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Not gonna answer dirty comments or questions!
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Blessed Friday ❤️✨  Dana Rajab✨
Paste the last thing you copied here
inte 3asal
Hehe :$:$
ur soo beautiful :* secret admire
Thankyouu <3
Miss you
What do you think of atheists?
Its none of my business what a person believes in!
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Help! How do I deal with frizzy hair? Do i do some of those treatments for smooth hair?
Try botox without straightening or Brazilian blowout!
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Would you ever date a guy whos chubby/slightly fat?
I dont care about looks
Would you date someone younger than you? And if so by how much max?
A health problem thar you have, and want it to just go away?
Dont have one
Do you prefer bearded guys over shaved?
*throws bags of attention*
*starts playing the saxophone*
Hahaha the loser instrument
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Do you find it attractive if a guy can play an instrument?
Mm..yeah i guess
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Do you even shit pigeons  The Samboosa Guy
Dafuq u sayin?!!
iOS or Android? and why.
Ios cuz android sucks
where are you going tonight ❤️!!  jax Farzali
el3mr kla
how old are you
best movie ?  Hajar264
Too many cant decide
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Describe yourself in 1 word only ..!  Hajar264
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halla wallah ♡
Halla bouyyy
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Y did u travel to dubai
For fun why else y3ni
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Lazim anshr 9wrch y3ni ?
Yalla im waiting
Tra klmn 3nda 9wrch ayam AmA
AHAHAAHA i was never in ama bs la ma3lomatik/ch xD
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