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Do you always smile for pictures?
Depends on the day :)
Do you always smile for pictures?
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She meant
Very Unique Loving Girl Awwlaa Reeyy!
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likers get 3 likes each?
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Shabolonaaaa hahaha ur so pretty  Zahra
So are you <3
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Loveyou :)
Loveyoutoo :)
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Queen , we'll you release piya re ? Hashtag Waiting xx
LOL! How are you typing? I'll release the full song with video INSHALLAH :)
Meanwhile, you can listen this:
https://soundcloud.com/shabolonna/piya-re-blue-version ^_^
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You're the real Queeeen. Love youuu! :*  Wajeeha Mubashar Ali
Thank you so much! :)
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Why do you think you're so sexy? :/
I don't think I'm sexy.
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lol Baray arsey baad tmhari wall dikhai dee Shabo :D #Followed ;)  Raymi
Hey! Long time:)
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gayy. khusree
Allah kare tera beta khusra niklay! #haye #haye
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are you a boy or a girl?
I can be anything you want me to be :*
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Abay bc meri tasveer hataa  Zubaida Appa
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What is your religion?
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"Every loser I've ever known is a superstar on Ask.Fm", you are talking about yourself, right? BAM.
You either are offended, loser.
You think I'm a superstar.
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Do you know eeveah ?
Imma aa deevah
Do you know eeveah ?
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Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but it turned out to be for the best?  Shahmeer
Several times yeah.
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What's the best dating advice you have?
Only date the person you like, not because he's cool or cute but because he's been nice to you and really honest and down to earth about things.
You'd end up dating a fucked up person if he happens to be boring and lacks expression.
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Do you like high heels ?
No I don't.
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What's one mistake you keep repeating ?
Losing self-control.
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Boy: U r good singer Girl: No I'm just bathroom singer Boy: Kabhi bulao apne live concert pe.. *blocked* xD
Hahaha! Lame but I got it.
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Share your experience on Ask.fm so far. Marks: (10)  Khadija Abbas
My experience on Ask.Fm is:
Ask.Fm is an amazing place, I made a lot of friends here! It's a great place to express your feelings about certain things that you don't really express in real life. You can flaunt your pictures and get/give rates and judge people openly LOL. In addition to that, you can send gifts and wishing someone on his/her birthday has become so easy. It's a great social site but all this good comes with bad too. For example,
Most people here are pretentious.
Some of them are so proud, they'd leave no reason to insult you.
People need a lot of attention here.
People ask for likes but when you go to their profiles there's nothing worth liking.
The only good answers you get are on Khadija Abbas & Ghalib Khalil's profile.
There are a lot of bullies here.
Most questions by anons are either rude or beg for likes.
Every loser I've ever known is a superstar on Ask.Fm
There's my experience on Ask.Fm!
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Eid Mubarak x
Eid Mubarak x
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And where's your Eid song?  Shahmeer
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i am pakistani i hate pakistan pakistan ko lath dikhata hu mein and pak is very bad country
Get a hobby. Loser.
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Post a photo of your favourite outfit!
Post a photo of your favourite outfit!
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