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Hi when is Johnny's debut ?

I can't answer this question but if you miss Johnny, he'll be participating in Dreamstation crew to perform soon! Please look forward to that☻

im arabic can i join sm

Kpop Saha

Yes of course.

Hi I'm from vietnam and cant go to the live audition. What should i do now. Please answer my question

For the first round of audition, you can always do the online or email audition. If you pass the first round, then they'll ask to meet you in person in one of SM's building in South Korea.

How long does it take for SM to reply to an Email audition?

If you're accepted for an audition, they usually get back to you between 1-2 weeks, sometimes 3.

Hi! I'm 22. Can I join online audition? if I can what I must to do participate?

It's a little bit late but you can always try since there's no official requirements of age to audition. If you're outside of South Korea and don't think you can come there, there's online audition and email audition. You can find more info about it on smtown(.)com

Hi, Hair color or eye color, is it important? So, I'm Blonde and I have Got blue eyes is it important?

Everyone can try and audition for SM regardless of your skin color.

when will the auditioncome to hk

All information regarding global audition will be posted on SM's official twitter and website (and possibly, other SNS platform) if there is.

What is the online audition and gow do you do it?

All of the information regarding online audition is provided here -> smtown(.)com

Any tips on how to get the attention of judges when doing the online auditions?

It's always nice to get the high notes ;)

if they accept me to be a trainee..i shoulf talk in korean?

You will learn to speak Korean of course. But to audition, you don't have to. They will have Korean class for foreigners which you SHOULD take.

what can do in the audition

What you should do for the first step of audition depends on what audition you're taking.

can i join if i'm 13

Yes, of course.

how to live auditions?

Do you mean offline auditions? There's weekly audition in Seoul, South Korea. But if you're outside of S. Korea, then you have to wait for a global audition. They will be informed through SM's official website smtown(.)com and also Twitter and also other platforms. You won't miss it :)

1. how many breaks/days off do trainees get, if any? 2. will SM accept white people?

They can relax or go out on Sundays.
If you're good enough and meet SM's standard, yes.

When I audition online will I send a video of me singing or just the mp3 of it,I'm quite confuse

Please check the audition FAQ provided in SMTOWN's website.

hi! I am wondering if I could audition as a group?

No. Audition should be solo only.

What's the best way to get your attention?

keep mentioning me on twitter

how should i tell my parent that i want to go to korea to audition because my dream is to be a singer. Im already 16 years old. I don't want to waste my time and my parents money studying things i don't want to be in the future cuz' my only dream is to be a singer. thank ü

shaina tan

You should try auditioning through email or online first. If you pass the first round, they'll ask to meet you in private in SM's building in South Korea and that's when you convince your parents.

if i am arabic how can i be sm trainee?


You can try the online or email audition. Just go to smtown(.)com for more information about possible auditions for you.

Is it okay to audition again online?

It's always okay to try again and again even if you've failed before.

Can you please suggest an upbeat korean song to sing? (For girls) thank you :)

Depends how confident you are in your vocals. If you're really confident, I would suggest trying out an Ailee song like I Will Show You or Mind Your Own Business, etc.

Hi! When being S.M Global Audition in Kazakhstan?

There's still no plan yet for that so it'll be better if you join the online or email audition.

If I audition online, would it be best to record myself singing the whole song? Or just a part of it?

Record the part that you're most confident with only but make sure it's at least 30 seconds.

Should I try both the email and online audition? Or just one of them?

Just one of them.

Is acapella sound can apply to audition?And now I'm 21 in this year can I do an audition?

Yes you can still apply even though you're 21 and acapella is what's required. You can't use instrumental music.




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