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Too young, too old for eighteen. I am just one of those graves pretty girls make. IG: screamheylian
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-- just seem to have it all so easy :(
I'd like to think that what you just said with being "individualistic" or something is true or you have this solitude is therapeutic is something you enjoy. But seeing you being lonely sometimes saddens me.
Thanks for the concern and all but how sure are you I am lonelyyy
If you can ask God one question, what would it be?
Why is that I always see you alone at school? Not a creeper, just wondering...
I don't have much friends. I mean, not much that I'd be comfortable enough to go have lunch with. I have some in mind but we rarely find time because of different schedules or most are guys and ever since I got in a relationship, the thought was kindof knocked out of my list. Andddd, I don't know. I see myself as an "individualist". I would normally do what I want, eat where I want to eat, go where I want to go even without having any other company. It feels so liberating not having to rely on anybody to acquire simple joys. The solitude is therapeutic. I honestly enjoy being alone.
PS just saw your previous tweet. I want to have a life, too. But I'm not talented lr skilled haha
That's when food comes handy. Have lunch with me sometime! Let's grouch together, it could be fun.
I get jealous of people who have so much good things in life like you. No matter what I do I always do something.. I don't know, wrong. Lately I just broke up my boyf I've been crying even if I didn't want, and I'm having problems with my career to pursue too and a lot more. Ppl like you seem to jus
To just what? You have got to be kidding me. I mess up a lot too. HAHAHAHA, if you check out my twitter all I do is rant 99% of the time. But hey, that's life. I kindof just let it slideeee because I'll just be frustrating myself all the more if I don't.
Miss you Lian Du - your gorg seatmate last sem <3
Awww, hi hi hi. ~ Collab soon. I love you! <3
I am jealous of people like u
I don't see why...
Whats your username on chatous?
But I don't have chatous?
(cont) hindi ko po alam kung ano ung dpat kong maramdaman pero nung una ko po talaga narinig yun, syempre nasaktan po ako. pero wala nmn po ata akong right na pakialaman ung past niya po, diba? pero kelangan kaya namin pag usapan or i shld just let him na mag open up if he's comfortable with it?
Hello, dear. <3 I know what you found out felt like he just punched a hole in your chest but I'm afraid you just have to let that one go. It's not that men treat sex with so little value, I guess it just had something to do with a socially-constructed ideology that losing their virginity in an early stage is a need step towards manhood and sex is a way to boost masculinity. Women on the other hand are called as slut, whore, tramp, bitch, what not so we tend to uphold our virginity because for us it speaks of virtues and morals. (Fucked up society, yes? Although, feminism is another issue.) I'm not trying to trick you into thinking that because it's normal, it's okay. No. I'm more of saying, what's done is done and cannot be changed. Least you can do is move on and focus on the present. If it was in the duration of your relationship, then that is within your concern. If it is not, then tuck it where it's supposed to be -- it belongs to the past. I've always believed relationships should be characterized by honesty and acceptance. You can ask for an explanation but if he refuses to put everything into detail, you have to respect that in his discretion. If something's bothering you, try your best to talk it out and save yourself from all the worry. I wish you the best! x
Ate Lian .. hii! ^_^ i have this concern po. it's about my love life. will just ask for some advice sana. first boyfriend ko kasi siya, at ako third na nya. 6 months na kami. recently, nalaman ko sa isang friend nya na "he used to have sex with _ _ _ _" basta ung dati niyang fling.(cont)
Lakas maka-correct pacute na conyo lang naman. Puta low-life
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kala ko makakakita na ako ng mga inihaw na grammar nazzi e. :D boset yun ah
Hindi ko gets huhu
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hello, um what do you think are your weaknesses? WHY SO PERF :))))
I have really bad breath in the morning...
LOLJK. There's a lot, honey. A WHOLE LOT.
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Your mix is sooo nice. Mixed race girls are best! <3
Aww, that's really sweet. Shout out to my parents! Y'all did a great job. Hahahaha.
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hayy ate ang dami mong grammatical errors pero ang arrogant mo. and obvious naman na you keep using flowery words so that you'd seem eloquent pero sa totoo lang di mo naman alam kung paano gamitin talaga.
I think I've been pretty vocal on how I despise reading. Most times I just say what's on top of my head -- not really thinking things through. Last time I checked, I also wasn't writing an academic paper in here so... I don't think it's really something I should be mindful about. It's basically just a casual Q&A. But sorry for that. Haha, feel free to correct me if you like. I could really use some help. About the arrogant thing, I don't know. It's pretty subjective since you're only reading, not hearing. The delivery differs, the context changes and may be deviated from actualization. Then again, that's just me. :-)
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Why do you keep on changing your prof pic eh same lang naman, trying to get more likes?
No hahaha I just tend to get really OC with the quality, that's all.
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You don't look Chinese tho?
I know! Hahaha. I'm mixed. If you see my cousins, one side's really Chinese-looking, the other's very Western, with light skin, aquiline nose. I fall in the middle and most times I just find myself lost hahaha like I must be adopted or something.
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Pahumble amputa. Magkano baon mo sa isang araw??
Dude, kalma. Hahaha. Sakto lang kasi naman talaga, huhuhuhu.
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But isn't Du a rich Chinese clan?
That's really a funny assumption people make. Just because you're Chinese, you have to be well-off. I think that's a misnomer. Hahaha, I don't know. Maybe other "Du" clans. But maybe not ours.
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Is true that you're an heiress of farm land in laguna?
That's pretty absurd, really. I don't know where you have gotten that. My family's just alright. Not rich, not poor. Although my grandfather owned lands before but it was forced to be sold to the government back in Marcos' term. From the hearsay, it was said to be one of the local points for the search of Yamashita's treasure. That's all I know. That's all my grandmother ever told me.
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Send me a nude pic pls.
I'll send you my Xray, it's what's in the inside that counts.
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OMG i saw your photo with Ellie! You guys are close? So perf youre both my girlcrushes i crie
Hello. Huhuhu, me too. I've always been amazed by Ellie. I don't know, really. I can't say we're close. She's like a people person and seemed nice to everybody. She's like this big sister I always wish I had. <3
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I know you and I know your boyfriend kaya affected ako. Ang rude mo naman sumagot gusto ko lang naman tumulong.
You just barged into my ask.fm with "Hoy babae" hahaha now I'm the rude one? Get your shit together, man.
halatang halata namang mag kaaway kayo post palang ni Kuya Nico. mag usap kasi kayo ayun lang naman sinasabi ko hindi nag paparinigan kayo.
Wow, sobrang affected mo naman ata for an anon? Thanks but no one ever asked for your advice. Get a life, yo.