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Elijah Mitchell @swagE717
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Tbh? Idk u  Savannah Farrar
Lol sorry I liked
What's on your summer reading list?
What's on your summer reading list?
2011 cuz i dont know you!  Sami
Ard to
Pap of your answers?
Pap of your answers?
Kiyana doesn't love you, and she never will
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What's the best dating advice you have?
Everybody's a hoe. Even you
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virgin? or nah
Virgin :(
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Yasssss I want da D
Go back to kindergarten
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You're like really really cute
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How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?
The suicide rate would rise 50%
No she ignores my questions . And I wanna know why you made a big deal for no reason at all .
Because I'm courious . And shes my friend .
Then ask her ya jackass
Why do I have too? What you just realized what you lost? Sucks for you . There.
Why do you even care about my personal life?
Why do I have too? What you just realized what you lost? Sucks for you bro
First of all I'm not ya "bro" stop fuckin callin me that
What do you mean 'fuck up'?
I mean shut the fuck up
Then who was the one who mad a big ass deal about it . You did it . Bro you lost a really good girl for no reason . She loves you too . But you're too blind to see it .
Fuck up
What's the most awkward thing you can say in an elevator?
"I just sharted"
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You made it happen by freaking out
I didn't make shit happen
You're wrong about her. She really liked you
I really loved her. But shit happens
How about you stop acting like a smartass and fix shit with ur girl
How bout you stop ridin my dick
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You can talk to other girls and call them cute but she can't just have a conversation with a fellow classmate?
She can do whatever he wants
You fucked up bro. Kiyana ain't do shit
Stfu faggot. You don't know shit. How bout you take ya pussy ass off anon
Tbh~idk you Rate~ 7  Greyshlianne Santiago
Thanks if