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What do people always tell you?
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i dont know you but you followed me on twitter (maybe we follow a few of the same people?) so i checked out your profile and lo and behold you have a soundcloud so now im listening to it, i like what i'm hearing haha
Oh hello. Haha. Must've thought you were pretty interesting! Thanks for giving my tracks a listen! ❤️
Can you go a day without talking to your boyfriend? Not a single call or text to say good morning/good night. Days na both of u are really busy with either work/school. Kaya ba?
I could. At times when we get into arguments, I go on some time being silent because I know I can get pretty emotional and might say things that could just worsen the situation than it already is. On those days, I spend my time analyzing the situation, forming better sentences and rethinking how I should feel. I only start opening my mouth when I'm already calm and collected. Instances other than that are unintentional. But it's alright with me. I don't really need a sustained conversation throughout the day. I just check on him from time to time just to know if he's okay. I understand his world does not orbit around me, vice versa. You know, constant communication doesn't always mean "communicating."
i was the one who asked you about one more chance. hahaha no, di ko lang talaga ikaw ma-imagine nanonood ng Tagalog films! :) but do you?
Yeah, I don't watch much Tagalog Films but I've already seen One More Chance. Just last year, I think? :-)
Bakit mo kinakausap si Adrian? Hindi ka ba nacreecreepyhan sakanya?? :O
I actually think he's nice. We just have to be more patient and understanding towards him. Who knows what he is feeling, maybe he just need someone to talk to or a friend. :-)
omg i think i saw you at mcdonald's nung friday!!! :) medyo awks nga lang yung encounter kasi you were in the restroom before me huhu you're so cute wah =^_^=  Paulyn Dela Cuadra
OMG, HI. <33333333 Omg, it was so awkward. I was taking so long not because I was shitting OKAY (hahahahaha TMI) I was actually fixing my stuff, huhuhu. And I was suprised to see there were already a lot of people in line. Huhuhu, I'm sorry. :-------((((( I can't even remember anyone's face anymore because lol, people were giving me bad stares, I just bowed my head down and shied away. HUHUHU, I cannot deal. But I bet you're cute too!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Maganda ka pala talaga. :( Pero hindi pa din kita masyado gusto non. Until kinausap ka ni Adrian Ocampo. Sobrang soft spoken mo pala tsaka mabait tapos hindi ka naging rude kahit ang kulit na nya sayo. Ngayon naguguilty ako kasi inaadmire na kita kahit ang pangit ng impression ko sayo dati... sorry.
HUHUHUHUHUHUHU. Nakaka-sad naman, medyo. :-((((((((( But I'm glad at least your impression didn't last long. Maybe mukha kasi ako mataray or somethinggggg. Idk. I'm sorry huhuhu I was born with this chronic bitch face hahaha. But yeah huhuhu no I don't think that way lol my self-esteem is actually most times, down in the dumps. There are just moments in school (e.g. while performing) that I need to pretend as if it isn't because I don't really have much of a choice. :-( So uhmmm haha I'm not making sense. I didn't know what to feeeeeeeeel. Huhuhu. Just, uhm. Don't judge people too quickly, yeah? I hope we can be good friends. >:D<
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Dati naiinis ako sayo pero wala ka namang ginagawa. Annoying lang kasi na lagi ka brinibring up ng mga friends ko tapos feeling ko nun ang arte at arrogant mo kasi you think you're all that. Tapos one day I was waiting for my friend sa lobby nung AB, you smiled at me tapos nastun ako...
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Hi hazel grace! :)
This is sad, I haven't seen the film. :-(
Thanks a lot, Lian! Sobrang helpful ng tips mo! I'm going to check out those boutiques tomorrow so I can start looking for the best gift to give her. Im sure she'll appreciate it, thank you sobra! i find your tips very appropriate. also for the link you included. Stay strong & inlove with Niko! :D
Aww, you're welcome! No worries. Hahaha, I'd love to hear how it'll turn out. So shoot me a message after! <3333 ~ Good luck and stay in love as well!
what is your opinion abt virginity?
I really don't give a shit about other people's preferences. I mean it's their life, they should run it. I just hope they lose it when they're ready and to someone they really love. And hopefully, who loves them back.
you know what, what i like about you is that youre not just pretty, but youre also witty. Girls should really look up to you :)
Sharp-wittedness & wit can be a curse. Lol, as you can see with all the hate mails I receive in here. Hahaha! Anyway, thank you! It's incredibly flattering. I hope they don't look up to everything about me. Just the good ones, if there are actually any. :-)
Alam mo ba yung one more chance ?
