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shit, your anon is so fucking lazy about getting a job.  James
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You should change your ask motto thing to "pay me losers" lol
i dont wanna b mean
Is pugpup your alt?
wait you are one of the "older ones"?
I wish there were people like you in ireland :( any woman into this here is ugly and old lol
am sry
I can barely even take a few kicks nevermind all that lol
wait so you'd kick me naked, holy shit they'd pop open lol  Sean
Yeah i can imagine :L holy fuck stomps would hurt in them at least i'd have my jeans to protect me lol
no u wouldnt
fuck are they steel toed?
no but they r hard enough to be
Wish I lived near you to have you kick me hard lol what kinda shoes would you wear :L  Sean
my docs
I think its the fact that your new and my age that makes this really cool, because im really nervous when it comes to the older ones lol
jesus christ that's money's worht lol. Hope some knees and stomps get thrown in too lol
what if I couldn't take it haha
too bad
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How hard would you kick lol?  Sean
as hard as i want
Touche, tho I haven't paid you yet which is bad :( soon I swear. If i'd have found you sooner i'd have not bought that doms video *sigh*
yeah thats bad
How does this girl look?
why does it matter
How would you react if a boy you knew turned up to prom in a dress? :)
yay !
would you keep kicking haha ouch
If you ever go into the findom business, count me as your first slave  Sean
i thought u already were
would tat be a 10 minute kicking session?
its for however long i want
too right it's a privilege to pay my taxes to my superiors
How much would it cost for you to kick me in my bals
Are boys inferior?