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Why you mad at me?? && ok but what if when you think about moving on && he says certain things that makes you not want to move on. Lik we see each other all the time. Im stuck on him. & I know I shouldn't be but I can't let go
because this isn't just about you, three kids are involved. yes you can let go, if he doesn't commit to you and your kids, you can't raise them in this on/off and have it not affect them.
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So I have a child right now 6 months but now twins on the way all for same person. Only guy I've ever fucked. Dated before.lately we've been arguing alot he's a guy he flirts and stuff and I hate it although we not together but he don't like me talking to other guys. im inlove with him, What to do?
im kinda mad at you but that is besides the point rn. at the end of the day, you arent together so both of you can do whatever
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Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
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My boyfriend of almost 3 months worries way too much about me. And he rarely listens if I talk to him about it. What do I do?
why is he so insecure?
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i really wanna be a frnd of urs if u dnt mind :)
hehe sure :)
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I'm with this guy, but we aren't official. But I want your opinion on how long two people should be 'together' before they become official? (:
6 months at the most.
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Can you please please ask me ^^  Leila
we share a name ^_^ sure.
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My bf proposed and so now we are engaged but all his random hoes are popping up saying shit and tryna get into with me. They really starting to piss me off  Niyah Kennedy
don't ignore them; what they are saying i mean. Make sure you look into their allegations and debunk them to your satisfaction before marriage
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How long should a couple be " talking " before they become official ?
depends on them, but if you are still talking after like 6 months, idk man.
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What do you think about more than anything else?
my online store and how ti get it to work
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My boyfriend says he loves me but we have only been dating for a week... I don't know what to think..
awww, maybe he does :p
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My boyfriend has done stuff with so many other girls but I don't want to do that stuff. I'm just scared if I don't do any of that he will either dump me or cheat...
he will, 100%.
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Is it bad that my boyfriend of two years wants to flirt with other but still be with me because at the end of the day "im still his main girl" and he wouldn't be touching any girl but me, his flirting would be verbal.
Are you okay with that?
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Okay so idk if i still like my ex. We're close friends like we're of the same clique. Sometimes we go home together and we talk like when we're still together. I want to move on from him bc it seems like he did. Any tips pls???
you need space, you still like him and being in the same clique isnt helping that
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My ex and I broke up with last july. We had a great relationship but it was one of those things that just fell apart. We didn't speak to each other until Christmas and are now on speaking terms. (it didnt end badly) but I STILL love him... what do I do?
why do you have to do anything? do you know how he feels? my ex left july 2012, didnt hear from him too till about christmas 2013 and we are on speaking terms now, i still care about him, but idk if i'd date him again, exes are exes for a reason.
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So I have been talking to this guy and we like kinda hit it off... I gave him a BJ and he ate me out... But he said not to tell anybody. Why would he say that!? But to find out that he told his friends.
of course he did, most boys talk about these things with their friends
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Why do guys want to do anal so much!?
i'll ask and get back to you, we all would like to know
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God bless you ♡
you too angel!
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I know its unhealthy.Believe me,im not one of those girls whose world stops spinning just bc of 1 guy.I did one thing wrong & we began to slowly fall apart?But we're trying I know.Its just that sometimes trying can be really tiring u know?Do u try to make things better or do u leave just like that?
I still think you should leave, too many rationalizations. no time to enjoy a relationship with this much thinking needed.
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My boyfriend almost cheated on me last night at a birthday party, all my friend told me about it. And he told me but what he told me is kinda different then what they told me. Everyone says i shouldt keep dating him and idk what to do. Oh, ans it was with his ex, and one of my good friends.
ayyy. if it wasn't with his ex, i'd feel differently. Being his ex makes this a lot worse from my pov bc they can and will remain in contact so hmmm, tough one.
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hi..so this year my bestfriend(girl)and i are in a different class we still talk and see each other but she is always with another girl,they always go out together,go to parties together..i feel that she likes her more than me and she talks with her more than me i'm jealous :( what should i do ?
you should make new/other friends too. she is still your bestfriend but the meaning of that will keep changing the older u get
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Do I leave him or? I mean what do I do?I asked my friend about it and all she said was,if I leave him I might be sad for awhile but in the end ill be happy.Tbh,im at a point where if being without him means having the happiness I wanted then I dont want to be happy at all.Sorry if im bothering u
I think you should leave him, not bc he is or isn't great but bc the relationship is unhealthy. you should never ever be in a relationship that makes u feel like "ill rather die than be without you", i mean sometimes it happens that way fatefully, but we shouldn't make it that way if that makes sense
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Yes I ♥ him but *sigh.He's not a playboy or anything just that a lot of ppl are constantly telling me this and that.But what i ♥ most is that after every fights we always find a way back to each other.U know when u really love someone,ure willing to get urself hurt just to save the relationship?
yes, i also know it is torture. Been there, who am I kidding, still there but no good comes from it.
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Are you some kind of a love guru?
considering i can't figure my own love life out, ill say no
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Idk i just want to die
there has to be a reason, i need to know why so i can try help