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You once said you were 90 pounds on twitter. What kind of diet do you follow, out of curiosity?


I have a friend on FB who came across the meninist tampon tax guy and said "Okay, for real. If this guy isn't trolling I have no faith in men anymore." Should I point out that if I swap "men" for a minority it'd sound so much worse?

it's sad that you even HAVE to swap men out for something else. they should already see why their logic is stupid.

What is the perfect time to get a bunny (their age, time of year, etc.)

adopt one about 3 months after April. stupid parents will be dropping off "easter presents" to shelters because those "easter presents" need more attention/care than they assumed.

or get a baby one so its easy to train them to love you. look on craigs list or something. ollie was a shut down mill rescue and was a baby when i got him. so it was a win-win. saved a bun and got to raise him.

How hungover were you after the debate?

very. it was the first time i was drunk since my 21st birthday in mexico which was my first time ever.

I wish I could adopt a rabbit, but I feel like it would be high-maintenance, and I don't know if I can manage it. Am I wrong? I certainly wouldn't adopt any pet if I wasn't 125% confident I could give said pet the life it deserves.

yeah they are high matience. think of a less independent cat. thats a rabbit.

how are you so comfortable talking about sex? in a long-term relationship and i'm fine talking with my bf but whenever someone even mentions something sexual i just start blushing and can't speak at all

oh we keep a lot private of course but i'm proud of our dynamic so i don't hide that. he'll sometimes purposely tweet something really lewd about me or us and i'll scream on skype to delete it.

Do you think Trump is going to win the election?


i think they already have it planned and hillary's going to win

Where one can find the truth?

look inside the internet

Did it ever take a certain amount of balls to finally get up and create a YouTube channel, or was it something that just sort of came naturally to you?

came naturally since ive been making videos since i carried an 8mm camera around and didnt know what the internet was

Have you and Skebtic ever spontaneously broken out into sex while recording a video?

KIND OF.............

Your bunny seems to tame and happy to be around you. Most bunnies I have seen wants to keep away from humans and stay in their cages even when let out. How did your bunny become so tame?

hold them and play with them when they're babies. ollie loves human attention and loves to cuddle.

I'm looking for a shoe on your head! Is there a pic or vid out there? how did you get that name?

stop being young

Are you of legal age?

yes skeptic you've seen my ID stop worrying

So is skeltic chunky or buff ? You dont care if your boyfrirnd doesnt have a a super hot body?

his body type is "super hot"
he's big and buff with a hot belly
its the best combo
lumberjack dad bod
get some taste

How do you feel about taking pride about things that they had no decision in being? eg Being black, being gay. I've always viewed pride has something one would have in hard work or creating something that is special to them.

i don't mind if people are proud of stupid shit but don't be a hypocrite about it. if you're okay with black pride you better be okay with white pride.

Where you serious about being pro death penalty? It's not a very libertarian position, nor is it very practical.

yeah i was also serious about being "anti-choice"


Do you work for your body figure?

i used to but i should again. my body is good naturally but if i did work out or eat better (lol) my body would be amazing and i know it. i'm just lazy as heck and hate working out in public. i wish i had room for gym equipment at home.

In your relationship, do one or both of you get cranky in the morning? If so, how do you avoid snapping at each other or diffuse the situation? My boyfriend and I are awful in the morning.

skeptic is cranky in the morning i'm super hyper and boop all over him :3

what's your favorite gorillaz character & album?

demon days

I ask because FUCK I'm desperate, but have you had bad experience with psychologists/psychiatrists? Two times I was told I look "too happy" to be depressed because of my bubbly personality... hNNG

therapists yes. i went to therapy for a year and it did fucking nothing. mostly because we had nothing to talk about since my life was so boring. which is why i was there. every week she would be like
"so what did you do this week"
wow 10/10

as for actual doctors no. i was diagnosed as depressed. you probably went to a shitty doctor if they assumed you looked happy and thought that was good enough.

Is there a stigma against male subs?

no. they're more accepted.

Have you and Skep considered doing a Christmas song? I'm working on a version of 'Baby It's cold outside' and you two would be so cute singing it. I could make it sound good :D

Mr Pushedbutton

it's actually fucking creepy you said this because last year we planned to do that.

When you were getting ollie, why did you decide on a bun? have you had buns before?

i had another bun but he died when he had to get an operation :c

How often do you and your bf have sex

if i told you the average you wouldnt believe me

Were u guys holding back in Garrett's video?

i was shy/nervous but also just wanted to hear their points without interrupting. it wasn't supposed to be a debate so instead of "your fucken wrong" i just said things like "yeah but what if-" and "i think that-" "in my opinion-"


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