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Why is a healthy lifestyle so trendy now?
Because it's important?
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Which movie ending really frustrated you ?  Shahzaib
Gone Girl !
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What has a head and a tail but no body?  SAIF
A Coin :p
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Your vocals are nice
Thank you :')
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when was the last time you cried? (STAIF)  KHOCHA :P
Last Weekend.
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What if u are the last person on earth? :D  Haseeb Khan
Then I am the last person on earth?
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When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?  Usman khan
Pizza ;)
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Hi shabolonna,I love all your songs sooooo much <3 Are you releasing any new ones soon??? :)
Check this out on SoundCloud - Listen to Zindagi (Stripped Orchestral Version) by Shabolonna
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Tbh I like your profile, it's hilarious.  Muneeb
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you know what a real man will never want his future wife's photo to be in someone else mobile.. life is so hard for real guys these days..
Becharay mard.
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Are u mad?
I'm the Mad Queen.
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Background's so cute *_*  Ali Farrukh Khan
Thanks Aliiii <3
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If you could have a role in any TV show, what would it be?
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Tbh: Shabolona!!! Hahaha umm okay let's start, when I first saw your *eid wala song* i was impressed only cause of your facial expressions and then I followed you on ask. You're cute and talented .. Sometimes you like my answers too :') but "Sometimes" tell me why? -.- hahah stay blessed  Zayn Rajput
Wow. Thank you, means a lot.
It's because I use Ask.fm "Sometimes" and not all the time ^_^
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Crowds, small groups or " Go away, I'm a loner " ? Which type of person you are? P.s instead of sending hate and being rude you can always have an option to ignore it!  Arhum Imran かわいいです
I don't want to sound mean but your question does not make any sense. Sorry.
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One things that u wanna do in your life ..?  Sheryar Raja
There are many " One things " I wanna do in my life.
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What is your favorite thrill ride?
Top Spin, Joyland.
Freezes my Shit.
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Why you're so pee obsessed ? :'D
I was just thinking.
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Worst thing about being a girl ?  Ahmad Mubeen Bhatti !
You can't pee while standing.
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Quality You Like The Most In A Man
The fact that they can pee while standing.
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Do you ever wonder what Will u do with all this beauty?  Hassan Afzaal CH
I'll take selfies.
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What has been the most drastic change you've experienced in life?  Hammad.
There was a time when I was so gullible. I used to believe in everything people wanted me to believe in but it’s not like that anymore.
I've never felt so numb before but I still sense sadness and remorse and the worse part is that I can sense bullshit in a second and am often bored of everything too easily.
Pretty people no longer attract me and one’s appearance has merely become a question for me. I've began to look beyond and it’s very disappointing. I think the most drastic change I have experienced in life is “Realizing”.
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What is the one, single food that you would never give up?
What is the one, single food that you would never give up?
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Hey you pretty thing. 😍 Listen you're really so much Cute, Stylish, Gorgeous, Beautiful and sweet. Whatever life throws at you, even if it hurts you, just be strong and fight through it. You're so worth it. Logo ka waisey bhi kaam hai bkwas krna. We are with you. Loads of love & prayers for you.
^ this 💖
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