Supergirl ❤️ @tamannaislam
Supergirl ❤️ @tamannaislam
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What's ur height?
Ami onk short 😭 tbh - the dp's really nice and damn you're ask profile *-*  Tausif Noor
Eeee.thank you ❤️💜
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What do you want right now?
Tumi pretty
Thank you ❤️
Oi beti
Hii ❤️
How are you #all
Good. :)
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Bhalo aso ?
Do you follow your brain or your heart?
Heart ❤️
I love your innocent look and adorable smile
Thank you ❤️
Thoughts on monatsir
Shuno lifeless manush stop asking me questions about montasir again again. N yeah thoughts - good friend
Thoughts on monatsir
Thoughts on me? :3  Jesson D Costa frnd.
hey sweetu :)  Shehriyar Chitrali
thoughts on Adib Reza?
Idk him well. But his hair ❤️
thoughts on ur best friend??
Jaan ❤️
thats what I wanna know....whats that certain thing which makes u supergil?
The way i live my life ❤️
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tumi kon school e poro??
what makes you call yourself supergirl?  Avi Collins
Cause i am a supergirl in my way. In my life ❤️
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amirar friend kn hoisos magi?? famous howar jonno? o toh tore bell o de nah xD
Shuno amr n amira'r friendship 12years. N ami tomar moton aito cheap nah je bell'ar jonno frndship korbo. N amira amake bell dey nah? Lol nice joke
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FML means ?
folwd back plz
Eita ke ?
Like=3 likes ?
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follow back maybe :")  ❤ !MAYANK! ❤
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Koi class koro
Coaching centre ae