keep you happy. Please accept my proposal and become my girlfriend.
Thank you, you're really kind :)
Do you love him?
I love him as a person.
Could you please stop sending me question involving him, he is now none of my concern and i should not be any of his.
Thank you:)
of course just tell me when you wanna party girl ✌️  RobinRae
Send me your number and ill text you:)
Don't let them put you down girl!! You go girl(,:  Alex Ramirez
I know, im a tough girl :)
Thanks Alex, miss you lots!:*
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Which is your song of the week?
Forever young :)
You tell em' sam!! :*  Rwan Azzam
I will bby:*
It's gonna be ok babe, no ones gonna know the real story and everyone's gonna bud into like they know when everyone should shut the fuck up because they don't know shit. Do what makes you happy and if that's going out trying to forget you do that. Do you and don't let anyone talk down to you✌️  RobinRae
Thank you so much Robin, I appreciate it:*
We should do something soon!:)
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On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
A perfect 10.
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You're so careless, you arent even sad over the break up. You're partying, talking to other guys and getting drunk everyday. No wonder he left you, he deserves better.
Fuck you. I did everything for that boy. I cried for two days straight and then decided that no one deserves my tears and im not giving anyone the satisfaction of thinking im torn apart because of them. You know what? I was sad, and now I could not be any happier. Yeah im partying, so? Its my life. Talking to other guys? Im not but even if I was who gives a fuck cause im single! You know what he does deserve a lot of things. But it doesn't get any better than everything I gave him. Next time you decide to open your mouth I suggest you know everything, because buddy you sound extremely ignorant. :)
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Yeah :p
And uh well hes going to college and he didn't want to hold me back and keep me waiting I guess lol .
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What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
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Why are you always out? Doesnt your bf get mad??
Im always out cause its summer :)
Im single now lol I do what I want :*
Why do you drink?
Im gonna die anyways, I might as well enjoy my life (:
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Whats your favorite thing?
Does alcohol count?
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If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be?
My brother! But when I try he gets mad at me lmao