taryn noriega @taarrryn
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Going to the Glow Dance?
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i wore pajamas to school today sooo :)
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where did you Get your black platforms??
What did you eat today?
pasta lol
are there any cute guys youve seen from ur younger brothers team. like any of their brothers?
i don't even go to my brothers games or practices so no.
would u ever like a freshman? just askin
if i saw one i liked i guess.
What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?
before i go to bed i have to make sure my room is clean lol. :/
Hey! Could you like my 10 answers? I will do the same :D  Aatir Khan
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Who is your fav from magcon
the cute canadian that sings
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Tarry! Heyy! <333
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Iphone5s!(:  Celine Garcia
ty Celine :-)
Do you think your friend Mariella would date Elijah Miller
why don't you ask her
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
i can't sing haha
Does Shawn follow you on like Instagram , Vine....etcetc. ?
no he just revined me.
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5s! :)  jasmine
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i bet you like playing harmonicas.
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Tbh tarynnnn you're really q & seem really chill too. Are you going to Logan next year? If you ever wanna talk hmu wheneverrr. Lol.  Colin Dagdagan
thanks colin! and same, if you want to talk just hmu :) and yeah im going to logan.
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Do you need any help?
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Do you not want to make vines with yourself in it?
i have. i just haven't recently because I've gained a lot of followers due to shawn revining me and they expect me to make edits so idk. also because insecurities and stuff :)
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Where do you get your eyebrows threaded?
heaven beauty spot or kash fabrics
What do you hate about yourself?
lol too much to name
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How do you prove to a girl that you care about her?
it honestly depends on the girl but in general just make her feel special but don't be hella creepy.
Dear crush?
don't have one oops
hii!  jasmine
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