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ask me intelligent questions or I'll immediately block you.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ # I'm not Selena. #
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Is your profile picture Kendall Jenner? (Gosh, I live under a rock.)
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http://ask.fm/selenagomez/answer/117248892851 you can't cause you're mine.... ONLY MINE  
aww you'll always be someone special Arnynynyy ;)
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http://ask.fm/selenagomez/answer/117248892851 wasn't supposed to like this answer oh well  
never mind
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you rock  cara
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You should act like selena duh
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u're from brazil! hahaha, caught you! ;) xD
Why Brazil? And no, I'm not from Brazil. Try again lol.
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I like you!
Thank you :)
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what is true selena's name?
... Selena is her real name????
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how long have u been hare on ask.fm ? btw ily ♥
Since 2011, if I'm not wrong
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Why do u have the sister of my bae in your pp ?!  Anastasia Karanikolaou
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you're from mexico?
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A day without you is like a year without rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! :)
Ooooooooohhhhhhoohhhh, wohohoooloooooohooooooohhhooooh
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you speak spanish? :)
A little bit............
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Okay-That's good enough reason. :) Haha, thx for replying to all my un-intelligent qstions. ;)
I don't think your questions were unintelligent haha. You're welcome
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Is SG still single?:)
I have no idea x
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http://ask.fm/selenagomez/answer/117282361779 aww thanks you're so nice :)) I'm 13 haha :D :/ anyways do you live in America ?
Who knows
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Oh! Haha, she's pretty. :) Are you ever gonna have a pic of u as ur profile? Not that it really matters-I mean seriously it doesn't really matter what a person looks like-just what they ACT like.;) Haha,sorry
Yeah she is! Nope, I will never put a picture of me on the internet, simply because I don't trust people.
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Followed :)) ♥  HeiiMaa xD
Thank you :)
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This isn't the most intelligent question....But is the profile pic you? Haha, sorry if that's a stupid qstin. ;)
Haha, no it's Kendall Jenner :)
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omg finally!someone who is honest & doesn't lie about being Sell!I litterly felt in love with you when I read you questions(even though I don't know you)I'm the only selenator in my group of friends & they don't like Sell.Your acc made me feel so much better.how old are you??! Selenators rule! <3 <3
Aww!!! ♥ no words can express how much you made me happy :).
(you're the best girl in your group of friends but shhh, don't tell anyone ;). I'm 16 years old, 17 in less than a month xoxo
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Do you talk to yourself?
Does my little voice inside my head count?
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Can we maybe be friends ?
Why not x
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