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Drinking a lot isnt attractive

Aw shucks I dont give a rats ass❤️

can i have your # qt?

gustavo holcombe

Slidin into my dm's or what

Name your mains

Just did?

nooo waaayyyy

Your last name starts with an h huh?

Do u have bestfriends

Fern, thalia chapps deni and vianey :)

you're gorrrgeeouss

Thank you :)
I know who this is lol ;)

Do you have a boyfriend ;)

Hahaha no

cutest seniors ?


what's your graduating class? '17? '18?


what school do you go to?


Fast or slow sex.

? lol

Selfie? xD

I have fb, instagram and twitter
Why are you asking for a selfie when u can just look on there

Top 5 cutest Freshman guys

all of then are ugly as fuck
Sorry not sorry

Top 10 Cutest sophomore guys


Top 10 Cutest Junior guys?


Pap of u and a ex

Why would i put a picture with him lmao

Who do you like

Mmmmmm, you. ;)

He still loves you.

Aint that unfortunate ahaha

What did the last text message you sent say?

"Not until Nov 16"

Are you talking to anyone right now?


Haha didn't you say you guys had life plans?

shit happens my friennnn
But we're both happy so who cares about the past, it was a good memory and that's it:p

Havent seen you around school.

Oh ok? Lol

Do you guys still talk?



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