What did you have for dinner?

wendys lol

Is exploring abandoned/haunted places in the cards for you?


Are you a good baker

i mean i guess

What would you say was your 15 minutes of fame?

uuummm who know

Ur gonna back to that same college or take online somewhere else?

im gonna do online

Are you a see it to believe it type of person?


is your car running?

i havent touched my car in months. its sitting at my grandmas house without insurance. i will get her again soon tho hopefully

Is it the academics you especially hate or the social scene?

i went to a really hard school. i didnt know that when i applied. it was extremely tough
i also hated the social scene. there was a class that was mandatory for first yr students. basically u had to go to events and document it, plus do a lot of other bullshit like visit all the places on campus. i thought it was bs. dont force me to do those things and go to these events. i like being by myself, i perform well by myself. plus, i was a commuter student that lived an hour away w a job. i didnt have time to go to those events. i didnt even have time to study for my classes. needless to say i flunked the hell out of that class lmao

idk i just hated everything about college. i want to do online classes when i get back on track and go again

ur still a geordie girl with a vip edge, don't you ever friggin forget that!!!

i never ever will !!!!!!

do you still live in that place that didn't have wifi?

lol no

You like it less than hs (which you hated)?

hs was horrible, dont get me wrong. but college is so so so much worse to me

u aint married

yeah huh

Would you rather have a hoverboard or a drone?

a drone...i can spy.....

rate year 1 of college

fuckin sux 0000000/10000000 would never recommend that hell to anyone

I like you. You keep it real. You da realist


Are you really getting married?

im already married hoe

You're pretty badass

thank i kno

Did you ever have myspace?

lol hell yeah

What always hits the spot?

a sammich

Nigga didn't you have someone's bank account info at one point

oh yeah i did LMAOOOOO i forgot abt that shit. damn what the hell was i doing

How don't you know? Don't you have their contact info?


Hit up your old people you used to get money from and ask them again

idk where they r

Oh I see. Dang that's cool. What's there to do in New Jersey that not a lot of people know about?

im not really sure tbh! we have plans to go to the beach. im not sure what else we will do. its honestly not about me being able to do things when im there, its about me getting to see her and have fun together

You said you were gonna see your bff...in new york again, right?

new jersey, but we might go to nyc!

Hey you good at card games? If so try poker lol or betting on stuff.

no i suck at games !!!


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