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hi, I want to be a tipper , I just don't know how to get started , any advice ?

- decide if you want to audition for a tip account or start your own. it might be easier to audition if you're just getting started though
- work hard on your tips, and practice lots
- be active and get your name out there
- always be friendly and helpful, don't start drama, it will give you a bad reputation
- these are two tips i made about making good tips :)
good set;
good writing;

good luck!
- leah

Wow! You guys are amazing, love your tips. xxA (@aergirl11 on Polyvore)

thanks so much! xx

Hey, Can I have a tip on how to get your parents to let you go on a non-date with your crush. Thanks :) ~Anonymous

sorry if this is late, but just tell them you're just friends and you're going to wherever it is you're going :) explain to them that it's not a date(:
- leah

I want to get close with my crush but I'm afraid he'll know I like him. Besides, he likes someone else. What should I do? :(

smile at him when you see him or say hi. you could try sending him a text or a message on facebook saying hey or something, and then say 'oops that was meant to be for someone else!' he'll probably say it's okay, and then you can say 'so how are you?' and start a conversation from there :)

When will the auditions be over?

probably today :)

HI! <3

hey :)

Hey I was wondering for auditions, if you're going to make a results set. Mostly how will you know if you made the account or not?

we will make a results set, and if you're tagged in it you've made it :)

Will you please do a tip on what to expect at concerts? I know that you did one on what to wear to concerts, but I'm going to my first concert this weekend and don't want to seem out of the loop. Going to AWOLNATION if that helps any :) Thanks!

sorry, this is probably too late now :/ but i hope you had a good time!

This guys at my school asked me out but it turned out to be a dare then he asked to be friends so i said sure but now he is trying to impress me and today he asked me for a hug does he like me or is just trying being funny

guys are so confusing! i think he could like you though.. if his friends dared you to ask you out, it could be because they know he likes you. but be careful, because i could be wrong, and it's hard to tell, especially from just a few lines! :)

So I love this guy like a lot ( he doesnt know ) but he's one of my best friends and now he has a girlfriend. I feel really stupid for falling in love with him and I don't know what to do now

well, if he has a girlfriend then you shouldn't try to make a move with him. it will just make you look bad for messing with his relationship and it won't help :/ if they break up, make sure you give him some time until he's ready to date again. maybe then try dropping some subtle hints or flirting a little? if he responds well to it and flirts back, then build it up. if you think he likes you, then tell him that you like him(:

When are you gonna host auditions?

we have them now! :)

your tip accounts suck


Hey girlies, i wanted to request a tip could you guys please make a tip on how to organize your items on poly like what kind of tags to use bc i have per 150 pages of items and they are all over the place i keep saying I'm gonna organize but i need a little help.


Hi. Can you make a tip on how to tame a cowlick? Pleeeaaase. I badly need it, I've got these bangs and they don't go down because of it. :(

okay, we'll try!

Can you make a tip about natural remedies for removing blackheads? I hate mine. ><

okay :)

when will you pick the new tip girls?

i didn't set a date, but probably in about two weeks :)

Best shampoo, moisturiser (face & body), face wash?


shampoo; toni & guy
face moisturizer; garnier moisture match or clinique anti-blemish solutions clearing moisturizer, but if you have really dry skin then try diprobase, you can get it at a chemist
body moisturizer; i don't really use body moisturizer, but the vaseline spray is meant to be really good :)
face wash; neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit cream wash

these are just my opinions, obviously it depends on your own skin, hair, etc(:

- Leah xo

Could you possibly do a tip on camp pranks or April fools pranks??? Or funny things to do in public?

okay, it's a bit early to do april fools pranks though but we can do the others! :)
- Leah xo

when and where are you going to announce the new tippers? (:

we already announced them(:

What is the most played song in your music library?

Take back the night by THE MOST AMAZING MAN ALIVE...



Hi! I'm Carly (@gnarlycarly99 on Polyvore) and I would like to say that I really love your account! It's the best tip account out there! Also, I would like to request a tip on how to make a flower crown! Thanks! ~Carly

Awh, thanks! We really appreciate that! And diy floral crowns is a great request!


Can you make a tip about helping a depressed friend?

We actually have a tip sort of like that. It's called raising someone's self esteem

you never answered about how to make cracked skin better. :(

Sorry! We have been a bit behind on these ;? But I recommend using lotion or a daily moisturizer. You can also try exfoliating. Hope that helps!


are audition still open?

no sorry


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