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Deja que llegue mi primo de mexico para que arme algo!!  Rigo Perez
Arre arre :)
Shiiii nigga you tell me im down anyday!!!  Rigo Perez
Cuando quieras!
#NoRagrets  Rigo Perez
Jajaja riggis!
Cuando vamos a tomarrrr eh
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Whats ur biggest mistake freshman year?
Too may! But no ragrets
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Do you support lesbians &/or gays?
Everyone should have the right to be with whoever they please. I mean you cannot pick and choose who you fall for it just happens.
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You wernt his last kis (;
Oh ok thats cool I wish I cared enough to respond with a rude comment :)
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Last kiss?
Jorge :p
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Why wouldent you say yes?
I would decline for many reasons that im not willing to advertise over social media.
If someone asked you out tomorrow what would you say?
"Someone" wont.
I'd simply say its a lovely offer but cannot accept.
I forgot to take it off anon:p  Brittany Rain Spencer
Haha its ok x)
someone is jealous of our friendship;)♥
I mean obvi who wouldn't be? ;)
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Wtf why do you talk to britany? Shes a skeez.
Bby its Brittany * :)
Tf is a skeez?
I talk to her cause shes my fav♡
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top 10 cutest guys u know
I dont know any cute guys sry (-:
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Do you smoke?
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Im referring 2 the term being used as in insult as if it where wrong to hit like a girl or be a girl being a girl is probably one of the hardest things to be so why is it being used as an insult?Instead hitting like a girl should mean ur strong you overcome/go through a lot through out ur whole life
I think this is a dumb question because guys should never hit girls lol .
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You party too much turn off hah
A ok te hablo cuando me importa lo que piensas :*
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Trashy hoe
Oh dear. Im so offended. Just kidding, im more of a classy motherfucker ;)
What are you doing tonight?
Get drunk as fuck cause my birthdays at 12 duhhhhhh that's an obvi :*
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Lets get naked to the very last thought in our minds.
Whats your opinion on the term "you hit like a girl" does it affect or offend you in anyway? And what does it mean to you when you hear it/someone say it?
I dont understand.
Do you and your ex talk? Hes really cute:)
Na bro
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Whats been your most meaningful experience?
Um idk lol .
Are you talking to anyone right now? :)
Why do you care :)
What's your favorite song?
Uhh idk lmao probably 6AM.
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So do you accept my proposal? Answer in yes or no.
Im actually better off not having a boyfriend:s
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