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What size thong do you wear xs s m l or xl
omg stop this isn't only getting annoying, but also creepy
Nice do like having big boobs or no
idk bye lolz
Who do you think it is bæ
bæ knows who bæ is. I call him that all the time lol
Those aren't the bases lol. 1st base: making out, 2nd base: feeling up, HJ or fingering, 3rd base: Oral, Home run: Sex
ok that's what I thought
Is your bra size a 36 C or 36 D
I'm not a 36 lol the number part is how wide around your rib cage is and the letter is how many inches higher your boobs are from the rib cage. I have a 34 inch around. (A little bra measuring lesson for ya)
So have u ever got passed first base
nope can't say I have
Oh... I thought we were talking..... Ok
but it's prob not serious and if this is who I think it is.. I luv u but I never get to see you bæ ):
Base 1 kissing/making out base 2 in underwear kissing/making Out base 3 sex
hey :)
Do you like anyone?
I'm not really talking to anyone tbh
Did you make out with Conner Heaton
how does that concern you lol
Have you made out with anyone and got past first base
I don't know the "bases" sorry lol
Conner heaton
he's cool
What grade are you in?
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How far in advance do you prefer to plan?
I don't plan lol
How r u
I am good
I had the weirdest dreams last night about us you had a party and u said want to see my tits I'm like sure u showed me I said amazing And said can I see your pussy you should sure u showed me and I'm like can I play with it your like sure I started liking it and fingering it
That's so fucked, I feel like if I knew who you were I'd get a restraining order against you
Did you and conner makeout?
What Conner
Like anyone?
What do you mean
perks of dating you?
I'm nice and I will show you lots of attention. plus I like kissing Haha
Biggest regret?
yikes not so sure I regret anything
Why so much
because he is my bæ and I mean that. He's been my day 1 since forever ago lolz
Alex D
yeah I really love him you don't understand how much, but I do. (:
Do you like Alex?
what Alex?