TahaismailTV @tahaismailtvbd
TahaismailTV @tahaismailtvbd
Dhaka, Bangladesh
TITV [TahaIsmailTV] is a youtube channel/facebook page where we upload short films, webisodes, tutorials, videos etc. For business purposes: tahaismailtv@gmail.com
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What are your TOP 5 movies?
The dark knight
The dark knight rises
The prestige
Shawshank Redemption
What famous person would you like to meet?
Christopher Nolan.
Who is the most famous person in your country?
Dr. Yunus? :/
When is #Prothishod releasing?! Upload it fast
August end or September.
Who all r acting in the new film?
As for now -
Fayez (GTA lead actor)
Farhan (Bad Agent in Khaled)
Tajriyaan (Good Agent in Khaled)
Mayaaz (Khaled)
Areeb (Contest Winner)
and other minors
Can't wait for protishod.
Neither can we. :D
Favourite film director?
Cristopher Jonathan James Nolan.
Name 5 people you would die to meet.
Steve Jobs
Robert Downey Jr.
Christopher Nolan
Steven Spielberg
Lionel Messi
Any new videos coming out?
Currently in the pre-production stage!
U guyZ don make any videos no more :( plz do
Coming soon!
I wish I won the giveaway :( wanted to act in one of your videos really badly.
Aww :( maybe next time! ;)
No more videos? :(
Hold your horses! They're coming soon!
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her best role?
Robert Downey Jr. - Sherlock Holmes
So you guys got selected for the Robi film festival? That's great!
I quite likes GTA: Dhaka City. I bet it was one hell of an experience!
Yes it was!
Do you already have Ask.fm app for iPhone?
What do you do with Screenflow?
Edit videos, edit photos, make screencasts etc
I'm a huge fan... Would like to meet you guys someday :)
#TeamFreddieW #TeamTiTV
What's Khaled's full name?
Khaled Bin Waled. Just kidding it's Reza Khaled.
are you guys gonna participate in any films festivals?
Yeah we plan to. Three film contests - Robi Short film contest, CelebratingLifeBD and CFF
More webisodes plez.
You guys are da best (y)
Thanks! (btw that (y) thing only works on fb
What camera do you use?
Canon Powershot SX-40 HS
What software do you mainly use?
Screenflow & iMovie.