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Are You Quitting SWD?
What do you mean lol
Do You Play Whack A Mole?
Do You Play Skeeball?
Sure lol
Do You Play AirHockey?
Yes lol
Are you coming to chamblee next year  Designer Boyz
I doubt it
Do You Playing Hooky All Day Long?
No lol if I'm ever missing it's because of my health complications
Why do you not follow ppl back?
I do
I don't know how I came across your page and Im pretty sure you hate me but hey.
I don't hate anybody
Have You Dislike Someone?
No but I don't care for a lot of people
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U bad af !
Thank you baby!
are u mix
I don't have an answer for this. Idk lol
Do u and Ryan still talk ?
What ex do yu truly still love?
I love em all! Just not in love. We're on good terms.
Don't you talk to that boy from college
What boy you talking about?
Can you see clearly
See what?
What type of make up you wear
I don't really wear makeup but if so neutrogena
You fine.
You fuck with Abby and Ariel right?
Who do you really fuck with though
Meg, Jackie, Bri
Like would you wait on someone you actually love
Wait on them to get right? Boyyyyyy been there done that
Would you want ever wait on someone you loved
What you mean? Retype it or something
When you gone stop playing?
I'm not playing shorty
How do you feel about being #1 on Matt's baddies list ?
I told him preciate it
Do you smoke?
I'd probably pass
If you were Karrueche Tran would you ever take Chris back after everything he put you through
If I felt like it. Idk how she genuinely feels about him though