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If you and skylar had a baby would y'all consider skyreen as a the baby name?

Simone Bush

Noooooo haha

dont make this corny but i just wanna say thank you because of you i gound out who i really was

And that why I'm here. To inspire each of you to be who you were really meant to be and not worry what others think. I'm glad I've helped you to do that. It means so much to me!

Is waiting 2 years (still waiting) for someone if you really love n want to be with them too long?

If you think it's worth it no matter what the outcome.. No amount of time is ever too long

How did you get skyler to fall in love with you?

I was just myself and I treat her the way she deserves to be treated

Have you ever cried over skyler?

In what way? Lol

What should I do if everyone is telling me to give up on the person I love? Everyone tells me tht she's never gonna love me since I've loved her for 4 years.):

Well has she ever reciprocated the feeling?

I think you are so perfect omg!!

Awwe, thank you so much!

Shereen you should make a ustream !!


Hmmm... Should I?

Zammmm BAE lemme get them digits !


Omg I swear u turnt me gay!!!

Embrace the gayness :D

Next cover?

Sooner than later ;)

How do you feel about your younger fans ?

I love them! I love all of my fans!

Do you like to ride bikes


Indeed! I love to ride bikes. They're fun!

Do you find it hard to focus on school work or other things as you more and more things begin to happen for you?

Fredrika H

Nahh. Not at all

You are like amazing you can dance and you're like uhh idek you're just awesome

Why thank you :)

One time for Aquarius's!! My bday is tomorrow

Alexis K.

Aww, happy early birthday!

Selfie right now ?

Here ya goooo

Uh.. can i send you something in the mail? xP

Once I get my p.o box you can send me anything you want!

How did you and your girl meet?


How did u get ur abs so perfect??

Genetics! Forreal

Shereeeennnnn buy me some skittles pwease

If I could I wouldddd

if you could be anywhere right now where would it be?

With my baby girllll

Congrats on getting 50k in Instagram

Thank you!!

I'm not bi or ah lesbian but u make me feel like I am idk wat to do

Lmaoo. Just accept the feeling. There's nothing wrong with feeling the way you do

When is ur birthday ???

This Saturdayyy !!


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