Summer Rewis @srewis96
Summer Rewis @srewis96
16 and pregnant season 5! Twitter: SummerJames15 Snapchat: sjames96 Instagram: summerr15
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Can I just say that Peyton is the cutest baby i've ever seen :)
Thank you :)
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You and said that you and Dj arnt together anymore but your name is rewis again
That's my name.
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Why is Mikala on house arrest?
Lol why would I even care to know?
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Ur beautiful♡
Thanks :*
did u ever notice that on 16,&,pregnant there's never been a girl from new York on there I find that so weird lol always girls from little town I wonder why that is
Lol no I didn't notice
I really admire you, honestly. Ignore the rude people, they obviously have zero life experience if they're gonna be that judgmental and stupid. I think you're awesome. Peyton is the cutest! <3
Thank you :*
Who's mindy James
My step mama.
Omfg that just melted my heart!!! DJ seems like he has a genuine heart wow.... Didn't expect you to say that was his career.... Ya'll are so cute together. Peyton is one lucky little boy!
Thank you
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Do u like the vampire diaries or the originals
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Do u remember ur dreams
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do u like living in the country
Not always.
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do u miss your momma
I have my days.
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how did you sign up for the show?
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U don't have time for smart ass people? If you don't have time you wouldn't post any answers.. U just don't post the questions that make you look bad. That's fucked up
How can any of this make me look bad? Do you see how I live my life? No, it's actually bc I don't have time for peoples negativity. Atleast most of the time. But it's assholes like you who make me be a bitch. So gtfo my page.
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What is DJ doing that makes him leave the state so much and travel? What kind of work does he do?
He does army care packages for the soldiers.
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what colors have u had your hair
Red, brown, a little blonde
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does it seem time went by fast? I mean, your son is 1years old! they say the years go buy fast
Omg yes. I can't believe my baby is one today :(
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Is it true when u have a baby you pee during the birth? Allot of people have told me u do
I didn't really lol. People are different though.
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I love how u answer only the nice questions
Bc I don't have time for smart ass people.
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Are you currently happy?
I am
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What's ur fav pic of urself
What's ur fav pic of urself
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Salted or sweet popcorn
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What did he get for his b day
All kinds of stuff! Lots of toys and winter outfits
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How did the teen mom two get pics of peys b day and u said u don't have much
I never said that lol. I posted them all over my fb.
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How do u feel about having a one year old
It's exciting :) def tiring though
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