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samar Alderazi @sderazi
Not gonna answer dirty comments or questions!
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Please pray for him he's in critical condition
El9ara7a ma3arf shno arid 3la sa5afa...
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do u know abood rasty?
What is your dream car?
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ثق بقدراتك ! فالطير على الشجرة، لا يخاف أن ينكسر الغصن ﻷنه لا يثق بالغصن بل يثق بأجنحته  alinajjar
علمتني الصداقة .... أنها أجمل علاقة... وعلمني الحب .... ألا أكره أحد ... وعلمني الزمن .... أن المشاعر لا تقدر بثمن .... وعلمتني الانسانية .... أن هناك اناس طيبون مثلكم لا يستحقون النسيان ... مساء الخيررر ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
مساء النور❤
dream car ?  alinajjar
Challenger ow mustang
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Dud you start wearing jackets/winter clothes?
La not yet bs I carry a jacket weyay incase if I get cold
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when your friends talk shit about you what do you do ?  alinajjar
If they talk shit about me then they're not really my friends ;)
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Blessed Friday ❤️✨  Dana Rajab✨
Thankyou sweetheart❤
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Ever dated a guy?
Ur question is stupid
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One thing that you hate about yourself, and wish to change.
My weight
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Which area of bahrain do you live in?
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Are you going to Manama on the 10th and 9th of muharam?
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pap of your dream car.
Ma3indy pic bs abi challenger or mustang anything sporty.
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Blessed Friday ❤️✨  Dana Rajab✨
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Paste the last thing you copied here
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inte 3asal
Hehe :$:$
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ur soo beautiful :* secret admire
Thankyouu <3
Miss you
What do you think of atheists?
Its none of my business what a person believes in!
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Help! How do I deal with frizzy hair? Do i do some of those treatments for smooth hair?
Try botox without straightening or Brazilian blowout!
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Would you ever date a guy whos chubby/slightly fat?
I dont care about looks
Would you date someone younger than you? And if so by how much max?
A health problem thar you have, and want it to just go away?
Dont have one