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Too young, too old for eighteen. I am just one of those graves pretty girls make. IG: screamheylian
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Do u know Zaira Manila? is she ur batch mate?
Yes and yes.
Lovin' your stream on soundcloud! Galing galing girl! Artlet pride!
Hey, I appreciate it and all but my soundcloud doesn't deserve to be labeled as an "artlet pride" or whatsoever. It's not much. I mean, nothing compared to most tracks I was able to sink my teeth on. But still, thank you. <3
Hi pretty girl! What other Asian countries have you visited?
Just two. China (HK & Macau) and Dubai. Oh and thank you! *blush blush*
Hey Lian, can you suggest a store where I can buy cheap yet comfortable black flats? Thank you!
If we're friends on Facebook, send me a private msg. I know someone who has direct connection at Rustan's and sells flats in a cheaper price.
Gib mi donats plz.
Lels I DUnot hav em anymurr *so sed*
Hey, I really admire you po. Nakakasalubong kita minsan sa corridors, I wanna say hi pero nakaka-shy. I'm an AS sophomore po, ate. Any tips on how to survive my soph year? Thanks po and i hope we could be friends
Hello! How adorable you are. You should say hi! I don't know much people from the lower years so maybe I tend to look unapproachable. But I promise I'm easy to befriend.
Hmmm, second year was pretty crucial for me. In your freshman year, everything's new, you always try to abide with the rules to avoid getting in trouble. Most are shy and still are hesitant to go outside of their comfort zones. Second year is different, everyone's personality will start to show. This is where you realize who your true friends are, and people you just end up clashing with. I think this is just a normal phase. What's life without trials, right? But forget about the ego, personal issues. Set aside all of these dilemmas and try to maintain a good relationship with your friends and block mates since you'll be having their company for quite a while -- four years. I swear it is difficult to go to class when you feel uneasy and emotionally unstable. But you know, you got to shrug it off. It's either you become comfortable, or simply learn to ignore and continue with life. Remember you're studying for you, and not for anyone else.
At this time, you're more familiarized with how things run around. You learn there are things that can be taken lightly, that your professors are humans too despite their preemptory facade. I suggest once you have adjusted well enough, start actually enjoying your stay in the University, meet new people, utilize your passions, take risks! Join organizations. College can be boring if the only thing you get to do is sit in class. Although, this can be a little tricky. Above anything, know your priorities. Make good use of your time. You can have fun but don't forget to strike a good balance between academics and social life. Ultimately, PRAY. It makes a big difference when you're at the brink of giving up. So study well, and I wish you all the best! <3
Have you ever joined beauty pageants before, aside from Insignia? Probably way back high school?
No. Insignia was my first. Pageants really aren't my thing hahaha, you can tell by how I roll. None of it I would've seen coming. I don't know, it just happened.
Do u go to open parties? Do you go to bars?
I don't (unless required.) I'm not a party kind of person. I get my bliss from traveling/road trips + seeing sights + me alone at my room listening to music on a Tuesday night. You know, anti-social things. I hate crowds.
We used to be good friends huhu miss those days :c
Some things just change. Whatever happened, I probably miss you too.
lian what time do u usually sleep at night?
Often late. Around ten in the evening to three in morning.
Ever tried smoking?...
Yeah. I was sixteen, I think. I was trying to prove my dad a point. My dad is a chain-smoker. He would normally finish with one to two packs a day. His health was noticeably deteriorating. I said I'm going to smoke then quit. Just to prove to him it can be done. However, I realized it was all the more of a wrong thing to do. Not much of a failure since his cigar use, although quite minimal, declined. It all stopped there. Smoking just isn't for me, but not judging those who do. I understand why they do it since I've already tried. It's just the negative health effects of smoking that I abhor. And, I've already seen my dad's mistakes. It's not for me to repeat them.
Are you a member of AA or ABC?
Used to be of AA.
Are you into photography?
Yes. It's one of my biggest frustrations. Probably one of the things I will take seriously in my 30s, when I can finally afford all the expensive gears.
Did you ever consider taking up Journalism, English Language Studies or Literature? Kudos to your high proficiency in expressing your thoughts in English
I've considered journalism. I wanted to be a lot of things, being a news anchor or a reporter was one. However, politics, policy-making, foreign relations were more of my interests back then, I thought it would be more befitting. Literature on the other hand, well, I only like poetry not much of the other stuff. Some literary masterpieces can be too much for my brain to digest. Also, being practical and all, I don't know how to make the program profitable. Definitely can't go big, my works are mediocre. ELS though was established during my second year in the university. I didn't have the option of taking it back then.
what org is ISA? is it an acronym for something?
Internation Students Association. (Self-explanatory.)
Ay sorry you weren't meant to receive that message. Idelete mo na lang. it aint for you anyway
Sorry didn't mean to be rude but you're flooding my ask. It's starting to become an eyesore.
How old are you?
"Not everything on the internet is true" (Lincoln, 1669).
Not if data gathered from ample sources are essentially similar, data thus become absolute. (Du, 2014). HAHAHAHA, joke.
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Paano tumatangkad? - Marvin
Dude, Google exists for a reason.
http://imgur.com/hptoPmf Are they together? :(
Hahaha, wow. Complete with photo and all. Do you work in CIA or something? Hahaha. I don't really know. Haven't talked to the two of them lately. But if they are, I bet they'll make a cute couple. Hopefully I'll get to hear Miguel say, "PERO GUYS, MERON KASING FOREVER." Hahaha! *hart hart* <333 ~
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texted you 2 hours ago. why dont you reply? HAHAHA!!  Niko Biagtan
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Do you accept friend requests from people you don't know firsthand?
Do you only befriend good-looking guys?
NO. I need a friend, not something to look at. Me having good-looking friends are purely coincidental.
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