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Will humans ever live on another planet?
yeet you're askin the wrong person
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What one word describes you?
What annoys you most?
when ppl read and dont reply like you could at least be like gtg or something hah
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Do you have a thing with anyone?
i have a boyfriend lolol
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Do you want to get the Apple Watch?
no i like my hot wheels watch
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What are you terrible at?
nothing im perfect
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Post a picture of your favorite sci-fi character!
our sub e.t was a good one.:)
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What was the last movie you watched?
insidious 2, i stopped it at like 30 minutes bc bored.
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I say names you post a pic of you and them and your opinion
Top 10 guys that you trust?
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What was the best movie of 2014?
that one
How do you get in the pool?
just jump man its too cold if you like slowly go in nom sayin
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Cutest couple?
Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify?
Jonathan is my cousin  Tristan Upp
yes im aware
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What do you wish for the most in the new year?
i need to have more fun thats literally all
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Hey, I just wanted to say that you're such a beautiful person, inside and out - not just for how you look but for who you are and what you mean to others. Keep smiling :) ♥  You are so Amazing❤ Mr. Happy
thank you
Do you have or want a tattoo? What and where?
no but i want a small cresent moon on my ankle rly badly
Cutest Couple?
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What is your favorite candy?
sprees and mike n ike
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Would u ever have sex at this age
Are you and jonathan dating?
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Hottest girl\guy in 8th grade. Any school.
jonathon dixon duh
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Rate your dancing skills from 1 (worst) to 10 (best)
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