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Ask me a question
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did we meet on Chatous yesterday?
hi sam
hi hanna
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Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
how do u delete this account
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Which gift would you like to receive?
this site is wack how do u delete this
Do you like anyone right now? jw ;)
My names Shelby
Oh come on Sam :(
who r u
Omg!!!!! Please :)
na nna thanku
Shirtless selfie pic
lemme think about tht
You look so much like Zachary Gordon from wimpy kid in your pic ;)
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I'd love to suck you both off ;)
... well ok
Would u let Jackson suck u off?
no maybe yes no just playing no
truth is we went to school together and I saw you on halloween and at the fair and you're chill  Chharrrlottee
thank u
No not Jackson ;)
then idk
I wanna suck your cock Sam ;)
Cutie ;)
Is your birthday January 1st?
rate 9 tbh idrkk you  Hulda
i liked it by accident lmao
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Are you a racist?
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what's your type?
i hate him so fucking my hes an asswipe
thats my son
i just saw cupcakes on my news feed and lmfao remember cupcake
lol how is he
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does ethan have an ask?