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Too young, too old for eighteen. I am just one of those graves pretty girls make. IG: screamheylian
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You're so beautifu, Lian! I love you <3
Hehehhe love you too <3
You really think we could be friends?
I mean, why couldn't we be? ..........yeah, you're probably right Hahaha, this setup isn't gonna work. But on the positive note, I don't really know who you are so you can like talk to me without me knowing that it's you. Just think of it as something transient, it will soon go away. Rest your head, little fella. 💁🏻
I loooove u, girl crush!!!!
Hahaha, you're too cute. 💓 By all means, I loooove (those were 4 o's right hahaha my poor eyesight) u too!! Did that because wouldn't it be nice to receive loooove the same way you gave it hahaha I am speaking too much, aren't I? Ok. 😘
That just makes it worse :(
I'm lost. What? Did I kill the momentum by responding late? Huhuhu, if so, I'm sorry.
No wonder people loves and like you much haha. Hello, just another fangirl of yours hihi
We're only speaking of very very few, almost inexistent. Nevertheless, I'm grateful of appreciative people like you. Hi! 💖✨
But what happens if the girl is you?
But you know, I'm stupid and often babble (like now) so don't take my word for it. On second thought... you know, relationships should be respected. Hahahahuhuhuhushet. We can be friends?
Because there's this girl that I like for a long time now but it's illogical to try on a girl who's already taken.
But love can never be too logical? I'm not advicing you to go and steal someone else's girl, but if you love her, as cliché as this sounds... dude, you've got to at least do something about it right? We only get one shot at life, so why not take risks once in a while. You'll never know where it might take you. :-)
You know what's worse than not having what you want? Not even being allowed to try.
Yeah, you're definitely right on that one. But as long as it isn't suicide or any criminal act, I belive that you could try. What could ever forbid you?
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you can't blame me you're just sooo adorable and i'm just stating a fact ugh 😭 i'll let u squeeze meh 😛💕 hahahah
D'awwww, I love you! 💖✨ *squeezes you 'til you (almost) cannot breathe*
But it's actually the smart people who think they're stupid simply because they know they do not know everything! :))))
Welp, I really don't knoooow
How did your guy friends react when they found out about you being bi?
Most of them thought it was awesome! Although, I find more relief in acceptance coming from women because for one, they are the ones to most likely experience some sense of discomfort or threat towards lesbians or bisexual women, two, most guys only think it's awesome because they always get these sexual fantasies of banging two girls at once -- you know, a threesome.
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you're so adorable huhu i'm questioning my gender rn hahaha but seriously! 😍 here's to ur 500th question on ask fm hahah
Awww. You are far more adorable!! I loved that you declared this would be my 500th question on ask.fm (though you didn't really ask any questions haha). There were others that came my way, but I didn't want to be an ass so here's to that! <3 You're just brimming with positivity, aaaah I wish to squeeze you. >*__*<
does your boyfriend know about you being bi?
Yes. And he's fine with it. I think? I hope. 😁
how did you know you were bi? im kinda confused. i think im going through and identity crisis ):
I honestly don't know how to explain it. To me, it's just something internally-driven... I just know to myself what I feel about both the opposite and the same-sex. Maybe this can help? http://mysexualorientation.com
Hello, Pun!! ✨ I'm fairly new on ask.fm so I figured I'd follow people I know and do some exploring around this 'hood so now I'm dropping by their pages, yours included, to send 'em a virtual hug hahaha. Here's yours! >:D< I'll be seeing u around twitter and IG, perhaps school on August, too :-) 💕  Rona Anyog
Oh hey pretty lady. 💕 This is so sweet. I could definitely use a hug. Please don't just see me around, we can always hang! You'll always be my bacon, lovely lady. *sassy fist bump*
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that's the nicest thing i've heard!! :( thank you lian! i'm not quite ready yet but u've helped me muster some courage i need for later on. hope it all goes well :) i feel better
No problem. I wish you the best! <3 Just always remember, you being a child to your parents will always be far more important than any sexual preferences there might be. :-)
I'd like to hear your insights and tips on moving on from a past relationship. I'm kinda getting there but sometimes I lose it. Pretty please! :(
I don't really think there's a quick-fix to a brokenheart. So take time. People would often say, redirect your focus. Although, you can only run away from your feelings for so long. It's easier to accept things when you embrace them. Embrace the pain, it's one way of knowing you have loved genuinely. Just let your heart heal by itself. Soon before you know it, you'll be okay. :-)
Why did u guys end it?
She was still in love with an ex-lover. Although, I tried to help her repair herself. I can never really do. No, not me. She wasn't mine to fix.
does ur dad know u're bi? because idk how to open it up to my parents :( i mean, me being attracted to both genders. they might not get it
He does very well. I am very close to my father. He was well aware of my habits and interests, what saddens me, what makes me happy. Possibly out of instict, he confronted me. I told him everything there is to know. He couldn't accept it at first. And of course, it wasn't without any hurtful words. But I was blessed to have a loving father. He loves me so much, and this I know by heart. He had no choice but to accept me for who I am in the long run. Now, I don't promise you a smooth-sailing process. But I do know things will eventually be alright and it would be worth it. :-)
Did you and your ex gf end in good terms or not?
We did. We're still friends. Not as close as before, but at least civil.
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Do people know you being bisexual? I mean, have you openly told them?
Honestly, I've been aware of my preferences since I was a kid but never have I been more open about it than I am now. I've always feared rejection. However, as I grew older, I realized the right people will love me for who I am. Fortunately, I gained confidence from the rare few I opened up to and finally decided to uncloak myself after quite a while.
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Just curious, would you be open for same-gender relationships? Hahaha sorry if you're creeped out right now but it was out of mere curiosity that I asked this.
It's alright. I've seen worse questions. :-) I'm bisexual and had one same-sex/gender relationship back in high school.
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You're my ultimate girl crush. 💕
That's coooool. I hope you like me for the right reasons. Haha! 💗
Sunsets, skies, trees, those can be googled. How you look today... now that's something you can't really find on the usual. :) I love your posts, Lian! Don't have to be sad.
Awww, I love what you just said! <3 Nobody ever gets me, you know? But thank you, really. Wish there were more kind souls like you.
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You're obviously fishing for compliments with your banters whenever someone compliments you. Appreciate them; say thank you and get it over with. You wouldn't be posting so much pictures of your face just so you could appear so bashful and awkward or whatnot.
You must've thought you had me figured out then? I appreciate them, needless to say. You say thank you, people would say you're conceited. "So you really think you're beautiful?" You tell them something otherwise, you're fishing. It's a trap. Nobody ever gets them right. Might as well just say something honest. And excuse me for posting too much photos. I just thought it's about time I get to appreciate myself more, especially when you've been battling with depression and self-esteem issues all your life. Have a good day.
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