Summer James @srewis96
Summer James @srewis96
16 and pregnant season 5! Twitter: SummerJames15 Snapchat: sjames96 Instagram: summerr15
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Didn't you get an epidural?
I did but I got it to late so it didn't do much lol.
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Ur saying on twitter u want a tattoo what do u want when's ur birthday. Why don't u answer on insta
I want this. And my birthday is sept 13 lol.
Ur saying on twitter u want a tattoo what do u want when's ur birthday.  Why don't u answer on insta
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Okay. I have a scenario and need opinions. I had sex with this guy 3 times, but he has a girlfriend. Yes, I know about her but me and this guy have had a thing since jr high so I did. Now he has just dropped me and I am like devastated. Am I over reacting?
He's just using you. If he had a girlfriend why would you even consider it? I'm not being rude at all, but how would you feel if that was you?
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Is giving birth really as bad as movies make it seem? I just found out 2 days ago that I'm pregnant and I'm Terrified of giving birth
Omg mine was awful
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If you had morning sickness when you were pregnant how did you ease it? I'm 7 weeks and can hardly handle feeling sick all the time
Nothing eased mine. It was so awful. I literally stayed sick until I had Peyton.
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Ur so beautiful
Thank you :)
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Favorite restaurant?
Olive Garden
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How do you fight off the feeling of lonliness?
Hell if I know. But when you figure it out I'm dying to know.
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Your gorgeous  Tyler Loeden
when did you get your belly button pierced?
When I was 14
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when did you have to take out your belly button ring?
8 months
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How far along were you when you started showing in your pregnancy?? I'm about 6 weeks and I want a little bump so bad I'm getting anxious !
Almost 7 months lol
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Do you think girls who starve themselves to be skinny are selfish ?
I think it's stupid. If you wanna be skinny exercise.
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where do you buy most of pey's clothes?
Anywhere really. I love the polo cloths though.
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Have you ever dyed your hair? I've seen pics with highlights!
It's all brown
Do you have heavier periods when you're not on the pill?
Lol idk.
I jusr watch ya episode you and DJ are a great couple and peyton is handsome dont let people tell you to not get back with DJ its yall business its your choice its ya family yall just focus on working things out live a happliy ever after family dont worry what people say its not they business :)
Thank you :)
do your sisters all have the same daddy?
When is peyton bday
October 28
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Who the f*** is prettymarisol?? Lol she looks so desperate ✌️
Haha I have no clue man.
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What was the last thing you ate?
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Do mikala said dj told her y'all got 6000 dollars for the show ? Is that true ... I sorta figured y'all got paid but didn't know it was that much .
No that's not it at all. Tell her if she's going to spread my business to atleast know what the hell she's talking about.
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when is DJ gonna see u and Peyton
Whenever he gets home from working. He's out if state working.
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Holy crap y'all got 6,000 each to do the show .. Mikala just said y'all did .. Damn that's a lot of money
Actually, no. That's not what we got at all. That just shows how much of a dumb bitch she really is.
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Did you grow up living with your dad?
My real daddy