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Who are you bring to WEF
Angelique, Yoyo, Pollux, and chubs
when do you leave for wellington?
January 2!
OMG the hot doorman and I talked today *so in love* if I see him tomorrow, what should I say to like "further it"? Today we talked about school, this week and the weekend. Idk what else to bring up or talk about
I'm sorry I just saw this!
have u taken the SATs? or if not do you plan on it and if so when
idk yet
how much school work do you do a day?
2 hours
Are salads good to eat when you're trying to stay on a diet? What kind of snack foods are good? Fruit? Nuts? Peanut butter? Helpppp meeee lol
Paleo is the way to go honestly
What do you look for in a guy/what are some recommendations for a guy?
Look at the way he treats his ex
Is JT single?
Yes I think so:)
What should I say to him(the doorman)?????????????? Like how do I approach it/him?
Start daily conversations! Good morning, how are you, and work it up
*same girl who has a thing for her YOUNG doorman* this weekend I was leaving and he winked at me and we always smile when we see each other. Is that like normal? Or somewhat flirty? Idk ugh sorry
I have question about a guy and I'd really like your advice. Theres a lot to type out so I could do it here but it might come in as multiple questions. Would that be easier or should I text you?
Dm me on Twitter
I need advice but I dont have the social media i can DM you on. Should I make a fake page and Dm you on twitter or what? I need help :/
Yea that works and follow me on my personal and then tel me what account is yours on here and I won't answer the question!
The pap didnt show up :/
Idk why:(
why do you want to go to college a year early?
Idk what I want to do yet honestly. I'm just going to see how this next year plays out!
Is it acceptable to wear a First Lady in the equitation and hunter ring ?
Yes!! I do:)
pap of u
Hehe dis was last night :)
Hey do me a favor and don't even forget who you are and how great you are. I can tell that you don't let people give you shit but i just wanted to say that you're great and you're worth it. <3
Aw this made me smile so big! Thank you so much. Stay sweet ❤️
are you going to try and qualify for maclay regionals/finals at some point?
Next year!
(cont'd) would it be wierd if I say something like "Idk if it makes any difference but I'm into you and I think youre really cute" or "I prob shouldnt say anything but I've been attracted to you for a while". im going to college next year so maybe I should wait until its close to when i leave
I think you should wait until you leave lol
I live in Philly in an apartment building and I have the hots for one of my doormen lolz. He's pretty young. I'm 17 and a senior in high school. I think he's no older than 24-25. (cont'd in next quest.)
I'm a junior in hs and I spent most of the summer talking to this college freshman. And I feel like we were really vibing on each other. But as soon as he started college he got flaky. Should I take it personally or do you think it's like the school work (he goes to a hella hard school)??
I wouldn't take it personally, you just have to remember you're still in high school and he's in college. It could be the work. You'll never really know
Where do you want to go to college , bc I saw ur tweet and it said next year you will be at your dream college
Not quite sure yet
Where do you wanna go to college?
Somewhere down south!
Fav non horse clothes shop?
Pacsun, urban, or topshop!
Do your parents buy all your clothes/makeup? if not how do you earn the money?
They do for the most part!