Hey, now, you're an All Star, get your game on, go play Hey, now, you're a Rock Star, get the show on, get paid And all that glitters is gold Only shooting stars break the mold

how can i get paid if no one is sending me money

ever had a pet pass away? :(

yes :(

If a guy wanted to wrestle you would you do it?


have you seen stranger things on netflix tho?

ive watched like half the season, its really good, just too lazy atm to watch the rest

are you in a good mood?

never :)

Do you know any groupies?

uh no

do you have a diary?

i aint got time for that

Ever snuck food/drinks into a movie theater?


hv u seen "me and earl and the dying girl?"


movie scenes that make you cry?

so many rom coms

Ever cheated on a test? If so, HOW!?

it aint that hard to cheat bruh

Lol that email address is awesome

then send me $

nope, you da prettiest

no u

What kind of songs would you blast if you dj'd a party?

good af songs

How do I give it to you

paypal it to me through friends & family. my paypal email is ranchwithbacon@gmail.com

Ugly= Undoubtedly Gorgeous Looking .....yahoo



not 2day

I bet you 20 dollars you won't answer this

where my 20 dollars

I guess I could give you money again

u for real

Would you ever be a nanny?

hell nah

Can you upload a new picture of you?

im ugly

how are you gonna have it look?

im gonna dye it rose gold but idk how short im gonna cut it. definitely not SHORT short, still past my shoulders. maybe a couple of inches or more

Is your hair still just as long?

yeah haha but im cutting and dying it soon!

Save marina joyce


How are girls able to do the whole touching arm/rubbing back thing with guys to get them to do stuff, like a girl at work always rubs my arm while asking me to do something and somehow it always works?

bc u horny


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