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Where did you see him and why didn't you speak?
Cause I don't speak to anyone since I left school loool
Adam Ryder
Wa bout him?:s saw him earlier and we didn't even speak looool
Adam who
I got a G in science lmaoooo:'(
How would you describe your style?
Pissed off uno, made Adam straighten my hair this morning and I've left my straighteners at his:|
Plans for the rest of the week?
Goin Lauren's tmos, stopping at my mans tmos night. Gettin my GCSE results Thursday mornin, then getting pissed with Niomi. Seein my boo Friday and goin to a party on the night, then goin Cyprus Saturday:)
Shawty swing my wayyyyyy
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Who's your man?
My babyyyyy
Why you got so many haters?
Fuck knows but imagine I've got no haters doin better then me. People only hate on you when ur doin better then them, so why wud I be bothered about someone's opinion on me when they mean nothing to me. They'll still be hatin in 10 years when I'm sucessful and their on the dole:)
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Last time u was drunk?
Erm I'd say at niomis, drank a bottle of vodka then smoked a spliff and I thought I was gonna die looool, woke up with sick all in the bed, in my hair and that. Not nice
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My bestfriend is beautiful<3
Aw ur lucky my bestfriends ugly
Tay you're beautiful man:(  tay
Thankyou baby, bt I ain't. Ur gorgeous tho!!
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Rahhhhhhhh ur lips <3_<3!!
;) thanks
Pap of lip piecing
Pap of lip piecing
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I heard u sell weed for ur mate
Yeah yeah it's discount day, £9.99 for a gram
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How old are you
Why do I always do things, that ino won't end good ffs lmaooo
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ur mom sucks dick for a packet of crips
Yh but u was a crack baby
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opinion on paris harvey
Lool if she wants to know she can inbox me enit
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opinion on niomi
Annoyin smh
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Op on annie
Fuck urself. If she wants to know, she can message me enit
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was you in reans with some boys in a car a few weeks ago?
was you in reans with some boys in a car a few weeks ago?
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Id wifey u if you werent sich a roadman
Oi u dickhead u love me, what u meannnnnn
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Have you really got clap??
Yeah caught it off ur brother mate soz
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Ur moms a junge tho
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Youre a fkin badman
Ino Dnt need to tell me:p
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