t'yana. @tillister
stop preeing&ask me suhen
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Who are you?
- some gay question...
ohhkk den ;D - izma
i am joking because i don't speak like that since i am a grammar school student and i spell everything properly and i use perfect grammar and i hate this gayness ;D - izma
- jump off mah ask mon=D
i ain't no moist tings bruhh ya getting me gassed mateee ;D -izma
- LOOOOL;ffs yess yuu r =D
do you not think maths was live tings? - izma (forgot my account password)
- LOL;izmaa yuu sound so moistt=D
ur pussy good
which boys did u see 2day
- none.?
What does it mean when a girl smiles at a boy?
- ih depends orn dah smile.
mutherfucker cuh the devil is ah lie.
- ffs;ihate dah song:/
- is dah ah question.
huz baby
- dw:)
who do u love den.
- family&babyy&rods
who do u like
- mah friendss
Who was the last person you met today?
- deja
- idont have mah ipod atm -.-
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What do you think about marriage?
- good;if ih lastss
just say on here
r yuu scared to pop-upp to mee..??:)
i meant 5 girls and 5 boys
- oh;inbox me&ill tell you<3
girls and boys
- deja;emzy;sian;bonez;stopz
yes u r. who do u like
- inbox me
top 5 buffest people you see everyday
- girls or boys.?
dont try act smart
- am not tho.?
do u like anyone
- yeah;loads of ppl;)
Have you ever thrown up after eating?
- yeah:(
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- huh.?