sarah @sarahmaner
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Do you have any upcoming concerts you're going to hit up?
unfortunately no :-(
stop fibbing sarebear
Sarah, you are the wind beneath my wings and I love you.
are you still cute af?
are you liking the place better now?
its okay
who's kristen?
my bff
"ever second", exaggeration much?
Did you and your ex get back together?
why are u asking me
is this a joke
why am i reminded every single second of every single day of him
im so sick
you and kristen are hot as heck
who dis :p
Did you say before that there's only one company that could provide wifi to you?
lol I'm not on your case, you can have whatever you want on there as far as I'm concerned..I was jw if you got one
no :-( i wish
then why do you have cat stuff on your wishlist
???? get off my case
maybe i want a cat ????
How come you come on here and kik way less now?
i dont have wifi
Would you have any problem stealing from a stranger?
what is your cat's name?
i dont have one
would you want a surprise party?
Do you read books often?
not anymore
How are you today?
Ever had a surprise birthday party?
Why do you say you wanna die? It makes me sad whenever u say that cuz I don't want someone I love to die
U 2 cute
Why are you so popular?
how are you ms maner?
did you know you have sexy legs
how about your car, can you drive it now?