Summer James @srewis96
Summer James @srewis96
16 and pregnant season 5! Twitter: SummerJames15 Snapchat: sjames96 Instagram: summerr15
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When was your due date when was her born, how far were you in hospital when u first came in? How long? What type to pain meds?
November 13, he was born October 28,
Who's idea was it for u guys to get married
did it hurt pushing Peyton out?
Lol duh
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its people like you that prove that being a (single) teen mom is doable. thank you!! (((:
Thanks :)
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After you gave birth because you were married did u use birth control
Do you believe that once your married you don't have to have birth control
I guess, if you're wanting kids lol.
How long were you in labour for?
Like 12 to 13 hours
Yoru a great mom
Thank you
What's the most painful part of giving birth?
The contractions
Ahh, what was it? Was it your water leaking?
No I was overreacting lmao.
Because you're under 18 did you have to get parental consent to get married? (I'm not from America so I am unfamiliar with the laws) xD
Did you have tons of false labor did you go to the hospital a lot and have them tell you your not in labor
Like twice
Do you think DJ still loves you
You don't hurt people you love. And I could honestly care less
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What do you mean in your episode when you say to DJ "I was peeing, and then I wasn't..."?
I thought my water was leaking
Whats your middle name ?
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Being a single mom isn't a bad thing, it's not ideal youre both the mom & a dad ! Eventually someone will cross your path who is 100% worthy of having you. Things will get better, you are seventeen & an exceptional mother, a single mother. It's a big gold star in my books! Peyton is a lucky boy!  Sydnie
Thank you so much
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You are the best mom ever you are my favorite from 16 and pregnant! And I'm so sorry for what you are going through your son is the cutest thing in the world.
Thank you
I'm sure you must get a ton of "you go girl" messages but the truth is, I've been where you are & I know how badly it hurts, & how irritating it can be for people to blindly tell you to stay strong. Bad days are okay, they're allowed. What matters is not giving up. God has a lot in store for you
Thank you so much!
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You're gonna find someone someday who will actually treat you well! It's a big world don't you worry
Thank you
Do u care that he says that do up read what he says
No I don't keep up with him. And I don't give one flying shit what he says. He knows what he's put me through. He's so fake.
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So I just looked at dj ask he said u cheated first is he lying
Yes his dumbass is lying. He's so pathetic
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So mikala is going to be in Charlotte, Nc for warped tour. I live there & I'm going, and I really hope I see her so I can give her a piece of my mind lol.
Do you and Maddy still talk?
Not much :( I miss her!
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You never answered my question about if you and maddy are best friends. Like have you guys known each other long enough for that
I love maddy
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Keep ur head up. U r the one that is a great mom and parent
Thanks :)