Summer Rewis @srewis96
Summer Rewis @srewis96
16 and pregnant season 5! Twitter: SummerJames15 Snapchat: sjames96 Instagram: summerr15
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How long has it been that you and peyton haven't seen DJ?
Since August.
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Does Peyton still know who his daddy is since he hasn't seem him in a while?
I hope so.
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Do you feel butterfly's because of tomorrow?
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Are you driving alone for 4 hours with Peyton?
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Are you Planning to take Peyton off the bottle now that he's almost 1
I'm gonna try!
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What do you think about Leah cheating on Jeremy
Her marriage, her business.
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how far is the airport from the dirt road you live in?? lol
I'm having to drive almost 4 hours.
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do you plan on moving out of georgia
I doubt it lol
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Did DJ Come home today?
I'm picking him up in the morning from the airport.
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Do you read
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Wwhat's ur fav perfume
I don't really have one.
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What's a goiter
Google it lol
How did u no u had graves and what were ur symptoms
I went and had blood work done bc i was missing my period and they told me I had hyperthyroidism. Then I had to take more test and it come back I had Graves' disease. I have a goiter in my neck, it makes me paranoid about everything, it makes my heart beat really fast, all that wonderful stuff lol.
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Has graves. Diease effected u and how
Yes. It effects my life everyday. It constantly makes me feel shitty.
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Can you truly love more than one person?
I don't think you can.
Do u drink alcohol and if u do what's ur fav drink
Not usually no lol.
How many pics do u take a day roughly
Not many lol
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What's your baby gonna be for Halloween???
I haven't decided
How many pillows do u sleep with or do u sleep with any
What's the last drink u had
Vanilla coke
Do u prefer bath or shower or a spa bath
Who's going to peys b day
Family and friends
if peyton was a girl what would the name have been
I'm not sure.
did DJ help u plan Peytons party
No lol
Are You still married?