Can you please suggest an upbeat korean song to sing? (For girls) thank you :)

Depends how confident you are in your vocals. If you're really confident, I would suggest trying out an Ailee song like I Will Show You or Mind Your Own Business, etc.

Hi! When being S.M Global Audition in Kazakhstan?

There's still no plan yet for that so it'll be better if you join the online or email audition.

If I audition online, would it be best to record myself singing the whole song? Or just a part of it?

Record the part that you're most confident with only but make sure it's at least 30 seconds.

Should I try both the email and online audition? Or just one of them?

Just one of them.

Is acapella sound can apply to audition?And now I'm 21 in this year can I do an audition?

Yes you can still apply even though you're 21 and acapella is what's required. You can't use instrumental music.

if i become an sm trainee, how often do i see my parents? (i live in america)

It would be hard for you to see them unless they come to South Korea.

Who will be judging the during the auditions?

SM's staffs ofc

Hi! How di you do the friend reccomendation audition? Karla

I've posted an answer just now regarding this :) please take a look

I'm confused abot that if i sent them my audition and they approve it (just in case) i have to go to korea for a 2 round and 3 one? Because considering that Peru is far away from Korea, i just wanted to know if it's necessary to go there. And how do I audition online, just by email or what?

Of course it is necessary. They would have to evaluate you in person because becoming a trainee is no playing. Even when you audition online, you still have to go to an offline audition for the 2nd and 3rd round. If you're saying you don't want to go to Korea because it's far away from where you live, then it would be impossible for you to come and train in Korea.

I have a friend who's very talented and is turning 20 soon. What are the chances that she'll still make it and is it better to send auditions via email or post? Also how do you do the friend recommendation auditions?

You can still audition even when you're turning 20 but you must be really talented. It's not too late to try yet though. If you're not in Korea, USA, or can't come to offline auditions, use the online audition option or email audition. Friends recommended auditions are only if you know someone inside the company (mostly idols or high-ranking staffs) who would recommend you and let you take a private audition.

what is the next reply about for the sm online audition (those who cant participate in global audition) after the automatic reply??

They would inform you if you pass to the next round of audition.

So if I became a trainee, will SM pay for my degree?

School fees would be paid by SM

is it okay to audition? I'm a pilipino

Yes of course. Everyone is allowed to go audition.

how/where to audition in online?

You should go to which is SM's official website and then when you scroll down, you'll see an "online audition" box on the left. All information are there or in the FAQ.

Oops sorry under the catorgary dance, can I do a dance cover or another kpop grp's dance?

Yes you can.

Hello :) I'm peruvian and i'm interested in auditioning for sm (singing), but i'm not asian at all, don't speak korean (but i'm learning) how can you audition online for sm? I want to know because i'm a little bit confused with the description of the online auditions that sm provide in their website

It's okay even if you're not Asian or speak Korean at all. When you become a trainee, they will immediately put you into Korean classes. What's it that you're confused about?

How many trainees (approximately) are there in SM currently?

SM usually maintains 40-50 trainees. I'm not sure of the exact number.

why does NCT have so many sub-unit? how does it work really?

It's rather complicated but NCT will have lots of units. NCT-U is the promotional unit and the members can be changed anytime. The main group right now is NCT 127 which is based in Seoul and the members won't changed (they're fixed). New units based on different cities and countries will keep debuting with new members in the future. SM can add as much trainees as they want into the new units.

HAPPY TIPPA DAY <3 #fanytastic


have you auditioned for sm audition as well? ^^

Well, i don't think i can answer this one haha sorry

If i passed the first online audition and can't afford to go to korea for the next one, can I do video call audition or can SM provide airplane ticket?

Video call won't be available. You will have to work it out with the company.

i auditioned via the online audition (for those who can't attend global auditions) and got a automatic reply saying that they have received my documents. when should I be expecting the next reply and what will it be about?

If you passed the first round of audition, they will get back to you in usually about 2 weeks. If it's been months, or more than 1 month and you still haven't got a reply that usually means you don't pass.

Hi:) if I want to audition under the cat ovary dance, can I do a dance cover of another kpop group's dance?

Cat ovary? I don't really know what that is sorry

Hi, What's going to happen if i received an email from SM for the online audition? I live in Dubai. Please give me an answer :)

Hi, can I know what the email is? I mean the content

Hello Is SM going to debut a new girlgroup soon ?

Probably yes. But not this year.




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