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Is Cadillac z a chestnut
who are you riding in the big eq?
Catch rides and Cadillac Z
What is (or was) your favorite class in school?
Who are you going to show in low juniors and are you going to do the eq in welly
Yoyo and pollux and yes
Pap? And caption :)
Of what??
What do you show in?
Big Eq, Jr hunters, and low Jr Jumpers (/.\)
Pap of you jumping your favorite type of jump? (:
Don't have any on my phone but isn't she perfect :)
Pap of you jumping your favorite type of jump? (:
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Favorite type of jump, examples; plank,triple bar, wide oxer, ect
Triple bar lol
Favorite part of a course like- bend-line, triple combo, lines, singles, ect?
Triples for sure
Where is a good place to get a cute fall vest to ride in? Nothing crazy expensive either
Try macys!
anytime casper  sam
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
A bag full of shit (thanks Sam)
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Duct tape meh to a chair.
can you post your rounds from wihs
It's on YouTube! :)
did u pierce your tongue? gross
No? :')
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Who's the dude in Shan's twit avi
Couldn't tell YA
why aren't you in school if you're not going pro?
Because I'm not
What school wer u at before?
You'll never go pro even 15 years from now? Just curious, why not?
Idk honestly
what online school?
I just switched to National High school
You seriously are so lucky to have a friend like Sam. She would do anything for you you can just tell. You guys are the "best friend goals" a lot of people have and I just wanted to let you know how lucky you are to have her.
Gahaha I find this funny bc Sam got the same question but about me. We both know. She's like a big sister to me and I wouldn't trade my friendship with her for the world. She really is a one in a million type of friend and Im so lucky I met her at wef. Idk what I would do without her :')
are you going to go pro?
No I don't think so
I've been considering Der Daus! I just bought a new Samshield though and just don't have the money right now for customs, but need boots before spring showing. Think Ariat Monacos are worth it?
Mine broke within 3 months honestly
What tall boots do you have and/or recommend?
DER Dau!!
Online school or no?
Yes :)