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Supergirl ❤️ @tamannaislam
My pic ;)↑ Ask here:) ↷ Follow me ↗
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Followed. Follow back maybe ‎@saadoverhere ? :’)
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What would you never post online?
My feelings :)
Like: Galaxy= Beautiful :)  Bakhtawer Bukhari
Aww thank you
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lol kon grade? :3
8 :)
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Koi thako
Bashay :)
Hahah! Kishe porcho? :3
School ae
Do you sing in the shower? What kind of songs?
Yess . Lalalalala
Ki koro
Porashuna :(
What is your favorite season?
add me in snapchat : akannajin
Y i have to add u on snapchat ?
Thoughts on montasir
Montasir !!! He is a really good friend of mine. It has been 2 n a half year that we guys r frnds. He means alot to me :) As a frnd he was always there for me. He is da best . I hope je o jodi ar sad na thake i hate to see him sad. And and and he is really caring n handsome :)
1st liker 50 likes & follow and rest 5 likes?
Noo . Plzzz maaf chay
level of study ? :)
Class - 8 :)
Dst amr toh JSC exm choltese tai karo sathei kotha hoy na  Princila Hoq
Jani :) best of luck bby
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Ken dst? Tui rag ken? Ami ki korsi?  Princila Hoq
Bhule geso tumi amake
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Instagram id
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A place u want to visit
Best place <3
A place u want to visit
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Like = ?
Compliment <3
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Thoughts on yohan khan
Yohan ! Bhai hoy o bole i was his sister bt for me o shob shomay amr bhai thakbe. May ALLAH bless him n keeps him happy n i pray je o kodi or frnds der shathe onk beshi bhalo thake
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Pretty u <3
Thank u
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What is your response to people who say "I love you." ?
Everyone loves me .it's nt a big deal
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Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?
Very spicy. Yumm
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Which languages do you understand or speak?
Bangla , english n hindi
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Aa jao o meri tamanna
Nxt line ki bhule geso ?
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