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Ya ma'3roora enti ya mac 7yaty enti ya kfc 3mry enti ya amen 7yaty enty😂😂❤️❤️ Etha ma 3rfteeni baz3l el9ra7a w im expecting a message f whatsapp lw 9j u know me well babzzz🙄❤️

AHAHAHHAHA akeed 3rftk shlon ma3arfik ya fudz 7yati ya switch 2lbi ya efraraah 3nd byoot rb3na baby😂😂😒

you're just gonna keep me waiting y3ne!

U should get the hint ena ill never talk to u😴

you in uni yet fam?


why not y3nee, just try and then decide?..

Not interested😁

tdreen how many times i tried to talk with u oo kla 7agra 😂😂 9aar lee maybe more than a year trying to convince u just to talk with me..

Obviously ma3arfik so why would i talk to u..🙄

Hope you're doing well ?

All is well😴✋🏻

i aint trying to insult you! you gotta be proud of your body type, skinny bitches be jealous :*

AHAHAHA no comment😂🙈 and i am proud🙄


If ur trying to insult me you just made me laugh😂😂

yeah i don't bss a7ss chee hahaha :)

Lool laa el7imdelah mafeny shay🙄

honestly samar, i don't know you but kila a7ss that you're depressed or z3lana and i really don't know why...

U just said "i dont know u" fa shdarak/ch ena ana z3lana or depressed??😂

Girl y changed alot, u jus ignored when ur talked to

Madri i dont use social media that much😁

inzain how can i knw you ? i want to talk with u

Im not interested

what's your snap?

If i dont know you i wont add you sorry



snya wla shee3ya ?

Lai7en 3aysha hal awadem eli ts2al hal so2al-.-

Then what would u do rather than uni?

Its complicated

Bdsheen jam3a 3'air wla 5la9 ?

La bs 5ala9

Why :/ ?

L2na i hate it

Why u aren't coming to uni ?

6ela3t mn eljam3a :)

انتي جدا جميلة


Why u dint come to uni today ?

I have more important things than uni :p

you wouldnt want to be friends with a guy?

No im not interested

would you rather have a friendship with a guy or a love relationship ?

Neither tbh

where&how did you meet them

Why is it important to know-.-?

is there someone that you started talking to much more than before lately ? is that a girl or a guy ?

Yes, one girl and one guy


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