Samantha Nicole @samiixo8
Askk awaayy
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lol that's funny u & nick
there is no me and nick so yeah this is funnyyyy hahah
stop asking ur self questions fat ass
yea I gotta hit the gym I'm so fat
who do u love
not you
I miss u so much but I'm glad your happy Sam I love u
wtf lol no bye
Do you always smile for pictures?
do u like tommy
Hows will
wouldn't know
Do u like Will K still
just stop
I told u about a month ago on here that my health and my body is in bad shape and i got to change and i did changed and now i have good health and i lost 43 pounds and i feel wonderful!!! I saw a picture of u on Twitter and u look fit and that's something i must be, fit. Thank u Sam
aw congrats(:
How would you describe your style?
the idgaf
u guys were such good friends it makes me sad
ppl change
do u think he misses u yes or no
I don't care whether he does or doesn't
Who do u like
i like u but u pay no attenton to me any more
come off anonymous
no lol
i saw u playing soccer
hard to miss the one w the brace up her leg
What time did you wake up this morning?
I'm jw if u miss will
What's Tommy's number
idkkk sorry
do u miss will just answer
who are you lmfao
do you miss will
lmfao stfu
It's really sad you and Tommy are a couple now, all the thing you been through with him.
I'm not dating tommy lmfao
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why wouldn't tommy come back to pequa
from what he said in the two minute conversation we had, he had another hockey school offer that he might take advantage of
he's hot tjoufj
lmfao who
what is one thing you will never do in life?