baby i love you so much Drayke ✖︿✖

I love you too babe

Omg if you answer this I will be so happy love you Miley❤❤❤ ❤️Yvonne❤️


What the number one thing about Marilyn that you like so much? Rachel

Her outlook on life and the way she presented herself. She was her own person and pretty much said fuck whoever had a problem with it. She's more than inspiring to me

Favorite celeb besides yourself?

Marilyn Monroe. She's forever my favorite

Love you

I love you too

have you ever thought to visit Palestine?

Yes, and one day I will.

What is your instagram URL ? Please i love you ❤️
Also, follow for a chance to win the account.

are you growing your hair back out long or keeping it short :)?

Depends on how I feel at the moment. I'll let it grow out a little but I'm really loving the short look

what is your twitter URL because there is too many fakes x love yhuu xx

Go follow @moschinochanel on Instagram and share the account. When the followers reach a certain point one lucky follower will get the password. Thanks babes! Miley Cyrus


Miley it's crazy ... you were my favorite Disney channel star and now your songs are my club bangers ? me ? I like the change .. you grew up .. it fits you well and regardless of haters you're still making $$$ .. mission complete sweetheart ! Cee™

Thanks babe!

EVERYONE should read this: Miley Cyrus

So, before you ask me to provide proof please keep in mind that I have no problem with completely removing you from my life.

Are you into mike will made it? i think this is a rumor that needs some serious clearing!!!

He's a cool person to 'kick it' with, but I'm not all that into him in an intimate way.

Is this the REAL Miley's If so how can you prove it...there are so many fake ones out there...

I don't provide proof, besides a few random pictures every now and then but that never qualifies as "proof". If I confirm this account, the media will attack my personal life even more than they are, and I'd have to delete every single "personal" account I own. (, Facebook and Tumblr are my only personal outlets as of now.) X M

seeing you in april at st.louis!

Excited to see you there =]

Do you have a tumblr

Hah, yes I do. I actually just posted my link to the "web" portion of this profile. If you didn't catch it, my only Tumblr page (as of now) is

sorry but ugh i just luv you omg okay there D: ILY :* Marie

I love you more

does it bother you that smoking causes cancer? love yooouu xxx

Yes, it does. I'm actually setting a New Years resolution to stop smoking cigarettes altogether, because I already have enough health problems without them!

Do u and liam still kee in touch??

Yes, we do.

Whyd you and liam break up?

Personal reasons..

would you give me your number? i always wanted to text you... im not a crazy fan i just have known about you ever since i was really young

No, sweetie. I'm sorry.

You're probably not going to answer this but I just wanted to say hey miley love your songs Caleb Kirby

Thanks. I love your support!

Do you miss the old Miley? Morgan Lynne♥

There really is no straight-forward answer to this. I've learned so much through the years, and although I do miss a few people and events that occurred in my life when I was younger I am highly grateful for everyone who's helped and inspired me to grow into who I've become today.

You probubaly wont answer this but what do you say to people who self harm like me? I_kïll3d_th³_žømbïeš ;):

You are beautiful inside and out. Whatever is causing you to self-harm, is not worth it. There's a rainbow at the end of every storm. Please keep your head up and push through it for not only the people who love and care about you, but for yourself. You are worth SO much more. Tons of misunderstood love to you, babe. X M

so miley, I use to think you were a horrible person for what you did and that you ruined my childhood. but as I learned more about why you did it, and actually lisened to your new music I've growed too like it. and now I love you even more ♥♥♥ vanessa marie hoover

Thank you.


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