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What's your most awkward experience?
My friend and I were exchanging stories while waiting for our order at Shakey's España. Behind us were Engineering guys. That was way back in February, I think? I was telling my friend I'm having trouble being a "girlfriend" because Niko is my first. She couldn't believe I never had a boyfriend before and our conversation went like this:
"Niko is your first?"
"Yeah. That's why I need some getting used to."
"Shut up! So you mean you're still a virgin?"
"What the fuck. Of course!!"
"No way? Come on. Just between you and I."
(I unfortunately said this a little louder than my usual conversational tone) "SERIOUSLY?! WHO WOULD FUCK ME?!"
Then a voice from the back muttered,
"I would."
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I got anon haters and its making me really sad :( do u get one too? how do handle?
Hello, dear! I do too. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal, I guess? You cannot expect everyone to like you. Well, not unless if you're Emma Watson. Hahaha, just kidding! Although sometimes you also have to take into consideration what the hate msg is all about. Don't assume the person is just extremely envious of you. PLEASE. Get over yourself. Maybe you are doing something wrong without noticing and the anon just happened to point it out not so very nicely. Take it as a constructive criticism. And if you feel the need to, maybe you can defend yourself a little but if it's your flaws/personality the person is pinpointing, never apologize for being yourself! However, if you think the anon is just ceaselessly firing hateful words at you with the intention of disparaging you or simply to bring you down, well then, the best thing to do is to not respond. Do not waste your time and energy on something so pointless. Because whatever you do and no matter how much you try to respond in the kindest way possible known to man, the anon hater will probably just feel more aggravated because... DUH, the person hates you. Haha! It will only go on in circles and it may also leave you infuriated to the point that you are already unconsciously backfiring hateful words. That doesn't make you any different from the anon hater now, would it? And to think you don't even have the slightest idea of the person's identity, you're going to be the pathetic one. So save yourself from all the trouble. Shrug it off and continue with life -- just how it ought to be. Chin up, buttercup. x
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The voice in the song of McDo commercial reminds me of your voice.. <3
Which commercial though? I hope it's the recent one because I loved that song (and the singer's voice)! <3
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Favourite artwork and the song that describes it the best?  Anton Salvador
Hi Anton! *u* I guess my favourite would be Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. Aside from Don McLean's tribute, I think Yo La Tengo's Tears Are In Your Eyes would be a good track for the initial ambience of the piece. While Of Moons, Birds and Monsters by MGMT I think, would have unriddle it in depth.
anong feeling mo na maraming nagkakacrush kay niko biagtan? hindi Ka ba naiinsicure na hearthrob ang bf mo?
Weh heartthrob pala si Niko di naman ako nainformed JK
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Have an idea who's the guy wrote to you at UST Files?
None at all.
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Allright ..well u r look like cool :)  #TIHT
Welp, thank you! :-)
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
0 in public. 10 in my bedroom. 11 in the shower.
Hi Lian! I'm asking you this here kasi ang awkward hindi tayo close... Is it fine w/ you if you will model for AS merch w/ Johann? Mr. Asian 2012 naman sya & Ms. Asian 2013 ka. Whatyathink?
IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A DREAM (Socratits knows this) JK. I'm cool with anything!!
Fried Fish haha :P  T A H I R
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Which Fish that is unable to swim?  T A H I R
*tries to think of a witty response* FISH FILLET? Lol, sorry. :c
Gaano na kayo katagal ng boyfriend mo? Hehe dami kong question.
Turning four months! Yaaaay. ~
Why all the questions though.
You have a boyfriend na pala :D but he's not the guy i saw you with before. what happened to the asian looking one? Lol sorry ang racist ng term :)))))
Uhm, it just didn't work out between the two of us, but we're still friends. :-)
ateneo din wala ah! hahahaha
HAHA They're a bit dressed down compared to La Sallians? I think.
why?? what about dlsu?
HAHAHA They don't have uniforms.....
kundi ka ust, san ka??
Gusto ko talaga Ateneo. :( HAHA But I didn't take the ACET. I didn't think I'll pass. Haha!
do u like ust
I love UST!! <3
tbh u r perf <3
tnx. Ü
You perplex me. Your beautiful, you must know that, so why demean yourself when everyone else tells you otherwise. How come you see beauty in others but not in yourself, or are you just fishing for compliments? I cant decipher your mentality.
I guess it sprung from early childhood. Comparisons are the thief of joy. It's hard to always be the second best, you cannot force silver to be as good as gold. And I do not demean myself nor fish, I'm just utterly repulsive of compliments. There is a big difference.
Bakit mo love si Niko Biagtan? gusto ko lang malaman curious lang ako. hihi!
Huhu, can I cry? JK. Kasi sobrang perfect nyaaaaaaa. Mabait, sweet, caring, lahat na ataaaaa. :( Sobrang swerte ko sakanyaaaaaaaaaa. *u*
What does the term "cooking" means? Kinda mushy? Haha!
OH, HAHAHA. As far as I know it's a basketball term? It's when you overpraise someone. Quite like the "bola" of men for the females in the Filipino concept, made a little douchey by the basketball players (if it's guy to guy? lol, that sounded wrong), HAHAHAHA.
In response you say, "COOKING."
No, more like, with the prolonged last syllable. Like this, "COOKINGGGGGG."
HAHAHAHA yun lang alam ko tama na guys ang funny pls
What makes a person attractive?
Conversations. (Intelligence + sense of humour is the deadliest combo if you want girls to be swooning all over you.)
If you could influence people like a celebrity does, how would you use it for the benefit of the planet?
wow ha, very pageantry