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Do you like Coke or Pepsi? Why?
Coke - I know the people who own it
How do you get in the pool?
You could do what my dog did and start running in the dark and just fall in!!
Don't listen to those meanies! You rock girly! Makes tons of sense not to move up at WEF when your horse hasn't showed in a bit! I guess some people have such million $ horses they can skip steps! I applaud you for taking your time and moving up right! Don't worry about them cause karma is a bitch!  Sara Sprague
Thank you! :)
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I'm sorry
??????????? Not her whoever she is I went clear nice try
Lol okay
I hope that chick from earlier keeps asking questions. I like this cat fight that's starting
Nothing's gonna start
It's not ab that I hate people that are ab the ribbons get over yourself
I know who this is and gf, I wouldn't be trashing me since no body knows your little secret that I know (/.\)
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Yes I am at wef fuckface
What do you show in gf
It's disgusting
I think I'm pretty clean.. Just showered!
Then you should have prepared before wef what a laughing stock. Joke
Real question.... Are you even at wef???? Anon lmao
Then do the modifie people are sick of you at the children's ring fucking show off move on
Well someone's a little angry I'm still showing against them :')
Don't want to say what
What are you showing in this weekend
High children's to start off with, next modified, then lows for rest of circuit!
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Are you using him in the eq
Not this weekend but yes
How's it going with cadillac . What tent are you in
He's in a permanent barn, I'm in tent 15
why didnt you answer the question about your heart problem?
I have a lot of questions and sometimes I never ever see some
how many horses do u ride a day at wet? what are their names?
Six - Yoyo, Pollux, Pepe, Polly, Charlie, and Cadillac
pap of your feet
How about my thumb
pap of your feet
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Are you gonna go back to Medford during WEF and the time you're in FL?
"Idk honestly" what about Mike??
If I weren't with mike
Is there was a hot guy right there right now who wanted to kiss you, would you kiss him?
No I have mike
Would you randomly just kiss anyone/someone if the mood takes you? Be it a friend, family or just someone you don't know. Please say why you would or wouldn't have you done this before
Idk honestly
Why are you laughing this morning
Bc something was very funny
Lol @ Medford boys
What are you doing right now?
Driving homee
What are you doing right now?