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who do u talk to


why are you so quiet nowadays? did something happen ?


Can you dunk

Nah , I don't play basketball

I follow you on Instagram and wanna talk to you but you seem like you got endless

Me !? Nahhh

Who you be liking


U talk to anyone


Do u want to go far in your basketball career?

That's the plan

u still like yanique. right ?? u son of a bitch


I hate u so bad right now... y didn't u come to school on Friday I missed u

You did ?

who is Spalding

A basketball

Cynthia that's who I'm talking bout

Me and her dont talk

Do you want yanique or her

Yanique or who !?!?

u r sooo damn stupid. of course I cant say her name. when u r in the hall way u don't even talk to her. but in class u keep talking to her. she's so damn pissed its like something happened between u two. any way if u think u know her say hi to her on ask

Kik me then ? Idk who you are talking about

when u did that?? y

Did what?

ignoring her

Who am I ignoring?

then y r u doing it?

Doing what

I feel bad for ignoring you and being mean


Its cool

is it try u did it

Did what

doing that to her. u know its hurting her

I know

u r really stupid for doing that. u know that right?

Doing what

When is ur birthday

Sept. 3rd

Miss anyone ?


Do u and yanique go back out or are y'all goin to?

No & idekk


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