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Hello! I'm fan from Mexico! Greetings from here! Fighting :*  Mónica Cruz ∞
Hello Mexico!!^^
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What if you're accepted as a trainee, but you live in another country?  Black Anatomy.
Than you have to move to SK
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hello ^^ PERÚ PERÚ SM TOWM in PERÚ ? :cc SHINee in PERÚ :cccc.. PERÚ los ama <3  (≧∇≦)♥ NEKO-CHAN ♥ (≧∇≦)
Hello again Peru^^
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Hello from Peru!! :3 ^^  Ariana♡Salazar *o* (アリアナ)
Hello Peru!^^
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which country can do the audition??  Dallana VelasQuez
Any country for online audition. For global audition 0214, please check SM's youtube channel for more info
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how much !! :o  김준면
I don't remember exactly how much it cost but please check at the smtown passport website
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I'm from Spain, can I do an audition? but I'm not asian  Shãrotto96
Yes you can. Do it through online audition.
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Why Amber of F(x), is so Beautiful? She is perfect<3 *u*  Amme♥(:
Amber is both beautiful and handsome :D
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Hi SMTOWN! I am from indonesia,fan EXOTICS and SONE forever  vinska qadirra erlan
Hello Indonesia^^
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Hello I would like to know how to audition? I would love to be part of SM Entertainment!  케이 마린
You can join the online audition or global audition. Where do you live?
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How does it feel like to be a trainee? Do all trainees become idols?  Laura
No they don't. Most of them drop out. It feels hard and depressing.
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this is official account from SM entertainment?  andi maqhfirah nurul fitri
No we are not ^^
hi SMTOWN much love from Ecuador. i just want to say thanks for discovering all the artist<3 im so excited to see EXO'S never dissapoint me. love you <3<3<3<3  vivian villalva
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Hello From ECUADOR♥  L G T B♥ (VNBP)
Hello ECUADOR!^^
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SM plz answer me :'( i'm a fan from philipines and I want to make friends to EXO :(  nova pelino (kpop lover)
No, i don't think that's possible. Sorry.
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how trainee becomes an idol? They'll be rivals? The hard working one will be an idol?  Exoxxxibgran
Well, the one who are ready to debut will debut
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Which group has more activities planned for this year? ^^  Tomy ✓
Actually every group. TVXQ had just finished theirs. Soshi currently. And the rest coming soon.
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I send my online audition, but i don't have a reply, why?  Ernezto Park
Please wait.
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when exo's comeback?  a n i s
Soon. They're preparing for it now
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dae?? but how about this account?? is this account real?  nova pelino (kpop lover)
Real for what?
it has been a month from jakarta global audition . did they already pick someone? i know this would be very privated  gh☆★☆
If you know than what's the point of asking? I'm sorry we can't answer
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Annyeong,EXO-K have a  vinska qadirra erlan
No they don't
It costs money !!!  김준면
Yes of course
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안녕하세요. 그들이 오디션과 연기 춤 있는지 알고 싶어요. 나는, 댄스, 행위, 그리고 다른 많은 노래를 사랑 해요. 나는 내 목소리를 잃는 위해 노래 할 수 없습니다 그냥. 지금은 개선하기 위해 훈련하고 있습니다.  Mica Hornos
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Do SNSD members have because I see some of accounts here giving autograph. Are they real?  Kim Chingu
No they're not