congrats on your marriage!! do you know what you're majoring in?


thank u !! hell no!!! im just gonna be doing general studies



we're pretty good, in college now so we are old af!! how are things with u? from what i can tell you're married now?


yeahhh lmao life is crazy! i was in college too last yr but i had to leave bc of personal stuff... but glad to say im doing online courses in january! we are all grown up :-(

Are you ever happy?

no :)

Do you sleep well most nights?

i never sleep well

Thoughts on powdered donuts?

eh id prefer not

regarding the feelsbadman im michael /u/luckyboyblu

awwww michael !!!! how are u and ur little pug friend

Do you cook your husband dinner every night?

not every night. he cooks dinner sometimes or we just do whatever

i use to talk to you a good amount and i just remembered and now im all nostalgic feelsbadman

who r u

Do you like the area you live in?


I do want to buy a camera again one day. So, what would you say is a good camera?

im not sure! i cant remember the name of my dads camera. just not a rebel lol

Plug dj that was it, remember seeing you in it and you was really nice remember you were beautiful from the 'rate me' threads sooo lol

lmaooo i miss reddit, those were the best days of my lifeee

play the lotto lol

loooool i cant get addicted to that! plus i never have any cash

last year, i also gave you my birthday money.....i think it was the $150. im not sure, but yeah. i didnt give you much, but i gave you everything i had

please dont make me feel like a bad person :/

Okay let me know

okay, i linked my card... idk what to do so my snapchat is ranchwithbacon

Yeah you just hook up your debit card to it

id rather hook up my paypal w it, but lemme tey it out

Yeah but I'm a lazy person lol, snapcash is so much easier

how does it work? is it free?

We talked about all of this back when we used to talk on kik, but again 2 years ago so I'm sure you don't remember, I had PayPal when I was under 18 and they deleted my account and ever since its been hard to make one

actually i do remember! why is it hard to make another account? im sure u could contact customer support and ask them whats up

I don't have PayPal 😕 only snapcash

why dont u have paypal? its free and super easy! ive never used snapcash

Did you ever get another laptop

nope, i dont have the money. i might be able to get one for xmas but idk

*amazon. Lol but it is amazing indeed

OMG LOL sorry

Describe something that's happened to you for which you have no explanation!

also for whoever asked, im updating my amazing wishlist. im adding mostly beauty/makeup stuff bc its things i really want but im scared bc idk if those things are fake or authentic ?? bc sometimes stuff on amazong is fake. idk what else to add tho :/

No prob 😀 how can I contact you to give you more

u can send thru paypal: my email is

yea well you were first priority back in the day. got your car fixed or something like that. i dont remember

oh :(

i pawned a canon EOS rebel tfi camera i bought for $1000. got $200 for it. i wasnt using it much and i still wouldnt be using it today so it was whatevs...but yeah, the things i used to do for you

canon rebels arent that good of cameras anyway. u could have sold it online or somewhere else for more...pawn shops just wanna rip u off. i only pawned my laptop bc i needed the money that day and didnt have a choice :( im sorry u had to do that. if i would have known, i wouldnt have accepted the money


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