Dean's lister ka?


It's weird how you're shy but most people know you?

I still get some social anxiety trynna get in crowds. But as for person to person encounters, I think I do quite fine.

Miss you too, Pun 💓 We should've gone together! But I didn't know there was a party in the first place tho #IntrovertProbs :-/ HAHA Rona

Awww, we should definitely hang out. And you promised me after thesis!!! BEESH WHERE YOU NOW.

You smoke ba?


do you shave/wax your legs?

no lol Idk, I don't have very thin to non-existent hair on my legs.

Kamusta na si Tan? Hahahaha

Diko na alam sainyo b3h HAHAHAHAHAHA :(((

Abot hanggang LM beauty mo 😍 Rona

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hindi talaga. :( Trip lang nila yun. Miss you, bacon! ❤️ Was hoping you were there at the party too.

Grabe kayo porket maganda tinatawanan na lang pag may nagkakacrush sainyo. Hahaha

Noooo, hahahahaha. I laughed because they were probably just messing around, like they always do. I have a lot of friends from LM. They're pretty funny. =))

Crush ka ng mga friends ko sa LM!


plans after college

Law School, hopefully.

Don't you have 2 exes?

One guy, one girl. So yeah, you're right. Two.

u guys still talk??

Not anymore. Haha, cue in Charlie Puth (???), did I even get the artist correctly.

but still, nag let go ka :(

It's easier said than done. :-(

How many exes have you ever had?

Just one. :-)

Why'd you give up/let go if you (still) love him? Shouldn't love be being with someone through good and especially the bad times?

If you only knew how much I've tried. :(

Ako honestly natuwa ako nung nagbreak kayo. Nagulat nga ako tumagal pa kayo eh.

Grabe naman with the judgment. Hahaha! We had our fair share of good times din naman. I cannot entirely discredit the relationship of that.

Did you initiate the breakup?

I did. I thought it was very much needed considering how the relationship was turning out to be, or at least on my part.

Do you still love him?

I will always love him regardless of how we ended up. He constituted a big of me -- much of how I came to be today. He will always be like this tiny dot in my heart, whose presence goes often unnoticed, but will always be there. Anyway... moving on. Hahahaha! =))

What's your stand on feminism?

I don't think it holds the same relevance as it did decades ago. It is important, however, I don't view it as necessary. Most of the advocacies of feminism regarding abuses are already covered in the Human Rights. I also strongly oppose the radical feminists. I believe their beliefs are distorting the very essence of feminism. Most importantly, I belive men and women can never be equal. They can only be complementary.

Bat ba kayo nagbreak?

I don't think the relationship was still working out. I mean, I wish it would've. But yeah, I guess it's true what they say, good things come to an end.

Hintayin mo ko may training pa ako e hahahaha!

HAHAHAHAHAHA, nakakaasar. :(

Marami bang nanliligaw sayo?

Hahaha, nah. I mean, some say they like me, give hints, whatsoever. But really few people actually pursue me. I guess they know how difficult it's going to be.

I'm difficult to be with. That's true. I think not much people would be really up for that kind of challenge. Hahahaha!

Don't worry. I won't ask for anything more after I drop you off to your place. Just know that I'll be wishing, hoping we meet again the next day, ready for another set of adventures that await us. (I was the girl who asked if you could be my girlfriend. Not trying to be creepy or anything. Sorry.)

Hahahaha, wait, whoa. Cool. Really not what I was expecting. But that sounds cool. :D

Let me take you to places you've never been. To museums that are new to you, to coffee shops tucked in street corners you never expected. Let's stroll hand in hand as we laugh our way around unfamiliar streets in the city with stars above our heads.


lol at the question you're sooo intimidating kasi

I am so not. Really.

If we're friends, you would know.

Although it depends. The way I conduct myself is always different from one setting or environment to another. Haha, it can be considered as sociological appropriation, I would say. :| :-)


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