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why luhan is out what's wrong with him he's nice , he's cool , he's talented i wan't to know i luhan is out ?  diane dural
Well, we never know what's inside his head. All we need to believe is that it's because of head problems. But probably it could be because he just wanted to.
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is it true? that luhan is leave in exo ? why ?  Mhay Asunio De Leon
Yes. Because of mainly health reasons.
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is kai out in exo ? is it true ?  diane dural
Nope. It's not Kai, it?'s Luhan
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why luhan out of the exo?  Devi Novita Andriani
Because of health reasons mostly.
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why Sulli Leave F(x)?  RedSoshi
Sulli didn't leave f(x) she's just taking a hiatus.
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can u tell me about jyj lawsuit?  enh-uils
It happens a long time ago though. Shortly, they feel like they are being cheated by the company; the salary they got doesn't equal the success they've got and the schedules they've done and that's why they sue SM.
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I hope all of you will get over this hard moment. Please take care of yourselves. the staffs and the artists. Love all  Trần Hữu Uyên Phương
Thank you so much. :)
Hello I'm From Indonesia , West Borneo I just want to ask this : Are SM Global Audition 2015 will be handle in Indonesia ?  태용
We still don't know yet. Please wait for further information.
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Does sungmin still become Super Junior member ??  Helena Gracia
Yes of course.
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If Lee Sungmin married, what he will be excluded from Super Junior by the SM? If yes, what is the reason? Please give us clarity. Thankyou.  vallentscha
No he won't be excluded from Super Junior.
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Is it true about Lee Sungmin? Is he really going to married on december?  #9thYearsWithSuperJunior
Yes he is.
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If I was chosen to be a trainee. Does I have to pay money for something like the cost of training?  팸크엉
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Hello. I'd like to ask if you know the reason behind Luhan's leave?  Danica
Mainly because of health reason and some other reason.
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I am 24 and would like to audition, I am a very persistent person and hard work, and I graduated from college and I would have no setback for practices. You think I have a chance?  reerr
24 is too old to be trainee. You will be at the end of your 20s when you debut. But of course there will be a chance.
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why Luhan out of the exo? is it true?  Devi Novita Andriani
Yes this is true.
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the rumor about SNSD Jessica leave the group, is it right??  Widya Meita Christin
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why Jessica Jung leave from Girls Generation? what have problem?  Nadera
She got kicked out.
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It's true that Jessica is gonna leave snsd??  Vanessa Verhelst
As for now, yes.
Haii umm I know or dunno if this question haz been asked many time before but umm ~ What do I have to send in to the email auditions to adution as a trainee~? And ish that still on ~ ? O.o  Janice ling li ying
Of course audition is on. You can check on twitter with the username of SMTOWNGLOBALbot 's favorite.
You can audition the Spanish people? And if we do not have economic resources to settle that we would have q do?  hansa
Yes. We will provide you much more everything now. You can talk with the company about that.
I can't speak Korean so can I join the audition?  팸크엉
Yes of course you can.
Do I have to dance in my audition's video?  팸크엉
It's up to you whether you want to dance or sing.
I am myopic. How many percent can I be chosen from the mail audition?  팸크엉
It is okay to be myopic.
Is your a rumor that Luhan are leaving EXO right??  Vanessa Verhelst
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Can you do auditions by mail? do I need to have Asian traits?  Luz Macias
Yes you can. Anyone can audition.
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