Why in your video on women sexulaization do you say you don't get sexualized on youtube? I've looked through multiple of your video's comments, and even your least watched video and there are comments mentioning how attractive you are, and it doesn't pertain to the video, so why ignore that?

you count compliments as sexualization? are you late for your gender studies class

Diana Davison commented on your latest video.

yeah it makes no fucking sense too.
"you dont get top 10 lists" nigga what. you made 10 points and i mocked how stupid they were whats not to get

also yes the idea of this video has been held back for a year because there were better topics its not like i was fucking researching this shit for a year lmfao


How does it feel knowing you're pretty much a normie youtuber now (just kidding no bully) Feminism is for nobody

one day im going to have a stream and invite you & spino on you will blow up and join me in normie tier youtube subscribers

I'm 17 and you look younger than more than half of my graduating class.... no offense. How old are you turning for real though no joking.


is female sexuality as complicated as lead to believe. as a male i personaly do not understsnd what females want in terms of sex....

females are not a hivemind

Has getting a big following on youtube and twitter changed your life in any way? Do you feel any different?

not in the slightest

Where did you get your choker from?

syndrome store
where i buy most of my stuff and thangs

What is more unattractive? Bad breath or body odor?

body odor.
both are bad but that one is less avoidable.

also this might sound gross to normal humans but i find my boyfriends body odor to be fucking hot

Is ArmouredSkeptic your boyfriend? If so, he is the most luckiest guy in the world. 😔 Ryan

nah i'm the luckiest girl

Those days when the depreshuns hit hard and you're shitting all over your efforts to no longer be a sperger-king wasting their life with socially-dysfunctional autist interests instead of going out and getting money & bishies like a normalfag, how the fuck do you deal with it?

okay first off "going out and getting money and bitches" is not winning at life. as soon as i accepted this i became confident and happy about myself.

i used to lie to friends and the internet about my life all the time because i was ashamed i was not as cool/getting laid/partying like everyone else. yes, there is pressure on girls to get laid ESPECIALLY since my friends were all 5 years younger than me and had a more "substantial" life and experience. i felt like a failure for being socially awkward and staying on the internet all day. THATS NOT BEING A FAILURE that's just a fucking different personality. you can have fun and be successful without being a "normalfag". i met my boyfriend who is so much like me we are both introverts and enjoy doing more "introverted" things. there are millions of people like you. i was so much like you thinking i had to have a fuckload of friends to have a fulfilling life but that's not true at all. you think you will be happy by "going out" but that's not true, you will just want to go home after 2 hours and get back on the computer to recharge your mind. socializing for too long stresses me the fuck out. i'm willing to bet that is your personality as well. you're not missing much. enjoy your life. accept the fact that you are an introvert and own it.

Have you actually met someone in person that strongly disagrees with the opinions you voice online and if so how did they communicate their disagreement? Flurmf

a client started talking about feminism and how makeup companies are racist but i just pretended i agreed. i try to avoid confrontation in person. 2shy.

I meet all of your female friend requirements. How do I proceed next?

contact me on twitter for pillow fight details

Are you attracted to Skeptic despite his chubbiness, or because of it?


it's not "chubby" though. it's a hot husky lumberjack bod.

Do you plan to make videos on anything besides feminism?

maybe when im burnt out of it or it loses power. right now its what im interested in and i think its important to dismantle.

I called and emailed the FBI and secret service about ebbieray/WildThang threatening Twitter message. Why on earth would anyone do something that stupid, not to mention illegal? Thank you for mentioning this Shoe.

because it's quirky and trendy to hate trump. it's especially funny to say you're going to assassinate him for retweets.

paul joesph watson made an entire video about people threatening to assassinate trump it's scary.

What was the cause of Onision's cuckness? A radioactive carl the cuck biting him? Feminism is for nobody

i love how he thinks it's cool that his wife has a girlfriend but it's not because it's not even a polygamous relationship, she just fucks someone else on the side lmfao he's literally a cuck

Please cuck me

onision, we talked about this already.

Are you still planning on making the video about "women not being funny"?


who do you think is the overall smartest in the anti-sjw community?

everyone is smart in different ways skepticissmartesttho

Hey Shoe I don't have a question um... how was your day?

unpacking, dancing and cleaning my room
and playing with my hair
NEET life.

What did you enjoy seeing most on your vacation? Feminism is for nobody

Is there anything so precious to you that you'd risk your life for it?

it's pretty evil and degenerate but i'd still risk my life for it

Who makes better videos: Spino vs. Fifn?

you're making me choose between my two little internet brothers they both make great videos

Hey, I recently found your videos on YouTube and after following your ask.fm link I saw you mentioned depression and how therapy didn't help. Can you share some advice on how you deal/dealt with depression? (Or perhaps links if you've already talked about it.)

it went away after i dropped out of college. i didnt do anything.

in the winter i get mild depression but not anything like it used to be.

so i dont have any real advice :c

Are you still going to make that Onision video on feminism? He recently made a video on Orlando and Islam.

no, i lost motivation


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