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did u pierce your tongue? gross
No? :')
Who's the dude in Shan's twit avi
Couldn't tell YA
why aren't you in school if you're not going pro?
Because I'm not
What school wer u at before?
You'll never go pro even 15 years from now? Just curious, why not?
Idk honestly
what online school?
I just switched to National High school
You seriously are so lucky to have a friend like Sam. She would do anything for you you can just tell. You guys are the "best friend goals" a lot of people have and I just wanted to let you know how lucky you are to have her.
Gahaha I find this funny bc Sam got the same question but about me. We both know. She's like a big sister to me and I wouldn't trade my friendship with her for the world. She really is a one in a million type of friend and Im so lucky I met her at wef. Idk what I would do without her :')
are you going to go pro?
No I don't think so
I've been considering Der Daus! I just bought a new Samshield though and just don't have the money right now for customs, but need boots before spring showing. Think Ariat Monacos are worth it?
Mine broke within 3 months honestly
What tall boots do you have and/or recommend?
DER Dau!!
Online school or no?
Yes :)
have you had sex?
OK! good luck
Thanks :)
Well, if you haven't showed in the lows before its a little different. (even though the lows at WEF are small)
I'm doing as my trainer tells me
I get it but people usually do the modifieds before moving up to the lows. the lows are 1.20-1.25
Your just going to move up to the 1.20 at WEF?
I'm doing to low jrs at WEF with both
I used to ride Pollux, he's definitely a cool horse-congrats!
Thanks! I love him :)
whats worse grounding or spankin?
What show are you going to move up? Are you going to do some modified classes first?
Nope. Low Jr jumpers :)
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CONGRATS!!!! Are there on demand videos for WIHS? I'd love to watch your winning ride!
It should be on usef network!
CONGRATS ON YOUR BIG WIN!! I was so sad I missed your rides but that is amazing!!!!
Thank you!
Are you going to WEF?
Are you going to nave up this year? Junior Jumpers?
Yes :)
Why is this your last national horse show?
For this year