sarah @sarahmaner
no profanity pls
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how was your halloween?
tha worst
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turn up  dos chinzzz
turn down 4 wat
What were you doing around this time last year?
probably wasting away on reddit n tinychat lol
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do honesty hour now
what are your plans for the future? what do you want to major in?
dont talk abt that i will cry
what are you proud of yourself for doing?
not dyin
brag about something
my bf is the best !!!!!!!!!!!
what are your goals for this week?
dont die dont cry
how do you think your friends view you?
are you looking for a SO?
no i hav 1 already
what is the most meaningful thing someone has said to you?
i lov u
- bf
what video games did you used to play when you were younger?
o man i used 2 play a ton !!
what's the nicest thing you've done recently?
idk i do a lot of nice things
how good are you at multitasking?
i hav no idea
how often do you talk to people from here?
not often at all
what are you most disappointed in yourself for?
what is something you learned about yourself recently?
who knows ,,,,,,,,, — What do you think of this song?
i listened to 3 seconds of it and it pretty much sux :-)
what are your talents?
im on the phone w my bank 4 fraud bc i tried to buy clothes from the uk and apparently i cant do my normal online shopping without having 2 call their number and wait for 5485043 minutes for a representative >:(((
kik me?  emma wilson
no by
do you flourish better in groups or 1 on 1?
1 on 1
even if im in a group w friends, i always get left out no matter what
what do you think people expect of you?
2 b cool ;(
your eyes omg *.*  emma wilson
yes ik thank
look at your lips they are so kissable babe x  emma wilson
ok u r american stop using x
youuu  emma wilson