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Mushfiq is dating avipsita :o
They wished to date each other soo they r dating :)
followed, back maybe ? 20 = 20 likes?  Sana Zubair
first u'll like my 5 answers thn i will like 5 answer th again u'll like 10 answers.i'll like ur 10 answers
Like 20 Answers at me for 1 Gift and 50 Likes :-)  ▬▬BADT▬▬
First i'll like 10 answer thn i want my likes thn i 'll like 10 more answers of urs after that u'll give me my gift :) okay ?
First liker get 10 likes and 2 likes for others?
Nooo likers get this .
First liker get 10 likes and 2 likes for others?
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Hershey's or Nutella? *-*  Anon
Hershey's <3
Pap recent 1
Pap recent 1
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Fuck up
Fuck doesnot go up
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Top 5 friends
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If you were to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I knw umm perfect i don't need to change myself <3
Thoughts on yohan khan
A person who kind a left me . He loves sum1 alot n he can leave me for her. I pray that if he gets her <3
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How do you communicate most with your friends?
Facebook :)
First liker Gets 25 likes rest get 3?
Okay . Done (y)
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Tmr jor ? :O
Hae . :( pray koiro :)
Followed.. Follow back maybe ? 25 = 25 likes?  Sana Zubair
Okay . Done :)
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my pleasure..:) kik I.d plz.?  îmřäñ ñw
I don't use kik
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Like = one word
Okay <3
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thanks sweety <3 :D  Lamia Farah (Lumi)
Ur welcum :)
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omg you're so cute..<3  îmřäñ ñw
Thank u :)
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hey guys... yea so my sister did sth sweet.. no n matter how annoying she is.. i live wid her.. i gotta love her.. so yea peeps follow her ‎@AnushkaFarah.. :D..(sending to every one I follow).. n incase u dont follow me.. do follow me cauz im most probably following u! keep smiling :D <3 !!!!!!  Lamia Farah (Lumi)
Ok shundori <3
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What's your favorite quote ?
Tears are words that the heart cannot express :(
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How many people do you think you've met in your life?
100 but met 200 faces .ppl are doubled face :( :'(
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Hey there ^,^ kmn acho?  ✂✨Ovi Ahmεd→ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Good.wbu ?
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Perks of dating you ?
Idk :/
Like = ?
Like = 5 likes :)