taryn noriega @taarrryn
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who do u kno from olguadalupe
jasmine I think goes there??? I think I'm not sure
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10 facts about yourself?
1. my birthday is august 6
2. i'm going to James Logan
3. I'm 13
4. im deathly afraid of spiders and bees
5. 5sos is my favorite band
6. im in forensics camp and It's Monday-Saturday from 8-4:30
7. I built a bear @ build a bear and it's pink and his name is michael
8. i have a dog named Bella
9. my favorite color is either black or pink
10. my order at QQ is BMT lychee, pineapple, mango normal sweetness w/ honey boba
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Can u like my questions  Kalvin Dinh
I liked one lol
wow u never answered my questions im berry dissapoint  Kalvin Dinh
Lol you're in Forensics?
yeah im trying something new "lol"
Post a selfie!
my wiener hurts, can you massage it with your mouth
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What's your snapchat?
Is it true you made a fan page of yourself?
no and honestly i have no idea what you're talking about
You like your chocolate like you like your boys HAHAHA  Mariella sanding
f yeah :-))))
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What chocolate is your favorite? 
white chocolate
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Have you ever sent nudes?
never in a million years
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You can post selfies on ig because I think you're cute (:
thanks but i rarely take selfies now lol
Taylor says gay is not okay =( What are you're thoughts on him saying that ?
honestly i think that gay is ok and I'm not saying that his opinion is wrong. he has his own opinion and you can't really change that. but, what taylor said was really hurtful. idk what i think about it bc it's not really my business and my opinion on it won't change anything.
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You never post on ig anymore
i have nothing to post lol
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Who was captains at the AMS guard?
overall- Ramon
sabre- jade and katryel
rifle- Andrew and Ramon
flag- me
co-flag- molly
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What do u use for skincare? I love ur skin
i mainly just use this aveeno foaming cleanser. not exactly sure what it's called.
Are you a city or a nature person?
Are you joining guard in as hs?
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What would you refuse to do for a million dollars?
kill somebody
are you doing the bridges program?
idk what that is so no
If you could have dinner with any political figure, dead or alive, who would you pick?
sarah palin
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U n Jeremy look cute together
we're just friends haha
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