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Can you truly love more than one person?
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so I really like this guy and we were talking but I didn't kiss him so we kinda stopped and now we talk more but I don't know if it's anything more than friends & were prolly hanging out this weekend, but idk how to ask or when to ask if it's gonna be more than friends & he asked if I would kiss him
why would you want to ask? has he said anything to suggest it?
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whats the best way to get over a boyfriend ?
time is, lots of it
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I go to an all girls school, and I'm quite confident and I'm not lonely or anything, but all the girls are friends with these guys but me and I'm just getting sick of only girls, idk I just feel left out from it all
Maybe they are intimidated by you, you might have to tone it down a notch
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What the word "LOVE" means to you?
Means pain; means giving your heart to someone who gives his heart to every other girl that seems to catch his attention.
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Me and my bf had sex last night and the night before and didn't use protection he cam in me and I'm really scared that I might be a 15 year old mom on the streets because of my family
go to a doctor, you should take the morning after pill. More importantly, if getting pregnant scares you, unprotected sex is probably not the smartest idea... at your age, sex at all isn't.
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When was the last time you fell in love??  Ekram Koraichi (✔)
3 years ago
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I have a relationship problem and would love some advise. I deal with all the members of my long term boyfriends family that I don't like, but he refuses to deal with mine. He also has a habit of being hypocritical in our relationship. What can I do to fix these problems?
Truth is, you can't make him do something because you do. You can only reason with him and hope he loves you enough to try, other than that, there is nothing you can do and you shouldn't force him because then he will resent you. On the other issue, maybe he is just hypocritical in nature. It is hard to only be that way in one aspect of your life so might be second nature to him. Don't yell or get mad, go with him slowly so he learns you dont like it
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You never answer my questions
I dont have any.
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What is your favorite sport to play?
Does eating count?
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what is bestfriend mean to you? do you believe in true bestfriend?
not really
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The human mind can sense someone startin at you even while asleep. This explains why you randomly wake up durin the night.
okay :)
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Would you date your best friend ex
If she is okay with it, but she can date my ex. Idrc.
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it's like i done gave my all to everyone but, yet its like what i get in returned? i feel like i should stop giving people what they want & stuff. Just worry about me. :'(
Smart thinking :)
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hey, can you share some tips on how to move on? it hurts to love someone(crush) that I already know he does not like me. i just can feel it.everytime i met him at school i pretend not to be so happy but Dammit i feel like i am the happiest girl in the world.I like him but idont want to get hurts.
there are no shortcuts, it just passes with time
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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
a new car lol
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I been love with my boyfriend for two weeks now. I understand that He has to put his family first before anything. Yet, he hasn't returned my calls or anything & it seems like I'm never been happy every since the first week we got together. What do I do about this Relationship for real?? :((  Spotless Mind.
That isn't normal unless he is really going through a rough time. you need to discuss this with him before it becomes worse
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there's a guy that I knew recently(around a few weeks) who shows a lot of signs that he likes me (asks me out, text everyday etc) but he just broke up with is gf around a month ago. And he said he currently doesn't like any girls. I'm confused.
he might like you but he isn't ready; just got out of a relationship so he needs some time.
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If a guy and you are a couple, in a long distance relationship, and he doesnt talk much to you. Should we break or talk to him? He has leukeimia though. So he goes for regular checkups and sometimes stay there for a few days  JACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!
so maybe that is why he isn't online.
i need advice. soo i'm pretty sure my best friend is gonna try to have sex with me tomorrow and i'm really nervous. it'll be my first time like ugghhh i don't know what to do. haaaalp
oops I'm late, how did this turn out?
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If you were a bird, where would you fly?
What's the worst thing that has ever happened to you?
losing my grandfather
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Dream car?
nissan murano
Is it wrong to cheat on someone that you loved the most but, yet the person that you is cheating with is in a relationship as well but, keeps on telling that person that they love her too?
yes it is, cheating is never right.
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What it feels like, being in love ? Do you trust her/him? I mean, you don't know what your significant other do behind your back, right? :)
No, you don't... you can't ever trust fully bc you just never know.
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