Rami Ismail @tha_rami
Rami Ismail @tha_rami
Hilversum, Netherlands
Chief Executive Business & Development Guy at indie game studio Vlambeer. Creator of presskit(). Drinks only real cane sugar coke.
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I want to guys to show off a game at an expo's press conference! You guys really deserve the spotlight, do you think that can happen one day?  Dan B
It could happen, we just have never really gotten the timing right. We traditionally launch very end-of-year, and with our production cycle it means we usually have very little to show during festival season.
Who designed Melting? Probably the most unique character of all time, ever.  Shaine Kruel
That'd be the mix of hundreds of terrible sci-fi books in JW's head.
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Also, if I saw you in real life and screamed "RAMI!" and ran at you, arms open for a hug, your reaction would be?
A hug.
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What profession would you have if you did something outside of games?
That's like asking me what my job would've been if I'd been born in another year. So many variables in my life depend on me being fascinated by games, creativity and coding since I was six or so that I genuinely don't know.
What is your favorite word in English? Dutch? Any other languages?
Dutch: defenestreren. English: irregardless. Arabic: the fact that every plural that doesn't describe a human is considered feminine (although gender in Arabic is untranslatable to English, really - it's a way more fluid thing in Arabic by default)
Is there such a thing as a stupid question?
Of course.
What cause would you donate to if you had unlimited money?
I'd give science unlimited money.
If you were represented by a stylized symbol, what would it be?
Would I agree that, in an audio-visual experience (incl. games), music is the most affecting component? When I recall my favorite games, movies and shows, a quality soundtrack is always present; but the work may have dodgy writing, lackluster gameplay, or some other notable weakness.
I think it depends on the work. I'd sure say that music is a very direct way to a humans' perception of the world - apparently that's an evolutionary thing, but very good editing, amazing gameplay, extraordinary writing or good direction have taken things into my memory without having a good or notable soundtrack.
Thinking about what level to make for my platform game. Your a space mercenary for hire. Hunting for a lost alien artifact/tech on some jungle planet with hidden traps & puzzles OR helping fix a disabled ship while fighting off the space pirates that attacked them? #SpaceMercenary
So my usual advice is to dismiss your first three ideas and then look what your best next idea is. Come up with one more idea, dismiss that and then go from there.
What if the Hokey Pokey REALLY is what it's all about?
What is the Hokey Pokey?
Do you think a game dev community purely for designers sharing their designs and game mechanic ideas could work? Or is this too much like giving away the secret sauce?
Could totally work. I don't believe in secret sauces.
Why do superheros wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes?
It's where they store their wallets and ID and cab money if they need a cab to get home.
Why does the Easter bunny carry eggs? Rabbits don't lay eggs!
So, I actually learned that while trying to learn about Western holidays when I was 16 or so. I grew up with mostly Muslim holidays (we celebrated the Dutch "Sinterklaas" too), but I had to learn about Western ones. So the short version is the bunny is a religious motif - it represents Mary or trinity. The eggs are related to Lent, because -if I remember correctly- they'd get spoiled during the fast if you didn't eat them.
Also, note that in most countries, the "Easter Bunny" is actually the "Easter Hare" - I believe Easter Bunny is an Americanism.
Favourite thing to eat at Iftar?
We traditionally have a glass of milk with dates and cashew nuts, that we leave out for ten minutes before Iftar. It's genuinely and honestly the best thing, and I've limited myself to only eating it for Ramadan.
How do I solve my Twitter autofire problem, though
I don't know enough about the game, but send it over and I can spar a bit?
If you could get any IP to make a game the way you want. Which IP would you like to get?
Unreal Tournament and just make Unreal Tournament. Or Savage.
Can a duck duck?
Do you want to make a game with me?
Depends on the scope and size but something small at a jam or something sure
if you die can I have all your stuff?
Afraid not. Family gets it all as far as I'm concerned.
Tell us some of your favourite choons.
I must be getting old because I have no idea what 'choon' means. I guess that one song by Gotye, I still can't not sing that along. That and anything that was popular in the 80s-90s, because childhood.
Followup question: Want to play my game? :P It's called Black Ice and I think you've seen it.
Yes! Feel free to send it over.
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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck were seeking the Nuclear Throne?
Depends on the number of beaks this woodchuck has after being in that world.
Hey Rami, why are ducks?
I love ducks, I always used to imitate their quacking at them when I walked to elementary school. I was so proud that I could get them to reply.
Hey Rami, am I a duck?
I don't judge