samantha vega @samanthanicolevega
samantha vega @samanthanicolevega
el paso
no regrets. live it up. good vibes.
who cares
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What does he see in you
What he didnt see in you obvi :*
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Do you have a thing with gus
Si señor
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I'm nice go meet you I'm Troy! Hahaha  Troy Dillard
Nice to meet you too , I'm sam lol
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Have they dropped yours?
Dropped my what?
Oh lol
According to him he is going around coronado saying that your his bar and that you guys are "talkin"
I doubt that he is saying we have a thing
And that I'm his what? lol
Do you and Alan Perez have a thing ? Or are talking ?
No, me and Alan have always been good friends!
You're so rude to everyone.
Not really, only if you piss me off haha
"just as happy without them"
Yeah, why would I put my happiness is someone else's hands? They can drop it at anytime.
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But are you?
Am i what
Whats the worst revenge?
Showing them you're just as happy w out them lolll
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You have small boobs
No shit(x
Whats your dream?
Dont have one lol
I bet cat sent you that hate question
Lol who knows(x
You look slutty in your default
You have such a strong opinion, what a shame idgaf
I thought you liked me.. only to realize you liked guys not girls
Maybe you
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Why not do some tonight (:
Why would people care what I think of them? I mean idgaf about what any of you think of me lol
I said no the past 3 times
are you lesbian?
Na lol
what's your ig name?
Would you?
I dont think so
Who do u tell ur problems to
Well Vianey pretty much knows everything
Like for Tbh? (:
No sry