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Tamanna :3
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Name few sexy boro bhais :D
mushfiq bhaiya
yeasin bhaiya
tahmeed bhaiya
tahmeed bin ahmed
top 3 bhalo chele frnds
zayan zamn <3 :)
yohan khan :) <3
arefin rahman saad <3 :)
tmr bf ar naam ki??
omg!! amr bf o ase n ami nije jantam nah :o
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tmr best frnd ke????????
thnk u :)
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Happy Birthday :)  Abtahi Uddin Ahmed
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Happy Birthday!
Thnk u :-D
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Happy Birthday :)
Thnk u :-)
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birthday te treat diba nah?
hae..ssure dibo na kn..bt who r u?
But by mistakenly it has gone there  Sumon Fx
bhaiya sy amr ai question answer korar tym nai
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Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good Perfect ans I given  Sumon Fx
I given wat do u mean?
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May I hav ur fb I'd If u doesn't mind  Sumon Fx
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I wanna ask u something  Sumon Fx
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Good So how u doing right now  Sumon Fx
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Not yet  Sumon Fx
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Have you ever got into trouble with the Rikshawala?
nooo :3
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Why do you use ask.fm?
2 answer stupid question
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whom would u date between shamak/zayan/arefin
aito tym nai aishob ajira question ask korar
followed :D  yousef AbuDiab (✔)
thnk u
Is your smart phone tsunami and earth quake resistant?
My girl friend changed facebook status from "In a relationship" to "single". Should I be worried?
hahaha...yess..btw who r u??
What is your high score in Flappy Bird?
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Idk Y  Smile Hossain
I deactivated my account