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Too young, too old for eighteen. I am just one of those graves pretty girls make. IG: screamheylian
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Hello. Please be kind. *u*
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Happy to see you happy...
whats your ig and twitter. id like to get to know you more
Everything on ‎@screamheylian
PWEDE NA ULIT MAG-ANON SA ACCOUNT MO YEHEY I miss your witty answers =))
Lol, congrats! Y'all can officially send me hate mails without me knowing. Fun.
Hi girl crush
Eeeeeep. *u*
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Ate Liannn mas gwapo po si Kuya Nico. Ang macho macho pa. <333333333333333333333333
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OMG. How to be you??
Lol, Brian?
Can u
... NOT
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How to be Lian Du famous?
Win a burrito eating contest
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Gwapo gwapo ni kuya johann =((( What happened? Sayang ate liaaan
Yeah, gwapo naman talaga yun ever since. Hehehe. :-)
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Whats your take on moving on?
It's necessary whether people like it or not.
I meant to say u smell attractive.
Why don't people just say what they mean? What's up with the campfire crap. Hahahaha, but ok, thank youuuuuuu.
The smell of roasted marshmallows woo campers to come near the campfire.
Yeah, so? Hahaha. Can't wait for you to get to the point.
U know the ones you roast in a campfire? Sensual marshmallowss
Yeah, roasting marshmallows on a campfire, now what? Hahaha! Why sensual marshmallows, I'm not getting it!!
Yea like sensual marshmallows
Lol, WTF is a sensual marshmallow? That's like one of the weirdest/most interesting things I've heard.
U smell like marshmallows
That has got to be a good thing, right? :-)
Im one of the people trolling you. And i must say your replies have gotten reaaally witty. You have my respect. :)
Nice try. Hahaha. I like trolls, especially those that come as gummy bears.
uhm, *i
Who pays when you go out on dates?
As much as possible we try to at least split the bill or take turns on paying. I wasn't raised by my parents to be dependent. Men, after all, are not our (women's) banks. Although most times Niko still insists out of courtesy.
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thanks for that advice, ate Lian. felt like i was really talking to you. you really listened to my problem (i mean, you really read my "rants") && gave me so much good insight. salamat po :'( :)
No big deal, sweetie. More often than not, I'm the one who's down. I know I should be old enough to handle my own damn business but there were moments I wished someone listened. And ever since I've been hearing lots of stories about depression and suicide, I've figured it's the least I can do. I'm open to anyone who has a problem or maybe just needs someone to talk to. More than anything, it's the best feeling in the world -- knowing you have touched a person's life in one way or another. So, I should be the one thanking you. Thank you for allowing me to do that.
-- just seem to have it all so easy :(
I'd like to think that what you just said with being "individualistic" or something is true or you have this solitude is therapeutic is something you enjoy. But seeing you being lonely sometimes saddens me.
Thanks for the concern and all but how sure are you I am lonelyyy
If you can ask God one question, what would it be?
Why is that I always see you alone at school? Not a creeper, just wondering...
I don't have much friends. I mean, not much that I'd be comfortable enough to go have lunch with. I have some in mind but we rarely find time because of different schedules or most are guys and ever since I got in a relationship, the thought was kindof knocked out of my list. Andddd, I don't know. I see myself as an "individualist". I would normally do what I want, eat where I want to eat, go where I want to go even without having any other company. It feels so liberating not having to rely on anybody to acquire simple joys. The solitude is therapeutic. I honestly enjoy being alone.
PS just saw your previous tweet. I want to have a life, too. But I'm not talented lr skilled haha
That's when food comes handy. Have lunch with me sometime! Let's grouch together, it could be fun.
I get jealous of people who have so much good things in life like you. No matter what I do I always do something.. I don't know, wrong. Lately I just broke up my boyf I've been crying even if I didn't want, and I'm having problems with my career to pursue too and a lot more. Ppl like you seem to jus
To just what? You have got to be kidding me. I mess up a lot too. HAHAHAHA, if you check out my twitter all I do is rant 99% of the time. But hey, that's life. I kindof just let it slideeee because I'll just be frustrating myself all the more if I don't.
Miss you Lian Du - your gorg seatmate last sem <3
Awww, hi hi hi. ~ Collab soon. I love you! <3
I am jealous of people like u
I don't see why...