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Hi shoe! I just want to say you're such an inspiration to me, and you've helped me become so much more comfortable with my femininity. Thank you so much shoe.


awww ur welcome ^u^

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What's the best about being a popular youtuber?

meeting new people and the fan art

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Thoughts on Lauren Southern

bae tbh 👌💯💯💯

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I'm so fucking pissed off listening to this shit, so i really wanted to say that fuck that chat, the whole stream is dumb :/ I like Andy and kinda like Bearing, but they really need to chill. Appreciate ya, pls more daddy jokes in new vids <3


yeah nothings going to change.

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How much would it take for you to sell out in anyway?

i got offered a few things where they wanted me to act like a conservative and i refused so idk. one was a guest on a tv show. they got butthurt i was a centrist.

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So, personal question. You mentioned in Andy's stream that you and Skeptic have ADHD. Have you guy's actually been officially diagnosed? A lot of people self diagnose or jokingly say they have such and such condition. Not trying to assume one way or the other, just looking for some clarification.

yes i've been diagnosed twice. the first time i heard about it was when i was in 4th grade but my parents didnt care. then i got diagnosed when i was 12, took meds and my parents didn't like how i acted on them. then i was diagnosed again at 22. i still don't take anything for it and don't plan on it.

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So anybody who is an idiot is an SJW? But that's completely subjective, what you view as idiotic is completely different to what other people view as idiotic.

"SJW" itself is an insult, not an actual position. so yes. big idiot.

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What exactly is an SJW?

a big idiot

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Does lightning McQueen get car insurance or life insurance?

Sitz Krieg

i thought this was the question of the day

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If a snail doesn't have a shell, is it homeless or naked?

it's a slug fuck you

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What's the worst part about being a popular YouTuber?


you have to be careful about what you say and do which is hard for me because i just like to shitpost.
also pressure to make videos/make good videos.

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Can I make a parody response to a nikki video?


please do.

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Do you believe in women being submissive in relationships?

no. only what makes them happy and comfortable.

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In 17 states more whites are dying than are being born. If whites continue to reject traditionalist values it looks like they will become the minority then eventually go extinct does this depress you?

people just dont wanna breed anymore. times are tough. birth control exists. dont worry OP i'll try to save the hwite race for you. too bad im italian and thats apparently not hwite.

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speaking of hbomberguy, i knew more about davis aurini from his videos. god i missed out on so much fun when you bullied him about the skulls. he is the ultimate lolcow

yeah if theres one good thing anyone can say about sjw youtubers its you learn a lot more about the anti-sjw lolcows like roosh and aurini.

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Holy shit, you seriously ruffled some feathers with that Satiratician video. The circle jerk seems very unhappy. I don't like seeing you catching flak from youtubers I normally like (especially when so much of it is flat out wrong), but are you planning on doing more videos like this in the future?

no. i've just been wanting to say something for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to play content cop. i don't care if people disagree, i even said 'different strokes' in my video. it seems to be the same people who cried when i said bearing was objectively in the wrong about the copyright thing. the "everything i dont like is SJWs. we are a family. muh community" tribalists.

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What's your honest opinion of hbomberguy?

why does someone keep asking me this.

he has a good sense of humor but he hates me.

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Who held a gun to your head and made you post two videos so close to each other, and can i thank him.

thank the satererereerererer. i got so motivated seeing that absolute PWNAGE!!1!!111

don't get used to the back to back uploads

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Do you see yourself as housewife material? Cooking, cleaning and having sex and pleasing your man as your main job?

that and youtube

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Thanks for clearing up that myth about bisexuality in your latest vid. For soo long it's bothered me that people stereotype all bi's as "whores" who just go around screwing everyone left and right.


hahaha i've only been with two people and both were dudes. i plan on being with skeptic for a very long time i don't think we will/i hope we don't break up. but i'll be bi until i die. it has nothing to do with having sex.
the most retarded one is "well if ur dating a dude ur straight"
going by that logic you're asexual when you're single.

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Hey June! Still wanna give a big virtual hug (if you're cool with hugs) for your response to my ask about the election and helping saving me from suicide that day. Just wondering if you, yourself, were ever an SJW (like me), and if so, how did you evolve into the well-informed woman you are today?


i was super into LGBT rights when i was like 18-19. i used to have a fuckh8 sweatshirt, other than that no. i was never an 'SJW' or a feminist. i don't think advocating or being pro-lgbt womens right mens rights or whatever makes someone an SJW, it's all about HOW they go about those things and the attitudes they have. SJW is an insult, it's not a thing. and i always thought feminism was an outdated movement.

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Mama June, can I buy you a tarantula for your birthday? :3

tarantulas are spider-buns

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What's one critique you have of the anti-feminists/skeptic community?

i did that yesterday

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(2/2) but I gotta admit that it's kinda nice to see you talk about stuff like your ADHD, trich, bisexuality and 'asexuality' in a way that actually makes me go 'hey I can actually relate to that, sweet!'. That stuff is usually glorified or demonized but you're just... I don't know, normal? Nuanced?

aw thats sweet. yeah i dont think things like that need to be used for oppression points or princess points i think everyone should just be cool about it. i like to talk about sexuality actually, i find it interesting. it's shitty that the tumblrettes kinda run that show.

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Does it bother you that whites are becoming hated minorities in their own countries ?

yes. it's popular and trendy to hate "white ppl lol"
nobody should be hated.

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