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lewis who
lewis Moore ?
Top chats?
Bb: Niomi, Keaton, lukey b
Whatsapp: Shane
Facebook: ad, Lewis, matty, stuffy
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I Saw yuh with reans boys last week and then I saw yuh with a fire man on the night time in low hill. Snake
Looool no u fkin didn't:'(
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Guess who loves niomi
Nt annie
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May i have your number pls ur scx
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Wag 1;)
Yessss g;)
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On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
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What angers you the most?
Niom is da besttt xxxxxxx
Love ya xx
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Lmfaooooooooo no i said ' give me a minute' m8 how the fuck do u remember u was fucked out your tree:'(  niomii shaniaa
Looool:'( can't believe the state I was in
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Anyone u miss?
My cuzzy:(
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
Me and wentworth miller, mmmmm
Niomi loves you  niomii shaniaa
Aw love her too don't i. Even tho she wouldn't help me up the stairs Saturday, u think I don't remember u sayin no
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Follow my instagram bzadlev , i follow back x
How many pictures have u got on your phone
Who's ya man
The people I want to know already know:) ain't got room fr interfering bitches bein up in my business
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What makes you really sleepy?
Bud lmao
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What is your relationship status?
Not single but not in a relationship
U have clap
Aw ino. Caught it off ya man
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Was u in town yesterday?
Yeah bout 11 looool was hanging baaaaad
Who you on?
No one I'm a man hater at the minute unooo
Shes poe
She's smacked
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Whos beautiful?  niomii shaniaa
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