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Not gonna answer dirty comments or questions!
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pap of you
No :*
You are my favorite person on this entire planet maybe u know that maybe u dont but theres just something about u as long as u r in my life there will always be something to be happy about
Awww walla this made my day❤ I'm sure whoever u are u make me happy as well :*
tdreen that you're really beautiful, and I loved you ever since. you have adorable eyes wallah, how do you make it seem so simple to be gorgeous. I love you samar
Thankyouuu 3younich/k a7la :*
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Inte 7bebaat m7mad bastaki???? :o
Mateswa 3lai mswyta follow seeda 6l3tw esha3at-,-
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It3rfeeeen m7maad albastaki :o tawni chft he accepted uu .. Baaithm gaaa9r ..ya b5tkm
9ij awadem mb chayfen 5air oo stalkers-.-
How do you live with people's bullshit?! Seriously y3ni allah y3eenich 3ala hal awadem that ask these stupid questions ✌️
Allah kareem etha thelain stupid 3ayal the ones eli i dont answer ma95araa
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How can i talk with u 3ayal ??
U dont have to talk to me ;)
Your BBM ?
I don't have bbm
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taken ?
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Yes *.* or no :(
Akani mwjoda =))
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I used to know u better than anyone. And u dont change ur mind. But ill still be here, hoping u do
Okay... :s
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I wish we could be ok someday.
Maybe if I knew who u are we would be ;)
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Listeen samar! 3ndy salfa m3ach =)) bs may9eer mni agoolach la :$ Shnw el 7al?
Kik: samar_derazi
هاي يل جميله ♡♡
Hallaa :)
Naaar jamal
$ :$
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i hope they dont :$
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Meta bn6l3?
When the sky turns yellow and the oceans dry up b3dain bn6la3 afa 3alaik bs :*
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shnu as2l?
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inzain e9er atm as2l 4ever?
Yalla ga3da an6r elas2la
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E9er at3lf?
La may9er
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ويش سماااار
Waish 5ook
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Please pray for him he's in critical condition
El9ara7a ma3arf shno arid 3la sa5afa...
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