Sandraa  ♥ @sandaaycheeks
go ahead hun ;*
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Does your boyfriend treat you right.
Yes, always.
Do you have a boyfriend
yup 10.12.14
you talk to alot of guys, why do boys like you?
Nah I'm only talking to one lol & idk bc I'm chill .
your always in fights w. boys
lol , i dont tolerate them .
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Would you let someone eat your pussy
fave food? ;o
Chicken Alfredo
how tall are you?
Have u fucked
Lol no .
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Have u ever been fucked
No .
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Who are you to Chelsea
Lol her cousin.
What personality trait do you admire in other people?
Honesty and loyalty
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what do you like to do when your bored?
Text and listen to music.
Hot tea or ice tea?
Ice tea
name the hottest guys you know?
Luke Bryan
are you virgin?
Yas yas , til I marry the one and only.
well i love u <3
Lmfao that's lovely
do u love me? :3
Idk you lol .
whats ur fav color?
Pink <3
Uhm no lol
Why you so pretty .-.
Thanks youu. <3
how old are you?:*
Hi Sandy We dont Talk anymore ;cc
Lol , uhm who is this ? :p
What makes you really sleepy?
Boring convos.
What is the most popular lie, people tell to each other?
Everything's gonna be ok .