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How loyal are you?
lmaooo never cheated, if that is what you mean
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how do you define what being an adult is? by physical age or maturity? if so, isn't it possible that the 15 yr old could equally be as mature since age does not necessarily reflect maturity?
being an adult is being 18+ or 21+ depends on the place, nothing to do with maturity.
Why do you think it's wrong for an 18 year old to be with a 15 year old?
because one is an adult and one is a child
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do you think it's wrong for an 18 year old to be with a 15 year old ? ???
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What is the suitable age u think one should have sex at?
no less than 18
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What do I do when I'm down, for a reason that is not apparent, but there's no one to talk to.
You need to learn to cheer yourself up, because at the end of the day, you are all you have
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How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting up?
haha i don't snooze, i set my alarm at the exact time I need to get up
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how much should television shows shape our views of diverse cultures??
Hmm this is a loaded question. Honestly depends on the show but I think they all have a lesson/lessons if you look hard enough
How many times per day do you shower?
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So I dated this total jackass for 4 1/2 years and he moved away and ended up cheating on me. well 3months later he started dating 4months later I started dating. the guy I started dating was his best friend.he tried to break us up once. well we ended up breaking up and he says he had nothing to with
Loyalty means a lot to guys, like a lot more than it does to girls so they only way to get that back might be to get the blessings of your ex so his best friend knows it is okay.
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what do you think about girls single 18 years ?  silviaa
I think when they find the right person it will be worth it
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How do you deal with everyone asking you questions? (Includes me of course)
I don't mind much, just been busy so I'm not here much anymore
I've got feelings for this girl, who actually has feelings for me too. I got in the middle of brother-zoned and relationship. Weeks go by and now she's ignoring me for no entire reason. Should I let her cooldown first and talk to her about it or what s your take on this?
Girls always have a reason, try to find out what that is first then you can decide what to do
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What should I do I like this guy but he gives me mix signals and he used to call me and text me everyday but when we're around people like in school he just looks at me and then be rude act like jackass I'm so confused help me
Ignore him. Until he treats you better everywhere
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I want to ask...is it necessary for me to keep a feeling that i already know the possibilities that he will like me back one day is 0.05% ?
Sometimes all you have is hope..as long as that doesn't keep you from a potentially better relationship
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so me and this guy we are like together and i just want to kiss him but i dont know what he wants
i'd think this is normal since you are together?
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What's your kik?
why do you need it?
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How did you feel when you woke up?
like going back to bed lol
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I feel like that my parents has been taking over my life. As soon as i turned 18, they sitting here just pressuring me to do things or have a career that i don't want to do. I am like so frustrated... I just don't know what to do next????
You and me both. In my case, I pretty much told them I knew where I wanted to go careerwise and it cause a huge rift but oh well.
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My ex doesnt talk to me unless he is drunk at a party. He asks my friends where i am and then he will come up to me and it automatically pisses me off so i flip him off. Hes rude sometimes, but sometimes hes just having a convo We see each other 3 times a day on campus but doesnt speak. Advice?
Why do you need advice? Do you still love him?
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Who is your Valentine?
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what do you do when you is dealing with a lot of stress & a lot of depression bc i been depressed & stress almost all my teenage years. what is your resolution to this?
Do you know why?
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but he told me straight out he wanted me back..
then straight out tell him, nope, but be nice about it.
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My ex and I just recently started talking again because he contacted me and we were talking like normal until he started like saying all this stuff how he misses me and loves me and I was just like "..." idk how to let him know that I don't want that I just want to be friends
Tell him outrightly or maybe that is what he wants too and you just misunderstood.
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