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hi, Can i have your email to send my audition? Thank you  Trang Huỳnh
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Hi, I'm 14 years old, do you think that I'm too young to go SM?  taetae
Nope. Some people start auditioning at the age of 11.
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can i be a Singer in smtown Even i'm not asian ?  Dounia Lahna ♥
Yes of course.
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Hi, may I ask, even I dont know how to sing,dance or anything. still can join it?  Amber
Basically no.
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since there is no youth star audition and I'm 13 years old would I go to the weekly audition cuz in the summer I'm going to korea to do the audition but idk if I'm suppose to go to the weekly which audition do I go to then?  Vicky Liu
It's okay to go to any. There's no age restriction.
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how many songs if your auditioning for singer? and would you have to dance?  Vicky Liu
5 songs (mostly just small parts) and yes.
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Hello, My name is Andy, im not korean nor asian, i wanted to try the online audition but i dont know how it is going, and if i do it, do i have to introduce myself before singing or dancing?  Andy Paez
It's okay not to do introduction in the video. You can send them through email when they're opening round for online audition.
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Hi may i ask about EXO, is there any event here in the philippines? like Concert EXO'luxion?? and then... when?  Darlyn365
Any events would be confirmed by SM's official site.
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Any auditions to do in Egypt or no ?? and when it's no where can someone find it and do it and how ???  Jomana es
No, there's no audition in Egypt at least for this year.
If you audition and gets in, do we do live auditions in Korea next?  -tae
Hello, I wanna audition for SM Town online audition. Do I just have to go to Everysing and post a song or dance that I did, or I just need to email SM and attach it with the video or audio. If yes, what is the email do I need to send my audition? Please answer, it's my dream.. Thank you  Amanda Nicole Christabella
email. We have been answering lots of question related to email auditions and so on, please check our previous answer.
hi there ive just wanted to ask where can i find my MUSIC NATION SMTOWN citizenship authentication mail in your e-mail inbox. so i can receive my authentication email please i really need your help coz i have a smtown now application... i need a tutorial ASAP  B for Baby
Well check your inbox or if it's not there, check on spam.
Is it true that one of the staff slap baekhyun when he never gave his phone to unfollow kris on instagram?  SeoStal Jung
Hi, please don't believe in such rumour unless you could bring us an evidence.
If I audition through singing, can I dance a little while I sing?  Aerielle
Just focus on your singing would be the best option.
Hi I wanna ask. I haven't got the confirmation e-mail yet for the audition. so, what should i do?  tiffany
You should wait a little bit longer. There are lots of audition video to be look and processed at. But if it has been too long than that means you don't pass.
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Is it true that xiumin and irene are dating?  Minh Ngọc Chu
Please do not believe in such rumours.
exo ...i love it  EXO lover
Thanks for loving EXO!
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hello  -tae
Hey there!
Hi, I'm from Singapore and I'm 14 this year. When's the next audition? And what are the points to audition?  Wei Qi XD
I don't really understand your second question, sry
Hi! I'm 14yrs. May I ask you about SM Audition? If I passed the Audition. How can I go to school? Where I live? Do they pay for it ? I'm still going to school and I probably don't want to stop it. Hope to see your answer. Thank you!  Hong Sung Young
You'll be living in Korea and go to school there. There are international schools too so you don't have to worry about having bad scores.
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Sorry for the bother again, but what happens when we really get to become trainees?  Wei Qi XD
Then you'll be trained.
sorry i just want to ask I want a list of email (not audition) but that came out this article Congratulations on becoming a citizen of MUSIC NATION SMTOWN. Enjoy the many benefits offered by the B.C. Entertainment Group! "Check your MUSIC NATION SMTOWN citizenship authentication mail in your e-mail  HUSNUL
That's the welcoming message when you sign up for the music nation website.
What if i pass email audition for SM but don't have passport? What should I do in that situation?  Hana Tato
Well then, you have to make one.
I think you should give Filipinos a chance to audition like me. I am still waiting for it no matter what :'( I am preparing for the "audition time" to come, I would like to become part of here. PHILIPPINES please  The Ark SOURCE
Hi, there. You could try the online audition or if you can try in other places. I believe SM is also still improving the audition in the best way they could.
hi, I from Kazakhstan, I'm 19 years old. Can I participate in a audition 2015? I'm worried about this))  Zhanarim
Yes of course. What are you worried about?