Parang paganda ka ng paganda huhu

HAHAHA, there are just days wherein I'm at my ugliest, therefore tricking you into thinking I'm looking quite well on some days. 😂💖

What's the most difficult choice one has to make?

Choosing between leaving or staying.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

cute nyo omg


Thoughts on du30?

He's the 30th version of me.

You're so friendly! Bless the people who are pretty but don't act all entitled. You're my girlcrush for life.

Hahahahahaha, I'm just right. Awkward potato at most. Thank you, sweet person. <3

Where do you shop? Your dresses are bomb gurl

Haha, thanks gurl! Uhh, usually it's my parents doing the shopping for me. I guess I just happen to know how to mix and match? But if I do go shop it's usually at F21, Old Navy, American Eagle, Topshop and Apartment 8. Bazars help too when working on a tight budget.

Thank you for your advice! Im really overthinking these past few days, i even cried for just thinking how we ended. I guess we can be too emotional to people we depend on so much

Awww, wish I can give you a better piece of advice but... I know it's easier said than done. And I definitely understand you. Ha, but I always perceive things as transient so to myself I see individuals as complementary rather than something leaning on another. So I always make it a point that I learn to stand on my own, because shit happens. Inevitably, people leave.

Hi Lian, I just wanna ask how to rebuild a broken friendship :( I did something bad to my close guy friend and we're not the same as before (we seldom talk now and we're not friends on fb) I kind of miss him. We are on the same circle of friends. :( thank you for answering in advance! xx

I'm honestly not good at rebuilding broken relationships myself. I believe there are some things we have to let go, and that they ended for a reason. But if you think it's worth the effort, I guess you should start by telling the person how you truly feel. Cliché, I know, but being honest and open can enable you to pinpoint where it all went wrong, and from there on you can slowly patch things up. At least you would know what to do and what not to do, and whether the desire to fix the relationship is mutual, because quite frankly, there's no sense in saving a relationship built for one -- you have to be in the same boat. Hope it helps! ❤️

I'm happy for you!

Thank you! 😊

but wait are u still going back to canada then?

Quite a few changes in the plans. But yup, still am going back!! 💃🏻

Insane? Why? Hasn't he been pursuing you for quite a while?

Yeah. Hahaha! I mean, it's insane because my previous self was so scared of all the attachments (even non-romantic, with friends, etc.) Hahaha! Now look at me being all lovestrung and shit. This isn't me. No, this isn't me at all. I'm saying it's insane because who knew I'd be stupid enough to fall in love after everything. Ha.

taken ka naaa

YESSSSS <3 It's insane, I know. But I'm happy. 💖

nagenroll ka na sa law school?

nope lol big plans of becoming a hobo for a year or so

do you play pokemon go?

no lol sorry i'm lame :--((

Are you watching Stranger Things? Got hooked din ba like most ppl?

Nope. Actually don't know what it's about. Haven't got caught up in the wave, but it's probably something good seeing the hype. Haha, mind to tell me if it's worth the watch? :-)

I wish I did something about what I felt about you. Regrets really do come last.

I guess we'll never know. But it's never too late for you -- might be for me, or for any other person that will come to your life.

Years have passed and I still like you

I'm certain there's someone out there for you. :-)

Congratulations lian! When are you leaving? :(

Awww, thank you! It's kinda a happy and sad thing all at once. Aug. 28. :-)

Ate ano pong tips for surviving long term relationships? Hihih

Love selflessly. Allow room for mistakes and always try to meet halfway.

I thought you'll enter law school?

Yeah. Hahaha! I just didn't mention when. =))

for you, how to describe the concept called forever?

I just see it as an indefinite time.

have you tried commuting? lrt/jeep/bus?

Yes!! In fact, during my third year in college, I spent the entire academic year going back and forth home and school. And I can honestly say I enjoyed it. I hate being still, I've always loved moving.

I hope he takes good care of you.

We're hoping for the same thing. (Almost)

Alam mo, corny ka talaga eh. Pero kasi maganda ka kaya na lang kami tumatawa. Hahahaha!


Kamukha mo si jessy mendiola!!

WaAaaAaa, she's really pretty. Huhu, thank you!


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