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Do you have ebola?
Yea definitely
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What do you mean when you tweeted you're competing at your last national?
For this year it's my last national Horseshow
when do you show at WIHS
What size is your curling barrel then? Do you put any products in before or after? Sorry for being annoying but I love how your curls turn out!
It's a 1 1/2 Im pretty sure and I just use heat protectant before!
Why wasn't Sammy invited to your party? I thought you guys were friends
I never thought we we're friends until Saugerties. And she knows exactly why she wasn't invited to my party so I don't understand why she is so butt hurt. She is the one with an issue with me. I'll always love Sammy I just don't get why she's acting the way she is towards me.
No hahaja
Who's Eddie??
A boy
What are you showing in at WIHS?
Childrens jumpers
What would be the title of your autobiography?
Life of a bitchy princess :)
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Any tips for curling hair? I have a wand but just can't seem to get my hair perfect..and I hate using hairspray because I feel like the curls get hard and don't bounce
I don't use the wand anymore bc they turn out toooo curly for me!
what days will you be at Washington
Tuesday and Wednesday
Why did the entire jump come down when you showed Pollux!?!?
He hit the standard
How old are Pollux and yoyo
Do you play an instrument? Which?
Nope :')
Pollux and yoyo
do you have an older brother? if so, you got any suggestions on how to get bros to back off, when they put you in a headlock?
I don't jahaha but I have lot of guy friends I wrestle with and just put your chin down or elbo then lol
How did you do at Hburg?
I was really nervous on pollux so had 8 faults but he was amazing and tried his little heart out for me. And yoyo I had a beautiful round and had an unfortunate last rail. All-in-all I was very pleased with my horses and can't wait for Washington :)
I noticed a lot of people had rails at the vertical with the liverpool in the jumpers today. Do you know why that is?
It was a really awkward jump and the Liverpool went out a lot farther than most and I think it caught most horses by surprise
What happened to Sam and teddy
I just saw his Insta pic and was wondering the same thing...
How old are your horses?
What ones
God I know the people that own that farm. Nice try tho
Yea? The people who live in Utah? The people we pay a fortune to have that barn? Yea it's ours. Fuck off Natalie
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will you be at zone 2 finals Sunday?
No I leave tomorrow :/
That farm isn't yours you don't own it. How many times do we need to go over this
How many times do you need to be an arrogant ass hole and have me tell you it's under our name so it is ours before you realize how truly dumb and rude you look? Besides the fact I have a good idea who this is. You're wrong and have absolutely no idea about MY farm. Lol maybe next time anon :)
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Do you know Collin Suchecki
He is my neighbor and I've known him since I was 3
16 is a pretty young age to go to college. Why don't you just wait till the normal age to go to college? And then spend theses years just riding
the sooner I start college, the sooner Im done and can start my life