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y do u keep lleaivng out 8th
Y can't u spell. Let me clarify. None of my relationships from 7th-10th grade are relevant. Good?
u obvio remember just wont say
Dang, I'm sorry! I thought you two were cute :(
Aw thanks, I appreciate it!
Did you ever get spanked as a kid?
Noo lmao
lol r u that much of a hoe u cant remembr
I'm defffffinitely not a hoe, lol far from it. But if not remembering a boyfriend from 5 years ago makes me one.. Call it what you want
What happened with you and Will?
Things just didn't work out
Dude idk. I don't even remember what I did yesterday let alone who I dated in middle school, sorry
What about Kasey?
Still love her too
good way to avoid ? lol srsly who was ur fav
Lol idk I honestly don't even remember shoo dated in 7th grade
Ok well then don't consider it a crush.......who's on your mind right now..
Not posting that on a social network sorry
Who can you trust with ur life
Kristin & Hannah
Whose ur valentine ??
Me, myself and I
who was ur fav middle school bf
Kristin Rodi
Bet you wish those boys would eben look at you now
Do I wish the kids I was in 7th grade would look at me now? ....no, not exactly
Did you even date in 7th grade??
I mean, is any relationship ever serious in 7th grade... Lmao yeah I had boyfriends but for like a week
Fuck whoever said you're a 0 you're gorgeous
It's alright, no big deal! Everyone has their own opinions, thank you though! :)
lol like u r a 0
Oh wow awesome thxxxx
Ok so who do you like??
Lmao I feel like we're in 7th grade...
Super hero or villain? And who?
Superhero, and superman is my guy❤️
theres got 2be atleast 1
No I'm pretty sure there's 0
So you're single is what you're saying?..
I mean, yeah.
any u wish u stayed with...........?
No, things didn't work out with them for a reason. Clearly
Okay... would you rather.... have 7 million dollars or Ryan Reynolds
Idk who Ryan Reynolds is.. But I'd most likely rather have the 7 millions dollars
Moist pussy
Kristin Rodi you can fuck yourself. I hate those two words more than anything
Who do you date?
Lol, no one