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ki keno?
প " দিয়ে লেখা চরম চিঠি.... প্রানের প্রিয়া, পত্রের প্রথমে পদ্মা পলাশ পুষ্পের পংকুক্তির পরাগ পারা প্রেম পত্রের প্রথম পড়া পড়ে পাহাড় পরিমান প্রেরণা পেতে পারো। পৃথিবীতো পড়ন্ত পথের পাথেয় প্রিয়া। পত্রটি পড়ে পাগল প্রেমিকের পানে পত্র পাঠাবে। প্রেমের পরীক্ষায় প্রথম পন্থা প্রেমের প্রকাশ প্রিয়া।
haath bhainge jaitesi ...
apner ki mone hoy ami google dictionary ..je jekono language ae kotha bolben.ajib manush -_-
io no ho ragazza.... ma sto cercando..
excuse me ? ki Japanese bhasha bolteso :/
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Twitter a b0so na kEn?  তৌফিক আরেফিন
twitter onk boring
chatous username?
pyaar hoya ek raar hua hai
first of all hoya ----> hua ...n tarporer line jano nah ? youtube ar link dibo?
We met in twitter,tmi to akhn twitter a asho na :(  তৌফিক আরেফিন
oooo yeah ...ryt :)
I think i knw u r8?  তৌফিক আরেফিন
well ..idk :/ maybe
so which school do u read in
Ke tumi ?
the last question was sent by me!!!!  Farhan Shahriar
Oooo okay
Do I know u.... I asked this question as u asked one and I don't remember knowing u...
Idk... Untick maybe?
wats up
fan aro koto kichu ase :p
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Do you talk to yourself?
yesss :)
pyaar tune kya kiya
bhai apne ki zing dekhe ashchen ?
Who sent the last text message you received?
5000 ( airtel internet)
TBH - You're sweet <3  Thasin Hoque Shochi ♥
eeeee... thank u thasin <3
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wat do u mean shob pola frnd tomake betray korse ...zayan korse??
I just don't want to answer this question :)
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followed! follow back? :)  TheAmazingSarrah
okay :)
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u are not even pretty. frog er moto chehara tao u get so likes in fb? :v
awwww.. ahare jealous je amr pic ae aito likes ashe .. no prob untick kore ar ekta question ask koro ...thn I promise ami tomar shob picture ae like dibo ... n btw frog ra onk cute hoy sooo tumi amake cute bolteso indirectly ryt ?? thank u ...
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When you feel sad, what cheers you up?
there are 2 person who can always cheer e up amira n yohan <3
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long thoughts one me.. :)  Yohan Khan
yohan !!!!! tui amr lyf ae onk boro ekta part <3 it has been only 3yrs that we guys r frnds but look at us keo amader dekhle bolbe nah je matro 3yrs dhore frnds...u knw wat tui onk caring .... life ae shob pola frnd amr amake betray korse except 4 u <3...... n ik je if umm ever in a prob u'll be always there 2 help me noo matter wat :) I knw u trust me a lot n umm never going to break ur trust <3 n listen never stop smiling ......
n ar jiboneo amake thank u bolbi nah okay ? coz u kne frndship mein noo sry noo thank u ;) always rememvber I love u a lot dst <3 n never leave me okay ? I knw u won't :) n here goes the best pic of us <3
long thoughts one me.. :)
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2bar answer korsi koshto kore scroll koren paiye jaben :)
When you’ll be 90 years old, what will matter most to you?
Bangladesh keo 90 yrs bajbe nah.....soo sry hudai think korte parbo nah wat will matter to me