- t'yana. @tillister
- ask nuhhh.?
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What's your favorite holiday?
- sunshine;nice hotel;nice people;good food;basically Jamaica <3.<3.
Who has been the most important person in your life?
- God.
"ih" why couldnt you just say "it" "dah" why couldnt you of just said "the" , my point may be invalid to you but if so then good luck in the future
If you want to play this game with me here's the correct way to say what you just said. "Ih", why couldn't you just say "it". "Dah", why couldn't you HAVE just said "the". My point may be invalid to you but if so, good luck in the future. < fully punctuated and everything;now suck out babe <3 .
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ngl, the way you write on here is disgraceful,its doesnt matter what area you come from , i know you can speak properly considering you're in a grammar school, so stop making yourself look silly by writing like some untrained child.
- the fact is ih doesn't really matter how itype, as long as iknoo how to write properly in dah right time and place am carlm;therefore your point is invalid hunn :) .
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You like Lana Del Rey?
- lOl;naah ijhuss like her name
↓ looks like someone's gonna get a U in their GCSE for English. *said&*that. You also forgot the capital letter on 'shut' because that was the first word of the sentence. Bloodclart.
shut the fuck up who ever sed dat
- raah g dhunn chat to people like dah;itss not nice.
but lots of ppl no you
- like whoo.?
↓ great spelling anon.
- truss;sometimes pay attention in english.
why dose everyone no you
- lOOOl;tf.?am nowhere near bait.
Bananas.  ItsJustBanter!✋
- pineapples <3.<3
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Maaddd or naahhhh ?!!  ItsJustBanter!✋
- maddd.
Single or taken
- single bebsss.
How do you usually express your emotions?
- ih depends wah emotion am feeling.
U kl
Yeah wbu b
Uhh na.
Uhmm yah
T'yana hush man.
anon hush please
http://youtu.be/SUjNoTr_yKY Can you watch this please? It's a video of The Way- Ariana Grande Ft Mac Miller, Lyrics "Bringing It Back"  ScootWyDawg
What's the best comfort food?
- chocolate <3 .
- wahs gud b <3 .
whos ur man
- my man's my man :) .
Hot tea or ice tea?
- none;ih88 tea.
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Wat will u do if a guy is feeling yah rn but dsnt warn tell yah cah or dealing...
- nothing;pop-upp bby
what are the three most important things you want in the world
- to knoo amma go to heaven
- to have enough money to live well and to buy things for those who deserve it <3 .
- to have my own family
if you could be one thing what would it be  nevaeh
- hmmm idek una.?