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samantha vega @samanthanicolevega
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no regrets. live it up. good vibes.
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What sound drives you crazy?
The way Jorge snores-.- :*
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Val, Teresa, Nicole, Jorge and yea :)
Who knows the most about you?
Do you love him?
Love is a crazy word, and im still figuring out what it really is. I adore him :*
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Do you even like your boyfriend? :P
Yes i do a lottt:)
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ahhhhhh fuckkkkk. what was it?  Erin Gutierrez ★
I have no idea im not home!
we had hw for bio!?! D;  Erin Gutierrez ★
tbh: Sam you're a really awesome person and youre pretty and its awesome when we get in groups on ms yosts class jjajaja stay awesome giirl laav jew:D  Rigo Perez
Ay gracias rigo, que lindo:)
Love youu tooooo boy !:)
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What's cool nowadays?
Well wings are pretty cool
Cuanto quieres apostar que te la meto bien rico
No mame pendejo
There's so many things I could show you ;)
No thanks! Ill pass on that one
Do you believe in marriage?
Why believe in something that fails 50% of the time..
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does your bf like u more or do u like him more?
This is an odd question. :)
What song is stuck in your head?
Te hubieras ido antes.:p
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a peanut?(x lmao  Thalia Orozco.
Yes a peanut (x
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Whats your bra and panty size?
Um no comment haha
And obviously im a small in underwear you dumbass do you not see that my butt is the size of a peanut haha lmao
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Ideal guy :)
Soccer player, muscular, has to be nice, get along with my family, sweet and yea :) so basically Jorge duh
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Whats your favorite song? (:
all of me by john legend
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Don't listen to them!!
I wont thanks anon :)
u are such an ungrateful bitch!
Tell me something I dont know:b
What is something you find hard to stop once you have started?
No comment haha
Who is a person that you can always count with? :o
Theres no one ha.
I can count on myself and thats good enough.
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What's one thing you hate having to pay for?
Food, like why should I pay for something I need to live:p
Tbh you are so beautiful and sweet Sam! I really enjoy talking to you in English and you're a good friend(:  Sydney Mendoza
Thanks beautiful (:
I really enjoy talking to you too (:
What do you do to entertain yourself?
Poker. ;)