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I heard a rumor that Kris has heart problems. Is it true??  kada a.k.a katmadd
Yes. Diagnosed.
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is Tao EXO belong to a rich person?  Cintya Panda68
Tao's family is quite rich.
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why Kris Oppa leaving EXO? may i know it?  putriamalia
Because he wants it. If he can go on a more beautiful path, he can go. That's his decision.
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I'm sorry for much asking, but, what about Yesung ? will join ss6 too ? some said that Kim Kibum gonna join too is that true ?  Nola #4 Days for 이특 returns
Yesung is much more likely to still be in the army but we don't know yet. There's no such news about Kibum so please don't believe rumor easily.
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Is there a EXO THE LOST PLANET in Manila?  Desiree Anne C. Casimsiman
I think it's cancelled.
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SNSD members who have ??  T H A L I A
No one.
who have ask?  chicoritaxx love
No one.
Exo will never be the same without Kris!!  kada a.k.a katmadd
Nothing is going to be the same without someone but everything continues on.
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Is Luhan have an account here?  Nicole ✔ ㄴㅇㅅㅌ ♡
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is it true about baekhyun and taeyeon ?  Ain Shuhada
Yes of course they are dating.
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when will f(x) have a concert? T_T  downrightweird
It'll be hard. With all the rumors circulating around Sulli and now this week's schedule has been cancelled and remove from their official website.
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Luhan and sehun oppa <3 hunhan is real  NicoleeFer
They're not gay couples but they're best friends.
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Did all members exo have  Zulaeekha Fatheehah
No. No one have.
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when exo come to Argetnina?  Danii Avellaneda
Unfortunately there's no news for that yet. Sorry.
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when EXO The Lost Planet in Philippines?  luhanswife ♣
I think it's cancelled isn't it?
OT12 again right?  luhanswife ♣
Sadly, no.
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Kaisoo is real c:  EXOfan ♥ *.*
Of course they're friends.
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Is Oppa Kris really leaving EXO???!!  kada a.k.a katmadd
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excuse me, does taeyong will be new trainee in SME? he will be solo artist or make a new group? thanks.  putriamalia
He is already an old trainee.
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does chanyeol and baekhyun really have  Wan Ni(:
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Is it true that chanyeol has been filming a drama ?? And i am so happy when i hear chanyeol will be filming a drama :)  Dinar.WR
He's going to star in a new drama but i don't think it starts filming yet.
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can you tell me what's Luhan's please?  Cintya Panda68
He don't have
tlp in jakarta????  Karina
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when EXO The Lost Planet in Indonesia?  Cintya Panda68
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Do super junior members have account for REAL? I mean not an roleplayer account..  Adelia B. [郑丽雅]
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