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Stacey Harrison @StaceyyJaynee
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Ask Anything :')
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How many hours a day do you spend watching TV?
Less than an hour
nice pic! so sexy babe xx
haha u know who i am babe
No I don't have a clue, message me
just thought i would cheer you up!
Who are you?
just wondered, i know someone that would be interested ;)
Haha okay
have you ever thought of having a less serious relationship??
Ain't thought about any relationship really why
can everyone just shut up about jacob?
will you leave jacob to move on
I have
what were your first impressions when you saw her?
No comment
do you knoa this new bird? what do you think of her?
I don't know her really
why doesnt he want you back then
Ask him goes quiet when I try talking to him. Think he's got some new bird now anyway so nevermind
have you told him how you feel
do you want him back?
In honesty thinking about it I still love him, but he's moved on
What happened with you and jacob? Who finished it?
None of your business if you are close to me then you should already know
Wow ones used this for ages... untill you fall out with ya chap! People fishing for info on here and saying stuff cause people dont have the balls to say it to your face! Oh the security of Ask! Lol. Anyway......whats your fav fruit? Xx
Haha I know, never mind.. And strawberry x
Which picture the best describes your city?
Which picture the best describes your city?
Don't Blaim him saying that what u did to him ur lucky I was with when he was angry and you just nothing but a user and a slag
Tell me something I haven't heard before
u don't find it funny I think u need to apologise to my best mate for what you dud to him n using him
I know this now, I'm not talking to your mate. I'm dead to him apaz :)
I ay got a clue tbf aha
begin with a m meet u once
You a lad or girl
hmm u know someone you have and his my best mate
Who are you?
feelings way by you letting them down or upsetting them and regret it?
Not that I can think of I more than likely have though x
cool have you ever hurt anyone?
In what way?
Who's the main person then come on?
Ngl Jacob hahahaa
Who was the last person you hugged?
My little brother :)