Summer Rewis @srewis96
Summer Rewis @srewis96
16 and pregnant season 5! Twitter: SummerJames15 Snapchat: sjames96 Instagram: summerr15
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You were all over the Truth Contest website, I was just seeing if you were aware.  Link Williams
What's that?
how does it feel to be married & have your own home? I wish I had that
It's amazing.
Who is your sister's daughters father ?
That's her business
How old is your sister that is having a baby girl ?
Have you ever met or been friends with someone who has the same name as you? Whi?  @wildfoxes__
Would u ever consider a threesome
When your sister due?
In July
Did you buy a house or rent? I love how people think you "own" your house because they get a mrotgage... no idiots, you don't own the house, your bank does.
Were just renting.
Do/have you have/had extensions?  @wildfoxes__
No I've never had them.
did u get a ombre
I had it.
how big is your house
It's 3 bedrooms 2 baths
Do u have ticks where u are
You are such an amazing mother and you inspire me so much! If they make a teen mom 4 would you want to be on it?
Thanks :)
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Not a question. Just wanted to let you know Peyton is just the cutest kid I've ever seen. Just adorable!
Thank you :)
Who makes your life complete ? Why?  @wildfoxes__
My family. They mean everything
Do you still have the dog?
He died :(
You are seriously an inspiration to me! The way you take care of your son is so amazing! ❤️
Thank you!
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Your episode aired in Ireland last week. Well done to you and DJ . Great couple, fabulous parents. Peyton is a lucky boy
Thanks :)
what did u get Peyton for easter
what did u get Peyton for easter
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Does your sister Pookie have instagram? If yes, can u please write it here
I'm not sure of her user name
How many sister do you have and which parent did they come from? sorry there's just so many girls and every time I think I have it figured out, a picture you post makes me second guess myself
Lol the 3 dark headed ones are from my mama and step daddy. & the two blondes are from my daddy and step mama
What does DJ do for work? Does he still travel?
No. He works at a mill
You're pregnant again?!
do u want your next baby to be a girl or another boy
It wouldn't matter
do u consider yourself famous lol
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