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Taegan @TaeganLong
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Please tell me how you get 200 likes on your picture in 30 minutes
I buy them clearly :')))))))))))))
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Where do you like to read?
I don't
What's under your bottom lip
A cold sore
What did you get a makeover for?
Where'd you get your dress from? (the one from ln)
A boutique in marlton
How often do you show?:)
A lot!
You have like 100 different styles and tbh I like your "skater" look the best
Hahahaha aw thank you ❤️
How you doin
What happened to you last night and you aren't skinny btw
How much weight have you lost? You're really skinny.
I'm only answering this Bc this is the 7 question I got referring to my weight. Idk if it's one person or multiple but I'll just put my answer here. It shouldn't matter to you. Surprisingly I don't live to please you. I'm healthy. Sorry my hips and ribs stick out and show a little.... I'm naturally skinny. But I'm happy with my body so my weight and body should not bother any of you. And I'm not answering any more questions about this topic ✌️
Post a picture after you're done getting your make over!
Post a picture after you're done getting your make over!
Do you have kik xx
No I'm sorry!
You are well pretty xx
Thank you!
whats the event that youre going to day? andwho are you going with?
Pre make over :-)
whats the event that youre going to day? andwho are you going with?
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When do you leave for WEF? and when do you get back?
I leave the 3 or 4th and come back April 1 but I'm coming back to visit a few times
I bet it really sucks having everything going great with Mike and all and having to leave for WEF soon. That came off bitchy but I genuinely mean it. It sucks. Good luck to you guys. I'm glad he makes you happy :)
We actually were talking when I was in we'd last year and everything was perfect! But thank you :)
Do you have any friend drama right now
Favorite picture of you riding/showing?
I miss him in the show ring :(
Favorite picture of you riding/showing?
Parker Wright?
You all need to calm your fuckin boners damn
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Whats the fancy dress for?
Gala :)
You look way too skinny in your Instagram picture
Your an amazing person and I wish you the best of luck in your riding!
Thank you :)
Can't you just say which anons went because you do know
I seriously don't
Why did Parker comment "bruh" on your picture
Ask him????
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which anons went to mid atlantic?