I wanna ask, its true irene red velvet have a ask.fm account??

No, it's not true at all. No KPOP artist including those in SM entertainment have ask.fm account.

Hello i can sing and dance and i would like to audition for sm but i am not asian and i am 17 years old do you think i can make it ?

17 is not too late yet. If you're talented and has a good visual, take the chance. Just to share some info, there's still currently a female trainee in SM who was born in 1994 (23 years old), so it's not too late for you yet. If you're auditioning, good luck!

I would like to ask how can I reset the password of the game 'SuperStar SM'. Though I had type my email account in a website http://ss-event.elasticbeanstalk.com/forgot/password but it does not work :( Thanks for you help TT

Have you entered the correct email? If yes, please look at spam and other folders too.

if the weekly audition falls on Christmas eve or new years eve, will there still be saturday auditions?

If audition is cancelled for the week, there'll be announcement so please look out for them.

I was wondering if i audition online and i pass will i be able to go korea when im 18 because i am to young to go there myself since im 14 and my parents wont let me so do i have to audition all over again when im old enough to travel to korea thank you

Hi there. If you passed all rounds of audition, you can talk about this with the company's representative. You would usually be required to come during summer holiday and for the rest of the year, you can spend it wherever your home country is.

Hello I want to ask how can I get permission from SM to send a gift to super junior from Arab Elf? Waiting for your replay

Hi you can always send personal gifts to SM's office. But if it's a birthday support & fan project, you'll need to ask for their permission first & fill out a form.

Can we audition online for sm and if we can how can we do it and do you think we can get in sm even if we are not asian

Yes you can if you're pretty & talented enough. Go to SM's official website and you'll see a link (on the side) for online auditions.

I'm 21 and I think I can sing although I still have a lot to improve. I don't think my face is anything special but I get complimented by people a lot (I have spanish, chinese and filipino blood). At my age, can I still be accepted?

It's a little bit late. Unless you're really pretty or really talented, it would be hard.

is it possible for hazel blue light eye person to be accepted in sm?and if the person is pretty? and have talents and is from bangladesh ?which is in east asia

If you're pretty and talented enough yes. Remember, SM's like 60% visual, 40% talent. To SM, talent can be made and trained.

Hi, I wanted to ask if SM has an email for questions about job descriptions and requirements? (ps I love exo, keep doing great!<3)

There's no public email for that.

I live in Vietnam and I can't install Everysing app!!!!!

Everysing app is only currently available in South Korea & Thailand (Idk if they've made it available in Japan yet).

Can you tell me SM's email audition? I cannot find it. Amanda Nicole Christabella

Please scroll through my answers i have posted them before. There are different emails for different purpose though. Please look through carefully or your email won't be answered.

I'm from The Philippines, can I audition? and if yes, where?

You can try the online audition or wait for a Global audition in the Philippines.

I'm from VietNam. I can't participation on audition of SM. How I can join to audition? i can't come to korea and i can't come to american! So how? How i can ? Please answer me

If you go to SM's official website, you'll see there's an online audition. You should try and see if it's available now.

im 10 years old its too young can i have a audition

Nope, it's not. There are a lot of people who auditioned between 7-9.

if my everysing is 95 mark is that high?

Even if you got a perfect score in everysing doesn't make even the smallest guarantee you can pass the audition.

I'm 16 years old but I'm not korean or even chinese.If I can dance,can rap a little and can sing.can I join smtown?

Of course you can always try and audition for SM.

is there any snsd members who have ask fm ???

Nope, not even one.

Umm, i'm a muslim, and i wear jilbab, if i join the sm audition and accept to be trainee, can i still wear my jilbab?

I don't think so.

Everytime I send audition files to SM, it always get reply from postmaster@smtown.com, what shall I do? I can't even apply for it, how can I be judged? Nai

Please wait for the notice that SM is doing an online audition.

REAL snsd acc? Ayşenur Tarhan

SNSD doesn't have any ask.fm


You can sing both of them, it doesn't matter.

does the exoluxion in indonesia on oct 24 confirmed yet? pls answer it asap thanks.

It would be on SM's website once it confirmed or tweeted by the official promotor. Please keep checking.
Thank you.

Hi i am tunisian and i want to audition how ? Miriam

Everyone can join through the online audition.

Im 14 Im from East Asia I know how to sing ,dance and act.. Can I be part of it?

You can of course audition.




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