Summer Rewis @srewis96
Summer Rewis @srewis96
16 and pregnant season 5! Twitter: SummerJames15 Snapchat: sjames96 Instagram: summerr15
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What does DJ do for work? Does he still travel?
No. He works at a mill
You're pregnant again?!
do u want your next baby to be a girl or another boy
It wouldn't matter
do u consider yourself famous lol
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why did u deactivate ur ask
People were annoying me.
aww that's pretty is she happy its a girl
I guess lol
what's she naming her
Alaina Marie
is your sis having a boy or girl
what's your favorite tv show(s)?
Pll, total divas, and keeping up with the kardashians
If you were peeing outside and mid pee you saw you were peeing on a worm, would you stop or keep going?
That's gross
yay your back!!! what have you thought bout PLL this season?!?
I'm still obsessed lol.
What bugs you most about ask?
How rude people can be.
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my mom swears you're a gypsy. are you romanichal or something? (no judgement, totally just curious)
Lol no I'm not.
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I usually don't like southern accent very much but you made me like it haha...It sounds nice on you, do you like your accent and are you aware of it?
I'm aware of it now since the show lol
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Is there any new information on a possible teen mom 4 ?
I haven't heard anything
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Hey Summer ! :) your episode aired like two weeks ago in Latin America! isn't crazy to you that your story is seen in many places around the word? lol ...anyways, I really thought you were a nice girl, regards from Bogotá, Colombia!
It's super crazy! Thank you though :)
how is Peyton doing sleeping in his own ROom was it a hard adjustment?
He still sleeps with me lol
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does pey have his own Room if so what's his theme
Yes. Cars
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when do u and DJ want more babys
Not sure
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you guys bought a house?
We're renting one.
do u guys have your own appartment
Our own house, yes.
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have you and DJ got over arguing?
Dj and I are great. Better than we've ever been, actually. But I've learnt that my marriage is my marriage. So I won't be asking any questions regarding that. But thanks for asking.
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Are you happy that you and DJ can live on your own with Peyton ?
Oh yes, definitely
How old is your son?
16 months :)
so happy your back on ask how are u and DJ doing? and pey of course
Were all great :)