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Good morning. ‎@selenagomez on twitter Direct Messaged us saying that she would like to join ask.fm is there any chance we can give this account to her? Thank you and good day. -The ask.fm staff  ask.fm
Hi ask.fm fake staff, thank you for this useless question, have a nice day :)
Love your fan page :) ♥ #followed  SelenaAndJustin
Thank you :)
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'Love you like a love song "is the best song of Selena♥
I don't think it's her best song imo :)
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Selena would like to have your username. Can I contact you?
Or you can do something better: shut up
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There are many followers of? picture?
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Every time Selena has, for example, walking down the street, he has a drink in hand. XD
I agree haha
Might you put a picture of the fabulous Selena Gomez have not yet put on instagram?
Not sure if I got your question, you mean an unseen picture of her?
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send me the link to selenas instragram xx
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OMG Selena's new instagram pic ♥.♥
She's flawless, I'm jealous :(
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is selena pregnant
She isn't pregnant
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Miranda or Ariana?
Miranda Kerr?
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Selena or Ariana? Selena or Demi? Selena or Britney? Selena or Rihanna? Selena or Shakira? :)
Selena, Selena, Selena, Selena, Selena lol
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I do not want that Justin and Selena would return together, because I'm afraid that Justin could do evil to Selena :(
Don't worry
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Omg! A short time ago, Justin did not follow Selena Instagram but now he follows ;)
Yeah I know! :)
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Yes it is! Why don't you admit it?
Lol are you still talking about my name or
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Who are you? ;)
If you had to decide which one you meet, Selena or Justin? :d
Jelena :) hahaha
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your name is arney
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where can i find the picture of your profil?
click on it
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how are you?
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selena is your life? bc she is mine
No she's not
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Do you get many questions often? :')
ya but as I said before, they're useless
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hey. :)  ♡♡
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Hiiiiii :'))  Melissa :X
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Hello. ♡  Selena ❁ Penguin
Hi penguin
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