Stacey Harrison @StaceyyJaynee
Stacey Harrison @StaceyyJaynee
Ask me anything, don't take me seriously...
Ask Anything :')
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Do you embrace or fear change?
Don't know what that means tbf
Wish these bastards would fuck off and leave you alone. You deserve so much better.
Who are you?
It can be us baby
Fuck offfffffff
Friends with benefits?
What are they
Do you send nudes? 👅💦
Do you have a boyfriend?
What film do you want to watch that's out at the minute?
That unfriended thing I think that's what it's called, it looks cool
What song means the most to you?
My way, frank sinatra and stay another day, East 17
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What sport are you best at?
I'm shit at everything
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Don't matter you wouldn't like me, just had to say
okay pal suit yourself
Fucking hate these cunts treating you like shit. Swear to god you're perfect, I love you.
aww thats sweet, who are you?
Nah you've got a great arse and tits. Top class
how do you know
Big bottom ;)
its asflat as my boobs
Bet you're a great shag
nah im shit mate
'Who you going out with now' makes you sounds like a slag duhh
duhhh its funnyyyyy
If you could have a role in any TV show, what would it be?
phil Mitchell in eastenders.
Perfect 😘
far from it but thank you :)
You guys need to lay off Stacey.
So gorgeous 😍😍
thank you :)
Who you going out with now?
im single..
How did people have fun 200 years ago?
I don't know I wasn't born
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Are you ready?
What happened to Ben and Sadie
I believe that's none of mine nor your business. Ask them yourself
We all know who's asking you these questions, just jealous because you are happier than you've ever been before and they don't like it. Everyone needs to leave you alone, they just want to upset you, well guess what? It's not working, now stop being anonymous if you wanna say something :)  Rhiann Sarah Northall
It's sooo funny! We find out soon who is saying this anyway ahah can't wait. But yeah they should just inbox me really but nope got no balls have they ahah I'm not bothered it's hilarious xxx
Moved on quick didn't you
Problem with that?