Are you gonna tell me ka-hair ko si Basha hahahahaha oh please, save it.
<2/2> yung mga styles na gusto nya are usually simple & elegant. thanks for your time reading this question! :)
Whoa, okay. Hahaha! She's a fine arts major and dresses pretty well... Thanks for passing onto me the pressure. Loljk. Not exactly sure if we have the same taste. Maybe, you can ask her close friends for help to be more sure? But if she likes to keep it simple and elegant, I guess the basics and classic pieces will do since they are timeless. You can stick with monochromes. Something like a black or white dress. Hope this could help: http://www.whowhatwear.com/wardrobe-essentials-every-woman-needs-2014/slide14. Hmmm, I think Uniqlo/Shana/Forever21's a trusty shop when it comes to quality and affordable price! I was in Megamall and Robinson's Galleria the other week and maaaan, there were really huge discounts in selected items, up to 50% even. So you could try there. Just picture something you think she'd feel beautiful in and you'd love to see her wearing. <3 Huhuhu. Sorry, that's all I can come up with. Happy holidays! <3
Lian, what's something nice to get for my girl as a christmas gift? she's a fine arts major, she has much passion for fashion and dresses up really well. can you pls suggest clothing brands that are of great quality yet reasonable price? im not quite sure of w/c brands she likes ehhh..<1/2>
Ang ganda ganda mo lalo with short hair. :">
D'aww, thank you! <3 Huhuhu, I almost hated it at first.
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Just passing by your ask. How are you doing? :)
Busy being my regular grumpy self.
Whats do you use in your face? Youre so flawless
Oh, noooo. How I wish I was but... I wasn't really born with perfect skin. I just try to visit my derma every once in a while or when the ZITuation gets a little out of hand.
ang hot mo puta
What :-( Is this a good thing or a bad thing
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Why did you cut your hair?
Uhh, confused sexual orientation HAHAHA JK
And i fcking miss him so much, what will i do. Dito kana lang reply Ate. :( i need advice. And btw, i have trust issues kase. I stalked him and i found out something. And fck him. That's another reason why im so confused sa nararamdaman at sarili ko. I fcking miss a playboy playing nice!!
Tell the guy straight to the point you just miss him? And then maybe that could get you into talking again? But if he remains passive, I think it's about time you let it slide. Hahaha, or maybe you do like the guy. You probably just don't want to admit and just fall in line with his list of girls. But don't worry, most instances like this one are quite short-lived? That's probably just infatuation. I've got this theory infatuation is just reinforced by stimuli. Meaning, if you are often exposed to a certain element, you are most likely to develop a sense of fondness over the thing. Same goes with people. Try to get by without the person and see if it fades away. It's a good thing it has only been a month, if you have been more attached... Damn, that would hurt like a motherfucker. Hahaha! (2/2)
Bat ganito ko Ate? There's this guy and I don't think that i like this guy kase 1month lang kame nagka-communicate (Helo? 1month?) but i really miss him, lumabas kame and kumaen for just 3days and it was the best days of my life. Kaso nawala comm. namen, di na siya nagreply so di na din ako nagreply
hi lian! mind if i ask you where this photo was taken? nice place and nice shot btw :-> http://instagram.com/p/s6K9q9QYh_/?modal=true
The location can actually be found on the post though. ;-)
my boyfriend used to be a chain smoker. now that we're together, he says he tries to minimize it by smoking only 1-2 sticks a day. i appreciate it but i'm really concerned about his health. how do i tell him to stop without offending him/chances of him taking it the wrong way? .. :(any advice, lian?
I think you should appreciate the effort he is making to cut on his vices even just a little. You have to understand it is not that easy. Also, you cannot expect abrupt changes. Him quitting immediately can be more detrimental to his health as his body also needs some adjusting. Just be honest with what you think and feel. Afterall, relationships are about honesty. Say it nicely, not as if dictating how he should run his life. I don't see any reason why he should be mad when you're in fact, only concern for his own good. :-)
Beer or hard liquor?
I don't even drink much. Uhh, do cocktail drinks count? *u*