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quantos anos sav tem e quantos anos o jared tem?

16 los dos

tu y Jared viveh juntos?


Quien es Alexis Wheeler? Y que tuvo que ver con Jared y Sav?

es la mejor amiga de ellos dos

Why did Savannah stop hanging out with Leah?

cause apparently leah were flirting with jared but i really dont know

what grade is savannah in

10th grade

what makes savannah in her freetime?

hang out with her friends

From which internet-website do you have all the informations of savannah ?


can you send me savannahs ask because I don´t find she with the name savannahmontano

They are together? I ask this because they have been removed "taken forever" of instagram.

yes they are together

Los papas de savannah estan separados? Y los de jared'?

Sí, los de ambos

i dont like you .


porque le dicen javannah a savannah?

javannah es por jared y savannah juntos tipo zanessa :p

and leah?

they are not friends anymore so...

what's her mother's job? i mean because she i s rich

dentist and her dad is doctor

sav is very rich? :O

did you ever see her house? is big! so yes, she is

who is alexis?

her best friend

yes,she is standing on a chair lol

i promise i never noticed that lol

Tu eres amiga de savannah? El Facebook es de savannah o es tuyo?




savannah cuanto mide?

1, 60 m creo o un poco más

cuales son sus edades?

16 ambos

Is Sav on diet ?


sav have


with who Jared cheated Savannah ?

with no one

is that she standing on a chair on a pic?



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