Likers get?

tbh. ❤

Do you smile at strangers?


what qualities should your boyfriend have?

i am never going to date IN SHA ALLAH. So no answer to this question.

HAPPY NEW YEAR ♥ 2K16 ^_^ -Muhammad Sardar Nadeem

Happy new year ✨

Tumi. Huhu

Ami. Huhu ❤️

where from She? ?


Who is She? ?

whom are you talking about?

Lol I don't. Come on name them.

It is you amira?

Name your top 3 friends according to their importance level.

Everyone knows the answer. :)

Arefin onek bhalo chele.

Oh! Good.

You are hot :*

Thank you ❤️


Hi. ❤️

commerce section ae kon chele'ar bell ase??????!

i guess commerce section ae shob cheleder bashay bell ase.

tumi ekta cheese

tai naki? kon company'r ?

tomar kidnap korbo ❤

Okay ❤️✨

Well hello there


Lamiya meye tah ke? Cousin?

Past relation-boin.❤️
Present relation- jamai 😘❤️

Thoughts on arefin rahman saad. Pleasee pleaseee

Bro kaaj nai tomar? Why so obsessed with him? Jante pari?



Nice profile *___* Followed you, back? :) @sbaryan


you dont masterbate?


Do u watch porn?


kishe poro?


most of your captions or statuses are related to happiness how can you be so happy?

well. i am happy cause ALLAH knows the best , HE gave me things i deserve . and i should be happy with what i deserve . The other reason is there are also other people who don't have a house to live in . some are also disable and some don't have parents.Some don't have the money to have food.i have all of them. why should i be sad then?Why?


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