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Who would you go lesbian for
Cara Delevingne
What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?
hahahaah I have something in mind
Can you twerk
sure haha
Do u think Jeff Cahn has a good personality?
don't know who that is
Lol bullshit
I swear lol
Where do you get your pot from?
I don't smoke so no where
We should go out.....weed be a good couple
Have you ever smoked?
Joey who
Favorite juniors?
hmm Alexx Andrew Josh Joey Mike Kori & Brooke :)
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Hottest sophmores
oh shit idk I don't talk to any
Think again
of what
It's not that people wanna know who you talk to it's that the boy who asked the question can see if he's on your list of the top 4.. Duh:)
haha well do we talk??
Fine, hottest sophomores?
all of a sudden I forgot the names of like any sophomores so there's that
Person you wish you talked to more/got to know better?
I need more gal friends like sausage-fests suck when you're a girl
I mean I sent you a snapchat
Top 4 hottest guys you talk too?
Why does everyone need to know who I talk to lol
Hey homeslice, you never texted me
I probably would if you text me! haha
I'm a junior, and u should talk cause ur cute
I am but that doesn't mean I want to talk tbh lolz but dm I guess
I'm a senior so you'll automatically talk to me right?!
So the question remains...ANAL? Or nah?
lmao oh
What's Lana spelled backwards
ANAL lol why do I feel like this is alana
I have plenty
that's so grand
Want a duck?
omg I would love one
What makes you wake up each morning?
my mother tbh