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potato.. i got a serious question for you .......do you like..... fifth harmony?
I've never really paid attention to them tbh but I love Camila, she's so beautiful and funny lol
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ha you wiisshhh!!! not gonna shoooow youuuuuu
I changed my background arnonoy
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very smooth d very smooth..... that's not what i said smh
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Are you real? I mean is this really you, Selena? ❤️
No :)
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where are youuuuu?????
I'm là 😗
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If u arent a selenator anymore why dont u change your name so other people can actually use it
Pls this kind of joke really annoys me stop
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no-uh baby i want you to change it now. like right NOW.
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two jeans a dress (even tho i'm not gonna wear it but yeah) and a sweater
I wanna see the dresssssss
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i went shopping yesterday with my friend and her two little brat ugh that was so exhausting that i almost broke it and i'm not fasting today for the next 5 or 6 days tho
Did you buy something?!! 👑👒🎀👛👝👜👠👚
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change. it. now.
Can I change it..... in two days?
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E*******S***** IS HER TWITTER USER!!!!!!! i dare you to post this hahahahahaha
posted ☺️☺️ hahaha 😜
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Who are you on Twitter?
https://m.ask.fm/selenagomez/answers/129501650355 nah anon who do you think you are? don't promise anything you can't keep you don't even know her smh and you potato you know that heart of yours is mine so don't give it to anybody am i make you clear?
100% clear, my heart is yours okay okay 😘😀
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really now? here let me help you understand why your bg doesn't suit you.. your bg... it says "you don't ask i don't tell" and you do know that i asked you a lot about anything right? YES and did you answer them? NO if i got a penny for every question that you ignore i must a billionaire now smh
PTDRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR OH😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yeah you're right okay I'll change it soon😂
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lmao nope you know i can't eat you nor myself oh wait... that sounds dirty mdrrrrrr no i was eating brownies
no wait you can eat us but I mean you can eat our nicknames but not ourselves u get it?!?!?!! hahaha
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If you could be any OITNB character, who would it be?
what is OITNB
i almost broke my fast today
why 😰😰
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guess what i'm eating rn????
maybe pizza? or pizza? or... pizza?
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Sel ask plz?
Selena doesn't have Ask
potato or watermelon?????
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don't act like you don't know it... smh
No seriously?
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is my baby potato mad at me?
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change your BG it doesn't suit you i asked a lot but you never tell... what a potato........
why doesn't it suit me? haha
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Why aren't u a selenator ?
Because c'est la vie
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whatever i was just asking no a big deal
Don't take it personally, I didn't mean to be rude : )
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