queen @sophiekohut6
don't bother lol
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thoughts before and after pirate kings pls  Joe✨
b4: bruva
afta: not bruva
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Holy Fk, says you ;) Ilys xo  RhiannonDunleey
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Would you rather be rich and famous or poor and happy?
rich and rich
Honest thoughts :)  RhiannonDunleey
u r perfect n i want 2 b u
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Have you ever tried to be vegetarian?
i m vegeterin
How jealous are you, on a scale of 0 (not) to 10 (extremely)?
yur so gai lol h8ing on yu  Sarah
lol omg pls y
What are you terrible at?
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Ticklish feet x?
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How will you celebrate your next birthday?
with cake
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jakey? i have already said this is someone he talks to a lot and he has told me about problems?
ok bby dnt believ but ok
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the only reason he did it was for shauna
whatever you say bby ur lying 2 ur self jakey
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what is the real reason
shh shh its a secret
not really but ok
but ok
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you know the reason he stopped talking to you was because of shauna
we all know the real reason why
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it says what he is but not why
its self explanitory
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Anyone finger you before
my aunty
what makes him that
isn't it self explanitory ?????
for life
why not now
bc he's a weakass fuckboy ??????
You got a nice ass
You got a nice ass
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what makes him a 'weakass fuck boy' wasn't he close to you
lol yea was
Pap from behind
model shot from the other week
u lyk
Pap from behind