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Do you miss KMart

aww how do u remember that i used to work there
i miss it sm

You know like at a bbq they'll have a pig or some chickens spinning on this metal rod? That's called a spit

ive never heard of that

What if he literally wanted you to roast him on a spit


would it be fair to ask for 5 dollar per roast, like youd only roast me for about ten mins each time

idek how to do that

how much do you think roasting me is worth?

idk u tell me

Do you have something that filters out ads on your laptop?

i dont have a laptop lmao

i get that when im on my phone!!!! ughhh its annoying as shit. it doesnt happen on my laptop.

thats so weird !! tbh since this happens on my phone, id be too scared to go on a laptop.
sometimes i will get the warning and sometimes i wont. like this time, i havent gotten it

could i pay you to roast me?

how much

i like being roasted i guess haha, where should i send it if not kik?

dw abt it dude

that's very weird, I never get that when I'm on here. how long has that been happening for you?

the past 2 weeks i think ?? idk its weird
idk if it does it on a computer tho, im always on mobile

Where should i send the selfie, you got Kik? And yeah I do want you to roast me haha

i dont have kik
and why lmao

also ppl
every time i go on here, i get a warning that this is a phising website and then it keeps directing me to ads and spam and i dont go on here often bc of that

do you still feel free when you're married or is the responsibility overwhelming?

i feel free ?? idk what u mean
i dont feel weighed down or anything

Did you ever get your cup of noodles?

yes :,))))

Is your man thankful for marryin the hottest girl ever?????

ummmm idk !!!!

would u consider having 2 husbands


Youve literally been like a 10 all through my life (even tho i dont know you) and no-one ive ever found has been as beautiful as you...

oh wow lol thats quite a compliment!

if you had a reality show based on your life, describe the episode you're in now? like for example, an episode on homecoming and preparing for that.

ummmm me laying in bed, wishing i had cup noodles
lmao idk

if you had a private investigator, what would you have em investigate?

why i aint got no $

if i send you a muscle selfie will you roast me?

i mean if u want me to

ever had detention?

no lol

trump or hillary?


how are your cats doing

they are okay

If you were walking through a park and saw Harambe dressed as a scary clown while riding a unicycle as a music box played, how would you respond?

idk if i would

for halloween would you rather dress up as harambe, harley quinn or a clown?


Opinion on the clown panic spreading amongst the USA?

blah dumb


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