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are you gunna get trashed at lanas
You are a stoner
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yes it was you have a hot bod
lol well thank you v much
hot dam
is that a compliment ¿
I saw you in downtown today
oooooo who is this?
what's ur snap?
Do you talk to yourself?
nope can't say that I do
Graduated kids and seniors only hang with you because you're easy. You've made out with the majority of that population
more like 2 lol
Hottest juniors?
like new school year juniors?
post a selfie
post a selfie
Biggest regret?
Hottest seniors?
ummm don't really know any
You have went down such a bad path
I'm aware
Try doing something that isn't illegal
Just ingore the other questions
Have u ever kissed a girl
Who are some cute guys you follow on twitter?
What have you done this summer?
pretty much only hung with paulina and played ball
I wish you had a future but you just do too many dumb things
No I really don't. Even if I do anything "dumb" atleast I know how to prioritize. I know how to take care of myself and honestly my future will be just fine.
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Cute guys that follow you?
like on twitter?
I love you
thank you
do you have boobs?
why do people ask questions like this I don't understand
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