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Welcome to the trip, man. ;)

Cosima Niehaus

yep :D gotta love orphan black ;)

bae<3 I missed youuu

Cosima Niehaus

same :) how have u been
, apart from falling in love with orphan black by the look of it ;)

u actuly r hot y not meeee??????????????

F**k that, my nose is too big ;)

sara is beautiful nd your hot

she's alright :/ jks yea :P thanx xxx

u single?

not at the moment

What would you grow in your imaginary garden?


What does it mean when a girl smiles at a boy?

friend zoned... always friend zoned

love you babe:*

thanx hun xx

sum1 is partinding 2 beme. Ij alwis put kisis in mi msgs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx luv u mi boy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sarra is kutie i am nicr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

omg!! who is this!!!

LIk i saed sum1 is pratinding too beme. u ant sarra ar cute togthr but i wsh u wur min. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

... i dont gettit

sarra's hot u shud bang her

thanx for the advise ;) but i am not sure thats a great idea :P

would you ever become gay for the right guy?

depends if the guy is tom daily or not ;) jks :P

Sarras a whore y not pick me??:(

Leave Sara alone she is brilliant! And the one thing she is defiantly not is a whore

hiya!! xx

Hello there :)

rolling in the derpppppppp, you had me in the palm of your spammm, and you played meee to the frapeeee, ---Damn I am inventive ;) x

Urmmmm wow thats pretty good... I don't get it though :P x

i licke air benders and origonol helbender to. sarra dosnt xxx :'( xxx y not me? xxxx

Well can't argue with that logic :P

i am so jelus of sarra# why didt you pick me. i ha;ve lcked you 4 agis. :'(

Awhh, sorry - but i really need it spelling out if someone likes me because i don't get hints :P

silly xxx

init ;) xxx

shudve bought her some rolos you do know how to win the ladys dont you roro69

Hoes dig the Rolos (it rhymes ;) )

What da fuq is happenin wiv u nd Sara?

you gotta a problem bladd

i miss you.

Cosima Niehaus

Awhh thanx, you too :) havent been on in ages :P

Tomorrow, me and you need to act sensibly. We can't act like 10 year olds. Frigging Mr Tatersall. erg.

Alice Lishman

Yea i mean if we want to be head boy/girl we are gonna have to be good boys and irls ;) :P

Never ever blame me Ro Ro, not happy. I still can't believe it. That awkward moment when they said they broke up!!

Alice Lishman

haaha o alice :P ;) *winkifashe* omg that was sooooo funny :P

Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner?



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what the frick is bio!! i am human