samar Alderazi @sderazi
Not gonna answer dirty comments or questions!
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u r look damm fine today in skool
Haha thanks :P
will u marry me
Yallaa ntzawajj ;;)
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Bitch i told u stop chatting him
T7achay mthl el awadem la aridich fe umch
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happy weekend ❤️,, 3la ween alyoom ?!  jax Farzali
Thankyou u too
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Good morning ❤️!!  jax Farzali
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فديتهم الي بيناسبوني ❤❤
مابيج ايام ابيج عمر ، ي بعدهم ❤
Yalla umi w uboy fl bait 7ayak =))
تتزوجيني سمووورتي ❤
Yalla ntzawaj ;;)
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r u into a guy at the moment?
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Have a nice weekend and a blessed friday <3  Hajar264
Thankyouu♡♡ u too
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I think u talk to my boyfriend on bbm fuck off hes fucking in you at the time of fucking with me
Inzain w ana shda5alni? Laykon "the guy I talk to on bbm" is my bf or sth-.- dam ohwa 7abebich golelah latkalem banat etyen etklmeni ana laish? Allah ya5thich enty weyah!
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Favorite tv shows/series ?
Once upon a time, one tree hill, gossip girl, revenge, oo wayed b3d!!
Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? :3
El so2al 7ad uma '3aby bs I guess a horse sized duck!
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How tall are you?
158 cm
مساء الخير.. شخباركم ^_^ شنو نوع الاسئلة اللي ما تحبونها توصلكم من احد ؟  Hajar264
Dirty questions or comments!
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your birthday date ?  jax Farzali
July, 9
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how old are you!
GM❤️  jax Farzali
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what makes you nervous ?  jax Farzali
Being used as an example in class!
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are you good at keeping secrets ?  jax Farzali
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do you talk to yourself ?  jax Farzali
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Full beard, height 176. Any idea who it is?
Ee 3eraftk :*
Sh9r fe 9orat trki
Ask me in private mb 3dla agool ahni
whats your favourite film ?  jax Farzali
I dont have a favorite
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