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Why do you always talk in tamil? -___-
Cuz I am a tamilian, Bich :)
What is your favorite salad?
Caesar salad (y)
Do u hv tumblr
Nah, I don't use anymore
What was the last song you heard?
Enakena yaarum illaye xD
What country's foods do you like the most?
r u tamil
What's the best cheese to eat with crackers?
Hickory farms garden medley :P xD <3 or swiss blend... idk , i like all ive tried. i love cheese in general :P
u single?
lol whhyyyy xD
What is your favorite song at the moment?
Dangaamaarii oodhaaariii :P xD #Anegan
You prefer Anal or Pussy?
i prefer ungaaya.
Come on you don't need to send any nudes. Let's fuck.
Wanna see? kik me.
fuck off. yeah , i'll fuckin kick u in the damn balls bich , u wont even b able to reproduce for generations.
Bich you can cheat others but not me. Only I know how u screamed when I fucked u!
podaang goiyala
Imma fuck you like how I fucked you last time.
lol bro u high or what...
So temme can we chill out. #ComeWithMeSobiBich
Nah bruh.
Bich. I'm a guy.
yeah right. xD
English please.
where did we go, girl?
Funny? I have taken you out last year. Why not this year. It's our last year at mci.
what? yaaruu neee
How many languages can you speak and what are they?
English and Tamil I`m fluent.
French, spanish.... im learning.
i also like to catch up on and learn other languages in general as well for fun.
Let's chill. Maybe to Starbucks? Or near the pond. Please?
u wanna chill? i can push u into the snow if u want.
Is that a YES??!! :o
uhh, nah relè.
Okayyy let's hangout then?
lol uhmmm
Imma buy you a coffee in our cafeteria.
nah i dont like coffee... esp from the cafe.
Yeee I do! It's near Marian's.
pff that locker is mine. -__-
Hola I'll be waiting for you at your locker. Wanna talk to you.
why -___- and do u even know where my locker is?