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Are you ready?
What happened to Ben and Sadie
I believe that's none of mine nor your business. Ask them yourself
We all know who's asking you these questions, just jealous because you are happier than you've ever been before and they don't like it. Everyone needs to leave you alone, they just want to upset you, well guess what? It's not working, now stop being anonymous if you wanna say something :)  Rhiann Sarah Northall
It's sooo funny! We find out soon who is saying this anyway ahah can't wait. But yeah they should just inbox me really but nope got no balls have they ahah I'm not bothered it's hilarious xxx
No you just seem to be on it with loads of lads
Just the one thank you very much & I love him to bits!
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Moved on quick didn't you
Problem with that?
hey xxx
Are you single or taken?
Happily taken
Omg some of the questions in here stace ❤️
What? Haha
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Would you rather be rich and famous or poor and happy?
Rich and happy
We've all seen you hugging and kissing the chap from EDL
EDL is racist. It's the English Defence League, so it's pradominatly white only
Oh ffs really?
You're boyfriend is part of EDL you racist motherfucker
EDL isn't racist fucking idiot.
And I don't know who you're on about when you say 'boyfriend'... Because I don't have one.
Secret crush tbf
Have you ever wrestled someone and squeezed them really hard with your legs?
What type of question is this? Hahaa
Actually it's 5 degrees right now, which is warmer than the rest of the day.
Doesn't feel it
Stace I love your answers to the shit you get on here your so funny lmao
Haha thanks! You're* x
Yeah think it has dropped a bit cooler tonight
Great shag earlier x
Cheers son
What's the longest you've waited for something?
I don't know
Don't need to to see how sexy you are...
Tar kid
do u love me xx
I do ;) xx
"Nice girl" HAHAHAHAHAHA what's that spastic thinking?
Doesn't realise I'm a psyco bitch tbf
hi u seem a nice girl maybe we should talk sometime :) xx
Pop up
Can't wait to fuck you tonight babe ;)
I'm on my period.
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Alright sexy?
You looked in the mirror?