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I hope to have a friendship like yours with Sam one day (:
Aww. This is so cute :)
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Who is your best friend and why
Sam bc she knows me better than I know myself. She is the person I go to for anything and everything no matter what hour of the day it is. She's sweet, she's funny, she tells me when I'm being a dumb bitch and need to stop or drop whatever it is Im obsessing about. She's there for me and believes in me no matter what. And she's honestly the best, best friend I've ever had. I wouldn't trade her for anything
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What happened with ur twitter? What'd the person who was on it do?
They tweeted things like this and dm'd people things I didn't want to be said
What happened with ur twitter? What'd the person who was on it do?
If you were a bird, where would you fly?
If you're a bird, I'm a bird
Ryan Miller?? I really like him. Ishe dating or hooking up with anyone???
No he isn't I don't think
werk tit.
Does Ryan have a gf?
There's this guy I know from anther school and we've been friends and talking For a while but it's so hard to read him. We've talked about hanging out an he shows interest in that but I feel like I'm always initiating it and idk how he feels. It's so frustrating cause I like him so much
I feel like you won't know your true feelings for him until you hang out. Bc he could be a different person in person than over the phone
By he's not an understanding person. And I feel like it'll be worth it to keep it going as fwb and then just end it as late as we can so we can keep it as long as possible
Then do that!
In the end either way
I've actually been in your position before and you should end it and be completely honest about why. He needs to know you want to stay fwb but it's only gonna get you hurt. He should understand
So I've been fwb with thieving guy for a while. It's nothing more than physical attraction and hooking up for him but for me it used to be more. I'm over I'm now emotionally but I feel like when our fwb does end ill be inevitably sad. Idk what to do cause I wanna stay fwb but Ik ill end up hurt
I'll answer this on the ending part
I respect you for not shit talking mike after what happened
I liked him too much to say anything bad to anyone other than my closest friends. And even then I really never say anything bad. So thanks
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Who has been the most important person in your life?
Guy: mike girl: Sam
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I literally hate my dad so much. It's actually really sad how much I dislike him and want h'm to leave my family. I can't help myself from thinking about how much I am going to miss him one day when he's dead but I just really can't stand him as of now. What do you think I should do?
Depending what he's done don't be so hard on him. He only does what he does bc he loves you and cares about you
I feel like I initiate conversation with a lot of people (mainly guys), so I've decided that for a while I'm going to wait and let other people reach out to me to see who really cares about my presence and wants me to be a part in their life. Do you think that sounds reasonable?
I do that all the time. It shows who your true friends are
What are you sick with? Are you okay??
A broken heart honestly
Why are you at the hospital
I'm sick
Where's that store??
What's the hunt ball?? and where did you get your dress??
A ball for riding and I got it at Nicole Miller
Nothing like a bond between a girl and her horse :) ;)
Aye rt :)))))))
Who's one person that you know no matter how far apart you are, they'll always be there for you?
Sam, Ali, shan, Britt, and honestly mike. Wouldn't trade any of them for the absolute world
Did she just randomly tweet that?
Yes. Bc the last time I talked to her she was asking me to spend the weekend with her
I meant what should a guy do with his tounge in order to be a good kisser
Idk jahaha
Whats the beef with you and lacy
Idk seeing how friday she asked me to go to Syracuse with her. It was random
What makes a guy a good kisser?
If you feel sparks or not