Has anyone ever hit on you in front of skeptic? (i'm guessing no, because he's huge and you never go outside, but if yes i bet that went hilariously) Feminism is for nobody

no but yesterday at the grocery store some guy was apparently staring at me (i didnt see) and skeptic held my hand and pulled me away and was like "i will punch him in the fucking face"
i would hate to be anyone on his bad side thats probably horrifying.

Hey the last anon who sent Shoe that question aren't you per chance from Russia haha? So many similarities in our stories(except for the bf part ( ・ᴗ・̥̥̥ ))I'm also 21 and also had that disorder that nobody takes seriously here. Anyway Shoe thank you so much for this post you're brilliant and I❤️u Nope


Do I have trich? Cuz I want to eat your hair so bad.


(1) After reading your blogpost, I fell into deep thought and almost bawled my eyes out.. I realised I had had the same issue you described in your post but was never really diagnosed. I come from a country where no one really gives a shit about diagnostics unless you're ready to be put in

(continued) ""(2)in a straight jacket and fed pills until you pretty much die on the hospital bed ( my grandma, suffered from depression and the whole anxiety DLC which led her to dementia and Alzheimer's). I can see my mother having similar signs and dude, I know many mental issues can be genetic and it scares me. I remembered my childhood and years growing up; how I couldn't tell my parents that I pull out my hair and the bald patches are my fault, how the marks on my legs were my fault try to unroot every hair etc. I remember how evil the kids were too at school (that part made me made me laugh) and how I longed for people to compliment me. I'm 21 and I'm sitting here smiling through tears with my sleeping bf on Skype at midnight, reminding myself of how far I've come and how much I've learned. you've helped me realise and learn a lot of things. I often find myself nodding to your videos and agreeing OR questioning what you have to say and wish to argue against your claims, just to gain insight. To that, I thank you and I hope your day is swell ❤️""

okay first off stop being anon so we can be friends. second of all this made me cry like a little bitch. so far 6 people in the span of only a few hours have told me they have the same disorder (one didnt even know what it was called). its more popular than people think. maybe i will make that blog into a video someday so it can raise awareness. thanks for your story. <3

If you hate the black lives matter ideology because you think black people aren't being mistreated by police, why are the majority of unarmed ppl killed by police black? https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/police-shootings/

you're being like a wage gapper. there are reasons other than "sexism/racism", do research. why auto think "unarmed" means not dangerous? lots of people put up a fight with police and the more you deal with police the more chance you have of getting into shit with them. black people happen to get arrested and shot more despite making up a smaller amount of the population. there's absolutely nothing racist about that fact. poverty and shit education is the cause, not skin color.

It's really cool that you watch channels with other perspectives. Shows that you're humble enough to consider other points of view being right. We need more people like you within the "skeptic" side of YouTube

i also keep an eye on them for some fresh cringe like steve shives.

Most attractive physical feature on a guy?

all i can think about is my guy but

smile, teeth, laugh, forearms, hands >.> is that weird

What's a normie?

if you have to ask, its you

Things you dislike about Canada?

they call mac & cheese "kraft dinner" like fuck off

Have you made fun of Sargon yet for passing him in subscribers?

sub cucked

You often talk about how it's important to be open minded and listen to different opinions yet all the feminists either have me blocked or their videos are terrible strawmen or basic wage gap type arguments. What feminist channels should I subscribe to to get a better idea of "the other side"?

although i disagree with a lot of what these people say but they're watchable and have good personalities:
Marina Shutup
Claudia Boleyn

they're the only people who dont come off as dismissive assholes and who will actually have a conversation with you. contra is p funny too.

Are there any anti-feminist YouTubers that you would say you dislike? I know that even within the community some people are off-put by Milo, for example (though I like him quite a bit). Is there anyone you think gives anti-feminism a bad name? Kenzi Hartle

nobody that gives "anti-feminism" a bad name. it's just a position not an ideology or something. you can be anti-feminist and be conservative/liberal/whatever, religious or not, etc.... everyone's thoughts and values are different and theres no rules.

i don't like undoomeds videos. the combo of his seriousness combined with the light topics (laci green, girl in bedroom #737273, etc) is too fucking awkward and kind of cringe worthy. i'm sure he's a nice dude, but i cant get into his videos.

where can i get that adorable black leathery necklace thingy with the heart that you're wearing in some of your latest videos? it's so pretty!! Blondine


I know you'received probably sick of fetishes questions but do you or skeptic recommend an online shop for rope, gags, etc? My fiance and I are just getting into the whole bdsm thing and the amount of choice is a little overwhelming.

normals get out

would you go out with Derek if you broke up with skeptic? or is that too weird, what with them formerly being your girlfriend?

people have to have certain chemistry to date and be in love. derrick and i have always been platonic and we're like brother/sister so no that wouldnt happen.

even if we werent close friends we're the opposite of each others types

i like big hunkish men and he likes tall blonde athletic women

he's a small dude and i'm a short brunette

What would you do if all the men on earth became child-sized and stole all your shoes and you had to walk across 20 miles of fresh melon slices bare-foot to get them back and you were wearing a diaper and we're being force-fed cookies until your belly burst? Armoured Skeptic

i knew it was you this whole time

what would you do, if all boys in the world were shrunken to ant size?


In an effort to keep discussion civil and avoid confrontation, I often hide my true beliefs from others. How do you stay true to yourself and beliefs when faced with someone who is strongly opinionated and overbearing?

on the internet i always stay true to my opinions. i don't care if people agree or disagree. but in real life i will try to avoid confrontation at all costs. if someone is overbearing and scary about their shit in real life i would just cry. thats why i would never go to a protest or anything. stuff like that makes my anxiety go 0 to 100. i'm an internet tough guy.

how do you describe your religious beliefs?

i don't care if there is a god or not i burnt myself out from that discussion in highschool

So, you don't support marriage but support gay marriage?

how the fuck you got "i dont support marriage" from "i don't want to get married" is beyond me

Kinda personal question, you are on birth control right? I am and I'm kinda scared now of all the side effects like cancer and shit, do you something about that? do you think they are myths?

everything "may cause cancer". dont worry about it. the most common side effect is weight gain. and i'd rather gain some fat than have a baby.

So, I'm going to be a freshman in a liberal arts college come August and I'm lowkey absolutely terrified of having to come in contact with SJWs in the real world. What do I do?

i'm jealous. i would love to see them wild in the real world.

what is a NEET?

a person not in education, employment or training.

Scale of 1 to 10 how crazy are u?

solid 4

You're one of the few YouTubers who tends to get more views even though your sub count is lower, would you say this is great thing or bad? (mentioned bad cause your onion vid got more views than you hoped.

shoe0ffhead is a small channel i can just have fun on and post random videos thats why it bothered me when the onision video blew up. i didnt want that channel to get popular for the wrong reasons. i want to most popular videos to be of skeptic and i and videos that are in the shoe0ffhead theme- not typical responses i would do on shoe0nhead. especially since that video was done at 5am and not planned what so ever- more just a spontaneous thing to help blaire feel better.

i guess its a good thing my videos get lots of views? i dont really pay attention to that because it makes me nervous. but high views means the the message is being spread. thats the important thing.


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