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Ok, you probably won't answer this because you hear this like everyday. But I love you so much. You make me laugh. Your so pretty. You have a great taste in music. And you are such an inspiration. I really want to meet you some day. Your amazing!! And if I haven't said this already... I LOVE YOU!!!!  Stevie
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If I were to kik you, would you respond?
i dont use my kik (tylaparham) anymore.
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Heyy it's me bahu you wrote me on kik one time
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Can i see your scars
no theyre ugly.
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may i have an explaination as to y u dont believe in god? whyyyy? i just dont understand and please dont get $nappy either i just wanna know like for what reason..after all this is an askfm correct?
i don't believe in god because i go through depression. if there was a god and god created us why would god want us to go through these type of things and want to give us pain and have us want to kill ourselves everyday. not only depression, people believe in a heaven and hell..what makes you go to hell, and why is god the one to decide if you go to heaven or hell if he's the one who created you and your mind in the first place. makes no sense to me. i choose personally through my own experiences to not believe in anything but do positive things. that's just me. i'm not against those who believe in god though.
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I love you so much . you're so beautiful & funny & talented & just amazing . you're so chill & perfect .  mikailaa㊙️
thank you i appreciate you saying this xoxo
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Whats your favorite thing to do  JOHNNY
write, listen to music, chill.
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Hi its Leslie (Les) your pretty
thanks les xo
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Do you still cut cause i do too sometimes
don't worry about it.
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Is it annoying reading "your so beautiful" and "your perfect" and "can I have ur babies?"
no it's nice. i appreciate it a lot.
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Lol wyd  Lilly
answering some of these questions then brushing le teeth then bed hbu
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how would you get bullied in middle?
for just being mixed. i was too white or too black. ignorance.
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Do you get bullied in school?
hell no. i used to in like middle school lol.
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You r my idol I love u so much I want to meet u soooo bad and ur vines r awesome I love u girl  Lilly
ilytoo and one day dw
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You are a Goddess  richard.
aye ;)
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oh he was cute...... well, I love your vine lol you're pretty.  china
nice lmfao. and thank you xo
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Game situation : it's 0.5 seconds left on the clock, you only have time to pass and a quick shot. Who do you give the ball to? (From either last season or the upcoming season if you already know your team) & do you think they will make it under pressure
charise wilson
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HOW TF YOU GET THAT PERFECT V LINE?!? i need to know. fatty's like me need all dat stuff.
no idea sorry /: but thank you xo
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thank you so much xox
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Are u dominican
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who is juss to you?
i don't really talk to him anymore. but he was a good friend.
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Calling all the thirsties lemme whisper something to you gonna quench you down with some water
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Oh my god I love your vines so much
thank you :)
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What do you use to edit pics on insta?
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