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Tips for making out. Honestly not in a joking way
Idk I just go with whatever the guy does tbh :')
do you smoke?
Can I see what it looks like? pap?
Can I see what it looks like? pap?
pap of a selfie?
pap of a selfie?
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What did you think of the Central Park Show?
I think it was really really cool
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Who are all the horses you have competed with this year? Names/divisions ect.
Wayyy too many to name honestly
The last question...kinda confused. Before you were tweeting about the new Twiter being weird and I was wondering what was different about it
I have iOS 8
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Wait what??
What's different about the new Twitter update if you don't have iOS8
I have iOS 8 ?
I'm a motha f*ckn alcoholic.
I'm sorry for you
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When do you feel the most comfortable?
With Jake
Kk I followed u. My twitter is ‎@southerngaalll. I guess if you follow back, then we can DM or text. Thankss
I never got that you followed me..
Pap with no make up
I literally just woke up but ok
Pap with no make up
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How do you usually express your emotions?
I don't normally
Ok u said to DM u on twitter of something an I just got on my old twitter and followed u so please follow me back and we can maybe just DM there instead of texting
My twitter is taeganlong
I font have a twitter so if I just make one to follow u just for that can we DM and talk there??
How can you be motivated?
Yo anon...fuck off :)
Wow immature much
Lol me..?
Just a heads up. When you say shit like the chronicle called nbd. You come off like a cocky birch. When are you going to learn to be humble. You don't see the big players bragging do you?
I was excited and that was a no big deal like I'm really excited and it is a huge deal to me. If you don't like what I say unfollow. I don't live life to please you or anyone but myself for that matter. And once all you anons realize that then maybe you'll learn to mind your own business
There's stuff going on in my life and it's hard for me to ask for advice and stuff over ask so do u think I can text u and we can chat? It would help me a lot
Of course dm me on Instagram or twitter or Facebook first and I'll be more than happy to give you my number
What have you been listening to recently?
Lots of different things
its not the same!!!
That's unfortunate
so why would you tell me your Snapchat? now I'm upset. I really like you though and wanna talk!
You can dm me on Instagram or twitter
why you no accept Snapchat :(
I only accept people on snapchat I'm close with