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Quezon City
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hi seph, i started following you and your girlfreind on IG last week lng, naiispired on how she looks. I also started to open your both blog. and i find it inspiring. are the one taking those photos of her?
Hiii!! Awww! Thank you :3 People like you are the reason why we are inspired to blog and share our passion online. :) I really appreciate your effort :) Yup! We are the one taking photos of each other hehe. :)
Happy birthdaaay! :)  Mike
Thanks, Mike!! :)
Bume-best man! I thought you don't speak tagalag=)))
Hahaha! Buti ka pa napanuod mo :)) Forgot to watch it nga eh :( Of course! I can't speak fluent english nga eh lol
Hi! saw you yesterday at Sm Novaliches. hihihi. so you live in QC din pala? :)))
Haha! Tambay ako sa SM Nova! Walking distance lang bahay namin dun :) Sana nag hi ka!! :D
Kuya seph, Why so pogi and hot? Hehe . :) Fansign po :)) Takecare :D
Haha! Thank you! :)) Ano lalagay ko sa Fansign? :))
Hi Seph, I want to thank you and David G. first for inspiring me to start my blog How did you know each other? How long?
I met David last 2010 at the F21 event. :)
can i use your picture as a profile pic? hahah!
As long as you tag me, sure! :D
bakit super hot mo?
Cause it's summer? Hahaha! jk :) I don't know! but, thanks! :)
How much is the entrance fee for the BU5?
I think 100php :D
You're so bait and down to earth, man I LOVE YA FOR THAT!
Aww thanks! :)
Single ka na ngayon? :")
Nope :D
Is Trice your new girlfriend? =)
Yes! :)
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Totoo po bang hiwalay na kayo ng gf mo na kasama mo dati sa lovechic na blog?
Yes! Last January pa :)
See you at BU5 this June 1!! Can't waiiiit! :D
Can't wait too!!! See yah!
Hello Seph! :) What do you recommend a perfect gift for a guy who is 25+? What would you want if you were given a gift by your gf?
Depends on the guy hehe. I just want a staycation on a 5 star hotel haha! Or trip to other countries :)
Is it possible that you'll fell in love with same sex?
Never :)
Why so hot? Kidding. My real question is how do you stay fit? Like you're fitness routine and what foods do you eat?
I don't know if I'm fit kasi I'm overweight haha! I just eat moderately and gym 3-4x a week :)
I saw you at BU3 last year. Pero nahiya ako magpapicture. Anyways, bakit ang gwapo mo? (may maitanong lang) :">
See you at BU5! This time approach me lang! haha! Gwapo ba ko? Well, thanks! :D See you soon!
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do you whiten your skin? soap mo po?
Nope! I used Belo soap haha! Only Belo touches my skin :D
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Hi Seph. Where do you buy your iPod Nano accessories? Like the brown one to make it like a watch. :)
Hello! I bought an 'iwatchz ipod strap' from Greenhills then I used the brown strap that I got from one of my watches of SM Accessories. :D
Hi! Which is your favorite character? Is it Jake or the Minions of Despicable me? :D -T
Minion! :D
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Great photos on your blog Seph! Just a couple of questions: 1. Who takes your photos on the new site? 2. What lens do you shoot with for your photos? Thanks!
Hello! Thanks! I have a photographer, and she uses her Nikon 50mm 1.8G. :)
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Sana po sagutin nito po ito... kelan po kayo huling nagusap ni ate shai?
Hindi ko maalala eh :) 1-2weeks ago? :)
Hi Kuya Seph patay ka may ka puro hates dito heehee - Ayah
Hi Ayah, so far wala naman :) And if meron man, hindi na maiiwasan yun kaya ignore nalang. hehe :)
Hi since when did u and shai have separate twitter accounts?
Since 1st week of feb ata. Can't remember. :)