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Soooo you wouldnt be ok with having someone?
Why wouldnt i be okay with it ? Itd be nice to have someone but not a boyfriend kinda like someone i can kiss whenever but be bff's too ya feel meee
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You're so damaged thats why you dont want a bf hahahahah
Oh dear, i am not damaged :)
I just want to do whatever the hell i want and without someone on my ass haha
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Their dumb and so are you.
Lol, im dumb? Its they're*.
and no just everything rn is a joke i mean im 15 lets be real!
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Can you just like uh maybe please be my gf
Boyfriends are dumb, no sir. :-)
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Who do you think would win in a foot race, the Flash using one leg or a cheetah with 3 legs?
Um what
Whose ur hoco date ??
No one. :-)
Im going with friends'
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were you in love?
Who gives a fuck if i was or not,that shit is over lmao
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Haha the person who wrote the post below is a dumbass:p  Brittany Rain Spencer
Haha,i know lol! :p
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Dont think he likes you,he was mine first back the fuck off hoe.
What are you talking about,i dont have a thing with anyone hahahah
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Do you like anyone?
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I feel you.. hahah
Wait what:o
Los vi juntos.
Amm no se de que hablas :p
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Quiero hablarte pero me vas a ignorar porque estoy feo:/
Que asco, yo hablo con puro guapo.
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Who do you like?
Hahaha, not you.
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Are you a lesbian
No lol
What do you look for in guys ?
Im a sucker for guys with nice eyes:p
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Do looks matter to you?:p
Lol yes d:
Like= tbh?
Sure. :p
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Tbh we don't talk as much as we should but when we do talk it's always fun :) we should hangout sometime!  Nick Barreiro
Text me! and yea yea, ill let you know :)
Cuantos años tienes?
10 likes=10 likes???  Adel B
One alone please:)..
Nope heres one with brit ;*
One alone please:)..
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Take a selfie for me:)
How about a picture with a friend hahah
well I just thought you guys did.. because I thought you guys would still hangout
Why the questions about him? Lol
And we havent hung out in like a month!
because you guys still probably like each other!
why do you say that?