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why did you say you were going to wiz
I was going to an on our way there we got a call about my grandma so my parents dropped me off at my friends house
How far did u and mike go
To Pennsylvania
What carnival is that? And where?
Pbf in shamong
Which famous person from the past would you most like to meet?
George Washington
Ik it's different for everyone, but when doing those leg exercises, how long do I think it takes to notice differences?
Give it two weeks after everyday work outs
do you recommend any off the rack tall boots? if so which ones?
Honestly I don't recommend them
opinions on sergio grasso tall boots?
They didn't hold up for more than 4 months
Then which carnival?
is your belly button an innie or outie? is it pierced? post a pic :)
Innie and no
Are you at the carni in the Hamptons rn??
My life is a bit camera shy, I can't picture it without you.
That was cute
1st 2 likers get 10 likes? rest get 3... please. :)
exercises you do. and sorry for the bad spelling, im in the car lol
Lol no it's fine!!! Do leg lifts back front and to the side
Taegan please help me (i feel s bad asking now when i know you got a lot going on rn) in 16, weigh about 115 lbs, if i eat healthy i can easily have a flat stomach but my problems are my inner thighs. what do u think I should do. i know youve gotten fitter/skinnier and i was wonderin what leg
You're pretty ily and you're gonna be alright don't worry
Thank youuu
I have to admit, Taegan is a pretty badass name
Gahah thanks
head up and I know youll be fine :)
Thank you so much ❤️
and thats exactly what you should mean to someone. you should be someone elses world. for real. there are dumb boys and ones who will lose you. i know you dont know me but we all through this stuff and i want you to know you arent alone. itll be hard to trust people and I know that but keep your
I just wanted to say Im sorry. Im not gona give you crap about how I know what you feel like cause I know you dont need that and it might be hard to believe but itll be better. i know it will. youve made it all this way and you deserve happiness now. we all love you Taegan. hope you know that <3 <3
Thank you so much that means the world to me <3
Does he stay loyal to you?
Who mike? If so no. We are done. He used me and made his friend dm me on twitter to tell me he wants nothing to do with me. So there is no more "mike" in my life. He is in the past. Some people come into your life to make you learn a lesson, and he was one of them. He taught me that there is no such thing as a perfect guy and there is no such thing as a loyal guy either. He got me at a very low point and hooked me.. And took advantage of me and dropped me like I was nothing. Mike is out of my life. And it is better that way
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opinion on leather charles Owens in the hunter/eq ring?
I like them!
Are you gonna see Mike when you get back today?
No he's down the shore with al
Best friends?
Sam, Ali, mike and Britt
What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
where do you get your purses from
I got my tan purse from a shop in Italy!