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when do u find out about hs soccer
I find out Wednesday night if I made the team
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the grade below
I don't know I guess victoria
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who was on your softball team last year that was actually good? cause people said some people sucked lol
my grade or the grade below
I don't even know who's in that class anyway
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how was soccer?
I don't care
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fav nda 8th graders
incoming 8th graders or my class that graduated
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did u get invited to Alex's party
good luck at tryouts girl you'll definitely make it :)
thanks bud
Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
I do that all the time whoops
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pap dms
pap dms
What high school u going to
Who do you talk from your class then?
like katie twins julianna emily izzy
that's all I can think of
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Are you going to talk to your elementary nda class when highschool starts
i don't know but rn I barely talk to that many people that were in my class
What color are your eyes?
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Tbh imy dude  Heather Naeder
werd bruh
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tbh your pretty but we don't talkk :/  Jessica Bullock
thank youu
closest friends that are girls
are some of the girls I'm closest with
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Whos jimmy
my friend
pap text
still nothing interesting since the last time you asked
pap text
tbh ily samifferrrr  Izzy
hey babe
don't call me babe
Have you ever played golf?
no and I don't plan on it
tbhh wow Sam v but you the bro an we got close so good shit bro keep this dm live  Kyle O'Hare
ly bro & werd it better keep going
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unknown fact?
kyle has a large head
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