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I feel so bad right now because, me & this guy been friends for 2yrs and he has a gf and I have a bf had me & him had sex & now he doesn't to do it no more b/c it's hurting both our relationships. I still felt like it was wrong to do but, at the same time i gave him my everything.... What do i do??
so you want to keep sleeping with him?
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I have had a boyfriend for almost 2 years. One of my close guy friends grandpa passed away yesterday. I haven't slept or ate because I'm so worried about my friend. I haven't stopped crying. I'm scared it means that I like him more than just a friend. Please help.
Why would it mean that? Unless you already think you do
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Fav. outfit?
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you answered my questions a while back about long distance relationships, do you ever get afraid that one day they may wake up and have a different opinion on you and him? im insecure thats why i do. The guy im talking to says hes coming out here to be with me but i have my doubts bc of my past.
Yes, you need to trust them 100% and that is really hard. Leave your past alone though, you have a new man who likes you now.
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Okay so I'm a girl and I dont really shave down there, but I do wash it and stuff..
You should, helps keep it clean.
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Have you seen anything weird lately?
Have you seen anything weird lately?
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Are girls suppose to shave "down there"?
idk about supposed to but they should for sanitary reasons.
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I love your site, www.sassitude.ca I ordered so many items and I just got them, love the fit and quality! I will be back <3
Why, thanks! This means a lot. Thanks for supporting me :)
how do u keep pimples off
Lots of water
Yes I do eat all of my meals. Along with snacks every now and then.
Then don't worry so much.
Would you physically dominate me for an hour making me submit and cry pay you 40 pounds for your time
you've got major issues.
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I get told on a daily basis that I'm too thin and that I need to gain weight. I honestly don't see myself as underweight or anything like that. But do you have any tips on gaining weight?
honestly, do you eat all your meals?
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if you were able to date one person from elementary school who would it be?
lol bye.
My friend who is a lesbian tried to break up my boyfriend and I. We have been together 4 years and she likes me so she tried to break us up. She claims that I need to discover my sexuality. This happened a year ago. I don't know whether to forgive her or not...
Why does she think you have a sexuality to discover?
Is it proper for me to assume this guy likes me bc he's been chatting me almost everyday?
Don't assume that he likes you, you get hurt that way. Just take it that he is being friendly and polite.
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My mom calls me an anti-socializer for staying up in my room texting and using my phone all day. Its bc i dont go out and socialize wth people that much is that a bad thing?
isn't everyone like that these days?
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Which is your song of the week?
Good Kisser.
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I really like my friend(who's a girl and straight) and I'm a lesbian(she know) and we always joke around saying "I love you" and like we always use the kissing emoji and stuff but we're joking around and I really wish we weren't. I wish we were together but I know it won't happen. Should I tell her?
no, you can't go back from that if she doesnt feel the same
If you could own any building in the world, which one would it be?
harper studios
It's like i spend more time on social media instead of hanging out & meeting new people. what do I do about this situation???
lol same
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My bff lent me the tfios book. Our school forbid novels so she wrappd the book in plstic bags to troll me and the last bag was taped to the book cover but i didnt notice it so i kinda peeled the cover a bit. I tried srching for the book in stores but the book tht has the sme covr is sold out. HELPP!
just tell her, it was a mistake - tell her you will replace it too as soon as you know how to.
facebook _twitter _instagram _ask which one do you like to open first ??
How long do u spend on ur phone in a 24hr time spand?  reese
5 mins lol
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Israel or Gaza?
Both. It's heartbreaking.
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So I'll be turning 16 in December and my boyfriend will be turning 19 in September, is this bad??
It's not legal...
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