sarah @sarahmaner
no profanity pls
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What is your favouret song?
i dnt hav 1
pap recently followed
no 8)
What do you enjoy about life?
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How good of a person do you think you are?
a v good person
Or I owe you a new pair and have to do as you say for a week
i would just tell u to give me money n buy me clothes n shoes :///
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Okay deal! Promise they will be spotless
Can I bring you wawa?
When and where? Also whichever pair needs cleaning is fine w me
here n now !!!
Great than he can call you. Or you can call him. Just call him please
this is such a scam
i know lol
but i lov $$ n clothes n shoes
you live in the USA?
call him and he can give you proof. He just needs to know your foot size and address
doesnt he hav a website or somethin
my size is 5.5 in us and 3 in uk
Aw thank you which pair?
u get 2 pick
it's real he makes shoes
May I pay to lick your shoes
yes please
then call him so you can give him the address.
but i need proof this is real
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well he would need your address
im ok w that
Do you think you ever will?
i hav no idea
i rly wish i could but idk
if i did find the time i would mostly b ignored bc no one rly knows me anymore :-(
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:) do i look like a dog a little bit?  ugly dog
no u look like a human
Okay but you still gotta make him think he's getting tickled
but y cant i just get shoes n be a promoter :-(
You should rejoin the community
i am SO busy im not joking
i started a job in august and ive been working so much and i have school
i barely have time to myself anymore and i feel like i havent slept in weeks
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hey what do u think of my name? :)  ugly dog
its ugly
My Brother's a fashion designer and creates shoe designs. Can you call him and tell him you are studying fashion, shoes and footwear and need to know his feet size the smoothness of them if he likes to laugh how often he goes barefoot and his address then tell him you will tickle him? Just a prank
how abt ur brother just send me shoes instead :/ i will promote !!
Do you have anything signed by a famous person?
i used to have a bunch of signed stuff :((((
what are you holding right now
my phone