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Women think they got it bad try peeing while having an erection
yeah that has to be more painful than pushing a human being out of your vagina I suppose.
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So, my date is pushing back our planned movie day to Sunday because of the fight on Saturday. Should I just cancel the date altogether?
why would you cancel it? would you rather he show up on saturday miserable and bored?
What does it feel like when you walk on the grass barefooted?
nice lol
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Is love complicated? Why?
No it's not. People are.
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witch age is good to have sex?
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If you could pick an eye color what would you choose?
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How to escape reality ?
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Why do women freak out about feet so much but love showing there's off?
what do you mean freak out? what are you doing to their feet to make them freak out
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I told him that i love him but his response didn't make any sense ! "I appreciate your honesty and brave" what does this suppos to mean ?
i think it means he doesnt feel that same
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is it bad to stalk the boy you know without him knowing it. and is it bad to love his girlfriends hair so much you want to kill her for it?
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I'm 20 years old
Do you know why it happens?
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how would you approach a guy that broke up with you because they " like the single life" if you want them back?
Why do you want to if they don't want to be in a relationship?
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why do I fall for girls so easily? I can talk to a girl for five minutes and then have a crush on her. I hate that
How old are you?
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If someone is afraid to get in a relationship with you and you know that they have feelings for you too . What to do?
don't pressure them but be around, let them know you are there when they are ready
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are you a virgin
isnt this personal?
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What do you refuse to pay for?
slow wifi
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how many is a lot for a 20 year olds body count?!
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how to be a loyal lover?
fall in love with them, gets easier once you do
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Opinion on dating someone three weeks after breaking up with someone?
Don't think it matters tbh as long as you are over the other person by then
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Is it ok to be in a relationship with a boy who's the same age as me ?
how old are you?
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Okay so I'm in this relationship with the perfect guy, except one thing, he believes in marriage before sex, which I can understand but I'm 17 and I'm kinda tired of just making out all the time. What do I do?
You have to wait till he is ready bc if it had been the other way, you would expect that from him. Hard I know but you have to
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Will you answer old questions?
Yes, I will. Just been busy
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I have a huge crush on this guy and I think he knows and when I flirt with him he always flirts back and I really want him to asks me out but idk can you help me pls love you❤️
I'm late, did you ask already?
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How loyal are you?
lmaooo never cheated, if that is what you mean
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