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What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
disney world
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do you want to dance with me
no, spoken for :p
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I am a plus size girl. and I have yet have some one like me. What should I do. is it cause of my size or just cause they don't like me.
I don't think it is your size, not every guy cares about that, it might be more about how you feel about yourself / carry yourself. How would u describe yourself?
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well see I don't!
is this about the jealousy question?
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is it normal for me to get jealous when my bf talks to other girls?
depends on how jealous you get.
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What should I do about my disrespectful ex?
why do u still have to do anything about him/her?
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Am i beautiful? :")
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Is it normal if I get jealous when my crush is with someone else?
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you never answered my question :(
which my love?
What outfit would you wear anklets with
anything i'd wear with flat shoes
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
normally, 2 but in the shower definitely a 10.
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If you had a choice to buy which one: a bike, laptop, air conditioner or microwave which one would you choose?
considering i have all the rest, a bike. or idk laptop, so even though i have one now we all know macbooks don't last long lol
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Whatsapp ? Facebook ? Snapchat? Google hangouts ?  Gulmohar Ahluwalia
lmao i honestly don't have any of these haha
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I know this is not a question but I just want to apologizes for sending you feet question it was really stupid of me and I hope you forgive me :(
you are cute :)
So my boyfriend and I are a couple years apart. I'm in college and he's still in high school. When we were in highschool together for the one year, I was completely in love with him no doubt. But since I've moved to college, we try to see each other all the time. His parents won't let him have a lic
*waits for the conclusion*
So this guy likes me a lot. I already rejected him once...and it when he asked me out it was very planned. The entire girl's basketball team was involved and timed perfectly. After all that, six months later he tells me he still likes me. I just don't feel the same way. What do I tell him?
Do you like someone else? Sometimes we give the most unlikely people a choice and it turns out to be the best decision ever :p
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ive had to grow up pretty quick. parents split. got kicked outta both places. im in a shit situation.
what did you do to get kicked out of two homes? you really do need to slow down, everyone crashes at the speed you are going
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hi. im going on 8 months with my bf. we live together. im 17, hes 19 and i dont know if i love him the way i did. all we do is fight all the time. and one of his friends, who has also been mine, is telling me hed treat me better etc, and i think ive fallen for him. my bf is suicidal and depressed.¿
girl, you need to slow down; you are growing up way too quickly. where is your family?
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Thanks for the advice you've given me it's helped a lot ❤️
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If a guy texted you, " babe i wanna commit sucide" and "bye babe, i love you" do you think he commited sucide? He hasnt replied for the past 1 week already...  JACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!
i hope not omg
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Do you wear ankle bracelets and toe rings
toe rings, no. ankle bracelets, depends on the outfit
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Feet pix
i'm not your guilty pleasure, creep
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Do you have trouble keeping your feet soft from dry skin in the winter time?
yes bby, lots of pedicure and lotion
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Advice for people who feel forever alone? Ha..
don't compare yourself to anyone, not everyone in a relationship is as happy as they seem.
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My girlfriend threatened to break up with me because I got jealous of her talking to another guy who she used to have something with..am I wrong for getting jealous? What should I do?
no you aren't but i don't think that is all to it. there is definitely more to what happened that you haven't said
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