sarah @sarahmaner
no profanity pls
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best news of the day?
what lessons did you have today?
all of them
Technically your already using the sock guy cause I don't think you'd still talk to him if he wasn't buying something from you
U will use me? How? Please do
i will put ur $$ to good use
How much does he have right now
less than $100
Y doesn't the sock boy help u with ur money issues
bc he barely has money himself lmao
If u didn't have a savings account would u have probably done what I said??
no bc its still wrong
why do u want me to use ppl so much ?? why dont i just use u instead ??
I feel like the only reason u won't is because u actually have a savings too and know what it's like
yes :-(
I still think u should just use the sock boys saving thing because think of it how ever much that's in there is more than U will ever get from him
no !!!
So ask someone that gives u money for money just say it's a emergency they will understand
no 1 gives me money
where did you get your cat shirt
a thrift store
but you work :0
but literally this paycheck i had i pay people and pay for college applications and stuff
why are you upset sarah?
bc i have no money
you dont like the dress?
i see black and blue
ugh no go away
Hi Sarbae /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
How does 2 dollars sound
how does a slap in the face sound
Do you believe in love at first sight?  Edward Dunn
only if u pay me
You're so cute
no u !
this was it
Weekend plans?
work and cry
I thought It was just 200 :0
why not ask 4 more while i can lol
but jk yeah $200 would do
Do you have a bae? Do you want.a bae?
if my bae sends me $500 then yes
do you have a turtleneck sweater? uggs?
yes and no