samar Alderazi @sderazi
samar Alderazi @sderazi
People will talk wheather you're doing good or bad!
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Not gonna answer your perverted dirty comments or questions!
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You changed :(
Its called growing up :)
Ur friends hate u dont u now that it just act
Inzain wl ma6loob y3ni? Am I supposed to give a fuck?
Do u have feelings for hussain
Hussain who?
Youre a beautiful human being and you should never let anyone define you.
Awww thankuuuu♡♡♡ I will
When the people I used to know found out what I had been doing, how I'd been living, they asked me why
If I said I didnt beleive it would turn out this way id be lying becuz I was born to be the other women..
A7bech ou amoot feech
9ijj wallahhh inzain wl ma6loob? Hhhh :$ :$
Okk 7abebaty
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Madree ana sama3t ena enteen ma3ah fe 3ela'3a aw t7ebeena aw shi chedi
Lat9adig/lat9adgeen kalam elnas l2na mb 9ij mafee shay bainy w bainah were just friends :D
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Cham 9arlach weya 3aradi now?
Awal shay mn gal ana w 3aradi together?? Oo thani shay were just friends shfeekum mt5ar3een awal mara etchofon bnaya oo 9bay yamshon weya ba3a'9 seeda 3abalkum 7abeeb w 7abeebta-.-
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can I ? ♡
Sorry, not interested :p
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I wish enny I know u ♡
Awhh :(
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np ♡
:$ :$
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ok dear
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no and I added u on snapchat bs ma8blty
Yeah I wont cuz I dont know you!
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you are so cute ♡♡ I will be happy if I can talk 2 u
Umm... do I know you??
I likee u girl :(
Hahaha thankyou I guess..
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Hey,you are cute!
Awww thankyouuu
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Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?
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Ur so pretty 0_o
Thankyouu o:)
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t7beeeeeen nayeeeef  Ameeraa
Amooooot feeh hhhhhh
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You're so mysterious..
How am I mysterious?:o
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ks omech yal shee3eyaa
Wahahahah lai7een etfargoon bain sena w shee3a?? Wallaa yehaal !! Eee shee3eyaa w aft5rr ;)
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What is your favorite thing in your room?
My bed
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i miss u..
Aww :( who are u?
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9dg chalba akeed it's funny since I said it, zain mny im asking you questions
Ahaaaaaaaaa bs chub hahahah ok love u :$
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