Dimitri A.
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What is your biggest addiction?


Why do I still love you. I will always love you I love that you and gabby are together. Just wish you never broke my heart

I'm see that I'm late as hell, but who might this be ?

how tall are you

About 5'8

Mitrie got hoes! lol love you. This is Sandy in case you didn't know! Lmao

Don't lie like that. It's not good for the soul. Hahah

Do you and gabby date ?

No, we don't.

But do you still want to be with her?

Don't wanna say. 'cause I don't know if she still wants to be with me anymore. Not gonna speak upon things I don't know.

Haven't you noticed something's are left up to you? Don't pend it on God.

I'm happy, she's happy. What more can be done? Besides, when you've done all that you can, that's what you can do.

since she dumped yhu, u have been depressed..

Over it. What happens next is in God's hands. :)

Who are you?

Idk anymore. Hahah

You miss your gf???

Not my girlfriend. Don't wanna say.

I mean ion know why ppl keep referring to her as your gf , she is your ex ; besides she not fucking nobody she just happy af now ; I mean we all know you still love her but don't you really think you start worrying about getting yourself together ? I bet she don't even reply to your messages

I have myself together in more ways than one. I'm straight if she straight. Left it up to God. I'm done on the situation, and whatever God has planned, it shall be.

At what age you kissed for the first time?

Don't remember. 7 maybe?

How about you ask her!

I'm not the one all in her business. How about you get the info YOU trying to spit straight. You go ask her, nosey bastard.

Who you calling a fool? While your girl is getting banged by who no what your still bitching about your feelings just saying

Lol, and you still haven't texted me saying whatever. How much lies can one spill from their mouth? P R O V E to me that everything you saying isn't a lie.

Ello person! Who are you talking to? You guys seem mad?

What is "mad"? People should just mind there business. :) But, I'm happy to prove a fool wrong. & I'm fine.

how am I being petty? Telling the truth burns I see. You have changed your more conceited than normal. What's your number I will fully explain it then.

There's a difference between putting on for social media and not letting people in my business and seeing me in my feelings & being conceited. But this whole app/community is petty. Just entertaining it. Anyway, here you go. 601-813-1342

If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it?

Ain't no telling. I'm sure I'll find something.

Are you proud of what you have become? What you use to be was better but now your just another copy of your girlfriend

apparently you know nothing & only assuming because you still called her "girlfriend". I will forever stay the same no matter whatever I go through. if you really care about whatever you say I'm becoming, how about you hit me up personally instead of hiding behind this simple way of being messy and petty?

Why do people kill each other?


Post a selfie!

What are you wearing right now? 


Done :) back ?

Chirag x)™


How often do you smile?

Not much.

10 likes for 10 likes ?

Chirag x)™

Like away.

Single? TF happened?

Asking the wrong one.