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Do you think denzel washington is the finest man on the planet?


what's your favorite song atm?

one dance

is it wrong for guys to get pedicures


Who inspires you?

Vinda Noviasari

my friend, ally

Hi 😊 I just wanna ask what are you addicted to right now?

Alyssa Reyel


He also said he was going to date her because I always yelled at him. I then asked him to commit to me 100% and he told me. To wait bc this girl wanted to date him. Idk what to do. Should I stay with him and wait. Or break things off. He's fr my everything but I'm tired of being sad all the time

of course not, he just told you he wants someone else or did i not read that right?

Would you say size matters to you?

size of?

have you ever walked around the house and stepped on that wet spot on the floor?


Do you think denzel Washington is the sexiest man alive?


finger and toe nails painted or not if so what color? Bath or shower? Straight or curly hair? Favorite movie? Favorite holiday? Relationship Status? Sleep with or w/o a fan? Android or iPhone? Texting or call? Facebook or Twitter? Favorite type of food? Dream job? Flip flops or high heels

finger. red. bath. curly. n/a. christmas. talking to someone. without. iphone. text. twitter. shrimp. gastroenterologist. heels.

There's this guy who really likes me. Makes plans and include me in it. We talk every single day from when he wakes up, has lunch, get back. The problem is he lives far away but promise to visit as soon as we officially start out. We've never met but have been talking constantly for 2 years. Help

hmm, meet first but make sure you have company.

Help. I just want to know if it is for real. He recently started using the L-word. He is a lot older than I am.

why do you think it isn't?

Why do you think some guys switch up on girls after they get some

Because they already got some from her

I cheated on my fiancé with his bestfriend become i was hurt finding out he was cheating on me, so he knows that i had sex with his bestfriend but I regret it so how can i make him forget and forgive me ? Please help!

Not sure either of you should forgive the other. You can't both be cheating and still want to get married, something isn't adding up with your relationship.

What would you do if the person you were gonna have sex with would be afraid to tell they parents

if they/you are still worried about parents, you might not be ready/too young to be having sex

Yes I do

That might be a good place to start for you.

I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm getting an abortion because I didn't want to have sex with this guy. And I'm scared and idk what to do.

Do you have a women's clinic in your area?

@theyloveearii asks, "Have you ever eaten glue or a crayon or anything strange?”


do you remember that song promiscuous from nelly furtado?

yes i do

Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker?

no :( too paranoid

Do u help others with their relationships?

Sometimes... not like I can help with mine lol

do you think a relationship works if ones still in high school as a senior and another is a freshman in collage ?

No I don't, but you could beat the odds.

one thing you regret?

where do i start?

hi what are u doing nw?

Arnel Guerra

just chilling on twitter

Post something worth sharing? :)

In this moment, I am happy.


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....a good girl with bad habits