We know God is everywhere; do you feel God in your work every day?

No, I don't feel God everyday in my life but I constantly seek him. My spirituality ebbs & flows.

If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be?

I wish my brother was alive.

I understand you're going through a bit of turmoil in your personal life at the moment. Keep your head up and move on bro. Rise above it... 👁

bless 🙏

Why did you choose smoking as a solution to get out from the depression of your brother’s demise?

It's my go-to and only "vice".

Why do you even bother responding to haters in the first place? Why not just stay quiet.

It's far more fun to antagonize & troll them back.

Do you have any child?

I have one kid, Violet.

Give me loan of Half million dollars

I'm broke bruh I don't got that type of money.

How was Vagas?

Vegas* was awesome, I had one of the best trips ever.

What's the best compliment you've ever received?

You're a good father.

When you pray, what do you say? Do you actually talk to god about things or you meditate repeating something like the rosary?

I ask God for help and thank him for my blessings. I also have a couple prayers I like to say that help me through certain situations.

Are you close with your family?


What is the single biggest mistake in business that you made?

Letting someone else count my money.

What’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to you?

"You've helped me more than you'll ever know." - paraphrased because it's been said to me a couple times in different situations. I may be a selfish person by nature, but I get the most reward by helping.

How did the Affiliate marketing help you to earn more money?

Well, I was first an affiliate then ran a network so it was an important part of my career.

When have you made the first website from HTML?

In 5th grade far before WYSIWYG editors.

Kyle Eagle was very close one of you, how could he help you onto your online work?

He originally programmed the content management systems to dynamically produce SEO'd pages rapidly far before WordPress (or atleast mass adoption). He then worked with me at EWA and also helped develop a few web applications along the way.

It is nice that a good mutual understanding has between you and your girlfriend, have you married her yet?

Soon! We have the date already and are in the middle of doing planning. We are both so busy so it's hard for us though!

How old you are?

28 years old going on 50.

Your company has been operating into many countries. How much money have you invested for this business?

A lot! Each operation requires offices (literally built or own), management and staffing. It's expensive but the affordability in the long run (usually) pays off.

What do you think you could have been by now if you had finished college and University education?

Had a better resume for the job I'm never going to apply for.

How do you make your money to work for you?

I plant my seeds.

Do you consider your success on business matters part of a designed destiny?

I think so, yes. I was fascinated with business since 2nd grade - that's a little abnormal.

Is your political affiliation or preference based only in business/money matters?

Not at all, I believe in less regulation & government across the board. Less social services. More individual rights. Definitely more money too.

What is the meaning of ‘living in a borrowed time’?

I should be dead.

How is it possible to get away from a life of excess when you are totally immersed in that?

Good question - something that I have zero interest in doing.


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