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You tryna hang this summer?
damn we used to talk so much
damn I wish we still did
I could tell ya but the name would mean nothing to you
you can't think that way
Only once I've just wanted to get to know you better
who are you?
Just some one who'd like to take you on a date... Sadly you're no longer single
have we talked before?
You're welcome beautiful
who is this lol
Ya have a great rack!
thanks! lol
It's fine, anything ever goes wrong I call dibs on taking out on a date
haha okay if you say so!
That's a darn shame!
if you think so! sorry
You still very single? lol
haha no I am not
You are so beautiful it's nuts
oh my goodness, thank you!!
You have a super nice rack
oh lol thanks I guess
Hottest seniors
some in my class are cute other than that there's just some guys I notice but don't know I guess
Roses or violets?
roses are my favorite
You are so pretty honestly ppl say horrible things about u but seriously that body tho ooommggg
How do you feel about the after school app?
what grade
Who are your favorite guys as of now.
depends but there's a lot of cool guys I've became friends with this year if that's what you mean
Fav dudes
be more specific
What happened to Paulina
we use to be really close friends
How do you feel about mike marions tweet
I didn't see it
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Hottest guys each hour
it's the second day of school lol I don't even know who's in my classes by memory
do you like haley
depends, Haley who?? lol