taryn noriega @taarrryn
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You think he's cute ?
obviously not bc I have no idea who ur taking about????
He's the one from the football game that you were looking at
i wasn't looking at anybody lol???? i only know his friends bc they came up to me lmao
Do you think that 1 junior that said that likes u is cute ? I think his name is jarod
i actually have no idea who he is. sry???
What eyeliner do you use?
stila stay all day waterproof eyeliner
Wierdest convo on omegle
actually a bit scared to go on that site tbh
You're really tiny.. Lol!
thanks!!!!!! <333
do you like anyone from logan?
Like=3 likes
nah bruh
How tall are you?
like 5 feet?????????
Pap of your schedule
1-h/algebra 2
Why is summer so bad?
well the past summer was actually extremely fun
Tbh taaarryynn wassup! I LOVE YOUr hair LIKE lovE OMG & you're super prettttyyy super pretty. but we never got to take a pic )): but go to the game against Irvington and we will!  jasmine
yeah definitely! thank you jasmine <333
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how long have you been friends with mariella?
since 5th grade!
tips to get a nice body? You look pretty fit
aw thanks! i wouldn't consider myself "fit" but what I do every other day is squats, sit ups, leg lifts etc. also I at least try to eat healthy.
First three songs in your favorite playlist?
these girls-sticky fingers, settle down-the 1975, girls love beyonce-drake
Are you doing forensics in high school?
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Pap of schedule?
Pap of schedule?
Whats your username on chatous?
wtf is chatous
do have you have an idea of what your halloween costume is going to be?
actually haven't thought about it lol
What time did you wake up this morning?
First Kiss Story?
ive never had my first kiss???? lol
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How many slices of pizza do you usually eat?
Who do you hang out at school with now?
the same people I've always hung out with??? lol idg your question
is there anyone you want to get to know freshman year?
Happy Birthday Taryn!
thanks dood! :-))