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thoughts on grace larkham and angie lewis

Funniest girls, I just love the both of them x

You're really cute :)

Thankyou :)

What's the last thing you bought?


Last selfie


Your so fucking sexy


you are so beautiful, nice and funny. we should talk more :)

Aww you should tell me who you are :)

why were u laying on top of nick P.E? :)

Hahah wtf I wasn't :')
But I sat on him while he did push ups ahaha

What is in your fridge?

Not enough

What did you do on the weekend ?

Nothing much

Do you have a boyfriend? :)

No I do not :)

Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?

I respect their decision yes

You're so beautiful and gorgeous

Angelo marrero

Haha aw thankyou

wow you are actually so pretty

Aw thankyou!!

Are you with Chiara Breanna and Tahnee every weekend?

Yeah hahah pretty much and if I'm not with all of them I'm with at least one :')

same wtf it's like hard. Whatevs ill probs do it at like 2am

Olivia Pittaway

Not feelin it :(

We have it second too HA we're gonna die

Olivia Pittaway

oh dear
argh I'm stuck and I can't be bothered

Our art research thing is due tomorrow lol cry

Olivia Pittaway

Andddddd fuck
have you done it!?

you are the most, funniest, nicest and beautiful girl in the world. you are the love of my life! :)

reveal yourself please x

Are you an art lover?


tbh: such a nice girl ! easy to talk to and always have something interesting to say :) you're actually such a good drawer :) funny as aswell :)

Sam Primrose

Hahah aw thankyou sam! :)

marry me xx

please xx

Why hah

Why what

You girls and your obsession with Kyle

Breanna Visser

I don't even care if you are related to him, I'm sorry


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