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bruh I bet you went off
Wwell tbh I stood there stunned that they did it .
worst thing that's happened to you this year  Delaani
uhm. one the first day of school someone purposely hit me in the vagina lol .
thoughts on me
your anonymous.
your gorgeous
Thank you .♡
do you really like your boyfriend or are you dating him so he won't go after someone be else ?
Lol , I loveeee my boyfriend
Does your boyfriend treat you right.
Yes, always.
Do you have a boyfriend
yup 10.12.14
you talk to alot of guys, why do boys like you?
Nah I'm only talking to one lol & idk bc I'm chill .
your always in fights w. boys
lol , i dont tolerate them .
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Would you let someone eat your pussy
fave food? ;o
Chicken Alfredo
how tall are you?
Have u fucked
Lol no .
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Have u ever been fucked
No .
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What personality trait do you admire in other people?
Honesty and loyalty
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are you virgin?
Yas yas , til I marry the one and only.
well i love u <3
Lmfao that's lovely
do u love me? :3
Idk you lol .
whats ur fav color?
Pink <3
Uhm no lol
Why you so pretty .-.
Thanks youu. <3
how old are you?:*
Hi Sandy We dont Talk anymore ;cc
Lol , uhm who is this ? :p
What is the most popular lie, people tell to each other?
Everything's gonna be ok .
U wanna kik  Gartrell Campbell
naaah , im good . ✋
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