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Can u paint hearts red on my timeline.  Hussain Rana™
Can I say I'm heartless? :3
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It was nice talking to you. P.s You inspired me .The way you dealt with all hate (Y)  People of Ask.fm (✔)
Likewise ^_^
I hope you find success soon xo
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Maybe :)  People of Ask.fm (✔)
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I have lost it i guess or i should say it wasn't there at first place  People of Ask.fm (✔)
Maybe it will evolve to something better.
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Yeah but i don't use it more often  People of Ask.fm (✔)
Because you spend time entertaining people on Ask..
I hope you haven't lost your real identity in the process of it all.
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Okay :-\  People of Ask.fm (✔)
Do you have a private account :P
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Isn't it amazing?  People of Ask.fm (✔)
No, it's not.
I'm sick and tired of most People of Ask.fm lol
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No.Who said that?  People of Ask.fm (✔)
Oh I'm talking to People of Ask.fm
All in one. Nice.
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Um just bored :(  People of Ask.fm (✔)
Oh so you're a person? :P
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What's Up?  People of Ask.fm (✔)
Nothing much! u say? :P
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Worst thing about being a girl ?  Ahmad Mubeen Bhatti !
You can't pee while standing.
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Quality You Like The Most In A Man
The fact that they can pee while standing.
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Do you ever wonder what Will u do with all this beauty?  Hassan Afzaal CH
I'll take selfies.
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What has been the most drastic change you've experienced in life?  Hammad.
There was a time when I was so gullible. I used to believe in everything people wanted me to believe in but it’s not like that anymore.
I've never felt so numb before but I still sense sadness and remorse and the worse part is that I can sense bullshit in a second and am often bored of everything too easily.
Pretty people no longer attract me and one’s appearance has merely become a question for me. I've began to look beyond and it’s very disappointing. I think the most drastic change I have experienced in life is “Realizing”.
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Teri eyes <3  50 shakes of WHEY
Teri eyes <3
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What is the one, single food that you would never give up?  Tasneem Ayub
What is the one, single food that you would never give up?
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It's Saturday! What are you doing today?
It's Saturday! What are you doing today?
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Hey you pretty thing. 😍 Listen you're really so much Cute, Stylish, Gorgeous, Beautiful and sweet. Whatever life throws at you, even if it hurts you, just be strong and fight through it. You're so worth it. Logo ka waisey bhi kaam hai bkwas krna. We are with you. Loads of love & prayers for you.
^ this 💖
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moti aurat
teri maa
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Your selfies <3  Alee KHan
Thank you ^_^
Your selfies <3
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Why does the Easter bunny hide eggs?
Caz she's aging and she's gonna need 'em.
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If you were candy, what would you be?
If you were candy, what would you be?
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Dp rate : 10/10 . best feature is Your voice *_* .. BTW kesi hou? :3  Sardar Zaeem Mahmood
oh wow thanks! im gud and u ?
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post a selfie
post a selfie
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