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Tengku Natasya @TengkuNatasya
a little bit of fourteen, a little bit of five
no describe please ⚠️
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If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?
the flavor of happiness wuwuwuwuuwuu
Describe pls hehe  T.H.L
hi hadi zzzz i suck at this but ure a good bestfriend, no kidd. Tapi sekarang tak mampu dah nak rapat hmm. Jaga Huda baik-baik, kalau dia sedih ha siap ah. You're really passionate about bballing, and you should really keep it up. You're gonna have a good future, bro. You have like this really big smile on your face, and I think it's good because you look really happy heh. Okay honestly ure good looking hahahahahhahaha!!! Keep up the good work in whatever you're doing, because people like you don't give up easily, kan? Thank you for your amazing advices, buddy. Told you I suck at this, stay bestfriends, Tengku Hadi Luqman!
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yasmeen tu taken or single???
taken by me :")
are you alive
alive and still shaking dat booty #eh
yasmeen rpt ngan u ke
u can say that??
hahahahhaha sayanggggggg tasya  Noor Sabryna
ye sabryna kau pun hahahahahaha
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suray bising tak
senyap gila suara dia macam chipmunk sakit tekak
suray comel masyaallah
masyaallah sister bukalah mata dan lihatlah sinar kehidupan yang sebenar
sapa bf suray hehehe
ye, apa boleh saya bantu???
suray ada bf ke
i lah tu
rapat tak dengan suray
sumpah tak rapat langsung kan best kalau dapat kamcheng wah suray kot sapa je taknak magadz dream come true sia kalau dapat rapat omg doakan i plz tq #prayfortasyuray
describeeeee  Noor Sabryna
malas sorry tapi alah kau tau la kau camna ngan aku ha
siapa paling kau tak suka dlm clique kau
aku, saya dan gue :-D
Should guys wear a beard and what kind?
tok janggut style :')
what makes your day?
being surrounded by good people yah
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suray tu macam mana perangai dia
perangai dia sama gak cam aku, kalau kau rasa aku cibai ha cibailah dia :-)
suray tu ok tak
ok je
Tak suke clique kau
ur opinion matters so much thank u :")
How long have you lived in your current home?
8-9 months?
Describe me. Don't post it on Twitter.  Aniq Seferagic
I love you no matter what. You're amazing. Sakai, but very lovable. I love it how you would make fun of me when we talk together, and how you're always suddenly complimenting me hm hahaha. Well, I can't believe I'd actually like you, but you can never expect anything, huh? I wouldn't expect you to be cheesier than me now heh. I'm glad to have you in my life, thank you for making the world a better place for me to live. I love it how you would know if I'm mad or not, I love it how you would always make me smile alone infront of my ipod, and I love it how you always make me feel better after such a dull day. Thank you for putting up with all my sudden bullshits, my hambar jokes & my usual stories. You make me so happy whenever you would make jokes about us back then hahahhahaha, and janganlah pandai sangat, dah kena pergi kem permata pintar haih. But it's okay, I trust you no matter what. Have fun in Permata Pintar sayang, hope you don't fool around and waste the opportunity, Muhamad Aniq Danish Hadi. I love you.
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Which is worse, being too hot or too cold?
hello!! :-)
describe me babey  Anis Suraya
babey suray gedik ahahahhaha
basically first thoughts about u i ingatkan u cam bitchy and whatsoever because rumours kat my school cakap camtu and bla bla bla ahahahaha, and i judged u too fast sebab acah stalk sikit je id be like ew here ew there eh ahaha. but as i got to know u closely starting from raya haji, i realized that youre still a human and u still laugh and cry. i like how u would always laugh at me even at small matters, i like how youd tell me every story there is, and what i like most is that youre still far away from being called a perfection & thats enough for me to know that ure actually sekepala je dengan i. kau ni sakai pun boleh tahan gak, but gurl u hv a way for making me hate you and love you at the same time. maafkan gue kerna gue banyak kutuk lu di ssp padahal lu hanyalah manusia yg sama goblok seperti ku. sumpah i benci gila you because dulu u cam on off pakai tudung, but i know ure trying and im always here to support you!! Well, i listened to other peoples opinion on you too much to not even try to know you. aku kekadang emo gak kalau budak sekolah aku bahan kau, because theres like a connection between us that makes me sick when someone acah kenal u sangat and yada ((ceh)) alah u get my point basically. i dont want to be those type of bestfriends who slowly stops talking to each other, sumpah i nak jadi bff u sampai kita pergi maut sesama okay ahahahahhaha ure such a loser but thank you for being the best of friend when i needed it the most, just hope one day we can meet up and laugh at basically everything heh. Stay good friends and know that ill be right beside you no matter wherever you are, plus its just a direct message away! hahahahahhaha i love you, you creepy laughing machine
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kak sukunya melayu ya?melayu apa?
melayu jati gitu