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✧・゚: * L I A N ✧・゚:* @screamheylian
South x
Too young, too old for eighteen. I am just one of those graves pretty girls make. IG: screamheylian
Hello. Please be kind. *u*
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why do think a guy becomes a gentlemen to a girl? wht are the possible reasons?
1.) He's just really kind.
2.) Societal pressure.
3.) Hahahaha, he probably wants to bang her anyway. Lol, just kidding!
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ang sakit if your super crush is seeking your help in courting a girl. what should i do? nasasaktan na ako sa ginagawa nya eh </3 bat sya ganun, obvious naman na i really like him eh tapos ganun sya
Hahaha! What should you do? If it pains you too much hahaha then don't respond, or just tell him you can't come up with decent pieces of advice. Hahaha! But if you're really masochistic, then you can go help. Hahaha, if seeing him happy makes you happy. Lol. Lastly, that's purely relative! What may be obvious for you may not be so obvious for him. :-)
Gandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ilan na naging boyfriend mo?
Uhm, Niko is my first. :-)
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Who are your musical inspirations in singing?
Hmmm.... Can't really tell. My style (not that it's great) is influenced by a lot of artists. My dad always tell me the way to get better is to listen to a lot of music and learn something from each. I listen to all genres, quite actually. My mum forced me on some ballads as a kid. You know the classics, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Aritha Franklin, the sorts. In 90s, a lot of pop music, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc. Early 2000s, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan. Hahaha! There was also a point in time I loved rock music so much, hahaha but realized my voice wasn't capable of power-belting notes. Obsessing with female lead singer Hayley of Paramore. After which, I then explored R&B. You know the music styles of Mariah Carey, Beyonce... Yeah, oh I love HSM, Hannah Montana, Camprock too. Ok, do I sound so basic. Whatever, I like what I like regardless. Now, more of acoustic, ok maybe Indie hahaha. Warm, sunny breeze music kind-ish {whuuuut.} Norah Jones, Corinne Bailey. Lots of other more!
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You remind me so much of Gabrielle Aplin. You look and sound like her. Please keep on making song covers!
Oh, hello. <3 This warms my heart. My friend Roneth told me the same thing over a year ago, I think. Her songs are absolutely beautiful, and so is she. So thank you!
gago sobrang burn sa hater mo hahahahahaha!
you are so full of bullshit my god haha
wait lang ha, hanapin ko pake ko...
woops sorry diko makita
come back tomorrow,
baka meron na ~
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haha eh ang bobo mo magaaral ka ng law sa ateneo? :p
ay, so ikaw matalino kana nyan? hahaha sorry
i just end up crying all the time. sorry kung naaabala kita cos of my own probs, ate lian.. it's just that i noticed that you really pay attention to questions specially those seeking your advice. maybe you can help me a bit if it isn't too much to ask. thanks, ate Lian. good luck sa finals
uhh lol gurl ~ i have the same prob & i can't even give myself a decent advice so lemme pass on this one, but uhm, i can give you like the tightest virtual hug ever you're gonna explode, would that count? >>>>>>>:D<<<<<<<<
icecream/milkshake ?
MILKSHAKE COS IT BRINGS DEM BOYS TO THE YERD lol jk I don't need 'em boys duh
Where do you plan to take up law schl?
Ateneo. I know odds are, it wouldn't really happen but I'm going to take the risk anyway! :-)
which magazine do you write for? =)
Is this in reference to my recent post? If yes, I do not write for the magazine. I was just lucky enough to be featured in it. ✨
i am not able to send you a message too :-(
Lol, why is that. I've got lots of people with "no mutual friends" adding me on facebook.
hey lian. i wanted to add you on facebook but i can't add you because are friends are not so common. haha. i really admire what you write.
Send me a personal msg so I know it's you? Hahaha, or is that aca-awkward for you. I mean, come on, I don't bite. ;-)
Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?
I like chili flakes on almost everything!
What if someone fall in love with you but they aren't supposed to? He's taken, you're taken. and he strongly thinks that you are made for each other.
I'm going to suppose you are asking for my view rather than pertaining this directly to me. Hahaha! I think a lot of people now have been confusing love for so many different things. People can be too quick to decide, then while at it, realize that it is not quite exactly what they were looking for. In that case, take time to fall in love, I guess? Given both the restrictions, maybe you need time to reassure yourself that what you are feeling is in fact love and not just a spur of the moment. Quoting one of my favourite films to date, 500 days of Summer, "Just because she (/he) likes the same bizarro crap that you do, doesn't mean she (/he) is your soulmate." There goes Chloe Moretz everyone. Great job puberty! Hahaha, just kidding! The thing is... if the timing is right, and you think you two are "strongly made for each other", I don't see why it wouldn't happen. Perhaps, pray for a batter fate. ;-) Best of luck!
in your opinion, is loyalty and faithfulness the same thing?
No. I think there is a significant difference. Loyalty is historical, based on experience. For example, you have tried several products but found only one effective. Thus, you become "loyal" to that specific product. Faithfulness on the other hand is eschatological, based on promise and hope. It is similar to the vow spouses partake in a wedding. Also, God's love, the one laid out in the New and Old Testament. Now I don't want to get all preachy here. But I guess in simpler terms, loyalty deals with multiple factors, but opts a certain one against all the factors involved. While faithfulness is truthful to an original, therefore unlike in loyalty, there is only one existing factor.
you're so pretty booboo :*  Patricia Isabelle Liza
Aww, guuuh. ❤️ How's this when you're the pretty one!
how come you know a lot of languages?
But I only know like 3.
Hoping that it'd be 5 after I graduate college.
For now I weep for Spanish.
Lol, can't wait for Mandarin classes!
Gonna prepare tissues in advance for the tears I'd be cryin'.
I enclosed our previous Q&A by using <<>> so you'll be able to know it's the same lost soul. no worries dear, that's only a phase. you'll get through it. your actually too young to be setting goals. enjoy life while you're young. make mistakes. a lot of them.
Oh, like html codes. <>Hello lost soul!</> Hmm, I don't think anyone's "too young" to be setting goals. We're not even sure how long we're gonna last in this world. Hence, we must make the most out of life. Achieve what we can achieve, even in the early stages of life. Hahaha, don't worry! I already had my fair share of mistakes. :-) So... Why do you badly want to get away?
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<> <> Why do you NEED to get away? It seems that the odds are always in your favor.
What are these? "<> <>" No. Not always. I just get lucky at times. I honestly think my life badly needs some redirection especially in terms of goal setting.
I badly want to get away.
Me too. I don't just want. I need to. :(
What do you fight most about? (You and Your BF)
Perhaps, time and distance.
half mexican ehh?
Hahaha, yeah. On the inside.
oh i see.that's who kiko mizuhara is. how did you get to know her?
Through her music.