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Tengku Natasya @TengkuNatasya
Tengku Natasya @TengkuNatasya
a little bit of fourteen, a little bit of five
no describe please ⚠️
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describe me babey  Suray
babey suray gedik ahahahhaha
basically first thoughts about u i ingatkan u cam bitchy and whatsoever because rumours kat my school cakap camtu and bla bla bla ahahahaha, and i judged u too fast sebab acah stalk sikit je id be like ew here ew there eh ahaha. but as i got to know u closely starting from raya haji, i realized that youre still a human and u still laugh and cry. i like how u would always laugh at me even at small matters, i like how youd tell me every story there is, and what i like most is that youre still far away from being called a perfection & thats enough for me to know that ure actually sekepala je dengan i. kau ni sakai pun boleh tahan gak, but gurl u hv a way for making me hate you and love you at the same time. maafkan gue kerna gue banyak kutuk lu di ssp padahal lu hanyalah manusia yg sama goblok seperti ku. sumpah i benci gila you because dulu u cam on off pakai tudung, but i know ure trying and im always here to support you!! Well, i listened to other peoples opinion on you too much to not even try to know you. aku kekadang emo gak kalau budak sekolah aku bahan kau, because theres like a connection between us that makes me sick when someone acah kenal u sangat and yada ((ceh)) alah u get my point basically. i dont want to be those type of bestfriends who slowly stops talking to each other, sumpah i nak jadi bff u sampai kita pergi maut sesama okay ahahahahhaha ure such a loser but thank you for being the best of friend when i needed it the most, just hope one day we can meet up and laugh at basically everything heh. Stay good friends and know that ill be right beside you no matter wherever you are, plus its just a direct message away! hahahahahhaha i love you, you creepy laughing machine
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kak sukunya melayu ya?melayu apa?
melayu jati gitu
What makes life worth living?
the thought that allah has blessed you with another day and not take away your life, thats what makes life worth living, subhanallah ☺️
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thanks for filling up my question box
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What is the most unexpected thing that happened to you this week?
At what age you kissed for the first time?
bukan saya, tapi mak saya la yang cium saya first yaaaaaa
dkt ssp kau rapat ngan saper ye??
tovaris yay do u feel the love yet guys
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Bij i love u more,leggo :)  Najlaaa❀
next week ah apa lagi
Rifox says hi
tasya says cegah starbucks, sokong murtabaks.
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Who knows you the best?
mamaku yang dicintai
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Describe mierani
make sure kau ajar aku jepun smapai aku dapat a ye
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Describe me  Najlaaa❀
malas buat panjang but i swear to god ur da best bae in town and aku sayang kau dah serupa lesbo dah haha jom ah tengok tfios nanti okay love u baeboon
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Describe Syafa debabomz
partner bb paling mengerikan bila bejot
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wah tengs awak
Describe Zahiral
flawless sial
pap bday
dekat camera hadhirah boohoo
ada form 4 tak?
ntah la
Describe Aten
my type of creep
Describe Noraz
number one bae
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a'ad disini setia menunggumu
dah ah taknak layan
jangan rindu a'ad tau
macamna nak tak rindu
a'ad balik lambat
apa ni kejam sangat aish merajuk