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You should've stayed pale. Looked so much more natural and beautiful
It's all coming off and I completely agree haha thanks tho
You and Sam are clearly not as close as you used to be so why do you guys pretend you are
Honestly I don't think this is anyone's business but ours, especially bc no one knows anything but us. We've both been going through a lot these last few months and I don't think we need to broadcast our friendship over ask.fm. Sam will forever be an older sister to me. So honestly, you all sound dumb
What's the deal with you and sam
There is no deal?
What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?
Depends on who is the one lying, but the truth normally
Who are your best friends
Honestly, I trust no one but myself anymore
Does it ever get better? I sometimes just lay there in bed and everything lido into my mind and I ca never sleep and I wonder if it's ever going to get better and all these little stupid things will be forgotten :(
It does get better. I promise
How is your mom doing?
Dream car?
Ford F-350 lifted or a jeep.. Ooooooh baby
Where do you get your nails done?
Beauty nails
How many hours do you sleep at night?
It's impossible for me to sleep tbh
Who don't you like at wef
Honestly that's no ones business but mine and I'm not going to be fighting or having any drama in WEF this year so this question is irrelevant
Can I test your clothes  Parker Wright
Of course :))
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You're starting a clothing line.....?
Yes I am
I don't give it
is there anyone you used to really have something against and now you like them or don't hate them anymore
Where are you??
With my family??
what do you think of the girls In your grade at Shawnee? prettiest 5?
Let's not lmao
Every time someone asks about your friends one is out and there's a new one . Disposable
Idk who is out Bc I've had the same best friends for a while
best friend (mike doesn't count)
Through think and thin Sam, Ali, Britt, and michaela
he never posts pics with u n doesn't tell ppl ur together even when ppl ask
Yea he does and I know for a fact he does so you're dumb
do you think mikes embarrassed to be with you?
Absolutely not, why would he be
why did you start all that stuff with Lauren just to delete your comments?
I didn't delete any of the comments as you can see all comments were delete having to do with drama
Can i be your slave and my mom be your dog ?
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What just ruined your ngiht? :(
A phone call
Pap with no make up
I don't have a picture with no make up but I have this one with only mascara onn
Pap with no make up