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s✨ @selenagomez
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ # I'm not Selena. #
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selena hasn't got an ask.fm but someone don't know it 😒😒
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She's says that she real ‎@smgloveguys
She's not Selena
Your username is so great selenagomez.. When did you made this account?  SelenaGomez Balkan ❀
4 years ago, I don't exactly remember
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followed 🌚
Thanks but you're anonymous 💆
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i didn't know missing someone could hurt so much
:( I miss our conversations, I miss talking to you
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Why do you have take this user name? Don't you think that selena will (one day) want create an account, verified with her real name as selenagomez? Why don't you give your account to her manager? her manager is aleenkeshishian . After aleen will can give the account to Selena...
Do you really think she has time to waste on a website like askfm?
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During the stars dance tour when she performed birthday why did she switch to being lifted by one dancer instead of two
I have no idea
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my potato
My love
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I follow u :) <3  Kill me †✌
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Reply meee dih
What was your question?
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i hate you i've been craving pizza but i'm not allowed to eat it
Why lol
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someone was looking for me lol
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and i love you
And I love you too
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i want pizza
I ate pizza yesterday
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i want french fries
I ate french fries today
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nah kidding i miss you
Lmaoooooooo ily
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but babe it's sooooooo funny hahahah
Why did you delete your account
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Do u reply to the dms on Instagram? Why or why not?
I do when people send me dms.
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Your favorite year?
2009 and 2014 were my favorite years.
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Do you have vk.com???  monroexxs
I don't. What is it?
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Do you prefer Instagram or Facebook?
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i'm bored
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I'm sorry this isn't funny ✌️
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je t'aime poupèe
Je t'aime je t'aime
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i dream about demi last night it was romantic lol
Mdrrrrrrr tell me what happened
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