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A. @swagvsclass
A. @swagvsclass
....a good girl with bad habits
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Do you have a twitter?
not any more :)
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What do I do if my boyfriend texts me like he doesn't want to even talk to me but when together it's like nothing ever happened. Also, he's been deleting pictures that we took together bc " he didn't like them" does this mean he's gonna dump me? Been together for only 2 months
Hard to know. This is all still new, maybe he needs some time to adjust to having a girlfriend.
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I'm 15 and have been dating a guy for 5 months. Lately he hasn't been saying he loves me no texts back he's been dumping our dates for other things or says he can't hang out. We've been fighting a lot but we make up every time and I just don't know what this it really meant to be?
I have a hard time saying any relationship with a 15 year old is meant to be... but who knows.
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i feel like that i done treated my family very well but, whenever i want something i get treated badly. Like i used to have Autism & i still get treated badly when i have all these disorders. i'm just ready to be 8teen next month & move out b/c i can't deal w. this situation anymore. i'm just lost!
How are you? Did you get to move out?
Is it being obsessed with your boyfriend if you hang out most of the time on the weekends when you don't see them at all during the week?
That depends... obsessed or smothering?
when is the end of the world?
Only God knows.
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Where is the best place for a vacation?
Anywhere it isn't -19deg like it is here today
What do you mean?  Allie :)
I mean, now I get why he isn't allowed on skype
My advice is not biased, their situation is not mine. I have my reasons for not believing in it but my parents have a great marriage so works differently for different people.
Im 14 and hes 13 (turning 14 December 4th)
Ohhhh well that makes sense...
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Im friends with 6 of his friends that go to school with him and they tell me he's telling the truth and I've seen the home screen of his phone and idk I believe him  Allie :)
how old are you and how old is he?
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No it's real believe me my instagram is allie.idc and we've been dating for almost 2 months  Allie :)
I don't believe it though. Something about that doesn't sound completely truthful. I think he just doesn't want you to have them tbh
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To the girl who said she's inlove with a guy 2 years older but he has a girlfriend, I've been in the girlfriends spot. She probably knows you guys talk but won't say anything. Just stop talking to him, he has a girl already.
Amen to this!!! I have been the girlfriend in this situation one too many times. In summary, don't be that girl.
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Im the girl who's bf won't Skype her::: his parents are really strict and won't let him have anything but a snap chat and instagram and he doesn't have a snapchat and he won't give me his number so we are basically dating over instagram
Why don't I believe this...
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What shoes are you wearing today?
Black flats... i refuse to wear boots till it is so cold my blood is freezing :p
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What does it mean if me and this guy talked and he said he loved me but ends up saying he wants to be just friends but he dunno bc he still wants me to be his, but he's already planning on hanging with another girl but he says he only likes me?
means you can do better.
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Have you ever tried weed?? idk I'm 15 and wanna try it for some reason?? :/
nope, just never appealed to me
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My boyfriend won't Skype me and I don't get to see him ever and he says it's because he doesn't like his face and I really want to skype him what should I do
just voice call on skype then?
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Do you believe In second chance
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How do you know your in a bad relationship
my dear, if you are asking this you probably are.
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i'm in love with a guy who is 2 years older then me. and he got a gf, but we kissed. we talk everyday. what should i say to him...
nothing? he has a girlfriend...
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Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?
If you could have one super power what would it be?
read minds
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How do you know when he doesn't love you any more
you just do.
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