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How do you stay fit?
im not ?????
What is your favorite sound?
the cries of my inferiors
What motivates you?
in n out
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What is on the best pizza? On that note, what are the other characteristics of the best pizza?
pesto and chicken!!!!
What item of clothing do you like the least? On yourself, on other people, wherever
skirts for me oh no
Come over here
The feeling when poop comes out is sensational
candy is wonderful. candy is love candy is life. wat candy do you like? wat do you not like? wat would you like to try?
i really like kit kat or sour patch watermelon. im not very fond of the regular m&ms or almond joy. i want to try candy from around the world i guess.
Do you sleep in the dark or with some light on?
i fall asleep w/ it on then it eventually turns off bc it's a motion sensor light. so i prefer it to be off when I'm actually asleep
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What is the nearest purple object to you?
my pencil
first liker get 15 like ???
no thanks
How long have you Known Kleigh ?
i met her on like the 2nd week of freshmen year
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Post a picture of your favorite movie actor!
Post a picture of your favorite movie actor!
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do u wanna fuck pranav
that's probably the last thing I would ever want to do + prananka :-)
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#OBS: 50/50 like + obs/obs?:* + dorzucę kilka pytań :) // ‎@Roksi69
no thanks???
Who is your favorite live performer?
5sos, even though I've never seen them live in person
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Tarry, I broke up with my 6th grade girlfriend for you. <3
You look more like a volleyball player than a basketball player.
idk if this is supposed to be a compliment but i'd rather not be any of those two lol
Do you play for any basketball teams right now
nah i dont play anymore
poop or pee?
lmao what
who do you hate?
What's your favorite show?
how I met your mother!!!!
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Do you prefer to ski or snowboard?
Did you go Black Friday shopping?