sarah @sarahmaner
pay me
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Would you be willing too do most reasonable things for money?
What movies do you wanna see?
the lost boys !! i hav it but i wanna wait until im alone to watch it
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What would the best dates for travel here?
Idk if you've ever said, but are you good at drawing?
probably not
what car repairs do you need?
my ac has a leak or something so i have NO cold air
i need new tires and windshield wipers
i need all the belts replaced
and just last night i went to go drive to the store and it was making a horrible knocking sound and idk what it is so i didnt drive it :-(
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Are you a gold digger?
no ;-)
Ever felt you liked someone way more than they liked you?
YES !!!!!
Know anyone that gives you both happiness and heartbreak?
yes :,(
Its gonna be so hard, but it"ll be worth it
The straw
cool !
I'm done with you
With snapchat, you know how I am. I just wanted to make sure its you n you were gonna be sending me pictures by sending a picture. Unblock me and I promise I won't do anything
You should link your fiverr to your and add more stuff to it
How did you meet people from Brazil?
2 many questions
What color did you dye your hair before? You said you've dyed it
dark brown twice, purple ends, orange
I always thought you were cute and undeniably pretty
What color shirt you wearing now?
I was joking, I shouldn't have to pay for that. Gosh
I"LL pay you to text me
can i kiss you? :p
I"ll pay fiddy bucks tho
My first impression of you, cute as hell, bathroom selfies, and taken.
So like would you take a pic of your back? Its not really a nude but nice you know
kiss me ;)
nah ;)
Can we be friends ?  Martian