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What time did you wake up this morning?
10 :(
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I have extreme horrible social anxiety and I'm socially awkward. I haven't always been this way, but I lack confidence and don't know how to gain it. I feel as though my every move is judged, as insane as that sounds. But I can't shake the feeling. What should I do? I feel trapped.
Maybe you are judged but who cares? You know, one day i realized everyone, every single one of us is insecure about something so it's okay to be insecure too and let them talk, they have their own issues
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+these scars and marks all over them. my parents say they look like cheetah spots theyre so embarrassing and theyre literally all over my body. my friends say no one notices but people have asked about them before. i dont want him to be grossed out or anything.
a guy that loves you will not care about all that
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It seems like after i done had sex with this guys he says that i have infection but, now all the sudden I been gaining pounds every since he stop having sex with me. is this the sign that I might be pregnant or something else?
just do a test to be sure?
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how do you get a boyfriend ?
tell me when you find out
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What should i do for my date with Jennii Osio on thursday?  Aaron Zabriskie
Oops i'm late. There is no one size fits all answer, hope you did something u know she'd like
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Well I love him a lot.
If love was enough, Rihanna will still be with Chris Brown. My aunt loved her husband a lot till the day he hit her so hard that she tumbled down the stairs and died instantly.
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I'm getting bored with my boyfriend. So , I decided want to break up with him. But, the case is I don't want him to get hurt. What should I do? Answer my question please
You will eitherway, you are already bored. It will show
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Because I've cheated on him, we hit each other in the past and we fight a lot.
well then she is obviously right
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well hi i have a really very worried qns i wanted to be a christian but my parents dont allow but i really want my parents threaten me if i join she will die but i really really wan to join so much wad should i do?
what religion are you now?
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So my boyfriend and I have been together for a year and I love him so much! But he used to be really sweet and do little things that mean a lot like text me cute messages every morning and randomly tell me he loves me things like that. But he doesn't do sweet things anymore. Should I be worried?
No, i think that is normal sadly. Does he still treat you well though?
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So my ex texted me last week, we havent talk for years and its kinda surprising. I keep replying till now bc i guess i miss him, the thing is i have a boyf now and i told him that im single. i feel so guilty but feel like i just cant stop, is it even possible that i love both of them?  Ananda Puspita Aminuddin
no it isn't. you need to fix this asap, the way this is going will only cause trouble
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Im 18 girl. My family is so religious, they dont tolerate sex before marriage but i did sex. Im so confused that i feel so guilty with my parents but i love having sex with my boyfriend, what do u think?
Religion is bigger than your parents. Clearly you aren't religious, you just do it for them so just be you.
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ive been dumped by my bf and he says its because he doesnt feel the same about me no more we were together for 10 months and hes not even upset about it he just feels bad about not dumping me ages ago because of me talking to another guy inocently. do you think he'd come running back to me? :(
hmmm, who knows, only time will tell
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I had sex with him while he had a gf & he broken up with his gf for me & still don't nothing to deal with him at all but, he still blow up my phone, worry about who i'm dating & i think that he either has feelings for me or he is over protective b/c there is no way we could be friends at all.
well you kinda started it and now you have to finish it. You two need space, clearly.
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I promised my boyfriend I wouldn't hurt myself ever again, and I was doing really well (2 weeks clean) but things just got too much and I done it again. I don't want to tell him because it kills me to see him upset, but I don't want to hide it from him. please help??
Don't tell him yet. Just restart, and in a few weeks you can tell you you had a fallback but you have worked on it
What do I do if I have a boyfriend but I started liking another guy who is exactly the same as me and likes me back. But my boyfriend has been through a lot and says things like idk what I would do without you.
Don't lead him on.
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So, I've been with this guy for two years and I'm head over heels in love with him, but my Mom just recently told me we couldn't be together anymore after TWO YEARS! It's been two weeks and he's all I think about and I don't know what to do. She says our relationship is too unhealthy. Help me.
Why did she say that?
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My boyfriend seems like he is drifting away from our relationship and doesn't treat me like he used to. I know he loves and cares about me but it's like he isn't as into the relationship as he used to be. Is that normal ?
It is for a lot of people, not a good sign though :/
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I lost my best friend/boyfriend about a month ago, and I don't know why... I want to blame the distance, or anything... my friends tell me to be done with him, specially with how he did it, and behaved after, but I still love him too much to think poorly of him... will this feeling ever leave? :(
Maybe not, but it won't always hurt so much
Im 16. Virgin. My biggest fear is sex cause it will hurt. But lately Ive been feeling "on" or "aroused" is this like a teenage phase or something? I know Im not ready and im trying so hard not too
Yes it is. Don't worry about it.
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So I've recently been trying to get over my relationship with a guy I was with for almost 2 years & honestly I'm still heart broken and he's moved and Im perusing a relationship he tells me about their relationship like intimate details & idk what to do my heart hurts tremendously an I'm just lost  Kaylah Stapleton
how are you now?
should I get back with my ex? It's been six months since we ended our relationship. It's just recently that we communicated thru chat. Am afraid that things will be just the same again.
If you do, turn a fresh page. Don't go in with the baggage from before
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I need advice, ive been in a relationship in 1 year, we really loved each other but the thing is we have different religion, im a muslim and he is christian. Both our family is so religous, i wanna be with him but i know family wont let us together, what should i do? :(
I kinda was in a situation like this, i broke it up. My family means a lot to me, not sure I can advise you on this.
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okay so I'm 17 and I'm turning 18 in December... i just lost my virginity to my boyfriend, and we didn't use a condom... the next day we did it again... but the day after I started my period... is there a chance i could be pregnant even though he didn't ejaculate...... and i still had my period?
Yes. Keep an eye on yourself.
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