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What's your opinion or take on Contrapoints?

he's my my favorite feminist youtuber.

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i know you're quite happy doing your youtube thing right now, but is there any part of you that still wants to try and be a filmmaker at some point?

yeah i try to throw sketches and stuff into my videos when i can because it's what i enjoy most. good news is if i ever want to make a film i already have the support.

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Is there anything that you and Skeptic adamantly disagree about? It doesn't have to be politics-related necessarily, it can be anything.

pistachio ice cream

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Which animal has the most beautiful fur?

What do you look like w/o make up??

an asshole

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Hey Shoe. (I am gonna call you Shoe and not June because, well, eh) I've seen almost all of your videos and I am not even someone who watches videos on YouTube (so that's saying something) . How many death threats do you get from feminists, SJWs, MRAs, etc per day? I'm pretty sure you piss them off.

i havent gotten any. ive gotten thinly veiled rape wishes from feminists during gamergate but thats it. people expect me to be public enemy number one but lots of feminists don't mind me.

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How high maintence is a bun? I want one, and I know they are really high maintence. But what makes them so high maintence?

they're like dependent clumsy cats. they can be litter trained and should they also SHOULD be house trained and have full roam of at least 1 room. they love to chew on wires and stuff so you have to bunny proof everything.
if they stay in their cage too long they can get depression. buns are very social and love humans and cuddles. but they need their nails trimmed at least once a month, need litter, need to be brushed, need chew toys. theyre expensive. they also live for 8-10 years. people act like theyre buying a rat or a hamster but its more like owning a dog or cat.

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Have you ever fellated Skeptic while he was recording a video?


a stream

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I don't know if my question was sent, so sorry if it is duplicated. but what is the outro on the video faux hate crimes: "sh*t that never happened land"? thanks

marcus vinicius

gorillaz "kids with guns"

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I wanna start a channel but I feel like no one would give a shit coz Im a fat girl. I struggle with an ED, its hard to keep the fat under control and I feel like people would pay more attention to me being fat than my opinions. Were you nervous to show your face & how did you deal with it?

you'll always get a few assholes irrelevantly pointing out any "flaw" you have. it doesnt matter if you're skinny, fat, ugly or hot. make good content and the smart/cool people wont care about shallow things.

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Its none of my business but why does your mom want you to to give her grandkids when your only in your mid 20s?

it's a joke, friend

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How did your relationship get to the point where it is? I realized tonight I was into dom/sub, and I have to thank yours and skeptic's openness for calling my attention to his. So, thanks Shoe

our personalities and chemistry created it naturally it was never discussed. we just fell into the roles creepy fast. like the first weeks we started talking fast.

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Have you ever smashed something out of anger?

i threw a pillow when my parents said i couldn't go to canada to go see skeptic for the first time

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Since your parents watch your videos, are they aware of the D/s relationship you have?

my mom has found some things in my room.

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I've been dating my long distance gf for almost a year and we can't visit very often (every 2/3 months) and there are tears whenever we have to leave, do you still have that? And if so what helps make it more bearable?

knowing we're going to see each other again

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Is there anything you can eat/drink that's good for your skin?

lots and lots of water

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Opinions on Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones and Gavin Mcinnes? I know the latter has little to do with the former two, I'd just like to hear what you have to say about them

i watch paul
alex jones is a living meme
ive never seen a gavin video yet

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(2/2) said attempt and the officer dispatched to my house had left, my boyfriend and I watched your The Trump video. I couldn't have asked for a better vid to watch after all that shit. Thank you for keeping it real and dispelling BS whilst comforting others in distress. You're a great person, June!


ahhhhh thank you oh my god
you're not the first person to say this. i'm happy that video helped ease some people's minds. that was the plan. im glad you're okay
everythings going to be okay.

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You get worried you're preggo? Is Skeptic's pull out game that weak?

Would you ever consider making merchandise (like t shirts or hoodies) I know I would definitely buy something if you did!

i've been slacking on the merch thing for 2 years. i think i want to do an art contest.

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Would you rather go to a music festival, have fun and sleep in a tent, or stay home, watch TV series and have some tasty snacks?

go to a festival then go home and cuddle and eat snacks

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how many people have mistaken you and skeptic as father and daughter?

one person irl. asian woman doing my nails

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Excluding buns, whats your favorite animal?

kitties and alpacas

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Are you transgendered?

im 5'2 and like 96lbs i'd be such a manlet

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Lesbian fantasies?


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About june:

bunny enthusiast, youtube idiot, very ok person

new york