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How long can it take to record one episode of the vampire diaries? And have you ever been to Sweden? If not, you should come and visit ;) I can show you around ;)

6-7 days!

Just thinking about you, how about you!!???

I'm thinking about me all the day : P

What do you think about rihanna

She's sexy

is zlatan ibrahimovic famous in the us?

no but I like soccer so I know who he is

What does yolo mean to u

that you should live life to its fullest

Can we be friends


How are y'all doing?

What happens in season 6 of TVD?

I don't know. Scripts haven't been written

Can you tell Joseph to make an ask so I can proclaim my forbidden love to him haha !

will Jeremy ever turn into a vampire

Hope not

You LIKE demi lovato?

Sure we are friends after all

Do you watch How i met your mother ?

I used to

Would you rather eat a live spider or be trapped in a cage with millions of spiders?!

hahah awesome question! Guess I'd rather eat one

Gawshh u r so cutee:-) but my question is Where do u live?

Los Angeles

Have you seen Breaking Bad? What do you think?

I love it

My name is Kate and I live in Ukraine. From our country, I want to tell you "hello". we love you and your participation in the TV series "The Vampire Diaries". You are the best actor!

Thanks. Tell all your ukrain peeps I'm with you in my thoughts! Stay strong

Next summer I'm going to Los Angeles. Is it beautiful like people said?

Best city

Are you going to be in the next vampire diaries episode


Did u watch the wolf of wall street?

Amazing movie.

What do you think about Nina Dobrev?

I love Nina

I send you messages every day, and you never answered! I just want you to know I love you so much! (:(

Love you too!

Are you looking forward to coming to the UK insurgence 6? Can't wait to meet you!

I'm always having a great time in England!

Why do you don't follow your fans ?

Because I only follow people I know?

Do you follow your fans



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