What was your favorite toy as a kid? PAP

a bun named hippityhop, stuffed velociraptor and this. a lamp. i was a strange and imaginative child.

Pap of the bun?

What's the most regressive statement you have ever heard?

"harmful opinions" is still the best regressive term ever coined. i'm glad harmful opinions used it as a youtube name

what's the sexiest photo you have of skep? SearleFM

nice try internet

so how many people told you that you look like dva? she has a bunny logo too

like a million people in the past month which is why i made her my picture

What's the last photo you took on your phone? Post it!

shoe how do you deal with the pressures of fame


https://www.getabulge.com ???




What is the one thing you could not live without?

this thing

and the internet

lemme kno if there's a juicy debate that i can participate in. i'm so in the mood. jennifer

there's almost always one happening if you're following my twitter but they end quickly because i get blocked

What is your opinion on modern day Feminism?

alright shoe, honesty hour-what is the pettiest reason you have ever unfollowed or blocked someone?

when people say they're going to cook ollie or send me rabbit recipes or pictures of dead buns i block them. thats my baby. fuck off with your unoriginal edgetard shit.

"you know who you remind me of. . ." dude no please i know what you mean "SHOE0NHEAD" - every convo about feminism i've ever had in my entire life jennifer

that's beautiful

Whats your most annoying habit?

cracking my knuckles on my head

Would you be happy without money?

i'd be stressed out but if everything in my life was the same i'd be pretty happy

How much did you lurk your crushes social media before talking to them?

does being a fangirl count as a crush

Is there anyone, in either the SJW-sphere or the mgtow/pua-sphere that you would actually say that you *hate*?

only one person i genuinely hate and it's the only person i've ever actually hated in my life too.
everyone else is either a lolcow or forgettable.

If skeptic fell for a guy, would you consider getting in the open relationship?

no fifn

Describe your day in emojis!


are you going to make a video with skeptic and a bunny. because... that would be the most adorable thing on the planet. Feminism is for nobody

How many genders are there?

2 sexes
people can "feel" like a different gender or neither and thats okay but there is just xx and xy.

Are there any people that you like a lot or greatly admire that hold completely different opinions when it comes to politics?

i'm friends with all different people with different opinions.
one's who wont be friends with me because of dumb little shits like me supporting trans people or not being a feminist are not worth being friends with anyway. it's not like opinions are what makes someone fun to hangout with. it's chemistry.

do your parents approve of your videos

yes but i don't think they realize how 'controversial' they are so they happily tell my entire family and their friends. they're proud and it's cute but they don't get that my opinions are not very popular and can easily make things awkward between me and other family members i rarely see.

alright maybe you've been asked this before but.. how did you lose weight? I'm really struggling rn after calorie restricting and losing my period and being obsessed w food I've started eating again and feel a lot better but have gained all the weight back... any healthy long term solution???

i'm naturally thin/petite so its easy for me. after i dropped out of college i instantly lost my depression weight. i don't have advice.

birth control made me gain a bit of weight. i'm trying to control it by eating less carbs. hard when you come from an italian family.

Are there any mainstream youtubers that you actually watch/ enjoy?

jenna marbles

thats it
it's funny someone recently was butthurt on here that i like her but i have a feeling they have never watched her videos lately and just pretend to hate her because "muh mainstream". shes hilarious and her dogs are adorable.


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