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Do you watch porn ?
roja'r mash ai rokom ashlil kotha batra bolte hoy nah
thoughts on amira
my life <3 n she is the best :* <3
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NYC dimple.. ;)  pankaj singh rauthan
eeeeeeeee.....thank u :)
tbh- u r to much fat
thank u...... btw better correct ur spelling to -----> too
afsana apu
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thank u <3
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like = 5 likes + compliment!
okay sure ...first 20 likers :D :) :*
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your favourite brother whom u love alot?
onk ase ...sry can't name one :p
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name two person that means a lot 2 u ( friends only)
Amira islam <3 :*...n she is my life <3
Yohan Khan <3
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liker get kiss ,hud or handshake
okay :) :D
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thoughts on princila
princi.......onk bhalo frnd amr :* pretty ,shundor n I love her a lot ............
n cheers to 10 years of our frndship :* <3
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thoughts on zayan
zayan ! onk bhalo handsome ekta pola......amr onk bhalo ekta frnd....
I trust him a lot ......... age we use to be very good frnds but now jani nah ki hoise that magic of our frndship is missing......
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If you had an extra hour of free time every day, what would you do with it?
facebooking <3 :)
faiyaz pura teddy nah?
hae :p :D
whom would u date between shamak/zayan/arefin
aito tym nai aishob ajira question ask korar >.<
likers get 5 likes okay?
okay ..sure :)
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What's your favorite slang word?
roja'r month noo slags :p
Wattsss uppl
What is a profession or career where men can get to be around beautiful girls?
photographer :p
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ow! accha :( but we could have become friends u know!... accha vhalo thako
naaaam plzzzzz
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ohhh! accha :( tahole majhe majhe aisho! and good night sweet dream may u wake up happier! bye stranger
sry..I don't talk 2 strangers
thoughts on amira islam
my life <3