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God just when I think you are toning it down and getting humble and normal you come out with one of these I think I'm famous commonts like "one of my best photo shoots yet" you make me throw up in my mouth. Ugh
Ugh sorry I have photoshoots ugh
Not jealous honey. Just know you stretch the truth a lot if it's legit then congrats
I don't stretch the truth on anything and you'd know that if you actually know me, which proves you don't. So if you don't know me why pretend you do? Because you think it's fun and get pride in bringing other people down. Well news flash, it's disgusting and not funny, or "cool" at all. It just shows what an awful person you are, not me.
What magazine were you in liar? The plaid horse doesn't count and if your parents put an ad in to wish you good luck that doesn't count either
Wasn't in the plaid horse... It was an add for being first in the NAL... But whatever it doesn't count to you bc you're jealous. Lol jealousy is a bitch
I always get my strawberry da queries virgin !!!
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Why are you being so sassy on your big eq page ab kids being rich and how you don't have to have daddy's money. I don't hear anybody giving you a hard time and you have a few horses fr what I can remember and don't start this shot that you work harder either. No
Wait wut.... It was a general tweet chill tf out :')
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
Someone's heart
Is it scandalous to wear socks with sandals?
I'm no it's weird
you're so hot.
Wow ty
What was you best Halloween costume ever?
Idk honestly
you rode awesome at the show!
Thank you :)
Selfie of you dressed up?
Selfie of you dressed up?
Tweet the thing you were gonna Tweet but didn't. How bad could it be and I know it's not a very "Taegan thing" to care what others think so why now?
Bc what I was going to tweet would hurt others. I don't care what others think or say about me. But I do have a heart and care about others feelings. So no it was just me being smart, and staying out of drama.
What can't you tell me about Brendan? I think I like him but idk.
I have nothing good to say
Who did you go on a date with yesterday??
Lol that's my business (/.\)
Do you talk to yourself?
Yes I do
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How does that work??
How does what work
answer snapchats and idk what to do
Maybe just stop contacting him for a little bit. He will notice and he will either make an effort to talk to you.. Or he won't. And by he reaction to you not answering you will either realize he is into you or he isn't and you should move on. I'm only saying this out of personal knowledge. It doesn't work like that for everyone
So I've been talking to this guy for a whole and about a week ago we opened up and he said he liked me and I like him and then that night he called me babe and stuff and we always talking about hanging out and making out and shot but then all of a sudden he just isn't talking to me and doesn't
I'm sorry but people need to just lay off. Let taegan do whatever she wants she is her own person. And if y'all already have not noticed she really does not care what you think. She is still gonna do what she wants to do, say what she wants to say, and wear what she wants to wear.
Thank you so much. Haha you couldn't be more accurate
Weird question but for shaving and waxing for the "downstairs" what do you normally do cause I feel like its too uncomfortable to shave but awkward to g get waxed. What do you think I should do?
I get laser !
Please just tell me is JT and Shannon are together cause I dont wanna like him if it's not worth it. Please just let me know for that reason.
They are together and have been for a long time
its an orange sports bra under the white lol what are you saying
Want a picture it's all one lolol
of course you wear a bra under a sports bra trynna make ur boobs like big
No trying to make it so you couldn't see my boobs under my WHITE sports bra. Lol don't you have something better to do with your life?
You were on top of him in jts story lol why lie
Lol why be such a bitch anon?
Sick 2 sports bras
Sick a normal bra and white sports bra. Keepin it classy