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Love you too
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How often do u answer questions here?
Not a lot
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Your account is really inactive on Instagram..
Not really
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hey selena tomorrow is my birthday and I will be turning 12 years old. and well, it would just make my day if you wished me a happy birthday. I really hope you see this -sara link  sara link
Happy Birthday.
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Since I heard your first song I fell for you. I love you please answer
Love you.
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Let your smile change the world, but do not let the world change your smile ...
I like this..
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do you ever wish you were not famous?
Sometimes. But I love what I do.
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Are you really dating Niall Horan?
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Do u Guys Think A Weed Smoker Can Be A Good Guy
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I bet you have tons of people who ask you questions on your! I'm no different. You inspire me just like how you inspire many others. I hope this message finds its way to you. You are amazing, drop-dead gorgeous and everything I want to be one day. :) - J.H.
Thank you so much!! Love you...
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do you like mexican food?? taco's nacho's bye pretty. PD: Viva Mexico hihi
I love it!
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HO if a guy cheats on you just by texting another girl what would you do ? Take back or forget forever & move on ?
How do you cheat on a girl from texting? :/
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Can you give some advice on how to start singing? Like writing music and becoming famous and successful? How did you do it?  Anastasia
I was slightly forced to start singing. I wanted to focus on acting, but disney insisted on me singing, so I gave in. So really, I couldn't help you there because singing isn't my favorite thing to do..
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I have a problema and i dont know what to do. Music is my life, and i wont dedicating to she, but my parents dont like it.
Do what you love. Not what anyone else loves for you. Be yourself.
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What's your instagram?
I have a personal, with personal pictures and my main Instagram ‎@selenagomez
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It's another tequila sunrise, starin' slowly, cross the sky, said goodbye.  Selena Gomez
It's another tequila sunrise, starin' slowly, cross the sky, said goodbye.
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message to those who think that suicide is the only answer ..?
Suicide is NOT the only answer. I can promise you that. God has a plan for you, so don't beat him at his own game. You have a purpose in life, and it might not come to you just yet, but it will. Things only get worse before they get better, you just have to stick through it. I know you can do it. Please don't kill yourself.. for me. I love you so much.
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do you think the REAL selena gomez has time for ask... this is obviously a fake account
You can see that i'm BARELY online. Meaning I do not have time for it. I come on late at night when I have nothing going on. I don't work 24/7 and I do get time to myself and I take that time to interact with my fans. I think it's funny that people that 'hate' me, spend most of their time trying to get me to talk to them or notice them. If you hate me, don't spend so much time on me. It only helps me out in the long run.
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got a boyfriend..??
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You are my 11:11
Aw, then you're mine! Make a wish.. But it's only 9 PM here!
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hello  sofii ♥
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why do you get so upset when it comes to the real you because when i asked selena she said she had no ask
Fans have recorded me saying my So, I don't think so. I'm sorry.
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Are this your real acc selena gomez??
This is the only question i'm answering when it comes to these questions. Yes, I am Selena Gomez. I know there are posers out there, but my fans know the real me. I've met fans and told them personally this was my real account. Do not ask me this question because I will ignore it. Thank you.
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Proof you are the real selena gomez
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