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what grade
Who are your favorite guys as of now.
depends but there's a lot of cool guys I've became friends with this year if that's what you mean
Fav dudes
be more specific
What happened to Paulina
we use to be really close friends
How do you feel about mike marions tweet
I didn't see it
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Hottest guys each hour
it's the second day of school lol I don't even know who's in my classes by memory
do you like haley
depends, Haley who?? lol
What's your url for tumblr !
are you gunna get trashed at lanas
You are a stoner
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yes it was you have a hot bod
lol well thank you v much
hot dam
is that a compliment ¿
I saw you in downtown today
oooooo who is this?
what's ur snap?
Do you talk to yourself?
nope can't say that I do
Graduated kids and seniors only hang with you because you're easy. You've made out with the majority of that population
more like 2 lol
Hottest juniors?
like new school year juniors?
post a selfie
post a selfie
Biggest regret?
Hottest seniors?
ummm don't really know any
You have went down such a bad path
I'm aware
Try doing something that isn't illegal
Just ingore the other questions