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Anor Londo in Dark Souls 3, did you think it was a good idea or not?



About "True Gamer": I liked, but it is kinda rough around the edg hamming it up was... not good at all, actually it was cringy. Also, why would anyone not shit on this game? Why pretend that someone is actually asking for people not to shit on the game?


thank you for the feedback

I saw that you follow "hbomberguy" on Twitter... first of all: ew. Second: Why? Hasn't the whole Shmorky-situation taught you how toxic these people are?

Who fucking cares who follows who on twitter

Do you realize that the RE7-demo takes place in the same universe that in which an American city was h-bombed, wherein China, West Africa and Spain were overrun by mutant-terrorists on roids and Chris Redfield punched a rock into an active volcano ??? ....

that does sound like where we'll be in eight years

Are you interested in doing a Wrongpurae of Clock Tower 3 in the future?

Patricia Cornflower

actually axikal recorded it for us, so it's on the menu

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs


I agree

What would be a good place to start out with Romhacking for dummies like me that aren't the greatest with programming but want to dabble in it in my free time?

Patricia Cornflower

Pick a project that you love, because it is a lot of hard work and it's better to be invested in it than try a project that you don't care much about to "learn"

What is the literal hardest game you have ever played?


Shadow of the Beast might be up there.

I already bothered you about this on twitter, but do you and 'betus have any plans to attend RTX '16? If so, which day?

Devin M.

Yes and our panel is Saturday 12:30

I was listening to an old Retsutalk, and your guest Zorak recommended the manga Masturbation Master Kurosawa. Did you ever read that?

Daniel Fonov

Read it, lived it, loved it

Yo, not a question so much a thanks. I was indirectly introduced to Danganronpa because of you, and I rather enjoy the series. Sorry to hear about all the crap that went through the SA forums, but I still have to offer my gratitude.

Joshua Teruneh

I should revisit Dang a Ronpa one of these days. ...Or maybe my wife should

Who primarily runs the various Retsupurae accounts (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, etc.). Like, when +Retsupurae responds in the Youtube comments, who is actually typing it? Just curious.

James Stevens

Typically me nowadays

Was you favorite moment in Breaking Bad when Hank said "Dead to Rights".


My ears always do perk up at it

What was up with your tweets about that "pullahoko" guy? I don't understand what was going on. Is it just because he's kinda whiny?

Garrett Childers

No no. I told people to tell him they liked him and made a non sequitur joke about fucking up his timeline

Beef, do you agree that too much of Bloodborne looks the same? There's not variation like Dark Souls where enemies and locations change vastly and frequently. In BB it seems you spend 60% of the game wandering shitty London streets.

Mono Kuma

I could see that as a valid complaint, yes.

Have you ever thought about doing video reviews on your channel?

seth black


Just visual design wise what Dark Souls 2 areas look the best and worst?


Shrine of Amana looks great. The Gutter felt like "well we NEED an area like this for some reason so do whatever"

Do you prefer Dark Souls 2 or Bloodborne?

Sawyer The Cleaner


So, what boss fight in Dark Souls 2 was your favorite?

Guy Kazama

Fume Knight. Although holy wow, it was satisfying taking down Old Dragonslayer first try. I GREW UP, BIG BOY

Loredump: I think the mutated patients in Research Hall were attempts by the Healing Church to turn people into those "mushroom alien" things, and the Living Failures were a failed "first draft" for the Celestial Emissary; you fight both bosses in a flower garden that constantly spawns new enemies.

Will Staples

I figured Living Failures were "failed experiments that survived" hence the name but I def like your theory

Dangan Ronpa is coming to Steam this February. Would you like to revisit it somehow(maybe a compare & contrast stream or something) or have you had enough of it?

Andrew Manrique

Honestly I don't think I could add anything. There's already an official translation thing going on with orenronen commenting every now and again

Are you aware you didn't upload the last 33 minutes of the most recent "Life 6" Dark Souls 2 stream to Youtube? It should be death 21.

Cool Dogs Only

Whoa, I am not aware, thank you!

How did your wife react when you told her someone gave you 500 dollars for playing video games?


"We're about 1/500th toward freshman year of Radish's college so go down and play more Dark Souls 2." "Hey you got it right!" "Go, though."

I had a dream that I ended up in New Jersey and it was all salt mines (??) and rubbish tips by the sea and remember thinking, in the dream, that I should let you know, but this is the best I can do. I also remember wanting to tell you I was disappointed that you hadn't warned me? So yeah


That's south Jersey

Continuing off another guy's question how exactly would you define a "bad first episode" of a LP


I don't know, how would you define a bad season premiere?


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