im 10 years old its too young can i have a audition

Nope, it's not. There are a lot of people who auditioned between 7-9.

if my everysing is 95 mark is that high?

Even if you got a perfect score in everysing doesn't make even the smallest guarantee you can pass the audition.

I'm 16 years old but I'm not korean or even chinese.If I can dance,can rap a little and can sing.can I join smtown?

Of course you can always try and audition for SM.

is there any snsd members who have ask fm ???

Nope, not even one.

Umm, i'm a muslim, and i wear jilbab, if i join the sm audition and accept to be trainee, can i still wear my jilbab?

I don't think so.

Everytime I send audition files to SM, it always get reply from, what shall I do? I can't even apply for it, how can I be judged? Nai

Please wait for the notice that SM is doing an online audition.

REAL snsd acc? Ayşenur Tarhan

SNSD doesn't have any


You can sing both of them, it doesn't matter.

does the exoluxion in indonesia on oct 24 confirmed yet? pls answer it asap thanks.

It would be on SM's website once it confirmed or tweeted by the official promotor. Please keep checking.
Thank you.

Hi i am tunisian and i want to audition how ? Miriam

Everyone can join through the online audition.

Im 14 Im from East Asia I know how to sing ,dance and act.. Can I be part of it?

You can of course audition.

is there auditions for arabian?? Miriam

Anyone can join through the online audition but for offline audition, there is none currently.

Hope this reply helps.

how many people can pass audition?

It's not decided whoever is good enough will he accepted.

Do you think 22yrs old should join SM ent? even though she looks like a kid, short, and can compose, sing and want to be in KPop group!?

It's a bit old in terms of age.

can i pass audition if i don't know korean

Yes you can :)

I have apply 2015 hong kong audition online using facebook to login . About 2 month ago,but I still do not my reply email! You said that I must have a reply email to the audition ! So how can I do? Send one more email? M.k. Yiu

If your email is not responded in two weeks might be as well you are not accepted.

Hello! Is 19 years old too old to audition? And how long does it usually take for them to reply to email auditions if you pass it? Also, how long should you wait to send another email audition? Is better to audition live?

Hi there, it's still acceptable. You might want to audition as soon as possible though. They will reply you in maximum of 2 weeks usually. And, don't resend your email audition application.

Hope this reply helps.

Hi. I'm 21 years old. Can I join to smtown?? Sin Lay

The age is a bit late but can i know which category are you going to apply for?

having korean look its so important for the auditions ? Miriam

No, it's not but it would give you an advantage if you have the 'Korean standard beauty' look.

If persons with disabilities still can join smtown?

I'm sorry but we don't think so.

audition in indonesian again please 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 Muhammad Rafi Rauf

Please wait for next year's global audition :)

Can smtown accept musilmans ?

Yes, SM do accept all religion.

can i be a Singer in smtown Even i'm not a half korean?

Yes you can.

hi, Can i have your email to send my audition? Thank you Trang Huỳnh

Hi, I'm 14 years old, do you think that I'm too young to go SM? taetae

Nope. Some people start auditioning at the age of 11.




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