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Happy birthday gorgeous 🎉

Sarmad Mustafa Junejo

Thanks <3

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Happy Birthday 🎉 I just saw your bio😂

Muhammad Muizz Ahmad

Thank you! ^_^

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Your super power? 😜


I can sleep without snoring.

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To what extent do you trust people!

Just an ordinary guy

Never develop something like "Trust", because it takes ages to build but seconds to destroy.

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How to tell someone that you hate them without even hurting their feelings?

If you truly hate them, you wouldn't care about their feelings.

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

Infatuation, yes. Love, no.

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What's one thing you still regret??💯

Umer Butt

Last night's dinner.

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life is full of____??



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Do you prefer love or money more ?

Usama Syed

I've got both but in the end, it's happiness that counts.

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One thing that you hate to do?💢



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Something you have always wanted to be?👻


I am who I really wanted to be.

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What kind of person you're? ✅

Rao Muhaymin.

The "Damaged but Unbreakable" Kind.

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Favourite Quote?

Arslan Ali

Haters will do anything to destroy your confidence, even pretend to love you.
- by me

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Something that makes you Smile ?



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Came in the world just one day before me 😂

Mubbashir Ali

Aquarius Forever 💖💦

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i literally thought you're some foreigner but then i read 'lahore' on your bio 😁😆 You're pretty MA.

Desi 'n' Classy? ;)
Thanks xo

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Post something inspirational!

Sunny Cheema

Something Inspirational.

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What is your all-time favorite movie?

Umayr Durrani. ☠


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You have changed. A few years back you were quite peculiar as I remember.


No, I'm pretty much very peculiar today as well.

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OW - Queen


Thank you ^_^

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You are kinda pretty.

Wajeeh ul Hussain.

That's kinda nice.

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Share your best thought ? 💭

Usama Malik

What's your most used word?

Sara Jehaan


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