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Pet peeves?

Ignorant people, people who eat with their mouths open, and people that lie.

What equiptment do you use to get that quality?

A good interface and a good ear can make it happen.

These girls sound desperate to even have the time of day from you ! Lmfao

I don't mind responding to their Statements lol

What was the last CD you bought?

Oingo boingo's "dead mans party"

What is the last thing you said to someone?

I'm wearing my special whitie tighties today.

What's the most romantic thing someone has done for you? And what's the most romantic thing you've done for someone else?

No one loves me!

how did you make sex without having sex?

Like drinking coffee is sex, listening to your favorite band is sex.
Playing music to me is sex.

So you just like hooking up? XD

I just let the universe do its thing.

i can be your unicorn ;)

Minotaurs turn me on though..

that's so cool! do you make all the music by yourself?

Written, performed, and all produced by myself.
I am also starting my own independent label.

there isn't anything wrong with being 18 and a virgin. it is like being a unicorn

Never said there was.
I like unicorns.

Do you use auto tune?

Nope. Auto-tune's for talentless singers that can't hold a note in key.

Iyou said you were too old for taking virginities? lol?

18+ only club. Booyah!

Wouldn't it just be easier to say you got laid?

But I didn't.

I thought you said you were single? So you just hook up with people?

I am single.

Tried talking to you before. You stopped responding. Ha

Well I don't recall.

how do make sex?

The peen and vagine must combine.

what do u play!?

But mainly a singer.

I like your stuff. Where do you go to record? I need cheap!

My place. I'm getting more stuff to expand the sound. So far it's great.
I charge a fair price. If you're serious, message me.

Whatare you wearing

A shirt, pants, and kiss boxers.

What did you do today?

Went to guitar center and made sex.

I hope you changed it because JALEX is actually Alex and jack and all their lubb

That's what I was getting at.

I remember when your twitter name was "mrjalexstone" or something.

Sounds about right lol

Why are you cold? It's summer

Oh shit, really?

biggest achievement?

Making love to you.


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