sarah @sarahmaner
no profanity pls
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I hope you're having a great day :)
i am !! thank u :,)
If you could design your perfect SO, what would he/she be like?
my perfect so is already my bf :-)
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who is the biggest thot here
u r :(
Just me or do people on r/teenagers get so butt hurt from small jokes?
no a lot of ppl do
hi you are pretty  Emily
hi u r 2 :,)
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wow youre heartless
i know ;(
Ok Fine By
Guys as some of you may know me and moth were goof friends. It is with the utmost pain that I bring myself to say this, but, moth is dead. RIP. He died of Ebola. If you don't believe me, kik me and I'll send you picture of the news story that was done on him. I know he will be missed dearly.  pugpup
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What country are you from/Do you live in?
usa usa usa !!
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oooh! his tall are you?  Shurdi3
4'11 ;(
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Hopefully a long time from now, what would you want on your obituary? Your gravestone? What to be remembered by?
i have no idea, whatever the loml and my family decide
holly heck how tall is your BFF?  Shurdi3
she is like 5'8, im just rly rly short :-(
hey r U Angry With me Or Not
i Am Angry
What U Sed ?
OMmm But Why
bc i sed
u wanna frndship wid me :)
not rly :)
Your lips are stellar
thank so much :,,,,,)
What's a "geordie girl"?
whats it 2 ya
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Are you subscribed to either of the compliments pages?
yes i am
How often do you use ask?
everyday idk whenever i want
Leave a compliment about someone from here, maybe it will make their day
sarah maner is absolutely perfecT :-)
Pap fit
me n my bff today, it was character day @ school
Pap fit
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Do you drink and/or do drugs?
nope :-)
I am better than your boyfriend
no one can be better than my boyfriend
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