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I've met this girl and we've talked for at least a year . I want to asked her on a date. But she is into someone and dating him at the moment. Now she has broken up with him .now should I ask her to be my girlfriend?
no, not yet. good chance, she isn't completely over him and/or ready for another bf yet.
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If you could witness any historical moment, which one would it be?
Well i probably still can someday, but a female president would be pretty rad.
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should I be worried? (girl from flirting question)
Can't answer that; depends on how bad it is and how often
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Ok so I dated this guy a little over two years ago but I can't get over him.. What do I do
why can't you get over him? do you still see/talk to him?
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my boyfriend says me loves me. we had a fight the other day but we made up the day after. I later got serval texts fro! people saying he was flirting with another girl, he denied it. then I heard from that girl that he was. he said its just cause we were fighting and he does that with everyone...
unfortunately, i think guys do that even when all is well. It is sad and disrespectful but it happens more often than not.
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If you could draw happiness, what would it look like?
a baby's smiling face
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i've loved a girl (same sex) and i'm studying in a all-girls-school i didnt expect that things will be as this, i dont know but i love her so much even if she compared me to other people like that but i still love her
and what is the issue?
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My reason to smile is in heaven now, and I'll never get to watch her walk down the aisle to say "I do." She was the love of my life and after 3 years. She was taken from me. I don't know if I'll ever find love again A. I don't know how to go on. I just want to cry for the rest of my life.
Reading this was so hard so i can only imagine how you feel. In due time, you will. It's okay to be alone now.
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i like this guy and he told me that he is just friends with this girl.but im quite jealous bcs he told that girl everything but not to me..And we arent in a relationship but we are more than friends we feel the same, but he's not mine yet what should i do? should i avoid him or what
You don't feel the same, and you shouldn't be so possessive before you have a reason to be, rubs them the wrong way
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I love a guy but i don't know how to say it.. I see him wednesday for the first time but i know him already 1 year.
Meet him first, and see how you feel. Things change in person.
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I've been friends with this guy for not to long but we send each other sexy pics and we're both pretty comfortable with eachother. He loves another girl and doesn't have feelings for me, but I'm beginning to develop feelings for him and I don't know if I should keep this up or not. Help?
You shouldn't, not sure why you even did at all.
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i know its wrong to hold on to that guy i love but it hurts so much more trying to let go. idk. i guess the best things dont come twice in life. he was the best ive had. we still talk but just lesser a lil. im trying to stay moved on but i find myself falling for him over & over again
been there angel, and there are times it hurts terribly... like keeps you awake till 5:06am as in my case today thinking about all the good and bad things... and you know "this ain't love, it's clear to see" and it helps.
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Hot tea or ice tea?
ice tea
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What is your Song of the week?
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How is life?
not bad, yours?
I like a guy who's a year older than me but my close friend also happens to have a crush on that guy. What should I do? I feel bad going for the guy knowing that a dear friend of mine might be offended but at the same time, I really don't want to be the one that's going to get hurt for not trying.
If she is a good friend, you can let him go for her. Or speak to her, she might not care
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How to get popular in school?!
why do you want to be popular?
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Good morning <3
good morning :)
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What time did you wake up this morning?
10 :(
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I have extreme horrible social anxiety and I'm socially awkward. I haven't always been this way, but I lack confidence and don't know how to gain it. I feel as though my every move is judged, as insane as that sounds. But I can't shake the feeling. What should I do? I feel trapped.
Maybe you are judged but who cares? You know, one day i realized everyone, every single one of us is insecure about something so it's okay to be insecure too and let them talk, they have their own issues
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+these scars and marks all over them. my parents say they look like cheetah spots theyre so embarrassing and theyre literally all over my body. my friends say no one notices but people have asked about them before. i dont want him to be grossed out or anything.
a guy that loves you will not care about all that
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It seems like after i done had sex with this guys he says that i have infection but, now all the sudden I been gaining pounds every since he stop having sex with me. is this the sign that I might be pregnant or something else?
just do a test to be sure?
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how do you get a boyfriend ?
tell me when you find out
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What should i do for my date with Jennii Osio on thursday?  Aaron Zabriskie
Oops i'm late. There is no one size fits all answer, hope you did something u know she'd like
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Well I love him a lot.
If love was enough, Rihanna will still be with Chris Brown. My aunt loved her husband a lot till the day he hit her so hard that she tumbled down the stairs and died instantly.
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