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Selena Marie Gomez (✔) @selenagomezrealprofile
Selena Marie Gomez (✔) @selenagomezrealprofile
Yes, i'm the real Selena Marie Gomez. This is my new ask profile.You can ask me everything ! ♥ I love you, guys ! So, i made facebook profile - :)

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Awww..u are the cutiest and the most beautifulll princess Love ya soo much <333 and I love ur voice.Lova ll ur songs and all ur movies :) :** xoxo love yaa  Nina Grigorova
xoxo love you too, thank you swettie <3
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How are you today? ;)  Теодора Тодорова
So this question was send like 7 months ago, so i have no idea how i was. But right now, i'm very good. ;3 <3
omg LOVE UR VOICE SO MUCH.YOU ARE PERFECT TO ME.selena love uuuu.I really hope to met u some day :C  Nina Grigorova
Thank you Nina, I hope to meet you too. <33
I love you SELENA <3  cenk.yılmaz
Love you too
aww...Selena I love u so much.U are my idol selly <3 I will awalys support u Im selenator for LIFE <3 Im really happy to have an autograph from u <3 it means A LOT for me Thank u for all the love u shpw to ur selenators We will awalys love,support and protect u.U are PERFECT to us! <3 Lovee youuuuu  Nina Grigorova
Oh my god, thank you so much swettie. i love you too. <3
hello :) how re u  Ognyana Vasileva
I'm good. how are you swettie <3
Have you ever loved someone you have not met?
yes, i love all my fans. This ones, who i have not met, and this ones, who i met ♥
please reply :((
hey honey, how are u ♥
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What was the last thing you got for free?
love from my fans ♥ I love u guys too <3 :)
David henrie is cancer! :'( this true? O.o
i don't wanna talk about it
You are very beautiful :) I love you so much <33
O mygosh thank you honey ♥ love u more
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ı love you :) <3 xx
I love you :) <3 xx
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I love u !!! Your voice is perfect I'm very fan of you  Sophia.
Thank u baby , i love you too <3 !
What is your real name  cenk.yılmaz
Selena Marie Gomez ♥
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DO YOU LOVE ME SELENA??  Filipa Araújo
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Selenaaa ❤ can you ask me something <3  Nathalie
sure ;*
pls ask me 5 questions  Hasib Kodeih
okay ♥
ı love you selena <3 you are big fan <3 <3
i love you more <33333333333333
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Selena will you give me autograph  tedi tedika
facebook? :)
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make video plss .. for your fanss <33
I can't right now :(
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Selena will you give me autograph  tedi tedika
okay. text me on facebook! :)
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you are amazing selena i love your music is soo romantic and you are my idol forever give me a autografh ??  Filipa Araújo
Of course ^^
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Can you ask me something selena ♥♥♥ I LOVE U  Valleria ♥
Done. I love you too ♥
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You are very beautiful!!! I LOVE YOU <3333  Valleria ♥
love you too<3
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