Luke Tomos Morris @theyking11
Burnt white person living in a white society.
Ask me a question faggots
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What’s the first thing you notice about people?
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you are really ugly
Obviously ugly enough for you to want to waste your time talking to me.... ;)
What have you learned from your past?
that nobody likes my sisters pancackes...
What is your most played song?
I wonder - Kanye West
opinions on Hugh Jardon?
Don't know who is he so hes clearly a nobody.
opinions on Ben Dover?
I actually almost fell for shocking.
Who was the last person you took a picture with?
Dont know actually, with someone in a party probably...Random.
opinions on Iwan Morgan?
Don't really know him but seems a nice guy and a great rugby player, definitely one to get a welsh cap this year.
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When you are in trouble, whom do you call for help?
easy ‎@warren_J95
who is your favourite-mixed race girl?;)
Has to be Mellisa Roberts, hands down...
If you had lots of money what would you do with it?
spoil my girl like its no object..
hey big boy, i would love to ride your cock hard and dirty!! i would love some black thickness in my pulsing cunt and i want you to fuck me so deep that i scream loudly in your ear, clawing your back and biting you a little. :)
sounds good mate...