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cutest couple you know?
John and Gillian cause there both happy
On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?
Have you ever got into trouble with the police?
No silly
nike air max
Aye mate
What is your favorite non-social networking website?
Opinion?x  Caitlin jack
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J darnn
Opinion please wee darn x
Well son yer a gid laugh darn gid banter like each others cousins having a beer soon canny wait tae have a night man party and cheers for everything darn love ye bro x
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Opinion maytee wee darn x
Wit wan j darn or d darn
opinion  Nikkiiiiii
Miss her good laugh always hingin aff ma arms loves ma teeth cute with Scott quality personality had some awesome memory's x
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What's something you're not very good at but enjoy doing anyway?
thing dirty haha
Opinion on Rebecca nibloe?x
one of the best human beings i know she is my best friend she is just amazing could tell her anything shes a gem cant explain my feelings for her love her to the moon and back suddingly just got close doesnt matter how many times i say i love her she just doesnt get it but ah well just need to keep trying could trust her with anything shes a wee gem i love her so much she is beautiful absolute perfect to me want her to be mine i try and cheer her up everytime shes sad even made her laugh when she was crying i know how to make her smile i say the cutest things ever just for her to smile hopefully everything will work out and she can be my girl but i highly doubt it but there is always a chance ive always had a thing for her she is my english buddy we just sit and wink at eachother haha so yeah ilove her xxx
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What makes you feel like a boss?
me in general
That's so cute! I'm happy for ya mate
Who is this mail me
Who u going out with?
Long opinion  Macy Racle❄️
Ily that's all you need to knowledge
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Do you like the girl your with?
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Who yu going out with??xxx
Let her answer that xxx
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What sport do you do?
What annoys you the most?
Haha when your talking to a girl and she sais your the only guy I talk to then 20 mins later they say don't talk to me I have a boyfriend haha
you happy for Dylan m8?
100% happy for any of my family tbh and im happy for Dylan yes 100%
you and Nicole would be perfect btw, do you like her?
What’s the best way to learn a new language?
You tell me
Who or what made you smile today?
Opinion on Iona haha?x
Don't know man come ask me next week okay xx