Samantha Nicole @samiixo8
Askk awaayy
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Your so beautiful
thank you:)
It really sucks and I am very hurt!!! What do I do Sam? A girl I really love is dating someone I have a feeling he is going to cheat on her. Something I hate about the guy is that he drinks beer and he is 16.
say something
you don't know me, but I am Jake Hill. you are a very gorgeous young lady. and you seem like a very nice person to be friends with
did you say hi to me at lunch loll
why sorry? I said hi to you and you said hi back! :)
who is this?
saw u at school
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you my queen
What's wrong? Can't believe it been a few months when I talked to you
if we haven't talked you should text me
How have you been?
wow great
love u
my mom turns me on
lmfao his cousins
there asses r out
what is the twitter lmfao
who r the girls tom retweeted
what's his twitttwr
I hate school. I got a crush on my teacher
What is something you want right now?
Hey Samantha, i have a box and it filled with Condoms, want to do it? You could pick out the Condom to use
my mom turns me on
see u in school bae
how do I tell my teacher I love him?
Yeahh but I think everyone should mind their own business about anything to do with you or will or Tommy. It has nothing to do with them and its the past. And btw I think you're the most gorgeous girl ever
aw thank you
Me and him hooked up onceXD
lmfaooo nicee
Are you friends with nick mckenna
yeaa, love that kiddd
How do u feel about them going out
happpy for themm
I have 6 people in my contact list named Samantha the hot one. lol no joke.
lol nice