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Too young, too old for eighteen. I am just one of those graves pretty girls make. IG: screamheylian
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Hello. Please be kind. *u*
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I enclosed our previous Q&A by using <<>> so you'll be able to know it's the same lost soul. no worries dear, that's only a phase. you'll get through it. your actually too young to be setting goals. enjoy life while you're young. make mistakes. a lot of them.
Oh, like html codes. <>Hello lost soul!</> Hmm, I don't think anyone's "too young" to be setting goals. We're not even sure how long we're gonna last in this world. Hence, we must make the most out of life. Achieve what we can achieve, even in the early stages of life. Hahaha, don't worry! I already had my fair share of mistakes. :-) So... Why do you badly want to get away?
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<> <> Why do you NEED to get away? It seems that the odds are always in your favor.
What are these? "<> <>" No. Not always. I just get lucky at times. I honestly think my life badly needs some redirection especially in terms of goal setting.
I badly want to get away.
Me too. I don't just want. I need to. :(
What do you fight most about? (You and Your BF)
Perhaps, time and distance.
half mexican ehh?
Hahaha, yeah. On the inside.
oh i see.that's who kiko mizuhara is. how did you get to know her?
Through her music.
are you half?
Half-burrito, yes? ;-)
who is kiko mizuhara? oh please dont tell me to google it
She is a model/actress/singer in Japan. Basically, SHE IS JUST PURE PERFECTION.
hi ezz. oh no. you don't have to feel that way. i was just actually kidding. well i kinda sort to ask.fm in asking because im too embarrassed to ask my mom. & my only sister is definitely not into makeups. she's into girls who wears makeups. & dugout talks with mah boys don't include those.
Haha, it's alright. It is funny! I see. Hahahaha. That's cool. If we were friends I could've had helped you personally. But anyway, I know you'll be able to pull it off! It's real sweet U DA MAAAAAN lol goodnight!
i think i will be asking you again on my future girlfriend dilemma. hahaha. *winks* - from guy who wants to buy his girl makeup
Oh crap hahaha what have I gotten myself into
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hi lian! it's still the bf in shining armor who wants to buy makeup for his girl. hehe. i was having a good laugh at how you told me about the testers. lol. first, i don't know how to use them (or it). second, i don't think im gonna test it on myself. lol. just kidding. big thaaanks though.
Oh, right. HAHAHAHA! Gosh, I feel stupid. But you'll never know, you might actually enjoy trying them on. ;-) Hahaha, naaah, just kidding! Maybe you can ask your mum/sister/friends that are girls (yes that's plural, never go with just you two hahaha you don't want trouble, do you?) Good luck again!
Anong masarap na kainan sa P. Noval?
Hmm... Haven't really explored the area. But, Toribox & Santorini are good. Also Mang Tutz! It's great especially in the food serving proportion and size. It can leave you really full but on an affordable price.
long distance relationships........ tingin mo ba may tumatagal pang ganyang sitwasyon sa panahon ngayon? our generation seems to have so much temptations. tingin mo ba ate lian sapat na po ang tiwala at pagmamahal? LDR ksi kami ngayon e:(
Yesssss. I still think it could work. Hahaha! Aww, there there. I feel the same. Although, we're not extremely distant in geographical terms. It's still hard to find time for each other with school for me and work for him. Being the clingy person I am, huhuhuhu it really saddens me. :-( But you know, as long as the efforts to maintain the love and communication in the relationship isn't one sided, I do believe it can work! <3
hi lian, thanks for sharing about the makeup stuff. where do you shop for makeup usually? do you order it online? in IG maybe? or it's more legit/authentic if i buy it in an actual store or mall
Alright, no problem bro. I usually go to malls and buy the make up (mostly anything actually) myself just to make sure of the kind of quality I'd be getting. It also allows you to take a look at a variety of products. Best of all, they provide testers so you'll know if it works for you well. And since I suppose this is your first time to be buying (granted that this is for your girlfriend, I hope hahaha), I advice you do the same just in case there were damages or if she doesn't like the type you have gotten, you can return the product for exchange long as you have the receipt and still an intact packaging! :-)
Do you get offended when people make fun of your tagalog?
Nope. I laugh at myself all the time. Plus, what's the good in getting mad anyway? I just let them be the kids that they are, making fun of people who at least are trying. :-)
II. she's fair. but not too fair. can you help me what makeup to buy (for her everyday use) && where? hope you'll be kind enough to share.
In doing my make up, I always try to go for the natural look. Cabin crew make up on the other hand, seem to look a little loud and thick? I don't know if these may suit her as well but here are some stuff I use for special occasions:
Foundation: Benefit Cosmetics - Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in the shade of ivory (petal may also do for your girlfriend.)
Eye Shadow: Urban Decay - Naked (this is like my holy grail make up)
Mascara: Revlon / Maybelline - Stiletto
Blush: Sephora - Blush me!
Highlighter: Benefit Cosmetics - High Beam
Lipstick: MAC (I only have 3: Ruby Woo, Watch Me Simmer and Pure Heroine. The first two could be useful for her line of job.)
I know these may sound like completely alienated terms for you but what you could do is, maybe to take note and go to the make up stores mentioned. Ask the attendees for recommendations, I'm pretty sure they can give better insights! Lastly, prepare your pocket! Hahaha. It can get a little pricey. Good luck! <3 How sweet of a boyfriend you are.
I. hi. my girlfriend is a cabin attendant. And lately she's been ranting about how she's too busy & not being able to buy stuff. uhm makeups for example. i know this is unconventional & my friends will proly tease me but i want to suprise her & buy her some. i was wondering if you could help me out
I see.
What's your favorite thing about your boyfriend.
Probably the way his nose wrinkles when he laughs. :-)
What games do you have in your phone? What's your fave?
Lol, just 2048. I'm not fond of playing games.
Ang tagal nyo na pala ni Niko...
After a series of arguments during our first few months, never thought we'd come this far either! But I couldn't be more glad we did. <3
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Lian pa-color ka ulit hair! Mas bagay. :)
Maybe some time. Just not soon. I want to keep things simple for a change.
Do u play clash of clans? :D
No, I don't even know the game. Does that make me a soreloser?
Favorite burrito place?
The most accessible would probably Army Navy's. But best I had here in Ph was in Chihuahua's!
How many burritos can you eat?
ate, is UST MUN open to all AB students?
Yes it is, dear. Even open to all local universities.