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Computer teacher?
no computers is fubler, nieto is my Spanish teacher
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Which teacher did you email so far?
just nieto
I wanna see who you email
it's just stuff for school & to teachers
pap emails
wtf why
tbh you're the legitimate bro LMFAO but ilysm
I'm gonna assume this is leah lmfao ly man
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plans for tmrw
nda team pasta party :)
Guess who just gave up! name starts with J.
gave up on what
do u miss little nda
✋but what if i dont like you  Allison
I was gonna invite you someone but ok
if you can wear them, you don't choose too
factssss i saw you but my homeroom teacher was talking to mee but ill see you tomorrow ugly pants✌️  Allison
text me ugly
you don't wear tights with your uniform
you can
sam doyle you look so cute in your uniform like hmu omg  Allison
I only saw you for 4 seconds today :(
what's your uniform
what's your uniform
how was your first day at nda
mad fun
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pap selfie
pap selfie
where are u
I've been on I95 for the past 5 hours
turn left
my girl is acting mad sus and I don't know why what do I do
there's a 99% chance that you did or said something to piss her off or she's just in a bad mood
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are u a jealous person
what girl isn't a jealous person ...
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last text
last text
U still friends w/Bryce
Hi dbkdjv fish. Rajiv. Yvaej. U Shi. Klick rj that. Gain caps dope fm pregnant dog. Aioli riffle Jeu hb LASIK
oh werd
like 5'7