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Taegan @TaeganLong
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Post a picture after you're done getting your make over!
Post a picture after you're done getting your make over!
Do you have kik xx
No I'm sorry!
You are well pretty xx
Thank you!
whats the event that youre going to day? andwho are you going with?
Pre make over :-)
whats the event that youre going to day? andwho are you going with?
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When do you leave for WEF? and when do you get back?
I leave the 3 or 4th and come back April 1 but I'm coming back to visit a few times
I bet it really sucks having everything going great with Mike and all and having to leave for WEF soon. That came off bitchy but I genuinely mean it. It sucks. Good luck to you guys. I'm glad he makes you happy :)
We actually were talking when I was in we'd last year and everything was perfect! But thank you :)
Do you have any friend drama right now
Favorite picture of you riding/showing?
I miss him in the show ring :(
Favorite picture of you riding/showing?
Parker Wright?
You all need to calm your fuckin boners damn
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Whats the fancy dress for?
Gala :)
You look way too skinny in your Instagram picture
Your an amazing person and I wish you the best of luck in your riding!
Thank you :)
Can't you just say which anons went because you do know
I seriously don't
Why did Parker comment "bruh" on your picture
Ask him????
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which anons went to mid atlantic?
Ok. Do you know where or are you staying w anyone
The same house I did last year
You are being a bitch for no reason. What's wrong w that question. It's not even sketchy
I said a house??? How is that being a bitch pls answer that
Where are you staying for the three months you are in fla
A house
my friends think he ( the kid from camp ) likes me but idk. he uses smiley faces a lot but idk
Find out if he likes you then go from there
new pap of you and Mike
He's currently chillen
new pap of you and Mike
Best leg exercises to loose weight in thighs??
Donkey kicks, jumping jacks, and sprints! And I love kick boxing
I have a friend from camp who lives far away. I liked him then and talking to him only makes me like him again. He said we would definetly hang out if he visits where I live but what do you think I could do?
Does he like you?
Do guys your age in Medford hu with girls a lot or is that all talk?
I wouldn't know. I don't talk to guys in my grade from Medford
i have this fwb with a dude and even though we live really close to each other we barely get to see each other cause we're always sooo busy what do u think I should do?
If it's fwb nothing hahaha they have no impact in your life other than a hook up buddy so there is no pressure and idk what the word I'm looking for here is but you aren't required to hang out with them every week and day
What is your biggest regret?
Never believing in myself and beating myself down every chance I got