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I'm 13 years, I can participate in an audition? I'm from Chile~ ^^  Taisssssss.
Yes you can :)
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If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
The whole family of SMTOWN along with the ocean.
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Is it True EXO is promoting a new member?? Or it's just rumour??  Gem Zeme
No, they're not.
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SMent not be questioned about the religion, right? However, religion is the belief of each human  Anjaniaulia_
Yes it is. You'll talk about it later though.
hy, im from Jakarta, Indonesia...please deliver my greeting for SNSD Sunny, please tell her to keep her health and dont stop to make us smile with her cuteness....thank you :)  alexander nugroho
Hi Alexander i'm sorry but I have no close relationship with Sunny to tell her that :))
Hi i'm from Indonesia, when exo concert in Jakarta Indonesia?:)  Hermaputri Lestari
Hi Hermaputri. It's going to come to your city on September. Don't miss it out!^^
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Hello I'm Argentina. When are you going to do a concert for EXO South America?  Lucho Geremía 루시아노
Hi Lucho, we still don't know yet but hopefully soon :))
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how to log on to participate in the audition and how the conditions  Leni
Hi Leni we're very sorry for the late reply but where are you from?^^
hi am from Colombia just wanted to know if if was kris exo bye  Caritho Lopez
Hi Caritho. EXO will be continuing as 11 from now on. Please keep on supporting them :)
What is the true picture taeyon and baekhyun was doing a kiss  fairuz maulidya
It wan't a kiss Fairuz. It was just the chair.
Hi. I am an Exotic coming from Vietnam. After the announcement Baekhyun and Tae yeon is dating Fan us inside Vietnam was very disappointing. Some of you are fans of Baekhyun is completely devastated. So we have to do now? : ((  Nai Nhỏ
Hello Nai. We're sorry but those are their personal relationship. It's not what we have to be bothered about. When you love someone you should know how to let go. Just remember that. And if someone doesn't don't follow them :)
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How are members of Exo? please take care of them (:  Rocio Ynado
Hi Rocio. They're doing pretty fine :)
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¿Kris sigue siendo parte de Exo? Ojalá qué si u,u No quiero qué se valla ~We Are One~E.X.O~ 12=1  ♡Pandaaaas♡
EXO will continue as 11 from now on.
SM Town!! Thank you very much for answering my questions!! <3 I love you and SM Ent and the whole SM Family <3 FIGHTING!! ^_^  Kim Na-Young
You're very welcome :) we're happy too to have your support and cheers.
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because what happens is that I am from Ecuador and not get much information on auditions and could do  danna victoria
Hi danna you can always check them on our website and if there's going to be an audition it will be informed on SM's official Youtube, twitter, weibo and so on.
hello ... today I was looking on wikipedia and saw that said that kris is a former member is it true, and this confirmed?  †athiara†
Yes. Kris is not part of EXO anymore. As sad as this sounds, EXO will continue as 11.
do you think Baekhyun & Taeyeon will break up soon??? i hope soo ~ ~ ~ I want they break up  Nurun Ni'mah
If you are a fan then you should be supporting them, not backstabbing and making them fall.
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because Kyungsoo and kai may not be dating?  kim wookie
They are not dating of course.
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Won't koreans discriminate filipinos?  kim jongin
We don't...
Hello ^^ I want to now: If I am from Mexico I can audition??  Carly Lee
Yes Carly, you can. Anyone can participate.
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As I make an online audition for SM?  Karina
Yes you can Karina. Send it to sm's ema or
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Will more tour dates for SMTOWN LIVE 2014 be announced soon?  Lindsay
Hopefully so. :)
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What is Donghae's REAL height ??  Sabrine
Why? :D
to audition in dance, we can make an existing choreography or have to improvise?  Doriel Castillejos
It's far more better to make your own choreography. And if you're auditioning, good luck!^^
Is this official?  Sehun's
This is not official but we answer based on truth :))
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