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do you have any idea where you want to go to college? do you consider yourself academically smart?
I wanna go south, and yes. I actually am
Do you know if Brett Bromley is dating anyone? I think he's really hot and I wanna get w him or be w him if he's down for that haha
Brett is a single man
Did Brittany and Peter break up? I think they are/were adorable!!!
I'm not quite sure honestly :/ I think they did tho
Did you get a new horse besides the 3 you have?
Where do you shop at? Favorite stores?
Everywhere honestly
Why do u pose in front of that barn like it's yours.
Emily told us too cdfu we didn't act like it was ours:)
if are you (possibly) going to be going to Cherokee? WHy? I dont care 9that sounds mean) but Im just curious. im glad you are, not upset about it
how tall are your horses
15.3hh - 18hh
Wait are you actually going to Cherokee HS after Christmas? bc that would be cool as hell lolz
I hopefully am yea!
Good exercises for more toned thighs?
Scissors, jumping jacks, donkey kicks, etc
what do u want for Christmas this yr
Just posted the picture
Can you post that screenshot you posted on Twitter as your Xmas list? it had some really good ideas :)
Here you go!!
Can you post that screenshot you posted on Twitter as your Xmas list? it had some really good ideas :)
How old are you?
your oovoo name please?
I don't have oovoo anymore
pap of your halloween costume?
pap of your halloween costume?
Do you used any workout apps?
How do i find out what the paleo diet consists of and how to start it? Did you think it was hard to start? How long have you been doing it?
You can google it!! And at first it was hard but now it's just kind of a life style
congrats in everything at whis
Thank you!
why are you going to wef so late?
Wef starts late this year
Has Pollux become your top mount?
What do you mean my "top"
Pap of what you shine it with bc I tried boot polish and it didn't work
Just regular boot polish!
How do you shine ur helmet ?!
Boot polish 🙈
I'm staying at the Monaco and its 😍😍😍
Ahh I'm glad you like it!
I thought you were moving yoyo up to the high juniors?
Neither of us are ready for it
what do you plan on showing in during WEF this year
Low juniors and big Eq and hopefully I'll get catch rides in the jr hunters and I'm gonna do some derbies on Angelique!
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