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You showered today?
yes :(
Its just a song I heard right now. Idk lol
I'm stuck to you like Velcro. I don't wanna go solo
Do you wear glasses when you drive?
You're a beauty cutie
Have you taken pics with classmates since you ain't gonna see em again?
Because I like you, jeeze.
Anyone ever give you flowers?
Not a big deal, just a little something.
y ??
Soon. But I'm gonna surprise you!
with what
Hey Sarah I'm gonna surprise you on my birthday hehe
whens ur bday
NO NEED TOO WORRIES if you're not yet happy 'till rn :).. "What you surely destined to you though you are weak. But that which is destined not for you certainly You'll never get it even if you are strong ..! " ❤️ ISLAM THE TRULY SALVATION , LOVE AND PEACE ❤️
Tbh are you happy or not ?
so if you saw someone in kmart steal and theyd give you 200 to keep quiet you wouldnt say anything
If you were working at a place where you had to turn someone in if they were doing something wrong and you saw someone doing something but they offered to "drop" you 20 dollars to not say anything what would you do?
how abt $200
Some things $ can't buy or fix :(
but it surely helps
Suppose that would be a fair punishment :L dont want a black eye tho lol  Loser Sean
ok. just don't let it kill you.
it will
lol that slave of yours needs a punch in the face or a kick in the balls or something haha not even paying you lol
i kNOW
I'll do it next time princess I'll try and pay you soon :)  Loser Sean
what's the thing you don't wanna do?
i dont wanna talk abt it
N that I cancelled your order because of the fb thing. Forgive me?
why not? you were looking forward to it ending for so long, now it happened and you don't like that either
i dont like it bc im gonna have to do something i dont wanna do at all and its gonna kill me to do it
I'll try not to anymore. But what do I tell my friends :(  Loser Sean
u tell them soz cant go out 2nite