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Where's your next show? I love your horses by the way!!
Thank you! And Princeton this weekend :)
U do realize tweeting @ the freshman from Cherokee just pisses lex off more and makes her hate u more than she already does right..
Do you think I don't know that already..? Hahahaha
If I wanna talk to u is the best time to reach u at night afternoon or morning? Cause I don't wanna bother u
Probably night or morning
i just want to say thank you. ive been suicidal for so long but jsut seeing you go through all you do and how so many other people feel pain sometimes made it easier and im getting a lot better. so thanks for being there andbeing such a good role model for me. really appriciate you. more than u know
This actually made my night. Thank you :)
what are the best teen clothing brands?? whrer do u get ur clothes from? i aint tryna steal ur outfits dw
I get my outfits literally from anywhere
How far in advance do you prefer to plan?
About 20 minutes
what happened lastnight to make u upset??
People suck
she siad she want my lollyyy
hey bae
why were you so upset last night?
I wasn't until later bc yesterday was actually just a really good fucking day but then something happened so
Lol some people r so crazy on here stalking your life like wtf
When are the best times to talk to y? Like I love UR advice but I know it can probably get annoying with people asking u stuff 24/7 but like when's the beat to talk like which days and times?
Idk everyday is different normally in the morning
why do you have issues with your parents? what are their problems with you?
How do you know I have issues with my parents..?
who are your role models?
I don't have any honestly
i cant handle this anymore. i need to end it all theres nothing i cant do rn to make anything better
Talk to me. I'm here.. Maybe not at this moment lol... But tomorrow I will be. Just don't do anuthin stupid
Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?
you dont even know the shit i go through. i kinda think and feel like thats 100% accuerate. people keep giving me reasons to just give up
Well I know it's not true. I care
why not? its not like anyone will me miss me or care that im gone
That's the farthest thing from the truth
i feel like shit nad i wanna kms
Don't do that
who betrayed you? did it have to do with riding?
What do you mean?
are u in the hospital rn? what happnedd??
I was having a really really bad migraine and I was having allergic reactions to my medicine and it wasn't working... But I'm good now!
i forgot what it feels like to be happy
I know that feeling and it sucks
you dont know what pleasure feels like until youve gotten fingered
I have to tell you the nail tips you put on look scrappy I'm sorry they are jacked. They stick up. You should have someone else do them
I'm sorry but your opinion is irrelevant and unwanted :-)
What the best feeling in the world to you
Knowing that there are people out there who actually care about me and love me and will be here for me no matter what the situation is and never judge me
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