New to your videos and was wondering what are your thoughts on Christianity?

ideologies and religions are not my cup of tea
when practiced peacefully i could not care less
right now i'm a bit biased against only one religion

Bigger and more experienced YT's were suckered in by Candid then you Shoe. It's a shitty thing that they got you, TJ and so many others. Alas that is life. On another note, what did you do/ say when Skeptic showed you our Loonies and Toonies up here in Canada?


i wasn't suckered into it i was already using it a week before they contacted me. i don't feel bad about it, i still use the app.

Are you ok? Seems like HO got to you.

i did get upset because i do really like the app and have refused to do other sponser things so him say "they sold your trust for cash" was hurtful and a really shitty thing to say
i uploaded the description so it tells people about the spam bot but other that all of his claims are theories.
it sucks for the youtubers who claimed it was a free speech app though. i never said it was because i knew it was a typical normie debate app. i just pushed the anon part.

Are you my nigga?

i'm everyone's collective nigga

When did you change from "fetishists get out reeeeeee" to "lol u vanilla fucks"

when i discovered good sex

Shoe, my main man. I am a straight guy, i love women, they are beautiful, so beautiful in fact id love to become one , like, a lot. But i hate hairy men muscle stuff and also being a tranny seems like a waste of a perfectly good chill guy life, also i like penises a lot. What do?

Roman Dude

it sounds kind of like you'd enjoy dressing in drag as a hobby. nothing wrong with that. also sounds like you're a bit bi.

This is kinda random but did you think Rey in TFA was a Mary Sue?

i didn't at first but re-watching it out of the theatre yes i do

Would you call yourself an anti-feminist? Why/why not?

no. i think it sounds too harsh.

i am anti-islam tho...

Have you ever supported Black Lives Matter at one point?


When can we expect a duet between yourself and ChrisRayGun?

all the shitlord friends should make a song together

I want to start a youtube channel and I know I can make quality content, the only thing making me hesitant and putting in the work for possibly nothing. What's a good way to get views and subs?

"What's a good way to get views and subs?"
not making that your focus. thats how.

Hi June, sorry one more question about your trichotillomania. In your early videos when you have shorter, shoulder length hair is that your natural hair without the wig?

no, everything you have seen on youtube are wigs. i haven't not worn one since i was like 13.
it's funny i went from shortish hair to shoulder length in a month on youtube and nobody noticed. thats how you know i have a mostly male audience.

Opinion of the alt-right?

many people i talk to are alt-right. in the current climate it's almost refreshing to see their talking points. of course i disagree with some things they say and their attitude. but overall i could care less. and seeing hillary cry about pepe was worth giving them a pass for now.

I'm sorry to hear about your trichotillomania. Is it something you still do when stressed? And if you stop doing it, will your hair recover so you can have a full head of hair or is there too much damage to the hair follicles?

yeah it's usually caused by stress and anxiety. it does recover and then my dumbass ruins it. it's a frustrating disorder.

Where the happiness can be found?


You should start calling yourself "alt-left"


You should have your dad in another video but give him more lines next time.

my parents will be in the video i'm making today, actually.

my mum just bought me a fucking male tears mug what do i do i am very concerned

i'll be your new mom

Would you post a picture with no wig and no makeup for a million dollars?

i'll do it for free

My parents want me to go to a university and study some stem-field to become a scientist. I don't want to do this at all, I want to be a writer of some kind. When I carefully hinted at this they just laughed because they thought I was joking. How do I approach them with this.

if you're a creative type, majoring in STEM is like a death wish or at least would be for me. i don't know what advice to give you. you're an adult and can make your own life decisions, your parents have to realize this

Did you ever take that BDSM test and post your scores? I remember you and some people tweeting about it some time ago. Just curious.

skeptic needs to post his then i'll post mine

Are you going to make your videos more versatile or do you just plan on sicking with feminism / women issues

right now im still interested in what i'm doing. that might change some day.

You're 5"2?! How does Gregory not crush you?!

he does.

hai june. do you use [face] highlighter? if so, what's your favorite brand?


i do not. i used to have one called "high beam" by benefit. i got it for free when i worked there. it was good. i can't get into the whole highlight/contour thing.

Does AS support LGBT?

why do you people come here when you need to ask him a question

go here @ArmouredSkeptic


Ask @shoe0nhead:

About june:

bunny enthusiast, youtube idiot, very ok person

new york