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no profanity pls
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pay how much? :0 pls do i get a discount for being your favorite person queen sarah?
am i not worth anythin :^(
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post a video pls ?
pay me
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you're my everything
would you rather celebrate a friends bday at their house or attend an amazing event with strangers and then treat yourself afterwards?
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Is it okay to use tomorrow to tell someone how you feel about them to see if they feel the same and if not then claim April Fools and sob?
ever winked at a guy? like heyy... 0.-
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was that like real fur ??? did u not boil up top + freeze at legs? I love the long sleeve and shorts or skirt look but cant do it bc temperature kills me  roxy
yes it is real fur do not hate me ok it is vintage and i found it for rLy cheap on ebay, cheaper than faux fur coats okay !!!!
and no, bc the coat was so warm, my legs werent cold at all, despite being exposed !!!
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a GPA is out of 4.0
there r 2 types
idk my gpa out of the 4.0 scale
Daww your profile pic. Bae you're perfect
i changed it like a million times there r so many i took i cant choose !!! but thank u sm :,)
I'm currently in Mercy Hospital, laying in my bed here. I'm on my laptop and my nurse is really weird. I don't think she knows what she's doing. She stuck a needle in me and now there's a bruise in that spot. I think she did something wrong. What should I do?  Gregory Alan Bailey
pay me 4 it
if you could invent a device, what would the device be?
device to not exist
do you overhear things not your business? i eavesdrop all the time. i have damn good hearing i cant help it.
I hate when I'm about to hug someone really sexy, and my face hits the mirror.
same :(
what would you do if the guy you're dating tells you he sees you as a sister?... ... ..
who/what is the light of your life?
me myself
are you part of any fandoms? tell me!
used 2 b
what is the theme song to your life?
push by matchbox 20
do you consider yourself to be a showoff?
no maybe idk
wanna be each others backups to get married if we're 40 and single?
only if u hav $$
describe yoself in 1 word?
is breaking a leg actually good luck?
whats yo GPA?
a 90 point something
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do you consider yourself to be vedy flirty?
vedy :)
how would you feel if you found a guy that can do your nails, hair, makeup, massage, cook?
i wouldnt feel anything