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Bc I know the person that owns it :)
Yea so do I:)
How is it in your name ?
How is it your business? :)
I guess I was right
You guess wrong suckah
I heard that you just lease that barn
We lease it but it's in our name
I guess the answer is no. bc you said you own the property and I hate liars.
And the answer may be yes. But I guess you'll never know. But I hate people who try and butt into other people's personal business over anonymous. Damn I guess you're just beat
so are you saying you own that property the farm w the house and the indoor you bought it fr those people that were renting it to you
Why is this any of your business again? Jw
Wait why aren't you and Sam W friends anymore
Personal reasons :)
I've seen that house and I've seen your house. bullshit
You haven't seen the inside of either. And honestly, it's none of your business :-)
the house that is on the property w the barn
Cause my house is better and nicer
I'm 14 and show as 13 so I don't really have to worry abt my rep and being professional yet. But he was a few years older and prob gonna go pro in the yr after next and his trainer saw us and he got in trouble and his trainer knows my trainer so what should I do?
Lay low
then why don't you live in that house
What house
Do u think its bad when ppl hu at shows (like actually at the show during the dAY) like if one of my trainers friends mentioned it to her would i get in trouble?
I think it's rather trashy tbh and it's not professional at all. I know I would get in trouble
crushing, talking, taken, or single and looking?
Doin me
you don't own your barn
Well it's in our name:-)
And who is Sammy k?
Sammy Kasowitz
Wait you and Sam W aren't friends anymore ????
I'm sure you've answered this a ton but can you name all your horses and what they do (jumpers, eq, etc)
Pollux - low jr jumpers
Yoyo - low jr jumpers (moving up to highs)
Angelique - big Eq
Mark - whatever I feel like doing on him if I want to show him, he kind of is a pasture pony hopefully getting leased out to a girl in my barn soon!
What do your parents do for work
My mom is a PA, and my dad owns a medical billing company plus many other companies
How far do you have too travel to get to your barn & is it solely private or do you have boarders?
It's not even ten minutes away from my house and we have three boarders who ride with my mom
What do you most value in your friends?
Loyalty and honesty
Is to our barn at your house??
do you have an indoor at your barn?
😍There’s an Italian painter, named Elio Carletti , and he defined beauty. He said it was the summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered…that’s you Taegan, you’re beautiful.
Aww this made my day. Thank you ❤️
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so you own the barn and Your parents hired Carolyn?
No, I own my own barn. Carolyn works out of wyndsor and that's where everyone who rides with Carolyn boards. She comes to my barn once a week for a lesson and I meet her at shows