But you pronounced it wooder in a Lauren southern video. New Yorkers say watta

that's boston you retard

Are there any "conspiracy theories" you find particularly convincing, or just like entertaining as true? The Pink Pistol

all of them are entertaining. the moon landing is a little sus since we did indeed have a huge reason to fake it. i enjoy conspiracy theories and conspiracy nuts.

if feminism isnt about equality, then how does macaroni learn computer?


Is it wrong that the mere reason I saw my first video of you was because I thought you were pretty? I find myself doing that most of the time when it comes to female YTbers. That's how I started watching Jenna Marbles as well.

no thats just first impressions. everyone has those. and as far as i see me being not ugly is a bonus, just makes it easier to draw normies in so they learn some shit and eventually fall down the rabbit hole like i did.

What would happen if you competed in the Olympics?

i'd lose.
what kind of question is this.

can you give me eyeliner tips yours looks 👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥 and mine (when I try just to give up) looks like a child first encountering crayons królowa

friend, mine does not always come out looking perfect. i literally have no solid technique. sometimes i look like amy winehouse.

Do you have any kinks/fetishes and if so, what are they?

whats the askfm word limit

Do you like pineapple on you pizza?

yes cuz i'm not a pleb & can appreciate savory/sweet combo

Why do you upload new content so infrequently?

i only make videos when im in the mood

Will you make a video where you just say things that are affected by your accent? Please?


Did Skeptic gain weight or was he always chubby

this is the thinnest he's been in like 10 years and i'm very proud of his dad bod

How does one make his channel grow. I can't seem to get past 6 subs. I don't expect (or even want) to become insanely popular, but just have at least a small following. I don't think my vids are that bad, (about the level of a 1k sub opinion channel).

whats your channel i'll give you criticism.

Who do you think gets more weird fetish questions, you or Blaire White? Like more people like cis women, but there are a few people who REALLY like transwomen, and transwomen are rare, and attractive transwomen like Blaire are REALLY rare, so it might be a close match.

well blaire IS a fetish to some people so she automatically wins

.......I'm not even going to watch this video. "Yes, I'm Transgender (It Is NOT A Mental Illness)" by.......Onision......goddamn I get what you mean by him jumping on whatever's popular. What a psycho.


do you foresee yourself doing a video on the Alt-Right in the near future?

no. i'm left. i already know the right is retarded. they were the origibal lolcows. the reason i talk about the left is because i'm ashamed.

Seriously, have skeptic say "about" a lot of times in a video. It sounds extremely sexy when he does.

when he says "eh" i dont care where we are i need that D

I see your always canoodling with feminists like marianashutup and jjtalkz. this is blasphemous. no more canoodling.

how else will i gain access to their secret base and destroy it from the inside?

Did Leto's Joker make you cringe?

why the fuck was he even there he served no purpose it was just "look its the joker"

I have a 6 week old daughter, and I have no idea how to raise her to think for herself in a world full of regressives. I know you don't have kids, but any advice? I'm terrified for when this kid becomes a teenager!

be a good parent and teach her to be skeptical and stay rational about everything but have an open mind about people's beliefs if theyre not hurting anyone. encourage her to be herself of course. if you're a good person you'll be a good parent. my parents didnt directly teach me any of those things i just picked it up from living in their good environment.

Do you think Undoomed is wasting his talent on soft targets (such as teen girls in their bedrooms)?

yes 100% yes the combo of super serious with generic low hanging fruit makes me cringe to no end

Congrats on 400k :D

thank you friend. im more excited about how the dv video has almost 1mill views. thats amazing. im curious if the sites i linked received some donations

can i boop your nose?


What do you think of @Vernaculus' intro?

its awesome and im jelly

How much do you plan on spoil Skeptic today for his birthday? Brendan

well i just fell asleep in a leia costume and the day hasnt even begun yet

So shoe we know you're into BDSM and like to be dominated or w/e but how far do you take it?


Ask @shoe0nhead:

About june:

bunny enthusiast, youtube idiot, very ok person

new york