Sarah Davilla @sarahdavilla
Sarah Davilla @sarahdavilla
Lets all be nice now haha
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I luhhhhh u you're perfect ok ~ya fav soph
I love you baby you're so cute you're my fav Sierra <3
I'm guessing 12
12 what.
Chronickk420 is so ugly y??
Nick Robels? Lol you're a dumb bitchh
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How many people have you had sex wkth
How about you ask me personally and ill tell you. I'm not about to put that personal of shit on here
cuz I wanna know answer my question this website is up here for a reasun
Haha I've smoked salvia and done x
And moly and acid and what else have you done be honest
Why do you even care haha
It means you look like a crack whorrr
Ohh thanks..I smoke weed dumb ass
Are you a virgin?
Literally always get asked this no I'm fucking not
That giy you posted a picture with on Instagram looks grose
Kay bishhhhh
You look like you do a lot of drugs
Hahaha what does that even mean?
What's your bra size
Hahahaha wowwww 32 c
Would you ever date a sophomore or a freshman
Probably no sorry just to young for me and I'm talking to someone right now
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Where do you get money for weed and wax
I have a job
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Have you sucked a dick
Ha ha... Woww
Favorite person at branham and not from branham
Raquel Clark and Amelia Freschi
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hey when do you take senior pics
I'm taking them right now!
Who are some upcoming senior guys that u like(as friends) or think are funny?
I literally love all of them haha
When are you getting your tattoo? And how many do you plan to get
I want to get a flower and my zodiac sign under my neck on the top of my back! :) also I'm getting a script with my best friend on our rib cage. That's all I have planed for right now
How old were you when you lost your virginity?
you are so perfect <3
Awh that's sweet of you to think <3 thank you
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How did you lose weight? Some days l won't eat and l will be at the goal l want but on some days l just eat all the time and l gain it back. l just don't know how to keep it. Any advice?
If you really wanna lose weight just eat healthy or if you don't want to eat healthy cut the size of your meal down
Do you think trent is attractive ...? From WG
That's very specific...
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what do u think about the Branham football team, not looks or nothing, but the team itself
I think they try really hard
lotta peoples
I fuck with everyone who haven't given me a reason not to fuck with them. I'm cool with a lot of people
Fux wit a real nigga
Okay haha who's that?